Morning Routine for School 2014 *.* : Fall Edition !! | Girls Only

Morning Routine for School 2014 *.*  : Fall Edition !! | Girls Only

yeah huh okay Rapids IA for video thing and I
just spent like 10 minutes numismatic but so that I have
cue here for this intro and the camera cutting
off the message do you see my problem so
just pretend you can see my Q effect you have on now are at worker
British Virgin Islands good CL on TAS cool morning routine so I’m
sure you guys how I get ready for school in the
morning head school 130 and I’ll don’t know it the editors video
I’m doing in collaboration with Oreo hit and orange and Los the detonation you
can also if you guys want to have a highly doubtful ound okay and hes +91 40 the the the so the first thing and then I do when I
wake up in the morning is course check my phones my check
Twitter and Instagram and I have been trying to be read every single tweet
that you first we need to the gym now I your tweets cell follow me on twitter
and also follow me on instagram: well so I love taking showers in the morning
before school to help me make up and at least I have also been loving my
it will yell only affair PS elite free shampoo and conditioner and I don’t
know about you guys but my champ who is allowed during accurate it’s not working
and this’ll be free shampoo mothers so I
really like it do the so after I’m outta the shower and then I
like to get dressed simply outfit the pair American Eagle
jeans I paired with a plain white Grand email
tEEN TOP cell after and rest go into the bathroom
and I wash my face and i also brush my teeth
for up to kill myself fresh minty no precise way I did the so after I’m finished washing my face
and your makeup I actually thought a back to school hair and makeup look on
the Lori L destination each count you guys wanna
see every product that I used to make every teen then click anywhere on street to go to
that video the now it is time for the hair and isn’t
they didn’t wash my hair this morning I had to blow dry some just adding some peachtree to give
it some texture but i’m brushing it out in this little
tip for you guys to keep fresh you are wet hair from the bottom to the top then you can
avoid a breakage and cause you’re here to happen tangled
damage style that idk if you’re trying to grow
your hair longer and I also have another tip for when you are a blow drying your hair
so if you aim the blow dryer going downwards don’t a point having a lot up Prince which is
great because then you don’t have to straighten your hair in the morning and
I can save you a lot of times the want to finish blow drying my hair I
just added this cute braid that took two seconds but it made it
look like I spent a lot more time on my hair the new season some Lori L on
it your spray to spray to my hair and give it a look at your text here and
again if you can wanna see how I did that
great bennett check out the morning lol destination YouTube video that I put up
but after I do my hair and makeup I like to eat breakfast and normally I would just go for a
spinach and a strawberry smoothie but my strawberry actually had mold on
them so I’m using eighty mixed berry instead some just
planning this out again there and putting it in cue 8
mason jar do like to know what back into my room and
I want to rate myself eight to do list for today and that
she’s held since they’ve really organized and I always try to get
everything on your done and then if I do it makes me feel super
accomplished suck put that together and i also check
my planner and make sure that I have all my homework and everything
done for the day and I like to play everything into my backpack and one side done not meant to stick my
smoothie on the Gulf on my shoes and I am ready for work
class but then I remember that I’m doing
online school so I head back into my room because thats is my classroom that I justify my
smoothie well i get some school work done this is
my PI hope you guys enjoy and I already
know questioned it out going to school and stuff like that I am
on holiday doing all my house is a mess you to know
sure howdy I want to be. so you cannot agree classroom school I
still film morning routine because I love
watching morning routines I you enjoy it all into a reality check
got to be detonated you cannot we went down lol and file yeah in my by

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