Manhattan’s Best Kept Secret ? Washington Heights (NYC Neighborhood Tour)

Manhattan’s Best Kept Secret ? Washington Heights (NYC Neighborhood Tour)

What’s up Members of the Barrio It’s Jon coming to you from Washington Heights Near the top of Manhattan And today we’re going to be continuing our locals guide to New York City And this is personally turning into one of my favorite series On the channel And today’s guest grew up here In Washington Heights She knows so much about this neighborhood And you’re going to learn a lot from her Hi, i’m Noemy And I’m going to be showing you around my neighborhood I grew up here I love it here It has amazing culture, amazing people And amazing Dominican food I’m excited to show you a few of my favorite spots I have to admit the views here are fantastic You’ve got the George Washington Bridge that way You have this amazing little park here And you said that you grew up coming here a lot? Yeah. So.. as a kid We would always come here for picnics For baby showers For birthday parties This was our go to spot.. in the summer .. in the spring Just to be outdoors And be in nature a little bit This a hidden gem for sure Because it has a lot of medieval art And culture It’s part of the MET So it’s definitley worth a visit To come up here I don’t want to go inside with a camera today because.. I honestly think this museum deserves its own video It is so cool, i’ve been in there before If you’re into medieval art I mean look at this place right here It’s like we’re in a European castle At the top of Manhattan Hidden Gem Is the right word Why do you think this neighborhood is a hidden gem that more tourists.. should know about? It’s one of the last few neighborhoods in Manhattan that’s retained its culture And because of that The prices of airbnbs Apartments Are a lot cheaper up here And also the cost of food You can find fresh produce very cheap around here.. And restaurant food as well I wanted to take you here That you can see the highest natural point of Manhattan In Washington Heights Where it gets its name from There you go As we head south from the top of Washington Heights This area is so.. Peaceful It’s quiet Everything looks so tidy But you told me that things are about to change in a few blocks This is the nicer area..a little bit more expensive Cleaner. But we’re about to get to the more.. Dominican area A little bit more culture A little bit more gritty A little grittier You see a lot of fruit vendors chopping up yoru fruit for you So that you can enjoy it as a healthy snack Not everything is unhealthy when you buy it in the street We just started walking on St. Nicholas And i kind of feel like we’ve transformed to a completely different neighborhood It’s still the Heights.. A lot of energy I’m loving this Yes, you see lots of vendors. Lots of people in the street Selling their goods and products And you hear the music And you see more of what I recognize as my neighborhood And my people We’re almost at the restaurant That you recommended I have to say that walking through here has really brought back some memories For me of being in Mexico Some of the life in the streets Of Mexico City for example And now.. we are at Punto de Sabor Why did you take us here Why was this the choice Of all the restaurants you could have picked in Washington Heights This is one of my favorite restaurants Because it’s very authentic The people here are all Dominican And the food here is amazing And really really cheap Cheap is good guys We are going to eat a lot Get ready for this You have a choice between Pork, Beef, or Chicken Any of those options is a good choice Guys you have no idea how good it smells right now Ohh.. this is going to be a good meal I can already tell Can I have the pork? We just got a mountain… And I mean a mountain of food here What did we order? Basically you have your staple rice and beans Red beans specifically On this plate we have the Pollo Guisado Which is basically stewed chicken.. in tomato sauce And here is the Chuleta Which is pork chop And it’s delicious Here we have the sweet plantains Which you have to try They’re delicious Wonderful And this is our traditional potato salad It has carrots Onions.. there’s also a red version of this But you preferred no beets So.. we’ll keep it simple And country club Naranja I’ve never heard of this before The Dominican Flag here This is the official refreshment of the Dominican Republic? Yes Apparently You don’t like it very much though? I’m not a big fan.. as a dietician I avoid very high fructose corn syrup Drinks I’m going to be mostly having just water today Guys i’m going to try the pollo guisado for the first time This is just.. a ton of food The meat just comes right off the bone Tender Let’s try this Mmmm.. Very juicy.. very full of flavor Huge red beans here Mmmm And you can only order.. this particuluar menu right from the staff over there This is just like.. An excellent Washington Heights, Dominican lunch for you All of this food
At a reasonable price My family we always shared our food It’s a very cultural thing for me It’s a way of us connecting with our family and our friends When you go to a Dominican household.. They’ll always offer you a cup of coffee.. Or something to eat Something to drink Because that’s a way that we show our love And our connection with people And if you don’t eat a Dominican woman’s food You will never be invited back to her home So watch out Good advice for you gentleman out there Noemy that was an excellent choice.. I have to say That is the best Carribean food.. I have ever had in New York City Highly recommend this spot Now we’re going for.. Some dessert? Yeah we’re going to a Dominican bakery So you can get to try A little bit of the sweetness Of our island Guys let’s get sweet, let’s go This is where you get your Habichuela con Dulce Which is sweet Red Beans This lady is famous as