Let’s dance together! From Mexico City #WEAREHUNTERS! Cheers Rodri! Hey Hunters, it’s a Tuesday and I came to Santa Ursula market! our hunt will be great so please join me! in Santa Ursula, #WEAREHUNTERS! pure retro! How much are these? $1.5usd? they’re cool, there are lots of them from different years! but I see a couple from the old days by brands such as Imperial, Dormel from the 80’s! the ones I played with! there was a dinosaur in everyone’s childhood! and they’re quite cheap!! I’ll only pick the vintage ones look at this treasure, mate! let’s see, cool!! I just came at the right moment, didn’t I? I’m just taking out the gems! What’s in here? let’s see! variety! What time do you usually start? normally I’m all set up and ready around 7:30am but today I’m not feeling well that’s why I’m late but usually I’m ready around 7:30am here we’ve got some bootlegs look at this! you must be very careful when you look in stacks like this ’cause you might find some vintage pieces How much is this? How much is this Bart? and Nelson? $2.5usd too! this is from the 90’s, cool! How much for both? in total it would be $3usd for both $3usd, cool! just for you! I was going to offer that, in fact! you read my mind! cool! it’s the other way around, isn’t it? sorry! you want to take advantage of me! may you have a great day, Thanks! this is a great season ’cause many people take out lots of stuff out of their homes! many of the things they take out are toys ’cause they know Christmas is coming that’s why you find lots of old toys around so don’t hesitate coming to the market ’cause you might find good stuff here! this is Adrian and he’s got one of the best antiques stalls in the market and what I love is the way he focuses on vintage stuff only and he’s got lots of treasures! well, toys and everything I can get, mate! records… I can’t take my eyes off this since I arrived, may I take a look? look at this record player from Superman! How much is this, mate? $150usd? what? we can always negotiate! 1978! I can’t believe this! look at the art in the box, this is just amazing! look at this comic! The Superman story! wow! What a delicate taste you’ve got! I guess it’s all about the personality of your stall! of course! it’s your own fingerprint, personality and taste and all your experience together! and the way you display things as well is rather important! this kind of Batimobile was never released as a toy until today when they’re making tributes! but it was released among the Mexican bootlegs in the 70’s and it’s a relic! How much is this book? that’s $68usd! and you have a bit of everything, haven’t you? this little figures by Coca Cola monochromatic and many times you find them already painted like these look at this Hook! something that immediately took me back to my childhood is this Samsonite backpack! amazing! How much is this? for you it’s $13usd! I didn’t remember it but this is what happens when you’re out hunting and sometimes you find things like this that transport you to another dimension! such precious moments! lots of great stories with this backpack! when I was a kid I thought it was huge, now that I see it it’s rather small! here at Santa Ursula Market, #WEAREHUNTERS! How much is this photograph? how much, mate? $10usd! how beautiful! it’s one of those photos that was coloured by hand ’cause they were not printed in colour at the time I loved it! $5usd? it’s beautiful! Adrian, how much is this Simpsons Life guide? that’s $5usd! lovely memories! that’s from the times where we used to read and have fun, mate! it’s a guide on how to be a bully! there was a page that talked about money, let me see if I can find it it says Rodrigo here, Could this be mine? Did you take it from me? never! How can this be? and it does look like your hand writing! yes! What if it was actually yours? it may be, mate! What has it been through to come back to your hands again? What’s your best price, mate? that’s $5usd, mate! It’s $7usd mate! but you told me $5usd initially! give me $4usd! look at all the jargon about money! I guess it’s translated into Spanish from Spain! lots of words! and I used all this vocabulary when I sold at the market! these are really great memories! it touched your heart! It really touched me! I take it, mate! getting my book from my childhood back cost me $4usd! and I can bet you this was mine! you were lucky! it’s free today for the beautiful ladies! but the ugly ones pay double! please be respectful! if my wife watches this I’m gonna be in trouble! she does get mad at me! oh you’re beautiful! 