Mozone Large 45L lightweight travel water resistant backpack (Review)

Mozone Large 45L lightweight travel water resistant backpack (Review)

what’s up YouTube the bearded
outdoorsman your guide to all things gear and beards today is gonna be
another gear video and I’m going to show you how I modified a backpack to fit my
needs so stay tuned to the intro alright guys we are back if you’re new
to my channel and the bearded outdoorsman I do hiking videos gear
reviews beard product reviews and tutorials today we’re gonna be taking a
look at a backpack that I picked up off of Amazon fairly inexpensive picked it
up a few years ago but it just didn’t work for me and so I did some
modifications to what we’re gonna look at today it’s backpack from mozone m-o-z-o-n-e alright so this is what they consider a 45 litre packable day pack as
what they consider it I’ll put a picture here this is what it looked like when I
bought it of course just a different color so it came with a top brain
basically that had two pockets it had an outer pocket and had an inner pocket for
me personally when I have a pack that has that I end up putting too much stuff
in it ultimately make them unpack too heavy so just one little tip one little
piece of advice if you’re new to hiking you’re new to outdoors the bigger your
pack that you purchase the more stuff you’re gonna put in it the more stuff
you’re gonna think you need and the heavier your packs going to be in the
long run so I’ll downsized I went to this 45 liter pack has a chance to
downsize and I was able to get my pack down for the next once I got this my
very next weekend hike my pack was less than 25 pounds so but I’m gonna show you
what I did and give you my take on this particular pack and what I did to to
modify it so first off I took off I cut off the top brain the entire brain
portion I took I cut that off and I just went to the fabric store in Vault just
basic black ripstop and came in where the brain would have had a drawstring
here brain laid over and clipped so what I did was wear the drawstring was I cut
the drawstring out took in and sewed in this rip stop here
then set it here and what that does it gives me a little bit more room to pack
kind of my bigger stuff my clothes or my hammock or my under quilt that kind of
thing and I added some velcro to the top just as an extra little closure but then
when we stitched it I just took a piece of the nylon that was around for the
drawstring and just seemed it with that so I added these buckles back they were
on the brain to clip the brain down and so what I had to do was because they
were more towards the front of the pack you can see this is where they were
I cut the was that the male end of the clip I cut that out from here and moved
it over here to the side so when I roll my top down it clips down on the sides
the but what this has given me is it gave me basically it turned this 45
liter pack almost into a 50 liter pack but without the pockets so just collect
stuff that’s what I found in my years of hiking is with various bags if you have
a lot of various pockets that don’t have a good use for them like these side
pockets did a water bottle really well so if you don’t have something like this
if you have something else that doesn’t have a good purpose you end up putting
miscellaneous things in there and overloading it and it gets too heavy so
I carried this pack I would not recommend this pack for over 25 pounds I
carried it with a little less than 25 it was fine it worked well the straps are
not the most comfortable this is considered a day pack from ozone but I
carried it for weekend hikes on the Appalachian Trail carried it for three
day hike two nights three days had plenty of room for my food my water
my clothes my hammock my everything I needed for my sleep system so I didn’t
didn’t scrimp on that I didn’t have to leave anything at home that I would have
needed actually hike in the fall so it was a fairly cool trip so I had enough
for my jacket and everything in here and again the only problem I ran into was
the the straps weren’t super quality super padded and actually when I was
redoing this I undid the straps and I added a little bit of foam inside the
straps and it made a little bit of a difference not too big but it does this
pack does have the sternum strap it does not have a waist belt but I also added
these loops on the bottom so I can and if you can see these great ones are on
the front these black ones are on the back so I can add something under here
and tie it off so like big sleeping bag if I was going to need the big sleeping
bag or anything for that matter you can pretty much tight down here
strap it on it’s got this front mesh kind of stretchy elastic material here
and what I usually carry when I carry this pack the way I carry it is I have
the collapsible platypus water bottles one liter so they fit really well right
here as well as like a smart water bottle they fit really good here and
then I would keep my I’d keep a ziploc bag with toilet paper and my bag with my
water filters my Sawyer filter and all that stuff I’d keep it right here so it
was easy access and then everything else went into the guts of the bag it does
have a it’s not real big but it does have a thing for a water bladder and but
there’s no port and I don’t think it had a port I think you just had to run it
out of the drawstring if you wanted to use it in its original form but again
this video is its kind of twofold it’s a
review of this bag which I think is a really good bag of quality for what it
is and for its price it’s a really good bag in my opinion number two to show you
that you can take any bag any outdoor gear get you a sewing machine play with
it learn how to use it and you can modify your gear to fit your needs
because that’s what we want companies aren’t going to fit what your particular
need is so sometimes you have to modify stuff sometimes you have to make it work
for you and and basically you’re hiking your hike so if if you don’t have enough
pockets add pockets if you’ve got too many pockets cut some pockets off so you
don’t overload it because I personally can attest to if you have too much room
in your pack you will pack too much stuff I’m not going to get into what how
some heavy some of my packs have been in the past but let’s just say we we’ve
learned over the years and and I think this was a huge step for me this was the
biggest step for me to learn that I could go a lot less weight than what
I’ve been doing because you go with a smaller bag and you tell yourself I’ve
got to make it work guess what you’re gonna make it work and
you’re not going to carry anything that’s not necessary so if you found
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drop me a comment let me know if you ever modified your gear have you ever
have you ever modified any any particular piece of gear that just
wasn’t working for you and you wanted to make it work and you’re what you needed
so drop me a comment let me know what you think and as always from the bearded
outdoorsman stay bearded get outdoors and god bless you

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  1. A review of the Mozone 45L backpack from Amazon. I have done some modification to the backpack and it is more user friendly in my opinion.

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  2. Love the videos!, I'm 20 my facial hair doesn't fill in yet, plan on growing a cool beard when I'm older, your beard is Awesome!

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