Millican Fraser Rucksack 32L Review | Heritage Style Backpack For One Bag Travel & EDC

Millican Fraser Rucksack 32L Review | Heritage Style Backpack For One Bag Travel & EDC

– Hey, it’s Nathan from Pack Hacker here. And in this review, we’re
going to be taking a look at the Fraser Rucksack 32 Liters, from British backpack
specialist Millican. Here at Pack Hacker, we do travel gear and backpack reviews
like this all the time. So, if you’re new here,
consider subscribing. We’ve been testing this pack
for the last three months now. So, let’s get straight into
it and dive into this review. [upbeat music playing] We’re digging the heritage style of the Fraser Rucksack 32 Liters. And our Instagram poll showed that 65% of you agreed with
us, a pretty solid effort. And if you’re not already,
make sure to go and follow @packhacker on Instagram, so you can take part in our future polls. When it comes to branding, Millican has kept it subtle
on this pack and we like it. There is a logo on the front
of the bag that’s hard to spot due to it being the same color as the pack and a small imprinted
logo on the top handle and drawstring pull-tab. And at the time of this review, this pack is available in
graphite gray, moss and slate. We’re big fans of the subdued colors. And even though we went for
graphite gray for this review, we’d be happy to rock any
of the colors available. One small note is that
our graphite gray pack is a lot lighter than the close-to-black color
shown on the website. Millican has noted this
on their product page and have a full disclaimer
on their materials (page two) about how the natural fibers
can absorb dye differently, creating slight color variations. But, we’d still like to see them update the website
imagery just a little bit so it matches closer to what
they’re currently producing. Now it’s time to dive into the materials and there’s some pretty
rad stuff going on here. First, the outer material is bionic canvas and it’s exclusive to Millican. It’s 38% cotton, 57% recycled polyester and 5% high-tenacity polyester. It’s also impregnated
with 100% paraffin wax for additional weather resistance. Now, Millican does go
deep into this fabric over on their materials page, but we’ll summarize the
need to know details. First, it’s incredibly
durable and to date, there’s no signs of any wear and tear. Next, it’s remarkably
lightweight for a canvas material and brings this pack in at 2.85 pounds. In comparison, that’s lighter than the 33-liter Aer Travel Pack Two, the 28-liter Arc’teryx Blade
and the 30-liter Trakke Storr. This bionic canvas fabric is
also highly weather resistant and the use of recycled
polyester cuts energy by 50%, saves 20% on water and
reduces air pollution by 60%. The bottom line is, the
bionic canvas fabric is a fantastic all-rounder and we’ve been really
impressed with it in testing. Now rounding off the materials, Millican has kept up the
quality with aluminum buckles, leather accents and YKK zippers. We can’t fault anything with that and Millican hasn’t skimped
out on any part of this pack. This thing is built to last and feels top-notch every step of the way. Moving on to the external components, there’s no better place to start than with the harness system. The shoulder straps are adjustable and the dense foam padding
provides a comfortable fit even when this thing is at full capacity. The back panel is padded
too, for additional comfort and rigid so that it won’t
slouch down your back either. The Fraser Rucksack 32 Liters also has a detachable
sternum strap and hip belt. Some of you won’t need
the additional support that these two things can bring, but others won’t consider a
backpack this size without it. And it’s really nice for Millican to give everyone the option here. The sternum strap can be attached
at five different heights, and the attachment points on both sides are hidden under a fabric
for an aesthetic bonus. The adjustable strap secures nice and tight across your chest and the aluminum buckles
provide that premium feel. The hip belt is attached via a pass-through panel at the back, with a patch of Velcro in the
middle to secure it in place. The front buckle can take a
little bit of getting used to, but it works well when
you get the hang of it. And the pockets on either
side are a great touch too, capable of fitting a
phone or a compact camera for quick access. Just a note though, the hip
belt can be pretty bulky and can get in the way
when it’s not locked in. So, if you don’t plan on wearing it, we’d recommend removing it entirely. Next up, there are two handles on the top – the small handle at the back is good for hanging this pack up, and the larger one in front is a nifty quick-grab handle you can use in a pinch. On the top of each side of the pack you’ll find a compression strap, and this can be used to cinch down the top when the bag’s not at full capacity. And they can also be
used to attach a tripod or other items like a
walking pole to the outside. And there’s a latch strap you can pull from the bottom of the bag that helps secure the
feet of the tripod too. Something we must note though,
is that there are a few dangling straps on the
outside of this bag. Now, Millican has put strap
keepers on some of them to help with the dangling a little bit, but the fact is, the straps are so long that they’re going to dangle regardless. Now, it’s not the biggest issue, but we think it could be
improved a little bit. Before we dive in to the main compartment, there are a few external
pockets we have to cover. First, there are two large two-in-one pockets on either side. The front pocket is
secured with a buckled lid and the back is an open sleeve. Both stretch down to the bottom of the bag and are excellent locations to store your quick-grab items
when you’re on the go. We use the back sleeve-compartment
to hold our water bottle and the front pocket is ideal
for earbuds, phone chargers and anything else you
may need quick access to. There’s some internal organization inside the left front pocket too, with a thin zippered compartment and two small dividers on top. While we didn’t find ourselves using these pockets inside too often, the zippered one can add
another layer of security to more valuable items and they didn’t get in
the way when not in use. Second, there is a
zippered quick-grab pocket located on the right
side of the back panel. There’s a surprising
amount of space inside and it’s a clever addition. There’s a small amount of
internal organization here too, with an aluminum key
clip, a felt-lined pocket and two that are perfectly
shaped for a pen. This sleek pocket is a great
place for your passport and other must-have travel essentials like your wallet and phone. Moving on to the main compartment,
the top-loading opening is made of a drawstring closure and a lid that secures
with a G-hook buckle. While the Millican
Fraser Rucksack 32 Liters isn’t the quickest pack to open and close and the G-hook can take
a little while to master, the whole system works well. And as top-loading packs
go, it’s pretty solid. Plus, the benefit of being
able to adjust the capacity by cinching the top
further down or higher up can be invaluable. Inside the main compartment, you’ll find a sleeve at the back designed
for a laptop or water bladder. This will hold a 15-inch
laptop comfortably, but we’d recommend putting your laptop in a protective sleeve
since there’s no padding. And there’s a clipped loop
and a pass-through hole for the water bladder if
that’s more your style. One note here though, is
that the water bladder pass-through hole is exactly
that – a hole in the backpack where water could
potentially come through. And what’s directly beneath that hole? That’s right, the laptop compartment. And while we’ve never had any
water come through ourselves, it’s definitely possible
and we’d like to see Millican tweak the design here and rotate the opening clockwise, so the fabric covers the
top as opposed to the side. Moving on, on the front of this sleeve there are two pockets – one zippered and one secured with a clip. These can be useful for
storing smaller items that would otherwise get lost
inside the main compartment, but we found them a little hard to access. This is because they are so
far down from the top opening. And even though the yellow
color helps with visibility, it’s still tough to see and
feel exactly what’s going on. The rest of the main compartment is essentially a large bucket. And because of this,
we’d strongly recommend picking up a few packing cubes to organize and compartmentalize the pack. At the time of this
review, we’ve been testing the Millican Fraser Rucksack 32 Liters for the last three months. During that time, it’s seen
use as a one-bag travel pack, a day pack and even a gym bag in the rainy and cold
winter months of England. We’re happy to report, this pack shows no signs of wear and tear and
it’s clearly built to last; with the aluminum buckles, hard-wearing bionic canvas material and considered design
as a testament to this. And if for whatever reason this pack does fail during normal use, Millican offers a good-for-life guarantee; through which they will
repair, replace or refund you. But just note, we haven’t
tested this ourselves. In testing, we found the Fraser Rucksack takes a little while to
get used to, but repays you as a truly trustworthy
companion once you do. And at 32 liters, this thing can be used as a minimal one-bag travel pack and it even compresses enough
to be used as a day pack too. Moving on to the pros and cons. This pack is highly durable and
made with quality materials. It can be used as a day pack
or a one-bag travel pack. And it delivers a comfortable carry, with the option to add a
hip belt and sternum strap. Now on to the cons. The external straps can
dangle and get in the way. Water could potentially leak
through the water-bladder hole. And the G-hook buckles can
take a little while to master, but they are very secure once in place. The Fraser Rucksack 32
Liters has impressed us with its durability, versatility
and comfortable carry; not to mention the top-not
bionic canvas fabric exclusive to Millican. While the external straps can dangle a bit much for our liking and the water bladder pass-through hole could be tweaked for
better weather resistance, the Fraser Rucksack 32 Liters is a fantastic heritage-style backpack with modern features
that won’t let you down. Thanks for taking a look at our review of the Millican Fraser Rucksack 32 Liters. Let us know in the comments
what you think of this pack. And as ever, make sure to head over to, sign up for our newsletter
and never miss an update. Thanks for checking this one out. We’ll see you in the next video. G-hooks ta, ta, tan take a little. And they don’t get in (mumbles). Lota … lota … located.

