What’s up everybody?
Welcome back to my channel. Today we are doing my May
holy grails and fails. And we have a lot of stuff to talk
about today, a lot of makeup. Now skincare, I really didn’t update my skincare
routine or change it, or really do anything new. So today we’re going to be diving
into strictly… strictly-dickly… no, strictly makeup and some fashion items. I know I didn’t do an April favorites video, where… like where is the time going,
you guys? The year is half over. We’re about to be in like…
we’re about to be in summer. I cannot believe June is like around
the corner, it’s here, I can’t breathe. I’m just like “What the fuck!?” But the good thing about is June
is that my summer collection, the Chrome Jeffree Star Cosmetics full collection
will be launching around the end of June. I feel like… I feel like I know the date and I should just tell you guys right
now even before the reveal videos. So June 24th the Summer Collection
will be launching on my website, and of course all of my retailers
will have it as well. I will be doing a swatch reveal
of everything next week. I know you guys are watching and
you’re waiting for it and you’re like… Besides that you guys, April
and May have been so insane. My collaboration with Manny MUA exceeded
our expectations and it just exploded and it sold way quicker than we thought. So I just wanna say personally thank you so
much for all the support on that collaboration. I know a lot of you are asking us to please bring back
the Eclipse Highlighter and the Daddy Lipstick. If you do not know, I am shook
Liquid Lip is still on my site. There are some left, but the other
two items are gone. So maybe y’all should tweet Manny
and say “Bitch, bring it back!” Also I was just in Saint-Tropez, which is the south
of France and I went with the brand Jouer, which I’m gonna talk about
them later in the video. But I had such an amazing
time on that brand trip. So I got to bond with other amazing beauty
influencers and it was such an incredible trip. You guys, I think that travelling
is just so fulfilling. So a lot of you have been asking me to do more
videos with Nate and those are definitely coming. We have a lot of cool
stuff in the works. But if you guys haven’t any video ideas or
anything you want to see of me and Nathan, tweet me or sound off below. And I know a lot of you have been wondering
if Zack is going to be returning on my channel, sadly he moved back to Michigan
California, it did not really work out. And me and Nate…
ahh you guys. No tint, no shade though,
I just love living alone. I mean four dogs are amazing, those are our babies but there’s nothing like living
alone and having sex whenever the fuck you want. On the couch, on the floor, on the kitchen
stove, Adam and Eve and the… but anyway, yeah. But the good news is you guys,
me and Nate have been travelling a lot and we’ve been visiting his hometown
of Grand Rapids, Michigan. And I don’t know, I might want a house
there, we’ll see what happens. Everyone in Michigan, watch out bitch
’cause Jeffree Star is coming! Alright you guys, if you want to see my May
Holy Grails and Fails then keep on watching. But if not I’ll see you on the next one. Alright you guys, let’s dive
into some makeup. I’m a little shook to the ground
at myself because I am obsessed with the Maybelline
Dream Liquid Mousse Foundation. Now listen, for a foundation
to be 8.99 and drugstore, I am like shocked at how
sickening this formula was. I know some of you wanted me to try the Fit Me
Maybelline Foundation which I have and I did buy at Ulta, but this one spoke to me and I have
been wearing this in like five videos. You’ll never know because it looks so snash, but you
should know because this foundation is so incredible. I don’t know what it is, it just looks so
airbrushed and pretty, but not matte and dry. It’s like very like, I don’t know, dull like and
like stunning and I am obsessed with it. I have been using shades 10 and 20 now
for the last three weeks and I’m hooked. This one number 20 is like my exact
shade and I am such a fan of this. So shout out to Maybelline,
girl work! Alright you guys, so Marc Jacobs Beauty has this
new highlighter that came out about a month ago. It is infused with coconut and
I’m just gonna show you. Because I can run my mouth all day,
but until you see this in action… So basically this is a liquid of course,
obviously you can see that. It is for the body, face, you can
put it in your foundation. But just look at this finish. That is literal pure metal. Now imagine that on your neck, on your body…
I’m just gonna put it on my neck anyway. Like are you kidding me? It’s just so stunning in the sunlight. I mean I put a lot on my hand cause
I’m a sick bitch and I love the bling. But if you just suddenly do this or rub
it on your legs for a photoshoot, or you’re just on the beach and
you want everyone to stare at you. Like look at that. Ahh!
