Monday, November 25

Monday, November 25

Live from New York City, it’s the Wendy Williams Show. ♪ Oh yeah ♪ ♪ Feel it, feel it, feel it ♪ ♪ Let’s go, come on, you need it ♪ ♪ How you doin ♪ How you doin’? Now, here’s Wendy! (audience cheering) Woo, woo, woo, woo, woo, woo, woo, woo, woo, woo, woo, woo, woo, woo, woo, woo. Thank you for watching. (audience cheering) Say hello to my co-host, my studio audience. (audience cheering) How you doin’? Glad to be back on a Monday, let’s get started, it’s time for… Hot Topics!
Come on. (upbeat music)
(audience cheering) Woo, woo, woo, woo. Woo, woo, I know (giggling), thank you. So, clap if you watched the American Music Awards. (audience clapping) Nice. Taylor Swift made history, which is like unbelievable to me. Like, she is so talented, I do like Taylor Swift, I’m not quite as swifty but I’m swift, like, I like her, you know what I mean? I didn’t really know her until Kanye brought her on stage all those years ago, but “Shake It Off” and some of those songs are some of my favorite ones. I play ’em loud, they make me feel young. (audience cheering) And so, so good for her, she won six awards, now she has a total of 29 awards which (audience chattering) that sounds unbelievable but what sounds unforgivable? Unforgivable. She’s got more awards than Michael Jackson. What? I know, what? Prince, Madonna, Michael Jackson, she’s the queen of the American Music Awards. Michael had 24, Taylor’s got 29. Now when you think about that, and Artist of the Decade? Is she who’s been firing you up for the last 10 years? No! I know, but you know what? I think that taste has cheapened through the years in a lot of things, you know what I mean? No, no, no, no, no, no, no. The quality of clothes we buy, you know, they get tattered and torn real quick. The quality of food we buy, we’re being poisoned by a lot of crap. (audience laughing) Just life in general I think has cheapened and I don’t mean this in a bad way to Taylor, it’s unbelievable, like I appreciate her, but Artist of the Decade? (audience disgruntled) More awards than Madonna and Prince and them? And Michael Jackson? Well, she performed a medley of her hits and she brought the kids out. You know, nothing slays people like old, old people, kids,
(audience laughing) and animals. So she brought the kids out and she’s wearing that shirt with all her titles on, and the thing with Scooter Braun, I’m still kinda confused, she didn’t slam him but, you know, she got the kids out there and all her titles. She’s accusing him of not letting her perform her old songs. I didn’t see what she performed, ’cause quite frankly, I was all wrapped up in Real Housewives of Atlanta. (audience cheering and clapping) And after that, Married to Medicine. (audience applauding) And by that time, by that time, it was time for Andy and watch what happens live, and then I lulled myself to sleep about 10:30 on the second part of the 10 o’clock, I just, I wasn’t watching but I can tell you this, though. The parts that I saw from the VM, AMAs? AMAs.
AMAs (giggling). By the way, “Think Like a Man” was on VH1. So you know I play Kevin Hart’s wife, Gail. (audience laughing) So I’m back and forth through that, to watch this and it was (giggling), it was so much stuff on. Anyway, when I did turn on the AMAs, though, first thing I saw was the unstoppable Toni Braxton. (audience cheering and clapping) I mean, this woman doesn’t age. She performed the heck out of “Unbreak my Heart,” they swung the camera to the audience, people knew the words. She hasn’t been to the AMAs, since 25 years ago, which is unbelievable to me. I love the natural hair, it’s all thick and curled around, the makeup was tasteful, the dress was great, but where was her engagement ring? (audience awing) Uh-huh, yeah. And I was tempted to call Tamar but Tamar is that faulty friend who never answers her phone. (audience laughing) I love her, but you know, she wasn’t wearing her, you know, she’s engaged to Birdman, is she still engaged to Birdman? As far as I know, yeah.
Okay. Well a lot of women don’t wear their rings, it’s not a big deal. I just didn’t think that she was one, I’m confused. Anyway, and then I’m watching back to the Atlanta housewives and Married to Medicine and then I change back to the AMAs and then Post Malone is performing “Take What You Want.” I love him.
(audience clapping) Like, I do.
