MALEFICENT IS OUR COACH? (Elsa, Rapunzel, Moana, Anna, Belle and Jasmine) Totally TV

MALEFICENT IS OUR COACH? (Elsa, Rapunzel, Moana, Anna, Belle and Jasmine) Totally TV

Hmm, that’s strange. What’s strange? Normally Coach Faraday is here by now, he’s
never late. [whistle] Attention, you princesses are all
under my watch now, you have to do what I say… yeah, remember when we used
to play with Olaf, we had snowballs and he made those ice hoops. Yeah, I mean I’m sure it’s probably really
similar. Well, you’re such a natural athlete Anna,
it’s just figuring out the rules really. Ahh, yeah, I’m sure I’ll pick it up right
away. Pick up what? Hey, girlies! Hey Rapunzel, hey Jasmine. Pick up on basketball. Elsa and I are both
trying out for the team today. No way, me too! Well, that makes four of us ‘cause I am
too, I just love basketball. Okay, you guys, we are all here at school
and today’s really exciting because… Uhh, made it! I totally thought I was gonna be late. Ehh, sorry you guys, that’s my late friend
Moana, say hi, Moana. Hi, Moana. Ha ha ha ha! This girl. Ugh, I am bored! Oh, I know, let’s see if somebody called
me… you have absolutely no messages. What! That’s strange. I know, I’ll check the
Insta… Hmm, a new bell notification from well, Belle,
huh, of course. Well, let’s see what she’s up to. Like I was saying today is super exciting
because it’s school basketball tryouts, uhh, are you guys excited? Yeah! I can’t wait. This is gonna be a good friendly game of basketball. And for all our princes and our sidekicks
and parents out there. And soulmates. And soulmates, come watch our tryouts in the
gym this morning, we hope to see you there. Yay! Ugh! A friendly game of basketball and they didn’t
even invite mwah to play? Well, boss, no offense and nothing but you
don’t even go to their school. Diablo! That’s besides the point. If these princesses think that they can tryout
without me, uh, I put the “I” in team. That doesn’t make any sense boss, there’s
no “I” in team. Quiet, Diablo, ugh. Hello, um, Coach Faraday, yeah, this is the
school calling… oh, you know the school that you work for. Um, yes, so, I was just calling to inform
you that we’re canceling all sports teams… starting when? Immediately, you won’t be needed anymore
starting right now, yes, thank you, you’re fired, good-bye. Oh, oh! Out for my coach outfit. Coach outfit! There, much better, now to get to coaching,
ha ha! [whistle] That’s one team I’d hate to be on. [bell rings] Huh, there’s the you Belle,
ha ha ha. Yes, time to get going to stretch out. Yeah, we’re so gonna make this basketball
team. Yes! Mhmm, that’s strange. What’s strange? Normally coach Faraday is here by now, he’s
never late. No, you know what’s strange, there’s a
weird like purple fog coming into the gym. Where have I seen that before? It looks unfortunately familiar. [whistle] Attention! You princesses are all under my watch now,
you have to do what I say. Maleficent, what are you doing here, and where
is coach Faraday? Oh, you didn’t hear, Faraday is far away. He quit, he couldn’t stand working here,
so he asked me to take over basketball tryouts. That doesn’t sound like him, he’s like
literally the nicest coach we’ve ever had. [whistle] Silence! Whoa, it looks like someone has the case of
the Mondays. I heard that, high knees! Huh? Now! As I was saying, I’m your new basketball
coach, so instead of making all of you try out for the team, I’m just going to automatically
let you all be on the team. What! We all made the team? And we don’t have to try out? Yes, that’s what I said didn’t I. Wow! That’s surprisingly really nice of you Maleficent… I feel like there has to be a catch. Seriously. Don’t just stand there staring at me, let’s
play basketball. I want you guys to break up into teams, tall
against, well, small. You over there, versus you over there. Okay, so, I’m over… okay. We’re team tall. And we’re team small. Do any of you guys think it’s weird that
we got put on teams based on height and not on skill? What was that Jasmine? Um, I’m just saying I’m so excited we
all made the team. That’s what I thought you said. Okay, now