Oh, It’s just so stunning and mmm it smells so good. So this one is the…
this one is called Dew You? So these are coconut
gel highlighter drops. And these are limited edition I think, so if you’re
watching anyone from Marc Jacobs Beauty, please make them permanent. Alright now listen, for the month
of May I used this a lot. Now the brand Natasha Denona
which is pretty bomb, I will say that. I have been using it for a while now, for like two
years and I’m obsessed with the formulas. Now I know Natasha is finally on
and in some stores, which is so amazing. Girl I’m so proud of you, congratulations. Her eyeshadows are unreal, the formula,
the pigmentation are just on point. So when she put out a new palette
you know mom had to have it. So this is the Sunset Palette. Now besides the astronomical price point,
now I’m just gonna keep with you guys. This palette is $129, I know. Let me let you all roll your eyes
right now, let me give you a second. You guys done? Okay So after you get past the price point,
i swear to god I don’t know what it is. The formulas are just a-mazing! You see I’ve been really going
in on these colors a lot. When Manny did my makeup for
his channel he used this palette. I’ve been using this a lot. I did a no brow look a few
weeks ago and you all were like “Where’s the tutorial?” So I think I will definitely have to do one. I just love this brand,
I think it’s really cool and the colors though,
I mean Hi! Alright you guys, now let’s
talk about blinding highlighters. I’m sure some of you were like
“Bitch what the hell is on this cheek?” It is from the brand Jouey and they
have these amazing powder highlighters. And girl, let me just tell you
something about this company. I love Indie brands that create amazing
formulas and have really cool packaging. I’ve met the owner Christina about
mmm I think like a year ago and we just really bonded and our love
of makeup has brought us really close. So I’m about to… before I even
show you these highlighters… well yeah, let me show
you the highlighters. But I do have something to say. For the first time ever, I don’t want
anyone to fall off their damn seat, but for the first time ever
I have asked a brand if I could have a code for all of you guys
because I really believe in this brand, I love them and they are a smaller brand. You know they’re not in Sephora and Ulta,
but definitely like me where they are you know, they do have some retail but they’re very
online driven and they’re a really cool company. So after trying all their products for a while I saw
that Manny and a few other people had codes and I was like “You know what, I know
I am never about the code life”. I really don’t want you guys to ever think
“Oh my god Jeffree’s doing this for money or he’s doing codes to get money.” Like on the realist to you guys,
my brand has blessed me so much and the reason I don’t do codes is because
I don’t need to make the money, and I know I don’t want that to come off as
pretentious or sounding any type of way. And regardless of anything I say, people are gonna
articulate in their own tone and their own way. But I don’t do codes because I wanted
to always keep it really honest and I always wanted
you guys to be like, “You know what, Jeffree is the one bitch that isn’t
getting paid to say this is cool or this is great.” So I think the only way to achieve
doing a code was one simple route. So I asked Jouer if I could donate all the money
that I’m making from a code to a charity and they were like “Oh my god!