(audience clapping) And he won Best Album. I like him, I think he’s cute, there’s something really endearing to me about him, even though he’s got all those tattoos and stuff, but yeah, hey Post. Oh, oh. So then I get back to Bravo, but then in between commercials I go back to the AMAs and I’m watching Shania Twain perform that medley of songs. This girl is phenomenal she really…
(audience clapping) she really is. I don’t know her but yeah, she was doing her thing and the legs looked good and oh, oh. And then, I go back to Bravo but then I come back to the AMAs just in time to see Jenna Dewan throw shade at Camila Cabello. Look, look, look, they caught Jenna red-handed. Camila was performing with that man, Shawn Mendes, they’re still trying to make us believe that he’s into her. (audience laughing) If you know what I’m sayin’. (audience clapping) And I think you do. You know what I’m sayin’, he looks so awkward up there with that girl. (audience laughing) How you doin’, Shawn? So anyway, so while they’re performing, they swing the camera to Jenna and you can see Jenna clearly mouth, “She’s so extra.” Oh! Can we play that again? Do you see it? Do you see? “She’s so extra.” Look, look,
(audience laughing) and it’s one thing to say that, ’cause we say that about our friends sometimes, but we say it with a smile, so it’s not the shady thing. You know, if you tell me I’m so extra but you’re over there laughing, I know you mean it like not in a shade way but, “That damn Wendy, she’s so extra.” Right.
Right. But Jenna was clearly shady, so she denied being shady to Camila, so here, take a look. Hi guys. Leaving the AMAs, I’m getting a lot of text messages from people wondering if I was shading Camila. No! I love her, I love her so much, I am such a big fan of hers, I don’t understand what that’s about, but no, I love her, love her, love her. Clap if you believe what she said. (audience laughing) Norman? (Norman laughing) Susanne? By the way, I’m dedicating the whole show to John Anderson. I know. Don’t say anything.
Okay, no. John Anderson is somebody who is like the king of all, he’s the boss of everything that happens here, he helped build this beautiful set. I’ve brought him out here before and hugged him, he’s the one that I always tell you he looks a little bit like Fred Mertz, right? And we hug, but now because of the Me Too, I always feel like I can’t hug John ’cause people will think
(audience laughing) something but it’s really nothing. He’s been here for the show since the first day of the six-week sneak peek, and so John, I just want you to know that I’m watching the Anderson dynasty right here, and John, how you doin’? And John, this entire show is for you. Laugh and come back real soon. (audience cheering and applauding) This whole R. Kelly is so confusing to me, I can’t even breathe. So one of his girlfriends, Jocelyn Savage, has been defending Robert for years, but over the weekend, she broke her silence on a subscription website. Now there are, hold on now. (audience laughing) The amounts were, I think, 10, 15 and $25. $3. $3?
Uh-huh. $9. $9 and then $25. Okay, for $3, you get some of her tea. (audience protesting) Now hold on now, hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on, this is what it’s come to, okay? For $3 you get some of this chick’s tea about what went on with R. Kelly. For $9, she’ll give you a little bit more, but for $25, she’ll spill it. So you know, the bureau was on it and what do you think we paid?
(audience laughing) $25. (audience cheering and clapping) Okay. So we can’t confirm that it’s actually her behind the account, legally speaking, but let’s just go with what’s in your mind. Okay, on the site, Jocelyn claims that Robert has been physically abusing her all along, when she didn’t call him daddy, or master. She also said that the urination on her situation was a regular thing. (audience disgruntled) He also forced her to get a few abortions, at his home. She also said that he, this is for $25, mind you all. (audience laughing) She couldn’t take a shower without being monitored by Robert. Before interviews with TMZ, she also said that she was starved until she learned the script for “Word to Word” and was coached. Now see, we covered that part when TMZ interviewed her and what we said to you, ’cause the bureau was really, really on it, we saw shadows on Jocelyn’s outfit, like there was somebody there flailing and telling her, you know, coaching her and stuff like that. Well here’s the clip. Are you currently in Georgia or where are you? No, I’m not. I’m not, I wouldn’t wanna speak on that, just a no. Are you with other roommates? Are you free to go from where you are? No, I don’t wanna speak on that as well. Okay, so this is at least got to be good news for her parents, ’cause she hasn’t seen her parents in years, although her parents where the ones who brought her to Robert years ago, and when I say years ago, I mean, this was after we all found out that Robert married 15-year-old or 14-year-old Aaliyah, and before the urination video came out of the situation. So the parents still brought their daughter Jocelyn to this madman, all right? So where do I think this is going? To hell. (audience chuckling) I mean, what do you, Norman, where is this going? Who knows, but you know what? Hopefully she can testify at the trial. Is she gonna talk that talk? For $25, maybe. (audience laughing and clapping) Look. My thing is is that, even though they say they don’t know that she’s behind this website, I think that this girl was so naive when she got with Robert that probably what happened is she was busy accepting, you know, ostrich leather Birkin bags and lobster meals and wasn’t saving any money, so now she needs money and now she wants to leave. I don’t… Robert, you’re in trouble. (audience clapping) So last night, if you were engrossed like me with the Real Housewives of Atlanta, you know, Marlo sat down with NeNe and then Cynthia, and there was a whole situation with apologies and things like that, and NeNe didn’t appreciate it. Just take a look at this. What I’m not fine with is you are acting as if this is something that I did and all of this is my fault. I’m just sayin’, I’m asking, do you feel you play a part in any of it? Do you understand her being upset? Are we really doin’ this, sis? We really doin’ this? Wow. This is crazy (beep), I’ma need damn therapy just trying to be they damn friend. NeNe. This is too much. Grown ass women. Don’t leave me, Leakes, wait. (people murmuring) NeNe, do not leave me. NeNe. Are you really leaving me, my Lord, oh wow. Really, Leakes? Then NeNe made a comment that the bicycle cab was like 60-something bucks. NeNe calls me up, I’m minding my own business on Saturday night, the phone rings like at 11:30. Bitch, like what? “I knows you hungry? “Come on, let’s go out.” So me and NeNe, and another girl named Wendy who was a whole lotta fun, she used to be the girl of Andre Harrell, that music mogul person?