3kg of potatoes for $1usd! How much is this Mighty Max castle? give me $5usd, mate! it’s cool but they really played with it! I’ll let it go, today! how much is the Erector? that’s $40usd! no double sense, please! give me half! these are the kind of things I love to decorate my house! How much is this? it’s really cool! you just have to be careful that these objects are in great condition! collecting pieces made of crystal is a delicate matter if it’s got a little scratch it looses value! just touch the piece carefully all over the place check that it’s not damaged! $8usd, mate? alright! Do you want me to wrap it for you? please! Luis has always got an incredible selection! take a look at his stall ’cause he’s got a bit of everything, from antiques to toys! even prehispanic weapons, haven’t you? What do you call that? donkey’s jaws! donkey’s jaws? they call me donkey and not precisely for being stupid! it’s simulating a prehispanic weapon! how much are these? they’re $8usd! it’s really cool! donkey jaw, you said? What about these antique jars? those are $132usd! $132usd for the five of them! they’ve got the Porfirian emblem! they’re really cool, it’s true the Porfirian eagle! perfect for drinking wheat beer like a barbarian! that’s what I’m talking about, get inspired with objects like this to decorate your homes! by doing this you’re promoting the recycling business and avoiding to keep filling the planet with plastic rubbish! you’re also treasuring an object? besides… it will give that special touch to your house! if you’re just married, if you just moved out and have your own space give knick-knacks a chance! to decorate your space! it’s not what I wanted but it’s a good song! Caro will delight us with a dance! she loves playing her music! she likes selling at the market! please show us! this is for you to dance with me! she’s got fire in her feet! it’s the attitude to enjoy what you do! (screaming selling newspaper) #WEAREHUNTERS! how much is this scary beetle? that’s $26usd! $26usd? and the whole lot? everything for $105usd! $105usd is a great price!! you don’t see this quite often! Do you also sell them individually? cool! nice! Is this complete? it is not, I’m afraid! these pieces have been loved! for you, give me $13usd! $13usd for the Brutus! and it’s still working! a bit damaged but… how cool! Had I told you that I always wanted this for Xmas for many years? and I never got it! I’ve already got two! having three would not be a bad idea, would it? not bad at all! it’s a great car, it’s got all the essence of the 90’s every time I see it I feel like singing that song… supposedly you put it on the floor and it walked! it does work but it hasn’t got batteries let’s go hunting! “Stop suffering” says that sign there! it’s really cool, Did you have it made? I did! “like the Aztecs used to say: listen to your body, stop suffering, drink pulque, eat cactus and you’ll live for a long time” my mouth is watering! pineapple and tamarindo, guaba, oat milk? May I try the oat milk one, please? of course! Which one is your favourite? guaba, is it good? it’s good! but he’s rather young, isn’t he? he’s already 18 I’m legal! please try it! cheers then! it’s really good! really, really good! but I haven’t eaten anything yet! that’s better! it will give me the strenght of Santo! give me one of oat milk, please! would you like to try pineapple and tamarindo? I liked the oat milk one, so I’m good thanks! try it anyway! I’ll end up drunken for the samples this is what the chief does when the lord is out! oat! “Pulque is a traditional Mexican fermented drink with a prehispanic origin. It comes from maguey or agave” Where do you make it? it’s from the state of Hidalgo in Santa Maria Ajoloapan! with or without doll? it’s up to you to put it in! it depends on your taste! How much do you need to drink to get drunken? it depends on how strong you are! some have only 2 and that’s it! How much do you need to be drunk, mate? not many! it’s lunch time! and the best place is here at “Los 10 hermanos” chicken, beef, minced meat, mushrooms, cheese, etc! I’ll start with a pork skin gordita, please! thanks! look at this! it looks delicious! look at this! I’ve always thought these are the Mexican burguers! that’s next! look at this! express service, beef with cheese! (rapping in Spanish) it’s cool, isn’t it? how much is it? give me $116usd! Who’s playing Calo, mate? I did! that’s it! $116usd, mate! but look, it was stored for 25 years! like new! bear in mind that you’ve got to walk around Santa Ursula for the real experience! you’ve got to walk a lot but there’s where you get the best things ’cause many of the people selling here come directly out of their houses! they are not professional vendors, they just sell stuff from time to time and that’s how you can get the best stuff How much is the Atari? $90usd! there are lots of games but I love the bootleg ones! many people don’t like them but they’re really cool! I love this Donkey Kong one! How much are these bootlegs? give me $4usd! the art looks a bit more kitsch, more bizarre these ones are really cool! you couldn’t miss this one if you had the Atari! How much is the classic Pac-Man? give me $6usd! $5usd for both? $6usd for both! please leave a comment telling me if it was a good purchase! I’m just getting involved with this I just buy what I like! I’m learning little by little and I’m doing my research I hope it was a good purchase! you really took out the treasures Erick! Was this your personal collection? they belonged to my wife’s brother look at this Yoda by Lili Ledy! it’s beautiful, How much is it? it’s $263usd! $263usd! you’re tough! this one is beautiful! his brother brought it from Singapore! How much is this? that’s $210usd! and Lion-O? $78usd! he’s got his ring! getting it complete is rather difficult! besides, its mechanism is still working and his eyes still turn on, all this gives it an extra value! and it’s really cool! but they’re