Are you for real? That would be amazing!” So I am not gonna keep any of the money,
I wanna donate it 100% to a charity that I believe in. And in Los Angeles there is
the LGTB Community Center. Basically this center in Los Angeles I have visited,
I used to live around the corner from it. It is the world’s largest provider of programs
and services for the LGTB community. And they help people
from all around America and I just think it’s such a cool
place that I’ve even visited myself. I used to live around the corner from the center
a long time ago when I first moved to LA, and it’s just something that
I’m really passionate about. So if you want to try the brand of course,
I am giving you this offer to use my code and it will of course be going
to a good cause. And I will be filming going there soon
and I can’t wait to surprise them. So if you use the code you do get 15% off. And they just released this new line
called the Skinny Dip Collection. If you guys saw me on the trip on Snapchat
in Saint-Tropez about a week ago. You saw my cheekbones looking something
like this and this is one of their highlighters. It is called Skinny Dip. As you see mom has been
going heavy in the pan. Now this formula… let me just
take a clean finger here. Like you see that? Oooh bitch! I’m just gonna put this on my hand so
you guys can really see what is going on. Hi. So if you are someone that loves a blinding
metallic glow, you’re gonna love this. Let me do a few more swatches. This is shade Citrine. Girl, first of all there’s that. Second of all, there’s that. Ahh they’re so pretty! I’m like obsessed with the formula. I mean look at the way it glows you guys. I am obsessed! Alright last but not least is from one of
my favorite brands, Benefit Cosmetics. Now they recently put this Cheek Parade
Palette out about a month and a half ago. Oh my god! I have been
using it ever since. And let me just show
you what it looks like. So of course it has it’s classic
Hoola bronzer here, and now there is a new
shade the Hoola Lite. I love mixing these all over forehead, cheeks, jaw,
nose, taint, feet, wherever you want to put it baby. Recently they also put out this
new blush called GALifornia. I mean as a Californian native,
I love the name. And it is just such a beautiful like
rosy peachy type of tone, I love it. I’m wearing a little bit right here. And Dandelion, why I have
been putting this in my crease, I’m kind of living for it. And for someone that travels a lot, I love bring this
because you have bronzers and blush in one. and you don’t have to have
a bunch of compacts around. So I’m into the travel things. I used to not be into the travel type of
packaging and now it’s convenient bitch. Alright let’s dive into
some fashion now. Oh my god, girl! First of all sunglasses, every time that
I wear big sunglasses on Snapchat, I get so many people screenshotting it and tweeting
me “What brand? What brand is this?” Oh my god. So the top two…
I’m gonna pick them today. They are… one is from Chanel. These are the Matrix glasses. Let me just put them on for ya. And basically as you see as you move your head,
they look like the intro to the movie Matrix, where all the green numbers
are falling down. And oh my god, I love them. They’re huge and obviously if you don’t have a horse
face like me and no eyebrows, you may not like them. But I love big glasses. I love big anything really. Second pair of glasses that I got such like a high
number of requests of what the hell were they, were these beautiful huge
silver chrome aviators. And this is from the brand Versace. Oh my god I love these. Now sometimes I like glasses that have
an opening cause you can see the highlight. So when you’re doing selfies or pictures,
your glow really gets to have its moment. With these the glow is covered, so you
gotta sacrifice the glow or—I don’t know. But I am obsessed with these ones. I think I’ve been wearing them for three weeks
straight and they also come in red and black. So I might need those. Now it’s time to talk about the elephant
in the motherfucking room. So this is the Chanel boomerang which…
here’s what’s crazy about life. Now look, some may call me controversial,
some may call me… I don’t know what people call me. Well I do, but I’ve heard it all
so I really lost track. The other day I bought this
from Chanel on Rodao, shout out to Gabby I love you girl. First of all, it’s a boomerang, okay?
In my head as an American citizen, I have seen boomerangs
since I was a child and they have been used for leisure
activities from dawn to dusk girl. So, when I bought this I did not
think anything of it. I snapped it, I was throwing it around in
my backyard, I even chipped it. Let’s just zoom in right there.
Look at those chips girls mhmm! That’s what happens when you throw
a boomerang and it lands on your roof, which was kind of hilarious.
But hey, fuck it. Now I bought this
because I love Chanel. I am a fashion whore and I just
love anything fun or unique. So, I also bought Chanel tennis
racquets, tennis balls, paddle balls. But of course, the boomerang
just turned into a circus. Now I am really sorry if anyone
was offended by this. At the end of the day I bought
this with my own money because I thought it was cool and me
and Nate love to do outdoor activities. What I didn’t expect was for TMZ
to follow me at the airport asking about it. emailing me asking
for a quote of what I think about this and it’s a culture appropriation.