Oh yeah. And we went out with some other guys, friends of NeNe’s. Anyway, we went out, we had fun, a lot of you all were asking’, ’cause I put this on the Gram. I like hot and sour soup. Susanne, you like a hot and sour soup, we’ve talked about it. No, uh-uh.
You don’t? I don’t eat that, no!
Fine me but it’s, Is it good? we had all kinds of food, and then we went to some sort of club. I didn’t get home until 3:30, which sounds late, no, no, but I didn’t go out, by the time I get to the restaurant, it was 12:30, and I’d slept most of the, you know, I was in the house all day, I was doing conference calls and opening stuff and what not, but NeNe’s, NeNe’s is a good one, and if you ask me what we talk about, I can tell you, we talk about everything but them housewives. Like, we are grown people who talk about everything else. We talk about the girl life
(doorbell ringing) and God. (doorbell ringing) Um, Who’s that? Come in. Come in. (upbeat music) (audience cheering) How you doin’? (audience cheering)
(upbeat music) (Marlo laughing) Oh, I’m finally here. (Marlo laughing) Wait.
I can’t believe it. Wait. We’re gonna get you a chair. One of the boys will bring you out a chair. (audience cheering) This is Marlo, everybody. Hi everyone.
Marlo Hampton. How you doin’?
How you doin’? Here’s one of the Anderson dinasties, there you go, there you go.
Yes. Thank you, John. I need a moment of silence, you guys, I can’t believe I’m here. Why? Because I haven’t been here in eight years. First of all, head to toe, love. Beautiful, likewise, thank you.
Thank you. (audience clapping) Wait, before we get all started, I wanna let you know, I brought you a gift, it’s in the back in your office, it’s a wig from my new hair line. It’s fabulous, it’s blond, and you’re gonna rock it. Okay. Now get all the tea you want. Is this a wig from the line? You know what this is? This is something you were doin’, a U Part. Well, you wanna know what? ‘Cause, gosh, Eva shaded you and said that you do a lace front, I don’t see any lace in the front. Tell her to leave me alone.
It looks like it’s growing from your scalp.
I was just tryin’ it, you know, in the beginning, she gave me hell. The whole beauty thing is trial and error. Now here’s my thing, and you know, Andy, Andy says he doesn’t think that you’ll ever get a peach or anything like that. NeNe and I didn’t talk about you, or any of the other girls, like we literally have grown conversation that spins out of control into something else, but I think that you need a, like you’ve worn me down. No.
I heard you say that the other day.
Yeah. Do you want a peach? You know what, I watched the same interview, you’re talking about the woman he said that the consensus hasn’t all come to an agreement?
I don’t wanna talk about that, I wanna talk about what you think. But I feel that I deserve a peach for you all ’cause
(audience clapping) I want you all and my fans to really love it. This is so shocking. I want you, all of my fans to really see my life and just really get to see who Marlo is because there’s so much more than when you see me come on for two seconds and just stir up some drama. So I do feel, and I just feel also, on the other hand, I’m like, I’m good where I’m at. I do feel that God puts you where he wants you to be.
But you get more money if you hold the peach. Well I get a cute coin now though, Wendy. Okay. I do get a cute coin.
(audience clapping) I’m like, a lot of people… (audience clapping) A lot of people are so worried about the title, “Oh, you’re not a housewife, you don’t have a peach.” I go on every trip the girls go on. How much were these? I don’t know, Wendy.
Come on, drop it. I don’t recall. How much were they? $10,000.
10? Oh my God, 10,000. Who makes these? Who makes these?
YSL. YSL, okay, so you’re right, they’re like eight, 10,000, all that bedazzlement. What is this, who designs? Belmond.
Okay, and how much was that? Oh, I don’t remember. 2200? How do you make money, Marlo? I knew she was gonna ask that, you guys. Yes, Marlo, Marlo, you’ve worn me down. You know what, Wendy? If you wanna ask that also, the whole, oh my God, Lord, I gotta get on then, tell her how. Now, I had a boutique in Atlanta before the world even met me. This is like 10 years ago, the hottest boutique in Atlanta, the who’s who of Atlanta shop with me.