everyone spread out and let’s start drooling. Uh, don’t you mean dribbling? Yes, that’s what I said, dribbling and passing
the ball back and forth, yadi, yadi yada. We’re not on the same team but we can pas
together, right? Sure. Oh, Belle, isn’t that your dad over there? Oh my gosh, it is, hey dad. Hey Mr. Maurice. Hey girls, saw your Instagram, thought I’d
come down and watch your tryouts. Are you having fun? Do you know when the teams will be posted? Oh, we already made the team dad. What! And I missed it! That’s awesome! Let me get my phone out and take a picture. Oh, okay, Anna, get in, get in. [whistle] Are you guys trying to skip out
on practice? Back to work, come on! Uh, and I think it’s time for sprints… 300 sprints to go! Ugh! Uh, man! 300! Ugh! Man, I feel like I’m doing boot camp, I
thought basketball was supposed to be fun. It is. So far, we haven’t played any basketball,
it’s just been conditioning. All right, whiney babies, now it’s time
for the fun part. Yay, I am ready for it. In your teams, I want you to start shooting
baskets. Finally, I love shooting baskets. Me too, this is gonna be great. High five! Okay, team small, you’re up first. Oh, man, I missed. Ugh, you’ll get it next time Moana. Okay, my turn. Ugh, I missed too. Oh, I’m just exhausted from all that running. My turn. [whistle] Foul! I’m sorry, did you say foul, Maleficent? [whistle] The name’s Coach, and yes, I said
foul. Next! Team tall, you’re up. I- I’m sorry, did I do something wrong? I thought you were supposed to put the ball
in the hoop. You are, I have no idea why she called a foul. Shoots and scores! [whistles] Foul! Wait, what? Did I step over the line? Next! Here we go… yes, two points for us, whoa!
[whistle] Cheater! Um, actually, I think you may have the wrong
idea Maleficent of how this all works. Don’t make excuses for your cheating teammates,
no excuses! [whistle] Ice Queen, you’re up next. Aww, I made it, Olaf would be so proud you
guys. [whistle] Foul! Wow, tall tribe! [whistle] Foul. Yes, three points. [whistle] You cheated. Yes! [whistle] That was a foul. Yes! [whistle] Are you a bird, because that was
a foul. [whistle] Only gonna use your hands, only
gonna use your feet, only gonna use your elbows. You’re out of the game. [whistle] Tall team, you’re outta here! What? What do you mean? Wait, what is she saying right now? Out of here, as in like take a break? As in, get out of my gym you cheaters. Wait, but they made the most baskets. Yeah, Belle, Elsa, and Rapunzel, team tall,
actually made the most points, technically. [whistle] Expelled! Expelled, as in? Kicked out of school indefinitely. Maleficent, um, coach, I think you have the
rules mixed up. The only thing mixed up here is your teams’
attitudes, cheaters never prosper on my basketball court, you are out of here. [whistle] Silence, what is all this yelling
about, and who are you? Oh, I’m the new uh, basketball coach, Miss. Viollane, I’m filling in for coach Faraday,
he’s sick. Huh! Wait a second, you said he quit. No, I didn’t. That’s quite a name, Coach Vollanes? Yeah, it’s German. Anyway, it just breaks my heart that all these
basketball players were cheating non-stop on the basketball court today. Not only is it bad sportsmanship, but it sets
a bad example for the entire school. Cheating! What? We cannot have that at princess academy, I’m
afraid you give me no choice. But – but Principal Pumpernickel? No buts Elsa, you’re expelled! Ha ha ha ha, uhh, whoooo! Coach Vollanes, are you laughing? Uhh, hahaha, what? Oh, no, I just get so emotional throwing student
out on the streets like this. Oh, sure you do. Vollanes, more like villainous. Yep, it’s official, they’re expelled! This is crazy, they’re expelled? Believe me, it’s not how you play basketball. They should have won, but instead, they’re
expelled. What do we do? So, ladies, what did I miss? Who’s team captain? Who’s point guard, and where’s Belle? There’s a lot of drama going on. Maybe this will cheer you up Anna, I took
this really cute picture of you,and Belle and Elsa. It looks like you took a video Mr.
