Good morning everybody, there is a reason why I’m surrounded by a whole bunch of lux looking boxes, we’re going to be doing a collective haul and unboxing. I’ve got a couple of things that I’ve [stammers] I hate to
say the word, picked up ’cause I feel like that’s an overused term and it’s too casual because really, when you’re buying anything designer, it’s kind of a big deal,
and you should never lose sight of it no matter how much designer you’ve bought over the years, I don’t know. So a couple of things I’ve purchased over the last several months, some more recently than others, I did already un-box this
on my Vlogmas series. So if you want to watch
that, I’ll link the playlist up in the corner of the
screen right over here so that you can watch that. But I just felt it was
a little too casual, like I was too excited to open it, I wanted to open it right away, and the proper unboxing is there, but I wanted to kind of give it a little bit more screen time, and with like a proper sit down video ’cause I just feel like a
bag deserves that, you know? [keyboard clicking] We’ll start with the smaller item because it’s the most boring. [laughs] It comes, I guess this is just like the casual holiday packaging. In my opinion, Dior does
way better holiday packaging of course, that’s all long gone now. Though you may see that I’m
wearing a Christmas sweatshirt, but it’s just the comfiest sweatshirt ever so I have to wear it. It’s something very simple, it’s just my PM agenda refill. Even though I don’t
always use my PM agenda, about half, this always happens, about halfway through a year, I switch up my agenda
from a PM to a GM size. Last year for the better part of the year I did use the GM, and I’m
still using the continuation of the filofax inserts in my GM agenda. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s the large agenda size like filofax in Louis Vuitton style, like three-ring binder. So I was still using that, I didn’t need to buy new inserts for that, but I know at some point I will want, and I’m already itching to go
back into my PM size agenda just to throw it in my bags. And by that point in the
year, this will have gone. There’s nothing left currently except the small size anyway, so I kind of panic-bought
this about two weeks ago, or a week and a half ago,
and it just finally arrived. So anyway, these are
the PM agenda inserts, it’s the one week on two pages, 2019, it’s got a little like,
of course travel trunk kind of decal themed,
they’ve been putting decals on a lot of their bags, and I’m not a fan. I don’t like the decals, I
don’t like the patches on it that for some reason I think it cheapens the overall effect unfortunately,
I didn’t know this, edges are silver lined again. Why do they do that? Almost all their hardware is
gold for all of their agendas, why do they make it silver? It will look good with
my Damier Azur PM agenda, so maybe I’ll put it in that one. And then in the summer time
when I’m feeling the itch, I’ll like, just move over to that one, and then eventually I’ll move back, it’s just a seesaw. Anyway, it came with,
what did it come with? The usual shenanigans,
exchanges and returns, thank you, and a receipt. This was… how much? It says Happy New Year [chuckles], oh is this, did I put
that as a note to myself? I probably put that a a note to myself, Happy New Year Kristina [chuckles]. If you want to know how much it costs for a agenda refill piece of paper, wow, they gave me the wrong address. Wow, they gave me the wrong receipt! Roxy Selenes bought the graceful PM, wow, they totally put
the wow, that’s sloppy. That’s sloppy, Louis Vuitton. Hopefully Roxy doesn’t need
a paper copy of her receipt. Alright, so next up we
have this giant box. This is quite possibly the
largest Louis Vuitton box that I’ve ever opened in my life. Over you can see for comparison size the Dior’s shopping bag, but yeah, this is the Louis Vuitton. This came via courier from my
local Louis Vuitton boutique in the Galleria in
Houston, and I didn’t know that they could do that, but my sales associate
who’s contact information I’ll leave linked down below, she offered it to me,
and I was like, “Yes!” ‘Cause apparently this
was the last bag they had, and in the city of Houston, and maybe only a couple in the U.S, so if you want this, you
want to get your hands on it pretty quick because this
came out about a month ago, and it’s a pre-cruise, pre-spring, I’m not really sure, it’s
a men’s collection item by the way. But it’s for me, or us as a family. We will be traveling overseas in June, and I have had my eye on an extra carryon because you just have
to take so much stuff when you have a child, you just do. So I have eye on an extra carryon, I was looking on the Preloved Marketplace, I was looking kind everywhere, and then this came across my Instagram, I’m not really certain. And I started doing some research into it, and I was like, “This
is absolutely perfect, “this combines every single thing, “every aspect I love, “and has a lot of special significance.” So, it’s not just a casual unboxing, it’s not like, “Oh hey, I
bought this ginormous bag.” This was really special, enough