under the sun rays! many of the people watching this are remembering their childhood! The Super Powers marked a generation! and they’re becoming popular again and you can still get them at good prices this Yoda is rather cool! May I make you an offer? go on! no offense! I’m gonna go low! don’t get scared! $79usd? I’m sorry! I was actually asking $350usd for it two weeks ago a man came and he offered me $300usd but I didn’t want to let it go! I preferred to wait! in fact I’m waiting for some people who told me they would come! cool, you’ve got perfumes today! tell me! we found these interesting things to sell! looks like someone treasured these perfumes! look at this! English Leather for a couple of years! I have no idea of which brands they are! Chanel is something really special! this one caught my attention due to its presentation! I had never seen a perfume with a serial number How much is this one? that’s $8usd! and this Chanel? that’s $18usd, mate! but that’s sealed! you’re getting angry, there! $16usd? what do you say? just because it’s you, mate! If I got tough I would get what I want! it’s something I don’t usually buy but I love making my research as a modern archeologist sometimes you don’t know anything about it but it smells like vintage! it smells like it’s something old! they’re treasures! I’m with the people of Santa Ursula, specially with Miguel Martell we’ve been listening that the government wants to remove them! these are terrible news ’cause each time I visit a street market I hear the same rumors! and I’m really scared, tell us a bit more, please! the local government is against street markets there are rumours about our removal but we want to keep on working we want to make some money and people need their jobs I don’t think you’re causing any harm to the community we’re always very careful about that! we try to preserve the tranquility of the community! so I guess we’re entitled to do this! and this is the livelihood of many people, isn’t it? I think the government should let the unemployed people work! ’cause that’s the way we bring money home! this is the way we pay for the education and food for our kids! I guess that it is rather important for them to consider it and if you think about it, many people are using the front of their own houses to sell their stuff! besides, there are even streets where nobody passes by so it’s a waste of space I used to do this before that’s why it affects me I think it’s totally unfair to stop this overnight! I think they’re just promoting for people to look for other less legal alternatives Of course, I think doing this is definetely a better option look at this incredible stall I’ve just found! you can clearly see the quality of things he chooses to sell! Mr. Porfirio, please tell us, How long have you been doing this? about 50 years! I’m a compulsive buyer! compulsive buyer! I’m selling my things little by little! this is how I survive! you’ve got an incredible taste, look at all your charms and pendants please tell us the story of this skull, I love skulls! I bought this at… at a market near Six Flags with a mate who sells amber and I love amber! it brings me good luck and vibes! if you ever buy amber you can test it by lighting it with a lighter it’s not necessary to do that, you can just rub it against your clothes, beard or hair if it get magnetized, it is ambar! I didn’t know that one! I knew that by using a hot needle you can see whether it is plastic or amber if it’s amber it smells nicely! otherwise it smells like burned plastic! there are loads of fake pieces made of plastic! Would you please show us your amber test? by all means! you always learn something new at the street market it’s not only about buying things but also getting to know amazing people here I’ve got lots of hair! you just rub it against any surface! you can also smell it! and it sticks out you hair this is called the Spiderman test it works! Can you see that? how cool! today, I leave more knowledgeable, thank you very much! I’m between San Gabriel and San Ermilo streets they call me grandpa or uncle! between San Gabriel and San Ermilo it’s in the back streets but you can find the best vibes here, it’s not crowded at all there’s nice music there’s a little bar in the surroundings it’s been the best Pulque bar in Santa Ursula for so many years! it’s called “The 5 monas”, it’s been there for more than 40 years here! we’ll finish there today! do they have guaba? you’re right, they brought us to this Pulque bar to see what’s inside what’s your favourite? I love the blackberry one! Hi Paco! Paco, may I try some? of course, please do! May I try the blackberry one? (wow there’s a huge selection) My God! What’s your top one? oat milk! oat milk I’ve already had one litre of oat milk today wow! this is real pulque mate! well, let’s take a seat! these are some of the things that collecting brings to your life” toy collecting was the initial talk and here we are having a nice pulque getting to know the history of Santa Ursula and its market today it has been a very special day and you’ve been with me all the way! it’s not the end yet! now we’re talking! that’s why! one of the best pulques you’ve ever had!


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