Maurice. Oh, I must have accidentally put it into video
mode when I got startled by that strange referee lady. Huh, looks like I recorded the entire practice. Huh, wait, that’s it! Yeah, that’s it Maurice, thank you. What’s it, what’s the drama? Well, Coach Vollanes is actually Maleficent
and she’s trying to set up team tall as cheaters. Yeah, she expelled them from school. Expelled! Yeah, but now we have proof thanks to your
video. Yeah, I bet if we take Belle’s dad video
to the principal, the girls won’t be in trouble anymore and will be reinstated at
school. Can you send me that video? Sure thing, sending now, good thing I have
the senior discount on the unlimited wireless plan. Let me know if there’s anything else I can
do to help. Thank you. Thank you, Mr. Maurice. Alright girls, let’s go show the principal. And that’s why I think I deserve employee
of the month and raise, I take following the rules very seriously. Well, up until an hour ago I didn’t even
know you worked here, so, let’s just give it till the end of the week, shall we? Ugh, Maleficent’s still in his office, how
are we gonna get in and show him the video? She’ll never let us talk to him. Follow me, I have an idea. Ahem, Principal Pumpernickel, we have a situation
in classroom 17b, will you please report there immediately, thank you. I hope this works. Oh, and another thing, I wa… Oh, looks like I’m being paged Coach Vollanes,
we can discuss your private teacher’s lounge and your parking spot later. Okay, but hurry back because I have more requirements. Boy, I hope this works. Wait a minute, I thought I said that you three
were expelled? Well, you did but you see… They’re innocent. And we have proof. See for yourself, Belle’s dad was at the
tryouts this morning and he videotaped the whole thing. My word, you girls are right, that coach doesn’t
know the rules of basketball at all, and you weren’t cheating at all, I’ll take care
of this at once. And I’m pretty sure Maleficent, “Coach
Vollanes” fired our actual basketball coach, so you might wanna look into that. Oh, no, what a mess. I am so – so sorry for the confusion. That’s okay, but does this mean what I think
it means? You are officially unexpelled from school
and back on the basketball team. Yay! Thank you. Now, to take care of other matters. You wanted to see me principal pumpkin. Did
you change your mind on my personal teacher’s lounge? It’s Pumpernickel and yes I did, the only
private space you’ll be seeing will be from the confines of your own home, you’re fired! Now please exit the grounds immediately. But – but – but! [whistle] No buts Miss. Vollanes, I mean Maleficent, now go! Hey, that’s my whistle, ugh. I have my favorite class today, gym class,
“You must be swift as a coursing river, with all the strength of a great typhoon”. Ugh, this is my least favorite class. Hopefully, we can do something fun like yoga,
I’m just not a big organized sports fan. I brought me bow and arrow, just in case,
we do some archery. I just love cheer-leading and I hope they
teach us a very special cheer, like this one I know already; princess pride princess pride,
we’re here, so step aside. Hahaha, oh, that could be so fun, or we could
do gymnastics, we could learn some really cool flips. Well, whatever we do, at least we’re all
in the same class together. Alright, let’s go. Mushu’s teaching, he
is the best gym teacher ever. I still can’t believe they let a dragon
teach gym class. Of course, he’s the best, he taught me everything
I know. What’s going on? Something doesn’t feel right in here. Mushu, are you in here? This feels like some bad juju. Definitely, don’t think we’re gonna be
doing any of the things that we talked about. Hello, anyone in here? Hello, Princesses and welcome to gym class.
So sorry, that your teacher Mush Mush couldn’t be here today. Umm, it’s Mushu and he’s always here. Right, well, he said he had a sore throat,
said it was on fire, so I’m going to be your gym teacher for today. Now, while I decide what you’re going to
do, each of you give me 20. 20? 20 what? I didn’t bring any cash, I only have card. She doesn’t mean dollars. She means jumping jacks. Ugh! At least it’s building arms strength. How long do we have to do this for? Keep it up, ladies. 18, 19, 20. Glad this is over. I’ve decided on the perfect plan for our
gym class today. Is it cheer-leading? Please tell me it’s cheer-leading. No, Elsa, it’s something much better, more
competitive and more dangerous. Oh, oh! I’m nervous. We’re all going to play, bully ball. Bully ball, that sounds really bad. Yeah, what’s bully ball? Well Merida, it’s like dodge-ball, except
the whole time you’re throwing the balls you have to say bully ball. And when you get hit, you have to say, don’t
be a bully. I don’t even know how to play, we don’t
have dodge ball in Agrabah. Princesses, ugh! Jasmine, it’s easy, two teams are split
on opposite sides, then you just try to target each other with the balls and start throwing. If you get… I don’t like the sound of this. Too bad Mulan, I’m the teacher and what