for me to pull the trigger on a brand new item, which
I don’t do that often. About 50%, well okay,
about 50% of the time, but this for me was a big purchase. So, yeah, I justified it in a
couple of different ways, but the bottom line,
you’ll see when you see it. Okay, so it’s this giant bag, and huge dust bag drawstring. Put this to the side. Okay, [hums] we will put you down here. Opening up the dust bag from here. Alright, here it is
ladies and gents, this is the Galaxy Keepall 50, I believe, is that a 50? I think it’s a 50. And this the monogram galaxy, so this is a special limited edition canvas that they’re doing, and here’s what I love about it. First of all, I love all things galaxy. Ever since, I feel like ever
since the Hubble Telescope took pictures of the galaxy, I’ve had them as desktop backgrounds on
my computers in college. All throughout college, I was obsessed with astronomy, and I took astronomy, and I wasn’t very good at
it, but I still liked it. I just was obsessed with galaxy, like the photos of the
galaxies where it looks like this big cloud, and it’s just so spectral, and then there’s these stars,
and it’s just so mysterious. And just to think that each
little star has it’s own world, and I don’t know, it’s just really cool. So, I love galaxy pictures. So to combine some of my favorite things which is neutral, black, you know, coated leather handles, all that which I love from the Macassar, Macassar, however you say it, line. You guys know I have a Macassar, Macassar, Macassar, oh my God,
I can’t say that word. But I have that in the Keepall 45, and, because I love the black, the black handles. So that, plus this neutral gray, black, white color scheme, plus galaxy, plus the little details on here like this patch right here
is remnant of an [stammers] astronomer, an astronaut’s patch from NASA on their [stammers]
astronaut suit, spacesuits. So, that’s whole special
significance for me because I am Houstonian,
and Houston mission, I mean Mission Control for
NASA is based in Houston. So, sorry that was my, that was my elbow. So that was really cool
because it had this little kind of Houston touch to it, and it’s the perfect size for a carryon. So this is going to go with us overseas, and pretty much anywhere
we go traveling forever because it’s just amazing. The only thing I will say
that I wish they hadn’t done, and I guess it’s more in
line with the sporty vibe, is that this is all like a
seatbelt, it’s a fabric strap. I think that is comfortable
because it is whiter than a normal black strap, but that’s the only thing I
was kind of hesitant about. But when I saw it in person, I was like, well it’s so heavy, and well made, like everything, none of this is plastic, this is all this, oh, did
I mention the hardware? Beautiful matte black
metal heavy hardware, even the lock and key, I have
never seen a lock and key from Louis Vuitton in
a matte black finish, it is stunning, absolutely stunning. There’s a lot of stitching
and seaming, like, the stitching goes in these little cross patterns all across the bag, it’s just beautiful. And I just have to say
when I saw it in person, I told my sales, she was like, “Just take a look at it, “if you don’t like it “you can return it within 30
days if you don’t like it. “But someone really wants
it if you don’t have it, “but you had first dibs.” And I was like, “Okay, okay.” She’s like, “I’m going to
courier it over to you.” And I said, “Oh my gosh, that’s fancy.” because it is, if you’ve ever lived in, or traveled around Houston,
it is like a nightmare to get into the Galleria
area because of traffic. The moment it came, I opened it up, and I was like, “Oh my
goodness, this is so” sorry, I’m trying to do the buckle. So inside, I’ve actually
not even opened it. There’s a bunch of tissue paper. It says Louis Vuitton, made in France. [squeals] It’s my first made
in France bag in a while. Let me read the model number out to you so you could just type
this into the Louis Vuitton search forum online,
and you could find it. M-4-4-1-6-6, and of course it’s just coded canvas, it’s just your standard keepall. Of course, it’s got a
premium price tag on it because it is limited. And I’ve got the two keys in here which I think, interestingly
enough come separately which I’ve never seen before
on two separate key rings. So, that’s cool. I just love the hardware on this, it’s just so unique,
it’s just matte black, I’ve literally never
seen anything like it. It just screams me, if you know me at all, does this not scream me? I swear, I’m sorry for shouting but it is so exciting. So I’m going to wrap this up. [zipper closing] So that wraps it up for
the Louis Vuitton portion. So if that was all you were interested in, then feel free to click off here, do check out my other videos
if you’re interested in any of my other video, or my content in case you’re just
coming here from search, or whatever, make sure you subscribe, I do a lot of handbag reviews, and hauls, and lifestyle vlogs, and