What do you do now? Let me tell you, though, now, hold on. So Real Housewives of Atlanta even taped at my store, season three, I closed my boutique, I invest in real estate, and guess what? I been on the number one reality show over eight years, I get paid when I walk in a room, I get paid when I post something on Instagram, and I have great credit. Marlo.
(audience laughing) Talk to me.
Let’s talk about these old White billionaires. We do need to talk about that, let’s talk about that seriously. Okay, let’s start with Ted Turner. Okay, let’s start with Ted Turner. Ted was with Jane Fonda and the word on the curb has always been that you were his back girl. Never in my life dated Ted Turner. I did date one white billionaire, that ran in that circle, for five years, who watched– How do you meet a billionaire? I’m gonna tell you now. Okay, go. So you guys know I have the boutique at Perimeter Mall, in Atlanta, he watched me for six months. On Valentine’s Day, he walked over, he said, “You’re fabulous,”
Watched, the bill– The billionaire came to the mall every day and watched me for six months, I was like, “What is going on? “Something’s up with this guy.” Would he come inside and sit down? No, he would come right outside of Nordstrom’s, there was like a little sitting area. You know, you have the Nordstrom’s cafe? So I was telling my friend, “This guy just sits here, “this older White man sits here, it’s really freaky.” Valentine’s Day, he walked over and gave me a card. He said, “I love your work ethic.” He said, “I see you come to work every day, “you dress so nice,” gave me a Valentine’s Day card, and that was a five-year relationship, and the only White man I’ve ever dated. (audience laughing) So who are you dating now? ‘Cause you’re not lettin’ this go.
I’m single and you need to find me a boyfriend. No, but I can’t because you don’t date regular guys. To me, you have the air of if he’s not a billionaire… That’s not true, I’ve only dated one, I’ve dated a thousand-naire before. (audience laughing) I love any race, I love any race, as long as they look good and have beautiful teeth, that smell good, I just don’t want him to be broke. Do you wanna be married and have children? You know what? I want that if that’s what God has in store for me. I mean, I know that you’re taking care of what? Your nieces and nephews?
My two nephews and my family. And your family. Do they all live with you? My two nephews do for the last eight months, and that has changed my life like, woo, no other. If you could ditch one of the housewives of Atlanta, which one would you ditch?
(audience laughing) Oh my God, let me see. Really. You know what? I won’t ditch her ’cause she’s great TV, I’ll ditch Eva. Oh! I would. Because if you get a peach, I don’t want too many peaches to be given out. It’s enough that there’s already too many peaches, but somebody would have to go to give you a peach, so Eva would be the one. Yeah, let’s get rid of Eva. I think Eva. You guys agree? (audience clapping) I like your maturity with regard to Cynthia and NeNe, it endeared me to her even more last night. I’m so glad that you came here. Aww, I’m so happy to be here, I still can’t believe I’m here. Let me touch you, is this you for real? No, no, no, but look, and by the way, if they never do anything. Oh!
Aww! Oh, I finally get my peach, I’m getting my peach, ah!
(audience cheering) Team Cynthia or Team NeNe? Team NeNe. All day.
All day. Thank you for being here. That’s Marlo Hampton, everybody, the Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sunday nights at eight o’clock on Bravo. More great show for you, everybody. Up next, our style squad is here to break down all the fashion from last night’s American Music Awards. So grab a peach and have a seat. (upbeat music)
(audience cheering) Woo, woo, woo, woo. (upbeat music)
(audience cheering) Woo, woo, woo, woo. I gotta tell you something.
Woo, woo. A lot goes on behind the scenes, the tickets are free, Okay, the biggest names were at last night’s American Music Awards and here to break down the fashion hits and misses is host of Bevelation, Bevy Smith, (audience cheering and clapping) style guru and author, Lloyd Boston, (audience cheering and clapping) and Mr. Fashion, Robert Verdi. (audience cheering and clapping) All right. Oh, first Ciara, Lloyd, what’d you think? Slayage all dayage. Yes, indeed. Yes, I mean, think about this, now she is giving you trends of the moment. The Boxy Boyfriend jacket is huge, we’ve seen it on Kim Kardashian. Some people do it better than others. I didn’t mind it but she really came through with the other dresses. I agree, I agree and what we’re gonna see here, I love the orange jumpsuit, I thought that was one of my favorites from Versace. Yeah.
(audience clapping) A little Blamain we saw, of course, but you know, she ran through the designer roller decks and she is that kind of a clean, easy, blank slate, like a fashion model. She’s got that dancer’s body, so she is a joy to dress and she has fun with that. She’s got legs for days, and Russell won yesterday. Yes, he did, and she actually won, she won last night.
