Max & Ruby: Max & Ruby’s Train Trip / Go To Sleep, Max / Conductor Max – Ep.73

[♪] ♪ Max and Ruby ♪ ♪ Ruby and Max ♪ [♪] ♪ Max and Ruby ♪ ♪ Ruby and Max ♪ [♪]Max and Ruby…Ruby and her
little brother, Max…
[♪] [kids shouting]
Max and Ruby! [laughter] GRANDMA:
Well, here we are. East Bunnyhop
Train Station! RUBY:
Wow! It’s beautiful! I don’t think you’re the
only one who’s excited. I know!Max can’t believe we’re
actually going on a train
to see Aunt Claire
and Uncle Nate…right? Max?
Where are you going? Train ride! [chuckling] We’re not getting
on the train yet! There are lots of trains that come and go
through this station. We have to look at the schedule and find out when
our train is leaving. And I just happen to have
the schedule right here! See? This schedule has a
list of all the trains,when they arrive,
when they leave…
and where they’re going.Now we can make sure we’re
getting on the right train, at the right time! We need to find the
train to Bunnyvale. That’s where Aunt Claire
and Uncle Nate live. There it is. Right. This shows us the time
the train arrives… and the time it leaves.ANNOUNCER:
Train to West Bunnyhop
arriving at the platform.Train to West Bunnyhop.Huh? Wait!
Max! This isn’t the right train! It’s going to West Bunnyhop. We’re taking the
train to Bunnyvale.[whistle]All abooooooaaard! Don’t worry. Our train will be leaving soon. Come on, Max. I’ve got our tickets. Now, where shall we sit
till our train comes? I see two empty benches
over there, Grandma. Okay! Let’s not forget to
bring all our bags. Okay,
Grandma! You can put your
suitcase over here. Huh? Max?
What are you doing? Train ride. Little brothers… We’re going on a
train ride very soon. But we have to make sure
we get on the right train, at the right time. [sigh]Remember?The schedule told us what time the train
leaves the station. And look, there’s the clock.We have to wait
until the big hand
is at the top
of the clock.
That’s when our
train will be here.
It’ll be almost
no time at all!
Train ride.ANNOUNCER:
Train to Bunny Landing,
Train to Bunny Landing,and Hare Corners
arriving at the platform.
Train to Bunny Landing
and Hare Corners!
Sorry Max. Look at the clock.
See?The big hand isn’t
at the top yet.
That’s not
the right train. [sigh] Maybe we need
a little something to help pass the time. We could play a game,
and that way, it won’t seem so long
till the train comes. Good idea, Ruby. I know! Since you like trains so much, why don’t we make
our own train? Look. Grandma’s suitcase is just
like the train’s engine. Chugga chugga chugga. And my suitcase is
like the passenger car. All aboard! [sigh] And your suitcase is
the caboose – Ding ding! Ding ding! Hmmm… I guess we’d better
try something else. Don’t you have a toy
train in your backpack? Ew! What are your Slime Dribblers
doing in here? Huh?
Max? [chuckles] Where do you think
you’re going? Train ride? Remember? We have to wait till it’s time
to get on the right train. And in the meantime, we need to re-pack your
ooey-gooey backpack. I’ll help, Ruby. Thanks, Grandma.ANNOUNCER:
Train to West Burrow,
Bunnytail Ridge
and Bunnyvale arriving
at the platform.
Where are you going? Train Ride! But we have to wait
for the right train. Now, according
to the schedule, it should be coming…ANNOUNCER:
The train to West Burrow,
Bunnytail Ridge and
Bunnyvale has arrived!
That’s our train! Here we go – right over
where the conductor is. Welcome aboard! Thank you! [gasp] Max’s suitcase! All aboooooooardd! Excuse me! Thank you –
again! [sigh]
That was close! If it weren’t
for Max, we would’ve missed
our very first… Train ride! [laughter] Eating on a train
is so exciting! Not quite as exciting as
looking out the window, if you ask
some bunnies. You’ve barely touched
your dinner, Max. I guess you don’t want to miss
one second of this train ride. It’s getting dark. [yawns] Oh, I’ve never seen you
so eager to go to bed! I’ve never gone to bed
in a sleeper car before! Well, there’s nothing quite
like sleeping on a train. Aren’t you excited about going
to bed in the sleeper car? Up! I know you’d like
to stay up all night like looking out the window,
but we have to go to sleep. Come on Max! Okay!
Let’s go! [laughter]
Whoa! Batten down the hatches! That was like a ride
at the amusement park! [laughter] Next stop… [chuckles]
…bed! [chuckles] That’s right,
Mr. Conductor. We’re sleeping in a sleeper
car for the first time! Well!
That’s very exciting. Up! Max thinks he wants
to stay up all night and look out the window. Well now, Max. You can take it from me, there’s not much to
see once night falls. And besides, you have to
be up bright and early when we get to Bunnyvale
station in the morning. [chuckling] Oh Thanks, Mr. Conductor. Good night. Good night! Sleep tight! Here we are. Our travelling bedroom! Ooohhh… On trains, they call beds
“berths”, don’t they Grandma? That’s right Ruby. Mine’s here through
this curtain, and these are yours. One berth below and one above. That’s the one I’ll sleep in.You’re too little to sleep
that high off the floor.
Time to put our
pajamas on. Up! Remember what the
conductor said, Max? We have to go bed and
get a good night’s sleep. We want to be all
rested when Aunt Claire and Uncle Nate come and
meet us at the station. [sigh] Well, I’m ready for bed. Now, remember,
if you need me, I’ll be right here
behind this curtain. Good night! Good night Grandma. We’ll be fine,
won’t we Max. Up! [chuckles] Sorry Max, We all have to
go to bed now – it’s late. There you go,
now you’re all tucked in, and I’ll be right above
you if you need anything. Good night, Max. Whoa!
