Men and Women Compare What’s In Their Bags • Part 2

Men and Women Compare What’s In Their Bags • Part 2

what is in your pack we’re getting in the back we’re getting all the back things bags and more bags I only carry a backpack to work like generally I don’t have a bank reg I don’t carry it unless I’m at work I never used to carry around a bag I always just had my wallet with me but then my mom sent me this bag I was just like a gift and I was like okay I’ll just use it I’ve been told it’s a mob bag and what can’t wait to see it did you clean your bag before I left stuff in there but I took out most of the trash no I don’t see I have a lot of stuff we’re gonna fight yeah okay so this is oh okay yeah no this is a mom bag I see it pretty cute like a chic mom it’s cute right yeah this mom like she I use it enough that it’s now falling apart all right I’ve got a clip on the bag in case I ever need it really I don’t think I’ve ever used it since I put it on there this is a lucky cabbage oh this is handmade I don’t know about him made probably but my boyfriend’s cousin gave it to me that’s precious cute are they a child a little brown adult my boyfriend he gave me this it says the best drama queen honestly this you this is the best thing I love this okay then we’ve got gum we’ve got the order oh is that me it is why I am innocent I don’t know I like I like the smell of that one this is my wallet so this is what you used to carry I just yeah I just used to carry this bad boy around this is my big old bag of tampons why why I mean I guess is better to have them in a bag because I’ve seen people have just like loose tampons in them so here’s the thing yeah it was bought in a box form I was traveling at the time I didn’t want to carry it in a box because bucks SOT like his love space takes up a lot of space so I put it in there it’s gonna flatten out that’s so many dupont’s all I ask for that many tampons I’ve never had a period so I don’t know I mean I only used about like four of them anyway this is setting powder moisturizer I like to stay dewy a nice glow yes I just had sex glow no my cell phone you keep it in your bag on our your pockets sometimes it’s in my bag sometimes my pockets kind of depends hmm okay like it got a I shot a pallet lots of makeup it seems I mean you know me dad’s back I lose $5 bills Mart I like this try shampoo headphones because my phone doesn’t really work without headphones if I’m on FaceTime or something that’s very there’s a lot of Rosling in the bottom of this bag now now we’re getting down to the nitty-gritty like the big things tinted moisturizer my keys you put anything in your pockets not really eyeliner lip liner lip gloss concealer more lip gloss Wow so your honor that’s not out of the package yet I’ve heard that if you stay ready you don’t got to get ready exactly highlight more lip liner how frequently do you remain cup brush reapply your makeup not that often but as you said just in case they ready don’t gotta get ready that’s a little eye cream can I get to work early I have in haven’t put it on for the day get to work early I’m like we’re a little crusty under the eyes let’s just pop on some eye cream sunglasses I know I shouldn’t put these in my bag so they’re gonna get destroyed I have already had to superglue one of the nose things on so this what even is that this is a portable charger it looks like a floppy disk is that the point that’s what it’s like oh so this is like supposed to be funny I thought this allusion to me was for your computer I’m like what do you have what works really well actually I hold the long-term self and anyway we’ve got a band-aid okay again got a ticket to the no Akali Brown House Museum in Denver Colorado can we pause on this band-aid why is it crusty like it is like they just like stains on it is it pre huge no I just think it’s an old band-aid that’s just from like the 80s what that weathered I guess I’m not using that band-aid um and a loose tampon yes smart cuz you know you thought you thought that would happen oh there’s a there’s a nail in there there’s a broken nail in there broken little toss it on my back ah heat up that same color cherish this forever gross and then I’ve got some coins some candies that are stuck to the bottom of whether you like the grandma candy they’re my favorite these are my pens someone at work keeps stealing my felt-tip pens and now they stay with me all the time because if they stay with me no one’s stealing them bear well you thought that was all it’s not this it’s a card game that was once a board game now is a card game listen to a card yeah they did I don’t know anyway I keep it with me all the time in case I want to teach someone how to play it because I’m obsessed of it I’ve got to face masks these are hydrating college and iPads where would you ever need these going out like these are all things you use in your home again I travel with this bag Oh another loose tampon I couldn’t find this chapstick and now I know Passport oh there’s a safety strap for this this might sound really morbid but my dog’s died like year ago and that is both really precious and kind of scary all of them with me all the time he was like my baby you think a lot into your bag there’s not realizing that now not in a bad way I feel like it is like you like you said in true mom form you are like characters and I like that prepped prepped and you even have a crusty bandage really really don’t they’d be okay with using it well your bag was very eventful I feel like mine is going to disappoint it’s uh it’s my backpack I love this bag I get compliments on it everywhere I go thank you so let’s just dive right into this thing I’m gonna lay it down he sounds heavy oh yeah she’s hurting my laptop’s in here so I keep my laptop case in here with my laptop well this is just my work computer fuzzy I there’s a felt theme a wooden case people also think this is a bored all the time I’m reading Harry Potter for the first time so I travel with I’m on the six books yeah I didn’t read them as a kid because I didn’t say I got through the most kids this is a script I’m me and a friend are working on a short so this is a page from a script and then quizzes from another video I’ve done I bet might usually just ends up being a catch-all for like items things that does yeah headphones as well no just wireless headphones I keep the make world yeah because the other ones and it got lost I literally don’t know so now I keep them in my bag we’re actually friends I knew that he loves them yeah no this is yeah legitimate looking sunglasses as well same problem no I will you pull him out I was like honestly I have like the exact same sunglasses spin sand ride on this scene it’s Benson ride reporting for duty being in in it better Benson rice on Miami kind of I have a computer charger which for my laptop so that stays in my bag this is a to-do list I’ve done none of the things on this to-do list and this is from days ago could help I told my digital reminders I keep a portable fan because I get hot I have a pretty sweaty guy sometimes so I keep a little in it and if she works she’s a powerful little man this is like it comes in handy yeah so if you do this pop that in let me do this you keep going okay I keep this really nice pin I think I got it yeah moment yeah I got it as a graduation gift from like my advisor in grad school SD card holders like I have a bunch of SD cards and then there’s just like emergency the smooshed emergency I was getting over a cold and so I had that and then like a buttload of cough drops my bed and that’s really all I because I keep thinking about pockets a lot like my keys in my pocket my ID my wallet my phone like most things go in my pockets I’m surprised as you carry your passport to me that just seems like a very dangerous lot with the bag I just keep it in international my bag is always with me yeah well no but I’d rather carry this with me in an airplane then like have to go through my wallet and pull out my thing this is just in the pocket I guess because your wallet is in your bag so it’s more of a price yes I can just like yeah okay clutch with the deodorant I probably just aren’t carrying me over anymore all these things only a few of them I like intentionally put in my bag a lot of them just like up here appeared along the way I kind of thought that I would have more stuff in my bag than you so I’m not necessarily surprised by that yeah mine is more like a combination of things prepared for most anything yes do you want a face mask you get a face that that’s smart all I can do is give you some emergency income but you know that’s another case of Ryan Spence [Music] that’s so bad [Music] [Applause] [Music]

