Hi everyone! so today I’m coming at you
with quite a special video. It’s my first time doing these types of videos but I
am going to be talking about my new Louis Vuitton Capucines BB handbag. It’s
still in the box I have opened it already but I haven’t
actually used it yet so I guess this video is more like a first impressions..
An unboxing, a first impressions and a first look, what fits inside and story time
video all mashed up together because a lot of you did ask a lot of questions
about it where I got it how much it was hopefully this video will be helpful to
you and it really is for those who are interested in buying the bag or are
deciding between maybe this and another bag and I just wanted to share
information and help you guys out and a lot of you who requested me to film this
video asked me to film in English so that is what I’ll be doing today. So I
guess we’ll start off with a background story on the bag and how I got it where
I got it how much it costs and why I decided to get it So if we’re going to start talking about
this bag we have to go back, we have to rewind three years ago when this back first
came out i think it was 2013 or 2012. I only recently graduated at the
time and I saw this bag in Selfridges and I fell in love with it. It was way
too expensive for me to buy it and so I held off and waited. Since it was quite a
new style and a new design I wasn’t sure if it would be considered a classic
piece or whether it was worth investing in because a lot of designer items that
I do buy, I buy.. I guess not for investment, it’s not like I’m going to make money off it but
at least the resale value is going to be good I wasn’t quite sure about the resale
value so I did wait and fast forward to now three years later I have finally
got it. I finally decided to get the bag because i saw that it was gaining
popularity, it was such a classic design classic shape and people have said that
this is the new LV classic. I personally haven’t really had a lot of
LV or Louis Vuitton items in the past just because i’m not a huge fan of the
monogram and this one since it doesn’t really have that monogram spread across
the entire bag I felt like it was a more simple piece and something that I could
use everyday potentially So in terms of where I got the bag I
didn’t actually go to the store and buy it myself. I actually asked my friend
to help me get it from the UK because she could get VAT off or tax refund so
the price of the bag ended up being a lot lower than retail price which is
amazing and if you guys are looking for a buyer in the UK i will leave her
contact details in the infobox. So in terms of the price this bag retails for
HK$36,500 which is another reason why I just never wanted
to get it because it was such an expensive bag. I remember going back to
the store about a year ago asking to see the bag but it was just too much and so
I still you know stopped myself I didn’t get it but now since my friend helped me get
this from the UK she helped me get tax refund off it so it was a lot cheaper
and the bag retails for 2730GBP which is a lot cheaper than the
hong kong retail price already but with tax off, it was, well actually because I
got two things together i only know the price of the two combined i ended up
paying 25,800HKD for this bag. So that price (HK$25800) includes the twilly and the bag which makes it around
HKD11,000 cheaper and that equates to about 1000GBP?
1100? pounds which is a lot of money so that
is kind of the reason why I got the bag if it were the original retail price i
probably would have gotten it and in case you’re wondering my friend got this
from Harrods. They do charge a small administration fee for tax refund and
there are credit card fees as well but in total and pay 25,800HKD for this bag and the twilly so it comes in this huge box the box is
actually really luxurious really sturdy as well originally my friend said she could she
wasn’t able to bring me back the box but she did end up bringing it and I’m
really grateful for that because I love keeping the boxes so box is like so and
i’ll just open this up just to let you know this is my first time doing an
unboxing so if i skip out some steps or miss anything out let me know in the
comments. But when you open it up you get this dust bag and the bag is obviously
inside the dust bag. Even the dust bag is really good quality compared to
Chanel dustbags, this one has like almost it’s not velvet I wouldn’t say it’s velvet but it’s just
a really nice material on the inside the lining is amazing the outside is more like a woven
material i’m not sure but it has a logo on it. The dust bag is really good
quality and I’m very pleased with that so I’m going to take the bag out of the
dust bag and voila so this is the bag. It is the Louis Vuitton
Capucines handbag in the BB size which is the smallest size they have I believe
they have mm which is medium and what was the other one? GM? I decided to go for the smaller one
because I wanted an everyday bag and I believe this color is Magnolia and we’ll
leave the product code in the infobox as well I was debating on whether to get
the black with gold hardware or this one and a lot of you actually voted black on
Instagram but ended up getting this one just because i have a dream bag. My dream
bag is the Hermès kelly 25 in black with gold hardware and i feel like if I did
get this one in black and gold hardware it would look quite similar although i’m
not getting that Hermès anytime soon it’s in my 10-year plan but I feel like
this is also a bag that i want to keep for as long as i can and hopefully it will
be a long-lasting style so that is why i didn’t get the black and gold, but i’m
really happy with this color I just hope there’s not a lot of color transfer. So
the bag is in a really smooth pebbled leather it is quite sturdy and the
leather is quite thick as well. I believe this is called.. i do have it written down it’s the Full Grain Taurillon
leather and what I love about this bag most is that the logo is quite subtle
it’s not like really in your face but you do see the logo and it has silver
hardware so this is what the bag looks like and the back is quite simple so basically the bag doesn’t have as it
only comes with this flap and basically you will insert the flap into this
little thing here there is a ..what do you call this? just a piece of leather i
guess and you basically insert it in there and that keeps the bag shut but it
is also not as safe as I’d like it to be i will talk about the details of the bag
in a bit but i will show you guys what’s inside so first off you get shoulder
straps and i think i have to actually connect them together so that’s what
