Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi | Animated Series | Motu patlu ka magic bag | Wow Kidz

Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi |  Animated Series | Motu patlu ka magic bag | Wow Kidz

May all the bitter medicines of the world fall into your mouth. Dr Jhatka, look at this room, it is so untidy. Looks like it has not been cleaned for years. My grandfather’s things are kept here, I hardly come to this room. Big brother, can I take this backpack? Look at this, there is a beautiful face drawn on it. Hey Motu, my dear, my brother, that is my grandfather’s bag, you can take it if you like it. Motu, please be careful. Oh my lord!! What is this? Its is Motu’s blessing, lets run out. What is this? I just went for a minute and you people messed it up. I had work so hard to clean it. Patlu? Where are you all? I will not let you go. Hey, why are you so upset with me? What have I done? Run Motu run, he is very angry. Hey Motu, stop in the name of law. Chingam sir, what happened? His truck is punctured, he does not have a jack. Everybody lift the truck from one side and he will change the wheel. Come on, let us lift it. Oh my god!! How did you lift the truck all alone? From where did you get so much strength? You haven’t ate samosa yet, then how did you get so much strength? I don’t know, looks like god has given me strength forever. Motu, come with me. The face of this bag was sad before and now it is smiling. Did this magic happened because of this backpack? I want to welcome the Minister nicely. There is a shortage of water in Furfuri nagar. And Minister is coming to give us the permission to dig a well. Ok sir. So this is it, John will be the don!! I shall kidnap the Minister and the don will become a millionaire. Boss, it was a good poetry. Keep quite you fool, I was not saying a poetry. Minister is going to come here and we are going to kidnap him and ask for one crore rupees. Hello Chingam, Inspector Chingam, come here soon. Oh my god!! How did this happen? Chingam sir, try to get a crane or a bulldozer, before the Minister reaches here. If these rocks are not moved then the Minister will be upset. And the shortage of water in Furfuri nagar’s will never get over. Why fear when Chingam is here. I have crane, bulldozer, all in one. Motu, remove these huge rocks and throw it. Ok sir. No, don’t do that, small stone, we can also pick up but you lift the rocks, please. I can’t lift those sir, I don’t know what happened? I have lost my strength again. What type of strength you got? It is just like the electricity in the villages, every time the power goes. Do something quickly, or else I will lose my job. This face sometimes become sad and sometimes happy. What a miracle! This bag has some magic power. Motu, put this bag on your back and then lift, I think it is the miracle of this bag that you get so much of strength. long live!! I got my strength back. Help!! How is this happening? Somebody, make me understand. Wow boss!! What a poetry!! Forget the poetry, let us go down and see, how is Motu able to pick such huge rocks and throw it till here. Motu, you have done a wonderful job, you have maintained the respect of Furfuri nagar. Motu, you have saved my job, my brave friend, my bravest friend, I salute you, thank you very much. Patlu, I cannot understand, how is this miracle happening? This is all due to this magical bag, by wearing this, your strength increases. And when you do something good, the face of this bag becomes happy. If there is a miracle in that bag, then I need that bag. Hey John, what are you doing? Leave us, let us go. Or else, if Chingam gets angry then you have no idea, what will happen. Haha!! I don’t care, now I will ask for 1 crore rupees from the minister to leave you all. John will be the don!! I brain doesn’t work when my stomach is empty, do something Patlu. Motu, did you remove diamonds from the bag which cost ten crores? Ten crores worth diamond are in this bag, let me search. Motu, take this bag, wear it and start hitting. You had kept diamonds worth ten crores, and you did not tell me, you are telling me now. You can’t be my friend, I thought you were my best friend but. Uff!! I lied to snatch this bag from him. Sorry Patlu, very sorry. Stop, throw us once and for all, wherever you would like to throw. Thank you!! Anybody can misuse it, if they get this bag. Let us throw it in that dry well. Wow! This is a miracle! The dry well is full of water now. Thank you Motu Patlu. I will request the government to give an award to you. From now on there won’t be a scarcity of water in Furfuri nagar. Long live Motu Patlu!! Hurray!!

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