100 thoughts on “MASSIVE SCHOOL SUPPLY HAUL ❤️ Back to School 2018

  1. Hey lil'fudgie. That was just the best back to school supply video I have seen so far .. High five lil'sweetie . so adorable .. Likr ur little "couches" 😁
    I mean the dog 🐕 pencil pouch .. 😘

  2. Does McKenzie know if I can find "pencil couches" at "Office D-Pot"? Too funny….great job on the video McKenzie!!!

  3. Such a cute little princess 🙂 Good job, sweetie, this is the cutest school supplies video I have ever seen! My son will start Grade 6 on September 23rd. So we still have a lot of time before hauling our supplies though I started buying some stuff that I thought was useful and at good prices. We already got the backpack, lunch bag and pencil case last week.

  4. New subscriber here. Mackenzie you did an amazing job! I can't wait for my daughter to come home from camp to share the video with her. She starts 2nd grade on Sept 4th.

  5. Great haul! I love the Lisa Frank notebooks takes me back to my childhood! My daughters first day of school is August 15th! Coming up too fast!

  6. Good job 👏 Mackenzie ❤️💜💕😎 I subscribed and turned on the post notifications on I start school August 27 ❤️❤️

  7. She’s so adorable..! 💛😂 “pencil couches……COUCHESS?!??” 😂 good job Mackenzie..”My mom bought about 200 pencils.! This should last the whole school year!!” Is it just me or does anyone else go through 200 pencils a month at school?😂😂

  8. 😂 love this and we got a ton of the same supplies as well! Just got the cheeseburger notebook yesterday haha!

  9. what are some website,and things you do for homeschooling i would like to know because i'm to be home-schooled love your videos

  10. I start school on the 26th of January and finish November 28th. We have 4 terms each made up of 10-11 weeks and then two week holidays in between terms.

  11. Great job I hope you will soon have your own YouTube channel and you are so cute!
    Edit: Thanks for the heart ❤️! xxx

  12. Awe Mackenzie is an awesome little host she is do well spoken you should be proud! She's adorable 😊

  13. Mom: We are going BTS shopping
    Mom: What? We are going Back To School shopping
    Me: cries

  14. Mackenzie: I got some folders for me because the younger kids don’t need any

    Me:Mackenzie is gonna be a real mom she acts mom

  15. What grade was she in? I’m in high school and we aren’t even learning cursive anymore! We had it for maybe a year or two, than we didn’t have it. And that was in elementary!

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