you see There’s always a line here.. Because it’s really good I like it I don’t know why I like it. But I like it I like these little crackers And you said there’s a little bit of beans in there as well It’s just super sugary You said people either love or hate this right? Put me in the love category This bakery is absolutely packed right now Usually a good sign anywhere you go in the world? What’s so special about this place This place specializes in Dominican.. cake It’s called Bizcocho Dominicano The Domincian cake is just a yellow cake But it has pineapple filling Or guayaba filling Or tres leche filling So they have these very interesting fillings And it’s delicious It’s fluffy It’s amazing.. i’m hoping that they have some Bizcocho con Guayaba They a little Usually the cake has a different frosting on top But because this is specifically a 1 portion.. it wants to highlight the Guayaba They put the Guayaba all over So you can really get that Guayaba flavor Let’s see if this is how I remember my childhood Mmmm Yep It’s got that little tanginess I love that little bit of sour in it It’s good You were joking with me before about the amount of barbershops Hair salons And nail places in the Heights Why is it so popular here? Dominicans value looking fresh Looking good And because we have so many hair textures Anyone who handles hair Needs to be able to handle every single texture of hair There is possible So that’s why Domincans are well known To be some of the best barbers Some of the best hair stylists They’re definitley worth the money to go.. This is the street where they filmed the HBO Series Boardwalk Empire One of the scenes where Nicky’s wife lived. In one of these buildings Guys of all the streets i’ve ever walked in New York City I don’t think I’ve ever felt like I’ve stepped back in time Like this one right here I’m just going to do a little 360 for you guys Completely feels out of place In the most amazing way possible Do you think any of these are for rent still? I wouldn’t know I kind of want to live here It’d be awesome to live in a neighborhood like this Jumel Mansion has been around since 1765 This is a… Preserved historical site And that’s why they have.. These types of amazing.. homes Cobbles stone pathways Still emulating that time period This is the Morris-Jumel Mansion And to me it looks like something straight out of.. The South New Orleans And I know that New York used to look a lot more like this Than like this But it’s always nice to be reminded That mansions and buildings like this Are still preserved And you said that you have a personal reason To love this place So I discovered this place Almost 10 years ago When my brother was looking for a place to get married And thankfully this place was actually free then I don’t know if it still is now We had the ceremony right in the front lawn And we took pictures right back here On that stair case Right behind us This would be an amazing place to get married And you can tour the inside You just have to check the website Washington Heights I know.. 20,30 years ago Maybe when you were growing up Had a bad reputation for having crime For not being the safest area of New York How much has that changed.. as you’ve grown up And in recent years? It’s changed drastically.. As a kid my parents were very wary of me and my siblings Going outside.. Or being out far away But it wasn’t just the Washington Heights area It was also even 42nd street In the Early 90s.. It still wasn’t considered a safe neighborhood It was nothing like it was today Same thing with Washington Heights So back then there was a lot of crime But now.. it’s a lot more peaceful And you can walk very freely here during the day And feel confident that you’ll be safe What sort of person
Would you recommend Move to Washington Heights? Anyone who loves Spanish culture If you speak Spanish That’s a plus People will love that And also.. if you’re looking for more affordable rent.. Definitley More affordable cost of living, cost of food This is the area of Manhattan That’s still.. affordable Ladies and gentleman Members of the Barrio We are approaching the biggest landmark in Washington Heights And one of the biggest landmarks in all of New York City The George Washington Bridge We’re going to a park that has an amazing view of the George Washington Bridge And it’s actually perfect It’s almost sunset We’re going to get some really good Video and pictures There’s nothing quite like it It’s so close You’re going to see.. it’s just breathtaking I’ve never heard of this park I’ve walked by here before I had no idea.. It hid the view that you’re about to see For someone that grew up in North Jersey Not far on the other side of that bridge To me that was always the great divide between New Jersey A little more boring And all the craziness and awesomeness of New York City To me.. That bridge.. means a lot As someone that lived on the other side What does it mean for you? Whenever I travel outside of Washington Heights I always knew that I was making it home When I saw this bridge It was like after a long day either in Jersey Or some other state Coming home to this.. That was my favorite view Cause I knew I was coming home This is Washington Heights My neighborhood.. I grew up here I recommend everyone come here Just for the views For the culture For the food And the affordability of it It’s amazing Especially if you want to stay away from the tourist traps of certain areas of Manhattan If you’ve already done that. And you kind of want to see what else.. New York has to offer. This is a perfect place for that. Make sure to tell me down below in the comments What you thought about this tour Where was your favorite place? And make sure to check out my other New York City playlists We’ve got guides like this.. Tips videos A whole lot of good stuff Thank you so much for watching As always Until next time