I say goes. Now everyone, go pick up a bully ball, now! Wait, hold on, what are we playing for? What do the winners win and what do the losers
lose? Well, Merida, the winners will be losers and
the losers will be winners. Excuse me, what does that even mean? She’s speaking in riddles, I don’t understand. It’s not time to understand Belle, it’s
time to play ball. Now, Jasmine, Elsa, and Tiana, against Belle,
Mulan, and Merida. Get on your marks, ready, set, go! Do we really have to? I don’t think we have a choice, let’s
get this over with. I guess let’s just make the most of it. Bully ball! Uh! Don’t be a bully. Bully ball! Don’t be a bully! Perfect! This is going exactly according to plan. Bully ball! Don’t be a bully! Louder ladies, I can’t hear you. Bully baaall! Don’t be a bully! Alright, that’s everything I need, I mean,
the game is over. So, what team won? Elsa, Jasmine, Tiana, your team won, hahaha! Good job you guys, that was really weird,
but kind of fun. Yeah, let’s go, we all deserve some delicious
desserts after that game and I brought beignets. I’m a little worried. What do you mean Elsa? Well, something seems a little weird, I mean
she was saying all that stuff about winning. She said the winners are losers and the losers
are winners, it doesn’t make any sense. Don’t worry about her, she’s just a crazy
old fairy. Let’s forget about her and enjoy the beignets. Hahahaha! Now that I filmed the girls looking like
bullies, principal Pepperoni will have no choice but to expel them. I can finally get
rid of princesses at princess academy, hmm! Excuse me, principal pizza. My name is Pumpernickel, Principal Pumpernickel. Alright Principal poppy-pop, there’s something
I need to discuss with you. That’s Pumpernickel, but of course, go right
ahead. As you know, I was subbing for gym class because
the teacher became suddenly ill. Strange, he seemed fine the other day, but
it’s so nice of you to substitute. Right, so I started teaching the princesses
how to play dodge-ball, a fun, harmless, popular gym activity that should no way be dangerous
or mean. Yes, yes, I’m familiar with dodge-ball go
on. Then out of nowhere, Elsa, Tiana, and Jasmine
started bullying the other princesses. Bullying? I don’t allow that at princess academy. Yes, then they started shouting bully-ball,
I couldn’t believe my eyes. Oh my goodness, tell me more. And then the other princesses started shouting,
don’t be a bully! Wait, really? Elsa, Jasmine, and Tiana? That doesn’t sound like any of them. I couldn’t believe it either, my sweet gentle
heart almost burst because I was so upset. I knew that it would be so hard for you to
believe so I have this video to prove it to you. It is hard to believe, let me see that. Isn’t it shocking! Oh my stars, I can’t believe what I’m seeing! But you’re right, Elsa, Jasmine, and Tiana
are being big bullies. I have no choice but to call them down to
my office. Uhh, just what I planned… I mean, that’s what I would do. Just so terrible, I never saw it coming. Mhmm, these are delicious Tiana, how do you
do it? Well, it’s my secret recipe. Elsa, Jasmine, and Tiana, please come to my
office immediately. What’s that all about? It has something to do with Maleficent, I
just know it. Well, I hope we’re not in trouble. We better go soon, he didn’t sound happy. Good luck, I’m sure it will be fine. You never know. Bye, huh! Come in ladies. I have to say I’m very disappointed
in you. What’s the main rule thumb here at princess
academy? Let your conscience be your guide. And you ladies did not let your conscience
be your guide. Maleficent here showed me a video of you bullying
the other princesses. Wait, no! You’ve got it all wrong! Yeah, Maleficent tricked you. None of that is true, she twisted it. What did I tell you principal, I told you
they would try to deny it, that’s why I took the video. Video! I have a video of you three being bullies,
and bullying is not tolerated here at princess academy. To expel you three. Expelled! We shouldn’t be kicked out of school at
all. This is all a trick by Maleficent, she just
wants to get rid of us because she’s a villain. Yeah, I mean, haven’t you seen Sleeping
Beauty? Villain or not, I’ve seen the video Maleficent
showed me and the proof is in the pudding… mmm, pudding, that sounds good. It’s almost lunchtime, so I need you girls
to go and I need to go get lunch. This is ridiculous! Ta, ta, see you never princesses. Wait a hot second! What are we gonna do? So, what happened? Yeah, are you guys okay? We were – we were kicked out! Wait, what? Kicked out of school, that’s crazy! Why would you guys be kicked out of school? Yeah, you never do anything wrong. Maleficent tricked Principal Pumpernickel. Yeah, she apparently made a video of us playing
bully ball. And that’s why she made us say bully ball
over and over and over again. She was making a video to frame us, to make
