Melvins – What’s In My Bag?

Melvins – What’s In My Bag?

The first thing I got was the Exile on Main Street Rolling Stones box set. Have you guys heard of these guys? I love this record. Arguably their best record. I can argue with you about that. Arguably. On the Stones tip, I got the TAMI Show, the Big TNT Show. My brother and I used to obsess on in the 80s. We spent a lot of time watching beat-up old VHS tapes. You’d have to find these things, these little buried treasures and what this was was a concert that took place at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium in 1964, and they had all the big stars of the moment and I guess the big controversial thing was the Rolling Stones headlined after James Brown. He was dead set on schooling those upstarts. I wouldn’t have went on after James Brown, no way. Well, that’s the thing, is that… No way. You have to give it to the Stones, because I think they were freaked out about it, but but y’know, they rallied and met the challenge. Did they get their heads handed to them? I mean, they kinda did. It’s a great concert, it’s an important concert and then, y’know, it’s also Ike and Tina Turner are in it, and they kill it I wouldn’t have went on after her either. I also got… Well, three in a row A Stones box set, which this probably is the best Stones record. That’s really good. I mean, this is my favorite era of the Stones, for sure. I have a friend who is Charlie’s drum tech and he invited me down to come look at his drum set. He’s had the same kit since about the mid-70s All the hardware is super old, older than me. I said to my friend, does he know that they make new stuff? and he’s like, yeah he just doesn’t care, doesn’t give a shit at all Most of his cymbals are broken, right? they’re not broken but they’re all China cymbals They’re all China cymbals. except for this one ride that’s like this flat ride A China cymbal is this cymbal that makes this sound like ‘tshow’ It’s not your standard cymbal, it’s not what he used on ‘Get Off My Cloud’ I can tell you that. No, but he’s been using them for a long time, because, I mean, it’s on ‘She’s So Cold.’ Yeah, it’s that kind of sound. Never doubt Charlie. Isn’t that a fun fact? So that’s 3 Rolling Stones things in a row. Yeah. I think this is from last year, Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds a band led by Kid Congo, who’s got a really excellent resume if you’re not familiar with him, he was in The Cramps, the guitarist in the ‘Psychedelic Jungle’ era of The Cramps and Gun Club. He was in The Gun Club, and I guess he was also in Nick Cave, yeah, but he’s had his own solo career for quite awhile and I haven’t heard this one but I’ve heard really good stuff about this and I think that ‘Pink Monkey Bird,’ that’s a reference to the lyric in ‘Moonage Daydream’ by David Bowie. Oh, me, yes. Ok, let me see. Well this is a good one Ah. ‘On the Corner,’ Miles Davis. I thought this would be such a great record to DJ when I do DJ, because people love hearing crazy, freaked out Miles Davis jazz when they’re drinking at bars. At least I do. That’s the best one, I think. Yeah this is a really great one. If you don’t have it, or if you heard it and you don’t like it, then you are a jackass. Countering that is another Miles Davis record. I’m a huge fan of the electric era. I don’t have this so I thought why not. So speaking of Miles Davis, I got the last Runaways album. I actually saw The Runaways during this period this is their very last album Where’d you see them? I saw them at the Whiskey. They were the band, along with the Ramones that really inspired my brother and myself to pick up guitars. I have a friend who kind of has amnesia. He lives in the Valley as I was driving him around the other day and he’s like, where am I? And I’m like, you’re in the Valley He said, what’s the Valley? And I put on some Runaways This is the music of these people. and, god, it made for the best day. and I’m kind of a product of their influence, I think, in a lot of ways and I don’t know if it gets all that much respect from my kind of folk and I just want to put that out there, up there, one of the greats I bought the new Ty Segall record that just came out. He’s my neighbor, so I’m supporting y’know, my neighborhood. Support the local scene. That’s right, yeah. Steven said that he recorded this with Steve Albini? I read that on the internet. Yeah, that’s true. I got a John Huston movie, ‘Wise Blood.’ The book’s also really great. This movie, for those of you haven’t seen it, is really good. A guy who wants to create his own church called the Church of Truth Without Christ The Church Without Christ don’t have a Jesus but it needs one. It needs a new Jesus. One that’s all man without blood to waste. And the story was written by Flannery O’Connor when she was like 19. Where does a girl in rural Georgia who’s basically a teenager, come up with this stuff? It’s really twisted stuff really good, and I bought it for Dale. Aw, thank you so much. Ok, so I got this: Savoy Motel. A young group I saw the other night and… Is that the band you took the picture of and sent me? Yeah I did, I took a photo of Savoy Motel I sent you a picture of the last live show I went to. You saw Elton John. Buzz really enjoys things like an Elton John concert in Las Vegas I do. It was fun. I saw this and I had to get it. I love collecting Disney records. Disney’s getting on the reissue vinyl trip here Just in time. It’s a great picture disc. Yeah. That is really good. This has got Cubby on it, from the Mouseketeers. Does Cubby play drums on it? Yeah. Cubby is my drumming hero. Everybody always thinks it’s John Bonham or Keith Moon Or Ringo. No, it’s Cubby. Here’s my last one, it’s another movie, another John Huston movie ‘Treasure of Sierra Madre’ This is the greatest movie ever made. The cards are dealt the other way now, and for the last time no more shuffling. What cards you talking about? I’m going to finish this right now. No more taking orders from you like I had to do today, get me? You mean you’re gonna murder me? Oh, brother, not murder, no. Your mistake. I’m doing this to save my life, that you’d be taken from me the minute I wasn’t looking at you. I’ve seen this movie at least 150 times. It’s one of those movies that, at my house, my wife is a really good sport. She was into it, to some degree, for the first 75 times I made her watch it. I figured, if she’s willing to put up with 75 full viewings of ‘Treasure of Sierra Madre’ She must really like you. She must really like me, really good. And… This one I bought for Steven. Ah. Because I know you don’t have it. That’s true, I don’t have it, but we’ve spoken about it. Ok, so I got this, I haven’t seen this yet. It’s no secret that the Stooges were a good band. We are in an undisclosed location. interrogating Jim Osterberg about The Stooges, the greatest rock n roll band ever. Iggy and The Stooges reinvented music as we know it. It looks like, just from what I’ve seen in the previews, that there’s some incredible footage That’s a new one, right? Yeah, that you wouldn’t have necessarily expected to exist. So yeah, I’m excited about this, and look at this wall of Sunn amplifiers long before stoner rock ever existed. I had ‘The Stooges’ written on my notebook when I was in junior high, and all these kids were like… Yeah, but it was the Three Stooges. Yeah that’s what they said, the kids were like ‘oh, The Three Stooges’ Actually there’s four. I’m sorry it’s not, y’know, Journey. So last thing I got here was this band The Lemon Twigs Two brothers, very young. Stylish dressers. Kinda sound a little bit like Queen, Beatles… Todd Rundgren Yeah, Beach Boys, vocally. They switch off playing drums and guitar. but they’re cool. Yeah, they’re really talented kids. That’s it. Now all we have left is the bag. Thank you Amoeba. Oh wait, we forgot to get Black Sabbath. Oops.

