Michael Kors, MK Grayson Satchel Bag Unboxing || Review and Why I Returned It!

hey guys welcome back to my channel this
is “mischloss”, life according to Maria and in this episode I’m going to be
doing a quick demonstration kind of unboxing and then reboxing because
returning this Michael Kors! Stay tuned. Hey guys, welcome back, i hope
you’re having a lovely day today! I’m having a super day I had a great super
day yesterday so I’m all pumped up. I’m going to just go ahead and show you guys
really quickly the Michael Kors bag that I picked up at Nordstrom the other day,
and i’m going to do a kind of a review of what i love about it and why basically I’m returning it today and
there’s going to be another video up on the Michael Kors of multiple bags that I
bought at the Georgia Premium Outlet Mall. If you guys know anything
about Atlanta; it’s about, I would say like an hour north of Atlanta proper and
it’s a huge, huge outlet outdoor walking mall. It’s really known as the
pocketbook Mecca because you have a Coach outlet there, you’ve got a “Dooney
and Bourke” outlet there you’ve got “Kate Spade” outlet. You’ve got of course
Michael Kors. You’ve got the “Ralph Lauren” polo. You’ve got multiple, multiple venues
and avenues there to buy the higher end designer pocketbooks. I don’t mean super
high luxury, obviously they’re not Chanel they’re not blah blah “Louis Vuitton” but
what I call the upper middle of the road type of designer pocket books that, you know, most women tote around with them, and you know I have been a “Coach”
girl in the past. I’m not really particular about “Kate Spade”, it’s just
not my style. I know some people absolutely die and love for it, I used
to have a number of “Dooney and Burkes” in the past which I do like I think they
are made fabulously. They’re one of the best made handbags at least they were
in the ’90’s of you know when I started using them and maybe the early
2000’s but you know obviously “Michael Kors” now is the “hottie hottie
patootie” and it has been for a number of years now and everybody loves their
styles they come out with new styles every season they come out with fabulous
colors just spring colors and and neon and popping colors so there’s a little
bit of something for everybody i don’t think you can go into a michael kors
store and not find at least one or two bags that appeal to you so moving forward I really have wanted
to get a Michael Kors we see what the heck the name of this is it’s a Grayson
bag okay and it is more like the what you would call the louis vuitton speedy
so it’s about this and i would say it’s about the UH if I would measure it would
be probably about the speedy 30 so it’s you know it’s not the small speedy it’s
not the large humongo Bongo that you can you know put your overnight stuff in and
and go out of town with but it’s your nice daily every day a bag that you
would want to go around town with and you know it does have a shoulder strap
which I’ll show you later and you know goes in the crook of your arm like this
and it’s just a great great bag and when I went into nordstrom i was on the hunt
for this type of bag this is the bag that i wanted the speedy
they only had three colors left so they had black on black which you could not
even see the hardly even see the monogram the MK you’d have to be like in
your face like clothes like this for you guys to actually see it which is fine
you know it’s it’s a nice sophisticated color but i wanted something a little
different actually my heart was set on the true ground to light brown mom Graham the those strictly the monogram
style that like Louis Vuitton has that same color and i have been eyeing that
for a number of years and I just wanted wanted wanted so bad the plain speedy
well speedy I called speedy but Grayson bag with the monogram that kind of looks
like the lv bags and I just think they’re gorgeous they’re durable their
timeless they’re never gonna go out of style I just loved everything about it but I
just could not get my hands on it for the price that i could afford let’s just
say I could probably walk in or go online and get the bag for its going now
for 370 dollars that’s nothing to sneeze at in my range that’s a quite a few
shekels that you have to put together you know to to get that back but i
wanted a bargain i wanted some discount and I wanted my color so when I went
into nordstrom I saw the black on black I saw the the gray gray and kind of
blacks a black background with a very light great MKS on it and then I saw
this bag in this bag I don’t know if you guys can pick it up i guess you can pick
it up in the lights I can see over here in my camera that the lights are being
true to it on my side it looks a little brown but on your site it looks true to
the color that you can see this is like a burgundy almost like a burgundy /
purpley type of color like a great if I would call it anything i would call it
like a nice great color and it caught my eye initially I thought this was very
interesting you know scheme of a color it was unique it was something that most
people wouldn’t have and for the price and i will tell you what that is for the
price i said okay this is that I could live with this I can do this you know so
i put this bag up and i will tell you now how much it is inside here is the
sticker and I’m not going to take anything off because like I said I’m
returning it here you don’t know if you guys can see that 348 dollars and it was
on sale for 174 and change ok and so I figured okay you know basically
half off i can do that 174 yeah 3 48 is really stretching it for
one bag and I went to North serac here’s my you know my receipt there’s the rack
store there you go and then the receipt here shows you was 11 87 I think would
change okay um and I took it uh and i basically
slept on it and it was one of these I i really like it but I don’t love it you
know it was one of these i love the style i love the handles i love the you
know the gold over here i love the material which is um I believe it’s like
a PVC and I don’t know if it’s a PVC or what they call it or i call it like a
Saffiano leather because it’s kind of hear it it’s kind of rough but it’s it’s
durable it’s something that you can wipe off you know and go to town with it you
don’t have to baby this bad and i love the style but the color was like I was
starting to think what am I going to wear this with how am I gonna wear this
am I ever gonna wear this and and i don’t want to pay for something that I’m
just gonna stick in the closet and every time I go to think about wearing it I’m
gonna probably pick something else because it’s not really going to be the
bag that I go to so i woke up and i said to my husband I said you know um do me a
favor let’s let’s take the day because that was a Saturday yesterday and I said
um let’s go i have kept all my receipts and everything let me go to the Georgia
