Hello everyone, and
welcome back to my channel. Today I’m going to share
with you a bag review, which you can probably see hiding, tucked into the corner here, as well as a What’s in My Bag, we’re going to be doing
a two camera setup. This is your favorite way that I do these What’s in My Bag videos, and I’m very happy to do this for you, so yeah, let’s go ahead and get started. While we’re getting started I do want to mention today’s sponsor. I want to thank Audible
for partnering with me on this video. I’ve worked with Audible
for a long, long time now. You guys know I am a long time fan. I wanted to let you know that I am reading a couple of new books, or I should say I am listening to a couple of new books on Audible. What sparked me to
choose this pair of books is that this author’s
second book came out, and she may actually have
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basically the premise is how to stop believing the
lies about how you are, so you can become who
you were meant to be. It’s another one of these books that I’ve just been
really on a bender with these really empowering,
positive, self-help books in a way that help you be yourself
and own it really. I mean we’re continuing
this mantra into 2019, and just reshaping how
we think about ourselves, and how that directs our way of life, and how you can completely
change your life by just changing your mind. This is the first book, and this book was actually recommended to me last fall by one of my best friends Paula. She said, “You have to read this book. “She’s a blogger and her
brother committed suicide.” This is not a spoiler. It’s well within the
first chapter of the book. She said it just
resonated so much with me, when I was reading this, I kept thinking about you the whole time. I was just like, oh my gosh, first of all I’m so touched
but what are the chances? I started listening to this book, and I’m not that far into it, but I already completely adore it, and so that’s why I wanted
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’cause I love that. The other thing that’s
really cool about Audible is that you get, it’s like
the Netflix of audio books, because they also make Audible originals, which is basically
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to or text Kristina to 500-500. I’ve done it. It’s really cool. I’m a nerd. If you do that you’ll get your first credit free, so you get a free book on me. If this book sounds interesting, you want to listen along with me, definitely do that so you
can just listen for free. It’s just so nice. So it is spring you guys. March is here. I cannot believe it. I’ve got pink flowers. We’ve got a nice new bag, and I’m really excited to
show you what’s inside. This is the Louis Vuitton Never Full MM, in the Damier Azur, and this comes in two
different flavors if you will. The Damier Azur has the original interior, which is beige, and
then this newer interior which is Rose Ballerine, like
ballerina pink, basically. I absolutely adore this. I was really torn between the
beige and the pink interior, and ended up going with the pink because it’s such a springy bag, that I didn’t want the beige
to seem kind of on the… I don’t know, this just
seems like a fun pop a color on the inside, and I really
adore my Rose Ballerine interior on my Damier bin, Never Full MM. So I’m starting quite
the collection you guys. If you guys remember back in the day, a few years back I had
the monogrammed version, and I think it had the
pink interior as well. I ended up selling that bag, because I don’t know what it was, but I had an organizer in it, so really nothing ever
touched the interior, but it marked up, it
scuffed up so, so bad. I’m happy to say that I use my Damier bin, even to work, I use it as a work bag, just like I did my monogram, I’ve never had a problem
with the interior. I also use an organizer, and
I’ve never had a problem. Let’s go ahead and get started. If I start talking kind of quiet, it’s because my daughter
is sleeping right up here. All right, so let’s go
ahead and get started. I’m going to start off by showing you that my planner does fit in this, especially in this nice
big, wide pocket here, and my sew more organizer. Everything that I mention
that I can find a link to, I will link down below,
including the organizer, the bag, whatever
accessories I have in here, but this is my planner, and if you want to see how
I organize my 2019 planner, this thing is a beast. It is a total brick. It weighs a ton. I don’t think that I
actually carry this planner around with me all the time. Most of the time it lives at home, and if I need to put
something in on the fly, I will put it on my phone,
and then transfer it when I get home. It’s just the easiest thing to do. I really like to write big, so I’m really enjoying
being back in my jam agenda. I wish this wasn’t so… Oh my gosh. I’ve got my iPhone XS Max, sand I’ve got the smart
battery case on that. I will also link my video
about that case down below. I have my work phone. This is the Samsung Galaxy S10+. This is the charger for the S10+. I have my vlogging camera. I have a second vlogging camera, because Girls Extra needs two. I have my– Oh, I’m going to sneeze [sneezes]. This is my Louis Vuitton
Monogram Graphite Card Holder, love it. It’s from the men’s section, so you won’t find it in the
women’s section unfortunately. This is my six ring key holder. I’ve got a random Miranda
Frye velvet pouch here. I do have a Miranda Frye necklace, and I guess that has
just been living in here. This, I really need to downsize this. This is my Chanel card holder, and this does serve as my
wallet a lot of the time, but lately it’s just been
kind of like my extra, extra cards and loyalty
cards type of situation. I really don’t even need to