(audience clapping) She did a really great job but I loved the white furry moment, the Azzaro dress, because to me that says, “I’m coming here “to host this award show and I’m gonna have “a lot of fun, honey.” But if she didn’t have the legs,
And I’m gonna (mumbles). Robert, if she didn’t
Oh no, you gotta have legs. have legs.
No, I agree. It wouldn’t work. This is not an easy thing.
You could look like Big Bird or something, but on her, it looked sleek and chic. It’s not easy to pull off this many looks and have this many looks look this great. I will say I’m a little disappointed with the red carpet look, I feel like it’s not an arrival look.
Just the suit. Not a big statement, yeah. I mean, and she looked so amazing and plus, this felt, it felt a little frumpy, it felt like date night, but she looks amazing in everything, and in the cannon of the night, all the looks are great. And I love that she did an array of beauty as well, all the different hair looks and everything, that’s the way you do it. That means they pay a lot coins for her glam team. Right?
Yeah. That wasn’t (mumbling).
Christina Aguilera, I didn’t think so much. I thought it look like she was trying to hard, Robert, help.
Jean Paul Gaultier but Jean Paul, go away.
(audience laughing) No, I love him as a designer, I think that this just felt like a combination of Mother Teresa, the Pope, and like it was, it missed the mark. And you know what? But I did think that she was perhaps paying homage to the upcoming holiday with the pilgrim belt that she has on with this. It’s a big pilgrim belt,
Lloyd. and then also too, I just wanna point out the fact that the shoulders are very dinasty-esque. I know. Yeah, and you know, a little Joan of Arc as well, but also think about it, she’s trapped between generations. She’s trying to stay relevant, she’s not quite a millennial, she’s not quite a gen Xer, so she really is trying to let people know that she’s still has it and I think she’s trying to find her way. She lost it. (everyone laughing) Temporarily, temporarily.
Yeah, temporarily, and I mean, I think we all love her, the performance was extraordinary, but this is for the stage, this isn’t for the red carpet. Lizzo, Bevy. Oh, now my Lizzo. You know, for someone…
(audience cheering) we’ve been seeing Lizzo come out in these costumes and these kinda theatrical things that are very funny and I liked that she finally put on some Valentino, darling, she has on, and she called it, Valentin-ho, and you know,
(audience laughing) and it’s nice to see that she is a bigger girl that wears couture and everything and they made this for her, And she wasn’t shy to show thigh.
And she wasn’t shy to show her thighs. You know what? Big thighs save lives. (audience clapping) So good for her. Robert, Lizzo. You know, I actually, I loved that she went in this direction. It’s a little young, I think, I feel like it’s a little juvenile–
She is young. Yeah, she’s 24. It’s not the old up here. I know, I know.
Like NeNe kept telling me, “Wendy, don’t be old, come out.” Oh NeNe, she’s right. NeNe, thank you.
But don’t be old. You’re right.
Lizzo is young. She is, I think there’s a lot of looks going on here, though. I feel like the 1960s.
Look at the bag. The bag is genius, the bag is the best. Who is the bag? Valentino. It’s Valentino, the teeny, tiny bag. Lloyd, how much was that about? You know, it was either 10 grand or 10 cents, one of the two.
(Bevy laughing) But you’re good with prices, what do you think that that might cost, though? I think that they probably gave that to her and made it for her.
But I mean, if we want to buy it? Oh, if we wanted to buy it, it wouldn’t be that much.
5,000? No, 1800. Yeah, about that much.
But think about the fact that she breaks the rules. You know, for many, many years, women who were curvy, women who were larger could not touch ruffles, or were afraid to touch ruffles and she doesn’t take a step.
And the thigh thing. And the thigh thing, I mean, she’s just a cute little cupcake and I love the fact that she doesn’t take
Yes, cupcake. herself seriously, I love it, I love it. I like that cupcake. She is a cupcake.
She is. A confection.
She is a brothy confection in that look. (designers laughing)
(audience clapping) Robert.
Yes? Taylor Swift, go.
I mean, aside from the aforementioned look of
I don’t like that outfit. the awards, I agree. I think she looks like a mother of the bride. She’s like, “I’m here to have a good time, “my son’s getting married.” That’s what it looks like to me, it looks a little too old and I think she dialed it in. The glam isn’t there, she’s not delivering, she does not look like a person
It’s a bad look. who’s won the most AMAs ever. No, it’s definitely giving us bad blood, and the thing that I really then like about it is the over-the-knee boot with it. I mean, you wanted to see more leg, I think, but also, I just don’t like that like silhouette there– That neckline is terrible on her.
It’s too safe. And it’s Julien McDonald. What I don’t like is the fact that it feels kinda like Miami on the left, Vegas on the right, like it’s two dresses in one, and I also love fur.