[laughs] Are you all right, Ruby? Yes Grandma –
the train just zigged when I thought it
was going to zag. Okay, okay Good night. Good night Grandma. [sigh] MAX:
Up! Max? Oh! You didn’t have your bedtime
glass of water, did you? Everything okay,
Ruby? Yes Grandma. I’m just getting Max his
bedtime glass of water. Oh!
Of course! Once he has his water, Max’ll be ready to go to sleep –
and so will we! Good. Now you get back
into your bed… And I’ll get in to mine. Whoops! [laughs]
Here we go again![chuckles]Up… [sigh] [sigh]MAX:
What now? [sigh] You don’t have your
Red Rubber Elephant!Everything okay,
Don’t worry Grandma, I’m just getting Max
his Red Rubber Elephant. [chuckles] I guess we should have thought
of that before we went to bed. There you go, Max. Now you’ll be able to
drift off to sleep. [yawns]
And I can too! This time I’m going to be
ready for the train to… Hah! Didn’t get me that time.Up![sigh]What is it now?You’ve had water, you’ve got your Red
Rubber Elephant… Ah! You want your Super
Bunny Night Light. Hmmm… I’m not sure if we
packed your night light. You may have to go
to sleep without it. Huh? Max?Up![chuckles] Are you in my bed –
I mean berth?What’re you doing there?[chuckles]
Here I come, ready or not! Now I get it! Ruby?
Where’s Max? He’s here,
Grandma. He didn’t want to stay up,
he wanted to sleep… Up. [sigh] [snoring] [gasp]
It happened again! What is it, Ruby? Train trips are great,
Grandma, but they make drawing
very difficult! Every time
the train rocks, I make squiggles and wiggles
I didn’t mean to draw. I want my greeting
card for Aunt Claire and Uncle Nate
to be perfect. If anybunny can make a perfect
greeting card you can! Thanks, Grandma. I did it! Look, Max. I made my greeting
card for Aunt Claire and Uncle Nate without a
single squiggle or wiggle! It’s perfect!Next stop,
West Burrow!
West Burrow, next stop! Whoa… Hat! You’ve got good
taste in hats, Max! Hey, would you like
to try it on?[chuckles]I don’t think you’re big enough
to be a conductor yet, Max. How long before
we reach Bunnyvale?Let’s see, we have two station
stops before Bunnyvale –
West Burrow and
Bunnytail Ridge.
What a lovely pocket watch.
I remember watches like
that when I was a girl.
It’s a fine piece
of workmanship…
Oops!We’re almost at
West Burrow Station. I’ve got to get ready! Thanks for looking
after my hat, Max! Hmm. That’s a
little strange. Time to get our bags
from the sleeper car. I’ll be right back. Hear that, Max? I can’t wait to see Aunt
Claire and Uncle Nate when I give them
my greeting card! I better put it in my purse
where it’ll be nice and safe. [gasp]
Where’s my card?It was right here with
all the other papers!
Hat! I know you liked wearing
the Conductor’s Hat, but this is an emergency! Maybe it fell off
the table. Hat! Oh, well,
thank you! There.
Now you can get past. Hat!West Burrow Station!The train is arriving
at West Burrow Station! This isn’t our
station, Max! This is West Burrow. We don’t get off
until Bunnyvale! Hat! I know you like his hat, but the Conductor’s
busy helping passengers. Besides, I need your help
to find my greeting card! Whoa! I know what must have happened! When the train jolted, I bet my
card fell into your backpack! Ewww! Maybe you should check! Yuck! EMERGENCY!
Next stop
Bunnytail Ridge.
Bunnytail Ridge next stop! Bunnytail Ridge! That’s my stop! You woke me up
just in time! Thank you! Hat! Max, my card wasn’t
in your backpack. But I think I figured out
what happened to my card. Grandma must have taken
it back to the Sleeper Car to pack with our luggage. Come on! Hi Grandma. Please tell me you
have my greeting card for Aunt Claire
and Uncle Nate. I’m sorry Ruby
but I don’t.Oh no!That means I really
have lost it. Well, maybe there’s
time to make a new one.Next stop Bunnyvale!Bunnyvale Station next! I can’t make a
card that quickly!GRANDMA:
Why don’t we take these
bags back to our seats
and I’ll help you
take another look.
I mean, greeting cards don’t
just walk away by themselves!
Now, you check
under your seat and I’ll look under
the table! Hat! Hello, Max! I wanted to have
a word with you! Oops! We’re at Bunnyvale
Station already! It’ll have to wait. Next stop Bunnyvale Station!Bunnyvale Station next stop![sigh] I guess I won’t
have a card for Aunt Claire
and Uncle Nate. They’ll be so happy
to see you,I’m sure they
won’t mind.
Come on, Max. It’s time to
get off the train. [sigh] Why thank-you! I must say… A lot of passengers
have been talking about how helpful this
young fellow’s been. Have they? In fact, I’d like to give
you my hat as a thank-you. [gasp]It’s been feeling a
little snug lately anyway.
Max! You found
my greeting card! Well I’ll be!There you are!Aunt Claire!
Uncle Nate! How was your train ride? It was great! I made you this. Look at that! No squiggles! Or wiggles! There’s quite a story
behind it. We lost it
and we looked everywhere, and then Max found it in
the one place on the train we didn’t think to look. Really? Where was that? [laughs]
In the Train Conductor’s… Hat! [laughs]

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