Mountain Hardwear Scrambler 30 OutDry Waterproof Day Pack

Mountain Hardwear Scrambler 30 OutDry Waterproof Day Pack

By integrating a unique, water proof technology,
Mountain Hardwear has taken their plastic Scrambler back packs and made the fully waterproof
Scrambler 30 OutDry, a great technical day pack for anything from ice climbing, alpine
climbing to bike commuting around the city. Let’s take a closer look at what makes this
pack so great. So the first thing to talk about with this
pack is the OutDry technology that Mountain Hardwear incorporates. They actually bond
a waterproof membrane to the 400 D rip stop nylon fabric, which creates a seamless fully
waterproof pack inside and out. They do add a little bit of beefier protection on the
top side here, kind of feels like a bit of a rubberized material to give you that extra
weather proofing, but the rest of the pack still maintains a full waterproof profile.
And it still feels like a backpack. It doesn’t feel like you are carrying around a rubber
sack or a, you know, a plastic bag. It is a really nice backpack. It is going to shed
the water and it is going to be great for the harshest weather in all kinds of environments. So I am going to turn the pack around and
check out the suspension system that we have got at play here. Mountain Hardwear is using
their HardWave suspension. It is an ultra light style suspension system. They do have
a light weight frame sheet that goes from top to bottom down the middle of the pack.
It is really flexible, so it allows this pack to kind of form around whoever it is being
carried by. It is a really nice, flexible feature. And it has got nice, light weight
padding to provide good ventilation, but also some support. Looking at the shoulder straps we have got
ultra light minimal style shoulder straps. Again, this pack is not meant to carry a lot
of weight, so the padding isn’t very beefy, but it is nice and thin. It has got really
nice perforated mesh there. So it is going to provide ample breathability. And down at
the bottom we do have a minimalist style hip belt. So it is a really thin piece of webbing,
about a one inch piece of webbing. It is going to give you, you know, support and stability
around the hips, but, again, minimalist style. It is not going to have much padding. You
do have a sternum strap as well, a nice safety whistle there which is a great feature in
case you just get into trouble. Great suspension system all around for being, you know, a pack
that is under two pounds. So turning the pack around we will take a
look at the storage options on the Scrambler 30. It is held down by this loop and buckle.
So just loosen that up will allow you to kind of take the top off and reveal the single
point of storage. It is a, you know, one tubular style pack. It has got a fairly large opening
so you can stuff a lot of gear in there and stuff it in there easily. Behind that on a separate sleeve there is
a hydration compatible compartment with a little bit of a hook there so you can hang
your hydration sleeve without it sinking to the bot-tom. There is actually a drainage
port on the bottom of the suspension. So that will actually, you know, allow ventilation
and drainage if you are, you know, say your bladder leaks or there is some condensation
in there. It will allow that to dry out pretty easily. Close up the top. There is also a pocket in
the hood itself which is pretty neat. So on the back of the hood we have got a nice zippered
pocket. It is fairly easy to access and with that kind of sturdier material on the top
it is going to remain protected. It will be a great pocket for maps. It will be great
for a first aid kit or anything you need to get hands on quickly. Aside from those compartments there are two
very deep water bottle pockets or pockets for other gear on the sides. The other small
features on this pack to point out are two ice axe or tool loops. You have got trekking
pole attachments up here on the top. We have got some gear loops on the bottom as well.
And also on the sides we do have two compression straps which are going to allow you to cinch
down your load really nicely in the event that it is not as large some other loads. And there you have it. It is the Scrambler
30 OutDry from Mountain Hardwear, a great, fully waterproof pack for anything from alpine
climbing to commuting around the city.

10 thoughts on “Mountain Hardwear Scrambler 30 OutDry Waterproof Day Pack

  1. When will the Scrambler OutDry 30 be available in the Shark/Black and Orange color way that you are showcasing in the video? Only color ways that seem to be available are a hideous blue and yellow, eggplant purple and mustard yellow. Thx.

  2. I'm looking for something waterproof that I can hold a few books and notebooks, as well as a laptop in. I'd also like to get a bag that I can use on day hikes and 1-night trips. I really like this backpack besides the fact that it doesn't have a laptop sleeve; I worry the laptop might get damaged while travelling if not contained within a laptop sleeve. Is the compression of the bag good enough that it can hold these things snug or should I look elsewhere?

  3. This pack can't be waterproof with that closure system can it? Is the pack submersible like the Outdoor Research Dry Comp Summit?

  4. Nice pack. Great price. The weight is a bit of a compromise… I think the Scrambler 35 might have some better features.

  5. Just picked this bad boy up for only $50 bucks at the Columbia employee store 🙂 riding around town and already LOVE IT

  6. Not sure about the packs ability to breathe being water proof and all? Not a good environment for electronics in heat of summer for lengthy periods of time. Not enough outer quick access pocket for the urban environment. Great pack for the trail though. Nice video. TY. Not a pack for me.

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