A two-for. A two-dress-in-one moment. I don’t like a two-dress-in-one combo, and I love when a woman goes all the way with the glam. She looks like she just kinda went jogging with the hair and glam on the bottom. If you’re gonna do glam on the bottom, bring the hair up. Something.
(audience clapping) Something.
He’s like something. Lloyd, back to you, Megan Thee Stallion. You know, I love Megan Thee Stallion. I mean, come on, this is beautiful.
(audience clapping) I thought she looked real nice. To my point, she didn’t come with athletic hair. We often times talk about the Jessica Rabbit look here, she’s pulling it off beautifully. She’s a personification, right? Bevy schooled me on what curves are, she’s a walking Coke bottle,
Yeah, that’s curves. walking Coke bottle,
She looks really good. and you know what? She’s really coming up in the game, getting bigger, better designers and what she’s wearing here, Bryan Hearns, I mean, he was known for doing Ariana Grande, Cardi B., so he’s really coming into the right women at the right time, and this is her time. Yeah, this is her time, and you know, for the longest time we’ve been seeing Megan on the red carpets kind of like looking like, you know, like she’s just coming into the game and now she looks like she has finally arrived on it. She’s got her coins, she’s got her celebrity and she’s looking the part and I’m so happy for her, ’cause she’s incredibly talented. (audience clapping) Wendy, she needs to be on your playlist all day long, Megan Thee Stallion. I like her, I like her. She pushed it way past AMAs, and this is testimony to the fact that if you do it right, all eyes are on you. This coming from a man wearing pointy boots. Okay.
Yes. Okay.
(Wendy laughing) Have pointy boots. And the queen knit jacket though, darling, ’cause he just lost 20 pounds, darling. You know what, match. Yeah. Last time I saw you, you were still coming down. Yeah. What are you doin’? Do you do the paleo or something? I’m spinning and I did one cleanse for three weeks. Three weeks, every day of cleanse? Every day. What was in there, like spinach and stuff? Yeah, all that.
(Bevy laughing) All that good, good stuff. Are you in love? No, yeah, with myself. He has a husband. With myself.
Oh, you’re married, I forgot.
Yeah. Wait, where’s your ring, Toni Braxton? (everyone laughing) Back to the fashions.
Right. Lil Nas X, Lloyd. Well, I’ll have to say, shout out to Lil Nas X for living his truth, I’m proud of that, I’m proud of that fellow native son.
For living his truth. We love a native son.
We have a native son. Yes, come through any time, but this kind of gave me Jim Carrey from “The Mask,” you know what I mean?
(audience laughing) But he’s young, he’s young, and this is a time for him to have fun in the red carpet, this would’ve been better for stage,
Not that much fun. would’ve been better for stage but I didn’t care for it on the carpet. I loved his boots, they are by Shaun Ross, who’s that albino model. He makes those high heel boots that he has on, and I love that it’s gender fluid, non-conforming, and he is just, as you said, living his truth.
That’s right. Christopher John Rogers designed this and made this for him. He’s been doing women’s wear for a few years, he’s become immediately a very highly watched designer. He showed these fabrics in his women’s collection, he hasn’t cut men’s clothes yet, but he’s from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, based in Brooklyn.
I would like this if the jacket was a regular length jacket and if he had a solid color blouse on and no gloves. I love that you called it blouse. You just changed the whole outfit, basically. (everyone laughing) You don’t like that little Zoot Suit bolero, huh? No, I don’t like bolero. I like a cha-cha jacket. And a cha-cha heel. Like a high heel, not a cha-cha.
Would your man wear a cha-cha jacket? Well he can. He looks like the Grinch who stole Nas X. (Bevy laughing) This is my style squad, we love them so much, Bevy and Robert and Lloyd. For more information on all my squad, go to Trendy @ Wendy is next. (upbeat music)
(audience cheering) Woo, woo, woo, woo. (upbeat music)
(audience cheering) Woo, woo, woo, woo, No, absolutely.
Woo, woo. So good. Ashley’s here, her dress was $20 on the street and we’re talking about how cheap dresses some, like you know, cute. Ashlee Glazer, everybody. Thank you. It’s time for Trendy @ Wendy. Okay, thank you, by the way, for sending me this stuff first. Rue La La has the most amazing items for the holidays this year.
Cashmere-esque. No, 100% cashmere. Oh, I didn’t look at the label.