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  1. What did you think of Washington Heights? Are there any other neighborhoods you want to see me cover that I haven't already? Special thanks to Noemy !
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  3. Hey you’re in my hood!!! Best place to eat tacos is between 188th st & 187th st. on St. Nick Ave. best Spanish restaurant is in Inwood pass Isham. Lol

  4. I lived in Washington Heights for 3 months, I love that part of New York more than any other. On my first night, my friend and I walked her dogs in a thunderstorm and went up to the viewpoint in J Hood Wright Park. It was there, in the pissing wet rain, that I fell in love with that bridge. I make a point of walking to New Jersey every time I'm back. The Dominican people are absolute saints! 🙂

    Michael, Glasgow.

  5. I need to make this video from a dominican's perspective. So much left out. I may be biased since i still live here/there


  7. Had a co-worker tell me how great it was. A few months later he was beaten and robbed. He moved to the UES.

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  12. Dominican food and dessert is delicious but packed with excess sugar salt and grease. Not good for your health.

  13. Born , raised and still living in Washington Heights. Gentrification is killing the neighborhood. All the gringos that can’t afford to live downtown, come here to live and then complain about everything. The neighborhood has a certain vibe, you can’t come here and try to change that flow. DON’T MOVE HERE.

  14. Used to be gorgeous ruined by those crossing over broadway from nasty audobon ,amsterdam ave,attened school,riverside drive was always classy, All the cuban bakeries left for New Jersey,some dominican restaurants near hospital are good. The Ronettes lived here ,used to walk by going to their Riverside drive apartment .

  15. 181st and broadway train station even had a bowling alley downstairs, the streets had rko theater,shoe stores , alpine german cheesecake stores,…… oh how it was ruined, ….maybe getting better since 9/11.That other area is not considered Washington heights, it is too far from GW bridge ,it has another name .You left out Overlook Terrace.

  16. Loved this video . My neighborhood as well . But the only thing I’m surprised about is her saying it’s cheap rent . The only way you have cheap rent is if you have had the apartment for years and have rent control . Right now trying to get an apartment there is super expensive. Not to mention gentrification .

  17. Leave this neighborhood alone! It’s so hard to live in NYC as it is this is so damaging and displaces hundreds of families please stop

  18. Kind of besides the point but speaking of 'Caribbean', while the Dominican Republic continues its disrespect of half its island's people (i.e. Haiti) and denial of its African heritage and would-be culture, it should 1) not claim the island, 2) be virtually band from the Caribbean community, and 3) generally ignored. 🙂 I say this partially in jest as they cannot be removed from the Caribbean but you get the idea – as they're an essentially good example of a self hating people. Sorry. You have no business sharing that region with the rest of the authentic people of the Caribbean. By the way, not every Dominican is indicted in this but everyone knows this is a fair summary. And I am confident this young lady is not one of them but this is about the country as a whole, not every individual.