100 thoughts on “Men and Women Compare What’s In Their Bags • Part 2

  1. Did Spencer get her bag from Mary Poppins? I kept expecting her to start taking out full sized umbrellas and furniture. 😀

  2. Didnt the try guys wore women pants for a week or something and they had to try to fit their everything needs like keys, wallet, phone etc in their women pants pockets and they were so frustrated 😂😅

  3. Hell no would I carry all this around i can't around ONE card and that's all you need coming from a woman. This is a pain and not useful at all! Yikes hell no.😵

  4. Ok, so when you want to find something in a girl’s bag, good luck, don’t get lost.


  5. I carry mostly 3 books, andes mint chocolate candy, asthma inhaler, mascara,lipgloss, lotion, pumpkin seeds, wallet, maxi pads ,keys and phone charger, sunglasses.

  6. I only use a bag for school. If im going out with friends I’ll put my phone in my back pocket keys in the other back pocket and my money (notes) in my phone case and change in my front pocket. Phone keys money and done

  7. Kill him!!! But highkey so glad you wont be building as much… I mean i love your builds but thats all i been seeing lately besides UHC

  8. Ryann’s bag is so much like mine! It’s months later when you get that tickle in your throat and go “oh, I think I have a cough drop in hear” then you find it like half melted against something and use it anyway because NEEDS that you start really questioning what’s in your bag. lol

  9. This woman don't represent us just saying.. She have a Lot of things like the passport that not even half of the population have normally in the bag

  10. I’ve thought about this since the first time I seen her she looks like piper and the new annoying hero marvel girl

  11. The guy sounds like he could be a great friend. I love his appreciative words like "nice!" and his genuine interest. Not all guys are like that haha

  12. Lets see in my 👜 I have: two Jeffrey star lipglosses from the gloss collection, prescription glasses, sunglasses, phone charger, AirPods, dentyne ice gum, two dollars, credit card, Vaseline rose tint, and stress relief sanitizer.

  13. Why doesn’t she put her makeup in a small bag in her purse so it’s all in one spot instead of all over her purse?

  14. Imagine if neither one of them had bags then they wouldn't have had anything to compare with.

  15. I'm surprised people have so much STUFF in their bags!!

    I have a couple of pens wrapped in a hair tie… Maybe I'll have my journal, my agenda, or the book I'm currently reading. Sometimes, I'll carry an essential oil or a crystal.

    I only carry my wallet if I need it & I never carry my keys… but I do almost always have a bandana tied to my bag. Priorities! :p

  16. What’s in my bag:

    Card holder
    1 hair tie attached to 2 bobby pins
    Car key and house key

    Idk how so many women can stand toting around a whole Walgreens in their bags.

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