take that around with me. I literally never take that out. This is my final straw. This I talked about in a video, an it is a stainless steel straw that goes like that. Pretty cool. Yeah, I really like having that. It’s better for the environment. All right, moving right along. I’ve got a charger for my vlogging camera. This random thing. I’ve had this since
before Harper was born, and I don’t remember
where I got this from, Minnetonka, it’s a cute
little Minnetonka key chain. I’m probably going to figure out
what I’m going to do with that. Matches. I always have matches in my
purse, comment down below, if you know why. If you have a guess, I’d love to hear it. This is a micro… I’ll link this down below. It’s a really nice little small mic, that if your vlogging
camera an external mic jack, and it just improves the
sound a little bit more, and it’s not super intrusive
like these big fluffy things on the vlogging cameras that you see, like the dead cat thing. This is so much better. Highly recommend that. The sound is going to be as good as like on a really
MONDO big external mic, but you know, it does the job. It’s better than what’s onboard. I have my Louis Vuitton Clay, and I also use this sometimes as a wallet or a key chain. I just have my extra cards in there. I have my season pass to the Rodeo, and I have some alcohol swabs
for cleaning my phone screens, and some lens cleaning
wipes for my cameras. I have a hand cream. This is such a good hand cream, you all. I wanted to hate it because of the price, but it’s actually really, really good, and there’s a lot of different
version of this hand cream. There’s a lot of different
version of this hand cream, but this one is by far my favorite. I really, really like this one. Some of ’em they smell too strong, but this one is very lightly scented, and it’s really rich. It actually does a really good job of moisturizing my hands, and they need it. Girl, they need it. All right, we’re rounding out
the last few pockets here. Okay, this is my lip little pocket here that the organizer carries, and it is the Fenty Beauty
Universal Gloss Bomb, in Fenty Glow, which is my go to favorite
lip gloss nowadays. The Dior Addict Lip Glow
Color of Reviver Bomb, and this is the version before they started
making different colors, so it doesn’t actually have a color. This is my latest favorite lipstick. This is the, I think it’s Powder Kiss Moisture Matte lipstick by MAC, and it’s called
You Wouldn’t Get It. I’ll link it down below. It’s a really beautiful, it’s like a mauve pink. It’s just so, so pretty. Isn’t that just so pretty? It just goes really, really well, with I feel like any skin tone. You could be a darker, deeper complexion, and it would still look beautiful. I love the Moisture MAC lipsticks. They’re so comfortable to wear. I’ve got two extra Cannon
vlogging camera batteries. You can tell the theme here. I vlog a lot on my down time, when I’m not working. Then I’ve got some Final Straw. I’m one of their ambassadors, so if you put in my code, you can get 5% off your final straw order. These, since I’m an ambassador, they send. Ambassador doesn’t mean that
I’m affiliated with them really in any way. I’m just a proud supporter, and they send you these if you join. You can basically leave
these at restaurants that just give everybody a straw and try and raise some awareness about only providing straws
when customers ask for it. Then we’ve got feminine products. I’ve been meaning to
tell you guys about this. This is really, really important to me. Got a cute little picture of Harper there. I don’t know why I have never remembered to tell you guys about this, but for the past four
or five months or so, when it’s that time of the month, I’ve just felt really
weird about using tampons, once I found out what they were made of, which is mostly like plastic
polyester type of fiber filled type of thing. I’m just like, you put that in your body for hours at a time. I don’t really know that I
feel good about doing that. I’ve switched over to a
natural deodorant now, the Native deodorant, and
when I do these things, I’m doing them with a conscious decision. I’m not just going to do it, not just because it’s
the right thing to do, but it has to work. I don’t want to set myself up for failure, so I wait until I find a product that is just as good as
what I’ve been using, and so when the natural
alternative is just as good, then I’ll make the switch. So I did that with my deodorant, and I’ve been using Native
deodorant ever since, and I did that with my tampons. These, I will link down below. They’re made by Tampax,
and this is a game changer, because they’re 100% cotton. Then this is an all
organic cotton panty liner, so I’ll link this down below. The beauty of this is
I found both of these at my grocery store. I just feel a lot better
about myself on my periods, when I have all organic, cotton materials inside and outside of my body. That is it for what is in my
Louis Vuitton Never Full MM, in the Damier Azur. Definitely watch this space, because if you like this bag, and you want one for your own, let me just tell you, you’re
going to want to watch this space. Okay. I’m going to go ahead
and clean this mess up, but thank you so much for
watching this video you guys, and again thank you so much to Audible for partnering up with me on this video. I hope you enjoyed it. I hope you’re having a wonderful,
fabulous start to spring. If you decide to read along
with me on Girl Wash Your Face, please let me know on social media. I’m very easily accessible. You can message me through Instagram, so thank you so much for watching. Let me know if you decide to listen along to any of those books along side me. I will see you in my next video. Don’t forget to hit the subscribe button. If you’re new here, I make
videos several times a week, running the gambit,
beauty, luxury, lifestyle, technology, medicine, you name it, everything that I’m passionate about I make videos about, so I hope
that you will stick around and I’ll see you on my next video. Bye guys.


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