100 thoughts on “Melvins – What’s In My Bag?

  1. Exile on Mainstreet is overrated. It shouldn't have been a double album. Too much filler. Sticky Fingers, Let it Bleed, and Beggar's Banquet are all better.

  2. I know jazz cats will think I’m crazy, but I like Jack Johnson more than Kind of Blue.
    If you’re trying to get into jazz, Miles’ Jack Johnson is a great album to start with.

  3. The greatest movie ever is network (1976) dir. sidney lumet, with the greatest performance ever by peter finch as howard beale

  4. when your Charlie Watts, you only need an old Gretsch drum kit, he's an actual drummer, not a showoff, like dudes who need 2 kick drums and a hundred toms, like Alex Van Halen, and folks like that!

  5. Ya, between Exile on Main Street, Sticky Fingers, Beggars Banquet, Let it Bleed, Aftermath, Between The Buttons, 12 x 5, and Out of Our Heads … I’m not sure if I could pick a “Best Stones album”.
    I think Sticky Fingers is my personal favorite though because it has “Moonlight Mile” on it, and I think that’s one of the most beautiful songs ever recorded.

  6. the lemon twigs have kind of a "ween" vibe… pretty cool – treasure of the sierra madre is an absolute masterpiece – i love casablanca, but bogart really gobbled up the script for "treasure" and shit out a magnificent performance…
    i think sticky fingers is the better album

  7. One of my all-time favorite memories: going to Disneyland on a whim with some friends to give the place a go on acid and ending up in a long ass line for Space Mountain with Buzz Osborne in a Blondie t-shirt to keep us company and pass the time.
    It’s quite a story.
    And he’s right on about “On the Corner.”

  8. Wow, thanks DALE… recommending Lemon Twigs… never heard of them before.. I'm that type of guy always hating new bands.. because it's not the "real" stuff.. but Lemon Twigs are pretty authentic.. and so good.. it's unbelievable. I hope they survive the industry.

  9. Both of Buzz's music selections "Exile on main street" an Miles' "Jack Johnson" both were given an "A+" by Robert Christgau for those of you who take stock in that sort of crap.

  10. Still waiting for a Metal band appearing on this show to actually pick a Metal record 😀 they all too obsessed with Jazz and Indie

  11. The stones album exile on main st was when they were on the move because they owed taxes great album sticky fingers another great album have it with the zipper cover the runaways fuck ya met Joan Jett on her tour bus 30 years ago the only peice off paper fore her to sighn was one of those McDonald’s coupon any body rember those that’s how young I was

  12. So weird and cool that a band that is SO heavy actually like the stones…particulary when most "grunge/punk/heavy" bands from their era hate the stones (mark arm hates them, kurt hates them, etc)

  13. Being super Jelly of Nirvana is his claim to fame. Check his bag? Or chubby baby talentless ego that speaks to no one other then himself. Hmm, your call.

  14. I love that they all picked stuff with the Rolling Stones on it. And that they're reflecting upon Charlie Watts abiliies and sound.

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