No esque, yes. 100% Sophia Cashmere, it is the softest, I’ve been sleeping in mine.
the most luxurious, I have been wearing it everywhere, Give me the blue,
it’s the perfect, I love the pink one.
well, I got the pink one, I got the pink one but I want the black, the ivory, the gray, the red, it’s perfect for every single person, it’s a perfect airplane sweater. It’s really, really short. Like if you’re gonna have it on as a robe, you don’t want your mother and father to be over. But it’s great with pajamas
You could wear it with jeans or with your man.
or with leggings, or like over a dress, or yeah, Or when the man comes over.
whoever you like. Yes, exactly. But the price is unbelievable, so it’s a perfect gift as well. We’re getting it, it retails for $375.
Cashmere, cashmere, calm down. We are getting it 73% off at just 99.99, 100% cashmere.
(audience cheering) Okay. I’m always swapping out pillows, I did this one too, I felt the cooling effect.
It’s incredible. This is Tempur-Home, it’s the Perfect Match Pillow. So I’ve actually had this pillow, I paid full price for it, like two years ago. It has not lost its shaped, it is cozy.
You paid $140 I know, it’s insane.
for a pillow? I really did, crazy.
What are you, a princess? No, I don’t know, but I sleep like a princess, but now I can order so many more ’cause I was only able to afford one, so now I can get four of them. Okay, how much? So it retails for $140, but we are getting it 64% off, at just 49.99. And it’s machine washable.
This is really good. Machine washable,
You can take the cloth off. it’s like a cooling effect it makes too.
And it melts, you like melt in.
Yeah, you melt into it. This is worth it, 49.99. All right, so for, okay. This right here, I gave it to um, Sunshine. (people giggling) Todd, did Sunshine get it? Sunshine, you got it? It feels good, doesn’t it, Sunshine? There’s Sunshine. So this is from Kenneth Cole, this is Reaction, it’s a leather duffel, it’s 100% Colombian gray leather, it’s so durable, sturdy, so classic. You get the three different color options to choose from, cognac brown or black, with the adjustable strap. It fits everything, perfect for holiday travel, perfect gift for anyone.
This is so sturdy, this is not cheap. I’m gonna tell you, this will last you forever.
no, it’s not cheap. And it wears in beautifully. And it smells good and leathery. So it retails for $600. This is what a man needs to have. We are getting it 78% off, at 129.99. Perfect gift for any man and woman, classic, classic.
And woman, but your man would love this. So next up, this is from Sarah Maxwell Beauty. This is her Livylash Daily Lash Ritual Kit. So Sarah Maxwell, she’s actually a friend of mine and she’s a beauty veteran. So this is a three-step series, that is the lash serum to lengthen, and then you have the keratin treatment to strengthen your lashes, and then a mascara. So it’s a peptide-based formula, it’s safe to use if you have a lash lift, if you have lash extensions, it makes them grow thicker, longer, it’s Paraben-free, cruelty-free, and it’s a three-step series, it’s meant to use together.
How long do you have to use it? It says everyday but how– So you can use everyday, after four weeks, you’ll start to see results and it’s a six-month supply, which is a lot.
Okay. All right, six-month, how much is this normally? So the set retails for $138, we are getting it 50% off, at just 68.99. That’s worth it.
Very good. Four weeks, it’s worth it.
Four weeks, six-month supply. Okay, thank you for sending this to me too, all right. So this is from WOLF. Look, at first I thought it was a wallet and I was like I don’t want a wallet, you know, wallets are very personal, they have good luck or bad luck on them, but then I opened it up and realized It’s a jewelry roll.
It’s jewelry, yeah. So we love this, this is the WOLF Chloe Leather Jewelry Roll and you see the beautiful laser cut design. I have this color.
I have that color, too. You can pick from the black or the cream, and then the inside, it opens like Wendy’s doing and you have all these different compartments for your earrings,
This is my favorite you can pose.
the one that goes all the way down like this.
So that’s for your really good stuff, for the diamonds, for the big pieces,
All the way down. and the material’s anti-tarnish, so all your gems will stay nice and shiny. So you could put your studs here like that. And then your earrings or rings, I love it. And then these are more shallow things, and then you just close it up And pop it in there, duffel.
and you travel. This is really good. So this retails for $125, we are getting it 68% off, at just 39.99. Worth it.
Yeah, I made it. And finally… Finally, jewels. So this is from Invicta, this is the women’s angel watch set. This is a really good brand. It’s a really good brand, it’s been around since the 1800s and it’s an instant wrist game. So you get the seven different color options to go through, sets of three, you get two bracelets and the watch. So it’s perfect,
This is really good. one’s embezzled, one is solid. Do you stack bracelets with your watch? I like to stack ’em, yeah.
I love it. I know, your wrist game is like, so I’m gonna try and get this.
Yeah, but I love the bracelets and the watch and too much is never enough. Exactly. Stainless steel and it’s waterproof up to 100 meters, so if you’re swimming laps in the pool, you can be like a fancy lady with diamonds in their pool. (Wendy laughing) This retails for $895. We’re getting it 89% off, for just 89.99. Perfect! Ashlee Glazer, everybody. Thank you to our friends at Rue La La. For these amazing deals, go to, get them before they sell out, either do it for your friends and family, or do it for you, darling. We’ll be right back.