And I’m sitting there like oh my god. I literally woke up the next morning
to literal hell you guys and I had no idea it was going
to be this big of like anything. Not even a big deal,
anything at all. I really thought cool I’m just showing
something cute on Instagram. I know a lot of you were like “Girl, that is
from an indigenous Austrian culture. That is the whole thing
for hundreds of years.” And I did a lot of Googling
and I’m like okay. Now the price point
was a little crazy yes. Did I spent $1300
on a piece of wood? Yeah but that’s my own money that I worked for,
so who the fuck cares what I buy? Here’s what I don’t like after
doing some deep research, because I’m not a boomerang
educator or you know, that in tune with the subject, has been selling boomerangs
for 20 years for $10. How come no one cared? Boomerangs
have been sold at Toys R Us for years. Boomerangs are for sale at Target,
everywhere, every store in America. They are literal… like they are common
things here in America. But I think because it’s me… because it involves me,
it’s always gonna be a circus and people always wanna try and
drag and make this into like a thing. We always call it the thing in my house.
Oh, here we go girl. So, I am sorry if I offended anyone,
that was obviously not my intention and I’m sorry if anyone
took it like that. But I think that there are other
horrible things going on, on this planet and
in this world that I think people worrying about a piece
of wood is just really sad. There are so many you know, horrible
tragedies happening every day and so many things in the news. You know,
I think we live in such dark times and there’s always something
so horrendous on the news. I’m like girl, like literally me buying
a piece of wood should not be on TMZ. But hey, people love entertainment
and they just trying to fuck with me. So great you had your fun,
moving on next. Alright you guys, last but not least I’m gonna
talk about another Chanel product, because they are one of my favorite brands
and just some little news drama is gonna turn me from shopping. So, Chanel is one of the first luxury high
fashion brands to make an LED purse. What the fuck does that even mean?
Maybe you saw it on my Snapchat, which if you don’t follow me
it’s linked down below. But Chanel recently put out these gorgeous
boy bags and they are LED activated. I’m gonna slowly dim the lights for you guys
so you can see this bitch in action. Oh my god! It is so amazing what technology
can do nowadays, it’s just so cool. I am such a fashion lover.
When I first saw these, I was like Ahh! Now you open the bag like this
and it has a switch inside where you can change
the patterns of the LEDs. Let me change one for you guys. Oh my god these
look so sickening! Alright so I changed the pattern
and I’m gonna turn off all the lights so, you guys can see
this in action. Ahh yes! So basically, it does like a million things,
it changes to different colors. Let me just open it and I will switch it again.
I mean come on you guys. The other day I was in a club and
I turned this on, people were gagging. And by the way, I go to the club
about once a year now. Look how cool this is,
it’s like raining down. It almost feels like I’m in a Vegas
nightclub or like an EDM show. I think this might be one of my favorite ones,
like all the little Cs bouncing around. Alright, let’s talk about a few things that didn’t
really work out for me over the last few months. Oh my god girl! Now listen,
y’all know Christian Louboutin is one of my favorite shoe
designers on earth. I’m beating that horse by saying that.
I have a closet full of red bottoms. But when it comes to the makeup you guys,
it is very on the misses for me. It is Mrs. Oh my god no thank you.
Now this mascara $70 underwhelming, nothing special and
I’m not just like being shady. I’m not trying to sound rude,
it’s just the facts. And I think people are a little
afraid of honesty now days. But listen, I don’t care who watches this video,
at the end of the day this for $70, no mam. And the second item that definitely flopped
for me… oh my god. Jeevan Ju Beauty, girl. Now the foundation that they
put out recently was very pretty. It was very on the more like
light coverage side so, I’ve only used it a few times
since reviewing it. But this beauty sponge…
it looks amazing. When I saw it online I was like Oooh! It looks
dangerous like… and if you wet it, it expands. But for some reason it did not distribute
the powder and the foundation correctly. It was very streaky on camera,
you could really tell and sometimes beauty lights are
a little more forgiving. Girl, there was nothing forgiving
about this except my skin. And it just was not a hit for me.
I was really disappointed in it. I love the shape of it, but it just
did not work for me. Alright you guys, those were my holy
grails and fails for the month of May. I am ready to dive into summer,
I’m sure all of you are. So, I will see you guys
very soon in my next video. So, watch out for that summer collection,
everything will be revealed soon. Alright you guys, I will see you
on the next one. Mwah!

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