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  25. Born and bred Washington Heights guy and still live here. I’m from the Jewish community but I’m a proud Heightser and love this community though I wish it would be a bit safer and cleaner

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    She is clearly hiding the fact the Dominicans have brought in and still continuing heavy drug trafficking and prostitution stop fooling the people you started this video off from the best part of the neighborhood by The Cloisters the Mansion was pretty cool around Saint Nicholas and Audobon completely trash thanks Dominicans

  30. I am surprised she didn't mentioned El Mambi Restaurant. That is the place to really have great food. Especially that they have authentic Dominican dishes. There is a bit of everything in the Heights.

  31. I love Washington heights, I lived there from 1977 till 1996, I feel safe in that neighborhood, I'm Puerto Rican, and Domenicans are great people, friendly and nice.

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  33. It makes me laugh when someone thinks that because they weren't aware of a certain place, neither is most NYers. Washington Heights was basically a very jewish neighborhood until the mid 80s when Dominicans started moving in. The area because popular because of the sale of cocaine. People from NJ and Ct flocked to Washington Heights daily to make large purchases. But now the wyiate folks are pushing the Dominicans out, just like they are doing all over the country in innercities. But trust me when I say that it's not a secret. It's a beautiful area.

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  38. Yeah exactly your safe during the day.! After dark good luck ! Unless your packing forget night adventures

  39. Dont belive the hype bro… washignton heights besides the food is garbage people crowd the sidewalks by sitting in chairs even in front of schools day and night no quietness loud music people everywhere i mean everywhere from morning to night crackheads everywhere u wanna go out at night to the store or anywhere in the height prepare to see massive amount of people and its worst over at the heights because people hang around the blocks plus alot of drug dealers just hanging around just sad worst neighborhood in ny period.

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    so anytime you see something cool on the internet, remember the thousands of other vultures already on the carcass. 🙄
    overpopulation is disgusting.

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    Her mom taught me about “folding coffee” I’m not sure it’s a Dominican thing but
    Try it, it makes good coffee extra amaze

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  46. Another great video. My all-time favorite place in Washington Heights is The Cloisters. A must-see museum. I also love the Morris-Jumel Mansion and the homes along Sylvan Terrace!

  47. Nice neighborhood, used to get there walking and biking from Fort Lee, such a nice experience. I recommend also to walk down by the Hudson river greenway, beautiful green area and a lot of people bbq during the weekends. If you dont want to get there walking from NJ you can take one of the Jitney buses in GWB, leave your car in Fort Lee historic park ( cheapest parking to NYC) .and Washington hts is the first neighborhood across the river. Keep up the good work!

  48. My relatives lived there in the 50's and 60's, it was mostly Jewish and Irish. When the the savages came everybody got scared and left. The Jews still own the buildings. I hope the area gets back to the 1950's era when civilized people where there and it was a safe Jewish area.

  49. You are a horrible person to talk about the heights. I lived there homeless for 3 years and semi homeless for 7 on dyckman. I dont appreciate your horrible representation of the heights. You didnt even show the crack spot on 179th and st nicholas, not to mention the dope spot on 184 and wadsworth, man, ain't no gem. Heights is where addicts go to be close to drugs and JEWS go to trick millenials into buying property in a shit neighborhood. Blow me, you horrible youtuber. Get a REAL job. Stop trying to supplement your income with some random chick from DR. And you said it reminds you of Mexico? You are crazy. I was lived in Mexico for 2 years when I was 14 to 16 years old. You are full of ahit, dont know anything, and no, the food in the heights is garbage. Other than the cheesesteaks at 166th and autobahn on the corner the Arab store. Sorey but you are a retard for talking about how awesome the food is etc. You dont know the heights. What about the Exchange? And how it got closed down and as a result 100s of addicts are being forced to reuse needles on the street and die because people like you are trying to gentrify the neighborhood. And NOOoooo there is not a SINGLE spot that has lines out the door on the daily in the heights for food. Sorry, not sorry, but I do not like you and any body that watches this video, know that this is bull shot!!!!

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