All ready for my flight this evening I’m going to the Philippines for a party! Camera checked! iPad checked! Most importantly, passport! This is my travel outfit for today as usual using my Dior Book Tote because it is the best handbag for going on a flight because I can have everything I need inside I’m gonna show you what I have inside, so I have powerbank, can’t live without this My makeup pouch with my lipstick, compact powder, perfume, everything I need for the short flight And the mister, with my essential oil of Rose and Neroli in there This is really good for hydrating my skin during the flight because it gets a little bit dry on board Wet tissues, this is my wallet with my credit card inside, I never ever carry any cash, just have my cards It’s easier that way And today I am in an all pink outfit with socks because just in case when go through the screening They make me take off my shoes and I really don’t like my bare feet on the floor that millions of people have walked, so there I’m wearing socks And this is a Gucci pair of socks with my Gucci shoes. I have on this pink Gucci blazer And it matches perfectly with my pink Miu Miu skirt. It’s the same shade so I decided to wear an all pink outfit With a Gucci butterfly T-shirt, and of course with a pink watch Everything pink, always thinking pink And of course I like to decorate my travel bag with accessories like this, so this is a Mini Mini Kelly That you have seen in my previous video. I have it very very secure. I think there is no way that She’s gonna fall out. See you later! This is the first time I am actually wearing a skirt and taking a flight. It’s really really the first time I thought that it could be quite comfortable because it’s not tight fitting dress I think I will survive and since I’m wearing it with sneakers I don’t think that I am going to be uncomfortable at anytime So this is how I usually pack my valuable handbags in a hand-carry Terence ask me to bring his handbag as well so there it is These are the handbags that I’m bringing for the trip. I have a silver B25. Now my new handbag Ms. Pink Sakura is going on her maiden trip It is a short trip for me so I’m just going to work with these 3 handbags I have the Red Lizard Kelly 25 as well and this is how I pack my jewelry and my watches Just gonna bring another watch which is in here My jewelry, I’m going for a party, an anniversary party of my friend in Philippines so yea I decided to bring with me some jewelry because it’s going to be kinda of a garden formal party Yes we are all set, I think I have everything I need and the reason why I need 3 bags for a 3 day trip is because I don’t want to use the same handbag everyday and you know these babies They are dying to travel, they are so many of them, they have to take turns Look at what I’m eating, I’m so hungry, these are all mine and I’m even having a coca-cola which is Like a special treat for me, only when I’m a good girl Yes, my onion soup Is like all the fat foods I’m having We’re here! Can’t wait to see our friends! It’s pass midnight, we’ve just arrived at our room at the Shangri-La I’m gonna have a good rest before we start the activities tomorrow so good night everyone, see you tomorrow Good morning! Hello! It’s time to wake up! Rise and shine! You gotta check your phone cause I think someone just deposited some money into your account Today is the day you become a millionaire! 1 million, yeay! She is a millionaire! Here for breakfast with the view of Manila She’s getting married again, but to the same man Can’t wait to meet the rest of the sisters! This is Alice, and little Melbatoast Having Japanese for lunch, we’re at Shangri-La Inagiku Hi honey, are you hungry? Hi, I’m so hungry! And this is Alice, She took us for nice lunch and we are having a good time Everybody else went to take some food, see you later! Ok, I guess he got the nice car this time, I’m going behind with the girls I like this car a lot as well Hello welcome to my kitchen! And these are the vegetables that I got from my farm Just kidding! How fresh is this Oh they are real, look at that! It’s real, farm to table My favorite part of this home are these chairs Amazing Embroidery, is not print Check out the detailing, amazing, from Cappellini right? OMG don’t sell myself for one of these chairs Wow look at this Altar It’s beautiful! Hey guys, this is the famous Victoria Belo And look at this beautiful place that she arranged, all fresh flowers you know Guess what Jamie, is all (flower) edible Ok let’s all eat flowers for tonight! Oh Small, so happy to be here for you! Small: So happy to have you here beb! Hello everybody, thank you for coming to this special dinner that we prepared for Jamie and Terence Our special guest Small is renewing vow tomorrow right? 25 years, so she’s also blooming We prepared a very beautiful place cause we wanted Jamie to like Manila I love Manila! We actually researched and it says that you like pink and so therefore, and you love flowers, so that is why We created a garden here in the Manila House, it’s probably the prettiest club in the Philippines It’s a private club Anyway, thank you Jamie for coming I have been admiring you for all these years, following you on Instagram, cause like she’s an Instagram star I love the way you dress, the way you pose, I love all the things you have So happy to be here tonight We’re so happy to have you here We are so happy for Small, 25 years, and I’m so happy to be here We wish you all the romance and happiness Hi honey, look at you, all dressed up, where are you going? This is the Miami Vice look and of course you don’t know what Miami Vice looks like Because you’ve never seen Miami Vice right? Errr, ok that’s a mess but… I know Miami Vice Ya, who is Miami Vice? Don Johnson! Ok…Yea… Is it correct?! OMG! I’m so clever, I just made a wild guess Yes that handbag is perfect for your garden formal outfit And how about showing my dress Ok let’s take a look! I am wearing Alexander Mcqueen today, going to Small’s wedding anniversary party I am so happy to be in Manila for this happy occasion Oh I forgot my handbag! On the way to the party but the traffic is not great today so we’re stuck in the jam Congratulation Philip! How do you feel today? Getting married again Excited, yes Do you have a speech ready? No actually, it would be something impromptu Natural is the best So this is the groom today that is going to marry the same lady which is my friend Small she’s getting ready I’m expecting her to make a grand entrance Can’t wait! Thank you Jamie for coming all the way from Singapore! My pleasure! So happy to be here to share this beautiful moment Playing hide and seek with Small The house is so big, we cannot find her So this is where the superstar sits OMG, for today yes Small is going to be the bride today 25 years anniversary Amazing women! And I’m happy to have you guys here! Give the couple a huge round of applause! Making the 25th year of anything is referred to a silver celebration That can only mean the best is yet to come Please join me in raising a glass to my sister Small and father Philip So lunch is being served! Lunch with my beautiful friend, the bride last night Alice canceled all her business meetings today to have lunch with me, thank you! Lots of dessert to spoil us! Lunch meal is never been completed without cheesecake Carrot cake, Chocolate Ameretto This is how we keep fit! We’ve enjoyed Manila a lot! And please come and visit me So I’ve come to the end of my trip, it was an eventful weekend for me with my crazy rich asian Filipino friends Who are such nice and humble people as well Was just an amazing weekend filled with good vibes only! I’m heading back to Singapore and I hope you guys like this video Do subscribe to my channel and I’ll see you next week! Bye!


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