premium outlet mall and let me look around at the michael kors store and if
I don’t find this a racing bag in the color that I want um I will go ahead and
uh you know keep this bag and if not I have the receipt if I do find the one
that I want I have the receipt and i can go ahead and bring this back to
nordstrom and then obviously find that back so i will put another video up because
that’s way you know too long to get into that and I’ve and I actually went to
town and had a you know michael kors whole so you’re going to have to look at
the michael kors hall that i’m going to put up right after this video but I
didn’t want to go through just since i have the back here the Grayson bag and I
know some of you are curious as to how it looks how would you know handles what
the pockets are inside and everything I thought I do a quick tour of it and then
you know I’m going to end this video and i’m going to put up the next video which
is the actual Michael course haul out of the Georgia premium outlet mall so okay
so here’s the bag and you saw how big it was you know like i said it’s comparable to
the speedy 30 and then I’m going to take out the paper here papers from gonna
have to replay it in there but it’s just to make the bag poofy so that people
find it appealing here is the strap for it coming out like a queen birth swear
and it has ok I can’t take it all the way out because it’s got a like a little
plastic of tag you know tag thing on it so that people don’t obviously snatching
him take it out of the pocketbook and leave with it but it seems to be pretty
heavy I’m not going to take it out of the out
of the wrapping well maybe I can hang on and kind of
pull it back oh it has a partially it’s a chain there
you go there’s the leather and it’s a really nice of pale Bashara leather
again very comparable to the speedy except for this really nice detailing of
the of the butt of the chain here which is really pretty I think it’s stunning really i love love the style so that’s the UH that’s the whole you know
shoulder part of it and i’ll try to stick that back in there and then what
you’ve got here is on this side you’ve got two pockets and they’re pretty deep
pockets if you can see it and you can certainly put in maybe a smaller of
phone i don’t think your iphone 6 will fit in here but certainly you know other
phones might fit in here you could obviously put in anything you want you
know lipstick whatever blah blah and then on this side you’ve got me stand up
so you guys can see this better ok this side here you’ve got the logo so
you’ve got the michael kors logo in there as you can see and it’s again a
very pale shadow leather and it’s stamped it’s not stamped it’s kind of um
I guess they call it i don’t even know in not in grave but it’s indented can
you see that it’s like indented in its not a you know just a little ink stain
stamping on it it’s really well-made and then its own in on both sides there and
it’s got 122 smaller pockets over here so this is definitely again maybe for
your eyeglasses you can put things in there and they just put some paper in
there and then this is a bigger one in here okay and that that has a zipper so
this is your like big side zipper compartment in there try to show you
guys that and it’s got a really pretty um satiny but it to me it’s almost like
treated with something it feels nice and soft it feels very shiny and satiny but
obviously i think it is wipeable so if you get anything like a
lipstick or maybe a you know eyeliner hopefully not on eyeliner guys but uh
you know any little market here I think you can take it out and there are some
youtube videos on how to clean the inside of your pocketbooks and basically
what you do is you take some either some you know liquid detergent on a tiny
little toothbrush and you and you’d a bit and you kind of you know brush it
out and then you take a damp washcloth and wipe it down and it should be fine
that should be good to go but obviously if you have a lot of makeup gals or
anything i would strongly suggest that you get a makeup pouch of a plastic or a
little leather make a pouch to put all your things in there that you know you
that you can screw up the inside of your all pocketbook ok so there there it is and it’s it’s
really pretty big I mean you can put a lot of stuff in there really a lot of
stuff in there so this these are the reasons i love this bag and you know
little spoiler alert i did get this thing bag at the michael kors store and
like i said i will put that video up next so obviously if you see me in the
same attire that’s because i’m getting ready to do the next one so that’s it
guys I hope you enjoyed this video at least it told you a little something
about the Grayson bag and the reasons i love it and the and all the wonderful
things inside I think they’re very well made for the price honestly you can’t go
wrong for the price and they last for years and years there’s absolutely
nothing wrong with them and I do think they come with a warranty i think
michael kors does have a warranty oh i forgot to show you guys the little
never thing here I don’t know what you call it the little
handle you know a thing that you pull it and look how pretty that is that is all
stamped in there and you know engraved and it’s a it’s a really nice it’s
definitely brass it’s not shin see it’s not gonna peel off or anything like that
it’s not fake uh you know that it’s going to just kind
of like crinkle and gets all mushy on the sides and obviously your logo it’s
brass as well very shiny very nicely made and it’s got these buckles which I
think are very pretty there kind of a little different this is a little different than the
speedy actually i think this is a little more blingy than the speedy is it’s just
got a lot of pretty things in it but like I said I I think they’re you know
they’re under warranty i think for at least a year for michael kors because
they take your name and they put them put it in the database so if anything
goes wrong with it if your zipper breaks if handle come Lou comes loose or if
some of these stitching uh you know come out and they are very durable but just
in case you know you can bring it back to a michael kors store and I think they
send it out to repair it I don’t know after a year if there’s a
cost there might be a small cost to it to fix it up but you know certainly
worth it if you love the style and it is working for you and you love everything
about the bag and you want to go ahead and you know fix it up obviously it’s going to give you years
and years aware so that’s it i hope you enjoyed this video take care of yourselves and i will see
you back here shortly with the next video oh and please give it a thumbs up and
subscribe okay i love you guys bye yeah yeah yeah

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