13 thoughts on “Millican Fraser Rucksack 32L Review | Heritage Style Backpack For One Bag Travel & EDC

  1. Awesome pack and the brand looks great as well! Not of fan of this type of bag (top loader) but otherwise it ticks all the boxes.

  2. Great stuff Nathan. I’ve been waiting for this review. Overall I’d say I really dig this pack and it’ll be going on my list for sure. Curious how big of a water bottle can you fit in the side pockets?

  3. Omg there are so many gorgeous bags on their website. As an Australian, most carry on luggage limits for Australian airlines, and most near-by Asian airline carry on limits, and most near by New Zealand airline carry on limits is 2 bags at 7kg each plus a personal item, so I would consider this backpack, or the Marsden, with a shoulder bag, possibly the Bowden, Martin or Stuart. I have to say, stylistically I love the Harry if it wasn’t so heavy, with the Dave, as a carry on to hotel room dump.

  4. Great review guys ! It’s really great to sea packs that are available in europe. Hope one day you’ll make a review of the Mixed Works Falcon M. I’m really curious about it

  5. Thats a great looking Bag …Not sure if it justifies its £145 price tag thou when there are other bags on the market equally as good for less then half the price .

  6. This is the one! Love on first sight, thank you so so much for your great work on youtube and your website – and ofc for introducing me to my future companion!

    Keep it up! 🙂 <3

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