Men and Women Compare What’s In Their Bags • Part 2

Men and Women Compare What’s In Their Bags • Part 2

100 thoughts on “Men and Women Compare What’s In Their Bags • Part 2

  1. Did Spencer get her bag from Mary Poppins? I kept expecting her to start taking out full sized umbrellas and furniture. 😀

  2. Didnt the try guys wore women pants for a week or something and they had to try to fit their everything needs like keys, wallet, phone etc in their women pants pockets and they were so frustrated 😂😅

  3. Hell no would I carry all this around i can't around ONE card and that's all you need coming from a woman. This is a pain and not useful at all! Yikes hell no.😵

  4. Ok, so when you want to find something in a girl’s bag, good luck, don’t get lost.


  5. I carry mostly 3 books, andes mint chocolate candy, asthma inhaler, mascara,lipgloss, lotion, pumpkin seeds, wallet, maxi pads ,keys and phone charger, sunglasses.

  6. I only use a bag for school. If im going out with friends I’ll put my phone in my back pocket keys in the other back pocket and my money (notes) in my phone case and change in my front pocket. Phone keys money and done

  7. Kill him!!! But highkey so glad you wont be building as much… I mean i love your builds but thats all i been seeing lately besides UHC

  8. Ryann’s bag is so much like mine! It’s months later when you get that tickle in your throat and go “oh, I think I have a cough drop in hear” then you find it like half melted against something and use it anyway because NEEDS that you start really questioning what’s in your bag. lol

  9. This woman don't represent us just saying.. She have a Lot of things like the passport that not even half of the population have normally in the bag

  10. I’ve thought about this since the first time I seen her she looks like piper and the new annoying hero marvel girl

  11. The guy sounds like he could be a great friend. I love his appreciative words like "nice!" and his genuine interest. Not all guys are like that haha

  12. Lets see in my 👜 I have: two Jeffrey star lipglosses from the gloss collection, prescription glasses, sunglasses, phone charger, AirPods, dentyne ice gum, two dollars, credit card, Vaseline rose tint, and stress relief sanitizer.

  13. Why doesn’t she put her makeup in a small bag in her purse so it’s all in one spot instead of all over her purse?

  14. Imagine if neither one of them had bags then they wouldn't have had anything to compare with.

  15. I'm surprised people have so much STUFF in their bags!!

    I have a couple of pens wrapped in a hair tie… Maybe I'll have my journal, my agenda, or the book I'm currently reading. Sometimes, I'll carry an essential oil or a crystal.

    I only carry my wallet if I need it & I never carry my keys… but I do almost always have a bandana tied to my bag. Priorities! :p

  16. What’s in my bag:

    Card holder
    1 hair tie attached to 2 bobby pins
    Car key and house key

    Idk how so many women can stand toting around a whole Walgreens in their bags.

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