I’ll do right now because it will annoy the heck out of me if I don’t do it and
then you can adjust the length of the shoulder strap there are 1 2 3 4 5, 5
holes for you and then there are these little buckles? I don’t even know what
these are called but you just slide the strap in so it doesn’t like flip out and
just hold it in place and there you go and there’s a shoulder strap. There are
two open compartments and one zip compartment. The zip compartment is
pretty big I think it will fit an iphone, yeah, it
does fit an iphone in there and there are.. There’s a little booklet i believe it’s the
care booklet. There is this label this barcode thing it might be an
authenticity barcode so I’m going to keep that and there’s also this little piece
of paper which says the outside is made of cowhide leather the inside is made of
calf leather and that’s all it says on the piece of paper. Then you have the
care booklet so i will keep those. And there’s also a clasp which I guess helps
you to maintain the shape of the bag as well as sort of close it although it’s
still open it’s not a zip compartment but you can connect it, attach that
clasp and the bag kind of closes slightly if that makes any sense but I
think mainly you will rely on this flap to cover up the bag and cover the
contents. Anyway I think i’ll be using this flap to just cover up and hide the
contents of the bag. i mean the bag is quite small if you’re cove it up there isn’t
really a way to get inside the bag unless your hands are super small but
like i said it’s not like super safe because it doesn’t have a zip but it
doesn’t really bother me that much. So there’s also this handle on the top
which doesn’t bend and move it stays in this place pretty much I’ve seen a lot
of people use the this handle more than the shoulder strap and I think it
actually looks really chic and elegant but with the shoulder strap it might
look more casual so I like having the option. And then there are these
rings on the side which i think is also a nice touch. In general I just feel like
it’s really well made it’s very sturdy the material is really nice
and there’s also these protective studs on the bottom okay just for reference this bag is 27
centimeters wide, 21 centimeters tall and 10 centimeters deep i will show you guys some modeli ng shots
with the shoulder strap on my arm and whatnot for reference and I am about
five foot three ish my boyfriend says I’m 5’2 but i like to say I’m 5’3,
don’t think it makes a huge difference but I’m yeah I’m not that tall. And as I
mentioned before I did get a twilly with this bag and it’s actually called
the bandeau on the Louis Vuitton website and it was the one with the trunk cases
which i think is just really pretty this one has the monograms on it but
it’s very subtle and I just like the color combination. It’s a bit creased
right now because I did wrap it around the handle and i will show you what it
looks like wrapped around the handle but I just really like the comp.. I cannot
talk today! I just really like the color combination and this will add that
little monogram like, a subtle monogram on to the bag and yeah it’s just really
nice! i forgot to mention the interior of the bag so the interior is also made of
leather it’s not a fabric lining or anything so again I think that adds to
the price. With this magnolia color it comes in almost like a brownish color
it’s not like an ugly brown it’s quite a pretty brown, it goes really well with
the color of the bag. it’s not pebbled or grained like the exterior it’s actually
really smooth and I do worry about scratching the interior of it but i
guess i can’t worry too much about that And the location of the rings for the
shoulder strap one is at the back on the left side and one is on the front on the
right side so i guess that makes it more like, makes the bag more balanced when it’s
on the shoulder so right now i’m going to show you guys
what fits inside the bag and I’m just going to try and stuff it basically with
my everyday essentials, so first off I have my Celine long wallet. I don’t think
it’s gonna focus properly but this is the long sized wallet and it’s quite a
big one if i try to fit it horizontally like so it does not go in and if I fit
vertically it sticks out so what I found that I can do is I put
in vertically first and then slide it in this handle is starting to bug me
because it obstructs the view but this will fit perfectly on the inside it just
might be a bit of a hassle to take it out and to slide it in. And then i’m
going to try to fit in my little Chanel coin purse and that fits in perfectly.
powder compact .. my phone i will usually fit inside the zip compartment and
that’s not the zip compartment this is and that goes in quite well too and in
the front compartment i’m going to try to fit my olympus pen F and I’m a bit
worried that I’m going to scratch something and this has the 17 millimeter
lens which is the smallest lens that I have. Um, it’s gonna push it a little bit
i don’t think it’s gonna work. I will try to fit my vlogging camera this is the
canon g7x and it will fit perfectly i believe.. Sunglasses I’ve run out of things to put in there.
Lip balm, and there’s actually still a bit of room so this actually fits more
than i expected it to although it is the smallest size of this
bag it is quite heavy though If I use this wallet then it will be a bit more roomy
um, but yeah just the annoying thing is that it’s separated into two
compartments if there weren’t this divider inside I feel like it would fit
a lot more especially my olympus camera but since it has a divider it’s
restricting the items that you’re putting into it so i can only put my vlogging camera in there but at
least it fits my vlogging camera because of a lot of small bags that I have such as
the Chanel flaps and the boy bag does not fit myvlogging camera and other
stuff in here. so that is what fits! so that wraps up today’s video i really
hope you guys enjoyed it if you did please give it a thumbs up because to be
honest I was quite nervous I wasn’t sure how my audience would react to me
posting videos like this but if you guys like it and would like to see more
people comes up and let me know in the comments.If I missed out any information
or there’s anything that yo/d like to know more of then let me know in the
comments as well and i will try my best to respond. If you guys have any video
requests for me to film in English then let me know as well and i look forward
to talking to you guys in the comments section! So that’s it for today i will
see you guys next time, bye!


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