40 thoughts on “Massive Hermes Unboxing Haul

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  2. Yes, more unboxing videos, please. Because we could dive into studying the psychology and marketing strategy of the brand. πŸ˜„

  3. Just stumbled upon you channel You two are so much fun and you enjoy each other so much. Keep buying, buying buying. I love watching unboxing of luxury items. Stay in love and happy shopping. Tracey from Bronx, NY.

  4. love your personalities!! great video. Also love your husbands Watch !!!! I watched it more than the actual Hermes items lol is it a Hublot?

  5. i love the blue pocket square!! looks amazing. The orange on is definitely the fun one. I love the twillys thank you for the explanation. I have the Twilly perfume… Hermes is my favorite fragrance brand but I didn't know the story. Thanks Jennie!!!

  6. At least you understand, my boyfriend would look at me crazy if I went into the Hermes store! It may even start an argument!

  7. GREAT video!!! Love your video…so super touching to watch! So kind and generous. Just filmed an Hermes Unboxing myself πŸ™‚ …LOL..what are the odds!!… πŸ™‚ would love for you to check it out @​

  8. OMG Jennie, you are so adorable and Dan you look adorable when you're looking at Jennie. Jennie, for sure do more videos!

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