Thank you, Wendy. (upbeat music)
(audience clapping) Woo, woo. (upbeat music)
(audience cheering) Woo, woo, woo, woo. All right, welcome back.
Woo, woo. It’s time to play Drop It Like it’s Hot, let’s meet our player, what’s your name, where you from, what do you do? How you doin’, Wendy?
How you doin’? I’m Nicole, I’m from Dallas, Texas by way of North New Jersey. Okay.
(audience cheering) And I’m an accountant. Welcome, Nicole. Okay, so this is our game, you have a chance to win up to $1500, are you ready?
Money, money. All right, grab the puck, we’ll hit the music, and then you just drop it like it’s Hot Topic. ♪ Drop it like it’s hot, drop it like it’s hot ♪ ♪ Drop it like it’s hot ♪ ♪ When the pigs try to get at you ♪ ♪ Park it like it’s hot ♪ 15, baby. ♪ Park it like it’s hot ♪ 500 bucks for Meghan Markle, 500 is better than nothing. Spotlight’s on you, Nicole. All right.
All right, here’s your question. What TV show did she star in before marrying Prince Harry? My show, USA Suits. (bell dinging)
(audience cheering) Did you really watch that show? Yes I did!
Wow. It was really good. So you know the princess before, whatever, duchess before she was– Exactly, she was on Suits, yeah. So look Nicole, you got 500 bucks, you’re an accountant, Yes, I am.
What will you be doing with that money? I’m paying off my boobs. (audience cheering) We’ll be right back. (upbeat music) Woo, woo. (bright music) Welcome back. It’s time to Race the Clock. Let’s meet our player, what’s your name, where are you from? I’m Lauren, I’m from New York, how you doin;? I like your print.
Thank you, I like your outfit. Thank you, what do you do? I’m a student, Stony Brook University. Okay, we’ll here we go, we’re gonna race the clock, you got 30 seconds, all right? Don’t help Lauren.
Oh God. Here’s your question. Did you watch the AMAs? Of course.
Perfect. Taylor Swift won Best Music Video last night at the AMAs, name four other nominated artists, and go. Okay, Ariana Grande,
Yes. Post Malone,
Yes. No, Post Malone was not nominated. Halsey, Halsey. Halsey’s good, yes, two. Lil Nas X.
(bell dinging) Three.
(clock ticking) Oh no.
Three. Oh no.
Three. Don’t help out. I need help, help, help, help. No, don’t help her. Don’t help me. And Billie Eilish. Yeah!
(bell dinging) Dinner for two at Fogo de Chao, they’ve got really good Brazilian food.
Oh my God, thank you so much.
We’ll be right back. Thank you! (upbeat music)
(audience clapping) Woo, woo. (upbeat music)
(audience cheering) Woo, woo. ‘Cause people get it caught in my hair.
Woo, woo. It’s happened twice in the last two weeks, so I’m gonna turn, this is her diva fan but I’m turning it off, Meghan, so it doesn’t get caught in my wig. (audience laughing) How you doin’? You’re my eye candy.
How you doin’? Thank you. I love everything, from your hair to your Venaci, or Versace? Whatever you wanna call it. Okay, it’s really cute, I saw you when the double doors first opened. Awesome. So talk about your look. Yeah, so right now I’m wearing my wig line, and the extensions. I have multi-color two-piece sets. It’s cute.
And a button up, just something cute. I couldn’t find what I wanted to wear in color, so I did that.
You’re from Philly. Yes, I am. I had a dream last night about the perfect Philly cheesesteak, it’s so weird that you’re here. Oh my God.
(audience laughing) What you want on that? No, there was a fight on South Street and everything. Oh my God.
For real, Some kind of dream.
and enjoy your diva fan, thank you, Meghan,
Thank you. we’ll be right back. (upbeat music) Woo, woo, woo. (upbeat music)
(audience cheering) Woo, woo. I had so much fun today, I was a little distracted because I brought Chit Chat and My Way with me, ’cause I gotta put them in that pet hotel, you know, ’cause this is the vacation day. You put them in and then you go on vacation. They’re hiding under the couch, I have no idea how I’m gonna wrangle them, half the people here are allergic to cats. Susanna, are you allergic to a cat? No, I’m good, I’m good, Brandon’s allergic. (people laughing) Anyway, tomorrow Modern Family star Julie Bowen is here. Love the couch.
(audience cheering) I’ve got all the hot topics, I’m doing an after show, maybe the girls will come out and squirm around while I talk to you at I love you for watching today and I’ll see you next time on Wendy, bye. (audience cheering and clapping) Nice. (grand music)

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