luxury, and technology stuff so I hope you’ll stick around, you can always unsubscribe later. [keyboard clicking] Alright so for those of you who wanted to see this beauty again, as I mentioned kind of in the preamble, I think I ordered this in October, or beginning of November, I
think it was end of October to be honest, I think it was end of October. I ordered this beauty, and
was one of the first people to take advantage of a very limited one and 200 bag, or like only 200 bags were being offered to do this, personalization of the Dior book tote. It’s famous, it’s like, it’s been a total hit around the world. It’s kind of like a book editor’s bag, it’s like a beach bag, but it’s very slim, and oversized, and it’s made of this beautiful woven fabric
that’s made in Antwerp, Belgium or something like that. And it’s all hand woven, it’s incredible. The detail is insane. My Dior sales associate
sent me a high res picture of my book tote before I ordered it, or the high res version that
wasn’t available online, and I was floored because you could see
the individual stitches, and the thread, and how it
was woven, it was incredible. So this is really a well made bag, even though you may be thinking, “What? “A woven bag for that X amount of money?” It’s very special. But it’s doubly special because
I got mine personalized, and they don’t offer that in the U.S yet. So, this is the ginormous shopping bag which normally, I don’t keep the bags, but this one is so pretty,
I would just keep it, I don’t know, wouldn’t you? I mean, it’s just so pretty. So this is the book tote. Let me undo this thing. Unfortunately, even though
it came in December, I didn’t get the Dior holiday packaging which I would’ve killed for. But there’s something very
classic about the white, don’t you think? Anyway, okay, there’s the Dior dust bag. And this is my bag, I haven’t seen anybody with this on YouTube yet. This is the very special, I
don’t know what it’s called, but to me, this reminded
me a very Norwegian, like Rosemåling. [keyboard clicking] Again, there’s got to be a reason why I’m interested in a bag. There’s got to be some sort
of connection that I have. I don’t buy bags just to buy a bag, and like show it, and
flaunt it on YouTube, and just be like, “Oh, here’s my bag” and then you never see it agan. Typically I have, if I
don’t like it, I’ll sell it. Or if it doesn’t hold
any special significance for me anymore, I will sell it. That’s why you’ll see me sell bags ’cause I just don’t hold a personal connection to it anymore. So, this bag just really
reminded me of rosemåling, which means rose painting in Norwegian. And that is a very traditional, kind of folk painting
method, and I grew up surrounded by that because I grew up most, every single Christmas
up until the age of 12, I spent my winters in
Norway with my Norwegian side of the family. So that was something that
really resonated with me because I just thought
it was very special, kind of unique, I don’t know, I just wouldn’t see anyone with it. On top of that I just felt like it was oddly enough a little bit less busy than some of the monogram versions, and even the Etoile version of this bag, it just, those seemed very busy to me. This has a lot of black,
a lot of black background, and it just seemed like, it
would just kind of go with more. So this is it kind of slimmed down, but you can see the back here, this is what makes it extra special is that it says Kristina. So obviously, I’ll
never part with this bag since it has my name on it. And to be honest, I was
really worried about pushing the trigger on this because you know, I didn’t know, I didn’t know if I was going to like it, and ordering a bag
personalized with a site unseen is very nerve wracking process, especially for something
that costs this much. But anyway, this is the beautiful
Christian Dior book tote, this is the first and only
thing that I have from Dior, and it will be the first
of many, I have a feeling. Yeah, I just, I love it, it’s beautiful,
it’s super thick, it’s waterproof, and you
can take it to the beach, not that I would. [laughs] But you can, just like they say you could take the Chanel
Deauville to the beach, I would never do that. So yeah, this is the book tote, and that is going to
be it for my unboxings. I don’t even know what I look like because I see myself in the
viewfinder this whole time, I don’t have my contacts in so I’m virtually blind. But anyway, I hope you enjoyed this video. If you did, I would really appreciate it if you would subscribe because I make new
videos every single week, several times a week most often and we’re revamping the channel. So this is the start of new content, and we’ll be rolling out
some new content here in the next few weeks, and I hope you’ll stick around for that ’cause I’m really excited about it. I hope you will share this
channel with a friend, if you think they might enjoy something that you saw here today, and come back, and
check in for more videos just by hitting that notification bell, make sure that that
alert bell is activated, that little kind of sound
waves coming off of it. And I will see you in my next video, thanks for watching guys, I
really appreciate it, bye.


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