Macaulay Culkin Won’t Recreate His ‘Home Alone’ Face

Macaulay Culkin Won’t Recreate His ‘Home Alone’ Face

That’s so flattering. Well, they didn’t– You get to do this every day? It was a surprise. They didn’t know you were here. So they’re thrilled. [CROWD CHEERING] The lamentations of the women. Thank you. I am so happy to meet you. And I know you
don’t do this a lot. So people– there’s like
a mystery around you. You’re not– you don’t
do these things a lot. Yeah, yeah. I’m kind of like a groundhog. Can only come out once a year. Instead of seeing my
shadow, I see you. [LAUGHTER] I’m so flattered that
you came out to see me. Well, thank you. That’s great. Do people– because you do
really look exactly alike. You look like you’re
still four years old. [LAUGHTER] How can a person look
too much like himself? It’s a curse and a blessing. I’ve still got the same face. Is it? I mean, do people– [CROWD COOING] So people always recognize you? Yeah, again, it’s kind of
a curse and a blessing. Right. You know, I can get
into any restaurant I want without a reservation. But while I’m there,
everyone’s staring at me. And all going, aww
the whole time. Because you do. You seem still very young. Do you– when you think
of all those movies– when you think of Home Alone–
do you remember all of it? Or is it been shown so much
that you think you remember it? I mean, yes and no. I don’t really watch
them all that often. We did a 15-year
anniversary DVD commentary. And I realized I hadn’t
seen it in 15 years. Whereas Chris Columbus, he’d
watched the night before, like a responsible human being. It’s just kind of background
radiation at Christmas time. And I’ve had people who want to
sit down and watch it with me. Which is both
flattering and creepy. Yes. Yes. [LAUGHTER] When I’m watching
it, I’m seeing– I’m remembering that day on set. Like how I was hiding my
Pepsi behind the couch or something like that. So you do remember it. I can’t watch you the
same way other people do. I was going to say, so when it
comes on– which it comes on I’m sure every Christmas,
every Thanksgiving, you don’t watch it? No, not really. And you don’t go out of
the house during that time? Yes. I definitely don’t. It’s my season. It’s Macaulay season. Yes, it’s Macaulay–
it’s Macaulay season. So yeah, I try to
go out less and less around that time of year. I would imagine, and this
would– if I were you, it would drive me insane. Do people come up
to you and want you to put your hands on your face? Do the face thing? Yes. Oh my God. What do you say to them? Just like, no. Yeah, right. [LAUGHTER] I’ve already been there,
done that, already, guys. I’m 37 now, OK? OK, Mom? I am sure that people
want you to do that. And they don’t understand
that everybody would– Everybody wants me to do it. –want you to do that. So you were– and I
also learned that, and I don’t know why I
didn’t remember this. But you studied ballet. You were a dancer. Yeah. I was almost a ballet dancer
first for a while there. I’d go off and do Uncle Buck. And then I’d turn
around and go back home to do the Nutcracker
at Lincoln Center. So I did that for
a number of years. I was a professional
ballet dancer. And do you– Oh, there I am. Yeah. Look at that. That’s amazing. That’s very impressive. Kee-yah. And then– [LAUGHTER] Do you still dance? Do you still like to dance? I mean, I don’t dance
like that anymore. Right. The outfits don’t fit anymore. [LAUGHTER] But I like to dance– like to dance with
my lady or whatever. Like that kind of stuff. But I definitely don’t
do ballet anymore. You don’t study
dance or anything. No, no, no. My feet and my
hips appreciate it. So you had six brothers
and sisters, right? Yeah, I’m third of seven. Seven. Yeah, my mom didn’t
have a family. She had a litter. [LAUGHTER] Yes. Just oodles of Culkins. And was that– what is
the memory of that, too? Cause that was like– there
was a lot of you in one room. Yeah, we grew up in a
one-bedroom apartment in Manhattan. Yeah. Wow. So it was pretty
much nine people. Seven kids and two parents. We lived on top of each other. They were literally stacking us. There were stacking bunk beds. It was like sardines. But it was a good time. We were a close-knit
family because of that. There’s just no such
thing as privacy. And then you start working. And you were just huge at
such a young age for so long. And then you kind of
stopped when you, what 14? Yeah. About 13, 14. Took about a decade off. And so you stopped because
you were just tired of it? Or do you think you
took it for granted, because it was so easy? Yeah, I was tired
of it, to be honest. I did 14 movies in six years,
or something like that. It’s a lot. It’s a lot. I was away from home a lot. I was away from school. I was just– I needed something else. I needed to grow and
develop as a person. I was looking forward
to high school. I was actually looking
forward to going to school. And did you go to high school? Yes, I did. You did? I lived the dream. [LAUGHTER] Was it everything that
you wanted it to be? Or was it like, oh,
this isn’t so great? No, no. It was great to be around
people my own age for once. Because a lot of times,
I’m working with adults the whole time. Right. But was it hard for you to be
Macaulay Culkin in high school? Did people treat
you differently? I mean, yeah. I’m always treated differently. Whether I like it or not. But at the same time,
that’s the kind of stuff that you have to figure out. Especially if you’re
coming into your own. Those are some really
formative years. It was the smartest
thing I possibly could have done was taking
eight years off or whatever. Hi. I’m Andy. Ellen asked me to remind you
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100 thoughts on “Macaulay Culkin Won’t Recreate His ‘Home Alone’ Face

  1. Macaulay Culkin should do an RDJ thing. Go from doing big movies in 80s/90s to a big break out role in Marvel Studios. Something tells me that he would chose the DCEU though. Still, he would be great.

  2. He's 2 nice 4 joker which is a good thing u need 2 b atleast a little bit intimidating 2 play the clown prince of crime✌🏼

  3. ''Dance with my lady'' aka Brenda Song from Zach and Cody, and Macaulay is wearing that red bracelet, probably from her <3 That's cute.

  4. I really wanna see him in a harry potter sequel …. really2x want… i think radcliff and him would have a chemistry as protagonist and antagonist,…. he is so perfect for a wizard rule…………or maybe in A new OCEAN'S 14 movie… if there will be. …or maybe a story of a book writer.. smart kinda guy..

  5. Omg they have same haircut
    He finally comes out on degereate show
    He probably was those babys that cry alot
    Left home alone
    Then his parents get mike jackson too babysit
    I can go on
    But home alone funny

  6. It's kind of hard to watch this – the twitching and nervous behavior, but a lot of people (actors too) are like that when placed in social situations. As a child he brought laughter and smiles to millions of people around the World. Regardless, I wish him well.

  7. I love that he's wearing nail polish 😍 Straight men shouldn't be bothered by nail polish, the color "pink", or wanting to dance 💪🏾

  8. He seems so grounded. He looks the same. Glad he is doing well. It's not Christmas with Home Alone. Still one of my fave movies.

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