us look like bullies. But that’s crazy, we know you guys aren’t
bullies. Exactly, and Principal Pumpernickel must know
that too. He says he believes the video. I mean, I have
to say it does look really convincing. So, that’s what she meant by the winners
will be the losers. You guys won the game but she framed you. Exactly, I knew I had a bad feeling about
this. Attention teachers and student, if there’re
any princesses still at school that may have been expelled, those princesses need to exit
the premise immediately, thank you. He obviously means us, this is terrible! I guess we have to go home now. I mean, what’s Olaf gonna say about this,
he’s gonna be so disappointed in me. Wait, how does Principal Pumpernickel still
know that we’re still here? Probably from the school cameras. Oh my gosh, that’s it! Whats it? If there’re school cameras that are showing
us right now, then there’re probably cameras in the gym. Do you think they film gym class? There’s probably video footage of our whole
class with Maleficent. You’re right, the only way to fight a video
is with a better video. Let’s go get it, I think I know the room
where they keep all the video footage. It’s right by the Principal’s office. Final warning to all princesses that have
been kicked out of the princess academy to exit the premices! We can’t Tiana, they’re gonna get mad,
me, you, and Jasmine we have to go. Don’t worry ladies, me, Mulan, and Merida,
we’ll figure it out and get that video footage. Perfect, me, Jasmine, and Tiana, we’re gonna
wait outside we’ll text you, so just let us know. Don’t worry, if anyone can get the freedom
to come back to school it’s us. Maleficent is going down! Bye, ladies. Good luck. All right, time to go find that video. Excuse me princesses, just where do you think
you’re going? Oh, you know, just about to head to class. Exactly, we’re just on our way there now. I’m sure you must be all so sad about what
happened to your pathetic little friends. Hope you don’t do anything bad, or something
might just happen. I don’t know what you’re talking about
Maleficent, we aren’t doing anything wrong. Fine, your classroom is that way, I’m going
that way, we can walk together. Drats! Excuse me! I think she saw a rat, yup, just this way. What are we gonna do now? We gonna have to wait all the way to the end
of class to get that video. I’m texting Elsa right now. [phone beeps] Okay, huh, I just got a text
from Merida and it says that Maleficent’s trying to get them to go to class, so they
don’t mess up her plan. We need to come up with a distraction. What do you think we should do? Mhmm, huh, do you still have your frog talisman? Uhhh, good idea Elsa, I love where your head’s
at.I do, it’s in my backpack, let’s hop to it girls. What are they saying? They said they’re coming up with a distraction
so we can go and find the video. What kind of distraction? Something about a lean, mean jumping machine. So that kids is how photosynthesis naturally
occurs at… Oh! Oh my gosh, is that a frog? [screams] A frog! Oh, that’s not just any old frog, hey Tiana. Hey you guys, go quick, and I will distract
everyone. You got it, let’s go. Okay, we got in, the video file should be
on one of these computers here. But, how do we know which one? Step aside girls, this is my territory. This
is where my tech support training comes in handy. What would Principal Pumpernickel’s password
be? What goes on pumpernickel bread? Peanut butter and jelly… no. okay, how about bologna… no. I got it, pastrami… got it! Now I just have to find the video log files…
got it! Merida, you won’t believe what Mulan just
sent me! Principal Pumpernickel! Principal Pumpernickel! Princesses, what are you doing here, aren’t
you supposed to be in class? We are but, this is more important. We have proof that Maleficent tricked you. And you wrongfully kicked Elsa, Jasmine, and
Tiana out of school. What do you mean? I saw the video. We have another video, look at this. “We’re all going to play bully ball, it’s
like dodge-ball. Except the whole time you’re throwing the
ball, you have to say “bully ball”. And when you get hit, you have to say, “don’t
be a bully.” Wait a second, that’s Maleficent

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  6. 🏢psuke📕📗📘📙✏️📚📝📖📕📗📘📕📗📘📙🖍✏️🖌🖊✂️🖇🖌✂️🖍✏️🖊📕📕📗📗📕📕📘📎📓📓📓✉️✉️✉️✏️🖍🖌🖊✂️

  7. Please do more videos with Aurora I know she is not a very popular princess but she deserves more attention, please please please

  8. I think that Elsa should say I am the queen of Erindale because she said today she could get him kicked out of Princess Academy because she’s a queen

  9. What I hate about Maleficent is that she hates Disney princesses! Pretty much all of the villains hates Disney princesses EXCEPT for Jafar and Gaston

  10. Technically Elsa you're a queen so you don't have to leave the school and that's another thing why are you all still in school shouldn't you all have graduated by now

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