Must Have Back To School Supplies Haul 2017! Natalies Outlet

Must Have Back To School Supplies Haul 2017! Natalies Outlet

(Music) Hello there! It’s me Natalie! with a Christmas hat on! Well it kinda feels like Christmas today Because everything you see in this video is going to be given away! ๐Ÿ˜€ to 3 of my lucky subscribers I’m so excited for you guys so make sure if you’re not subscribed make sure you subscribe and turn notifications on to be automatically entered in the giveaway I have no idea why I’m doing this but I’m very excited for you guys I’M SO EXCITED Literally this entire haul has some of the coolest, newest, and the cutest school supplies like of the year I’ve been shopping at Target you know TaRJet, I’ve also done some shopping online you guys are going to be blown away I have an entire series of videos like these so you check out all the links to see how awesome these supplies are BUT Now I’m giving them away. Stick till the end to see how you can enter this giveaway And in the comments below tell me what grade you’re going into Are you ready for these awesome school supplies? Lets get into it The Girly Girl so I’ve broken up this giveaway into three sections and this first one is for the Girly Girl 💖 So its very cute, its pretty, there’s makeup involved. Everything is just adorable honestly like I want it all WHY DIDN’T THEY HAVE THESE CUTE SUPPLIES WHEN I WAS IN SCHOOL D: Alright so the girly girl these are the awesome things that you get this really pretty pink, trendy locker thing its like a shelf for your locker its amazing When I was in school they had these in black, blue, and thats it so you’re very lucky this is beautiful I love this We have this beautiful five star folder which is the best brand Its going to make you feel very beautiful in math class when you’re studying again so you got this to stay organized then you get this awesome notebook from five-star which again I low key love them (can you sponsor me) I really love the decoration on this its super cute Its also really creative then I got you this notebook So your gonna love this and more cute thing for your locker. I got this really cute Rose gold . Is this Rose gold? Rose gold little thing to put in your locker it sticks on and then you can put all your pencil stay organized weekly board you can put It on your locker, and then you can be like well, Monday. I gotta do this. Tuesday I gotta do this like seriously you’re gonna be so organized I want you to take a look at this these are Clearview highlighters that means you can see through the tip and you can literally see everything you’re writing So your notes are going to be beautiful really nice and girly and cute And I love the colors as well super cool new school product then I got you these gel pens because I just think it’s going to go great with your planner you get to write and be creative I’m just I’m a sucker for pens. It says plus one so you get six different ones No, smear, so if you’re lefties, it’s perfect for you as well. I got these beautiful Twinkle lights because I feel like everyone needs twinkle eyes you can either put these in your room or in your locker It’s gonna be the lights in the dark tunnel after every school day, then my absolute favorite these are my absolute favorite I just said that. cleansing makeup wipes They’re awesome Super Smooth if you have very sensitive skin you know maybe after pe class you wanna wipe up all this all the stuff touch up on That makeup girl boy you do you so there you go. You got some these also. I got some eos because eos I’m not sure because you guys keep your lips smooth vibrant kissable don’t kiss and tell And I really like sweet mint because like let’s just say your breath is kind of kickin’ Just Put a little bit on and it will camouflage the stink life hack cute little post-it because you got decorate your binder Or you got decorate your notebook flashcards because you’re going to learn a lot at least I hope you are. real techniques beauty blender is dual. Ended. Which I thought was just like fabulous I don’t know I’ve never seen this before and it’s just going to keep you fresh and looking good all day long these I thought were super neat my sister actually introduced me to these and their ouchless Elastics for your hair, but I also think they look really nice on the wrist. Oh, oh God was I wearing this this whole time Lord Jesus have mercy okay? I do not need that that is why you need these because hair doesn’t get stuck on it and also I just think they look super pretty on your wrist and you get a cute ruler Look at this like seriously. I never had this cute stuff not only that it’s wood but also it’s like steel right here Glue because you gotta glue some stuff. You know these are amazing Unfortunately, they’re not in packaging because I was using this for another video, but I thought you might like them. They’re shape paperclips this is the first giveaway for the girly girl, so the next winner I like to call this one the artist or the dreamer because Honestly, I felt like that was me in high school And I would frickin’ love all the things in here. comment below What kind of kid you are you like the Dreamer are you the cute girl? Are you the sporty one. I wanna know… this has changed my life. Okay. I swear to you I’m not exaggerating. This is frixion erasable pens they’re amazing! They erase like a dream. They’re so beautiful They’re pigmented I wish I had known about these in school because I would take beautiful notes Colorful imaginative perfect form operating to understand and then I can just erase them and it bam it looks totally awesome So you’re going to love these just buy them right now everyone everyone that’s watching in this video these awesome colorful Markers sorry these awesome colorful markers by YOBI And not only are they colorful and beautiful, but they’re stamps. They’re so cute They have a bunch of different stamp colors, so you can literally decorate your planner your binders Or just like color code basically your.. your notes this might look like a backpack But it’s not it’s like the coolest little lunch box ever I have been super super into Bullet journaling It’s such a relaxing habit and thing to do so I got you your very own bullet journal it’s super pretty like the sky and it kind of shows you a little bit of how to do it if you Don’t know anything about bullet journaling seriously check it out bunch of colorful post-its because I feel like you can never have enough Post it’s. Then. I also got this coloring book. It’s supposed to be like a very relaxing thing to do so if you’re ever at school You’re stressed out about math because that’s the hardest subject for me you can just take out the coloring books have it underneath The math book and then just color your life away, man awesome Pocket folder Super pretty Super decorative Super artsy. composition banana notebooks Seriously you’re going to be the stylish person in class. I love this. Some more markers, of course Okay, you know the erasable pens, these are erasable colors so again check it out Look at the beauty of it their motto is like write fearlessly. It doesn’t matter. What you write It’s going to erase beautiful. So you gotta have these you just gotta school essential right here an awesome cool pencil pouch Oh my gosh, okay, so you see these little stamps. They actually go with a lunch box. It’s so cute So you iron them on and then you know you make it your own.. pretty neat. water bottle because you have to stay hydrated in school I got you some glitter glue, some normal Elmer’s glue. So, you get a little bit of both I mean were on the erasable theme erasable colored pencils these rock my socks Amazing some silly scented color pencils as well. It smells so good. I love fruit punch That’s a good one They’re so cool I love this giveaway these are erasable colored leds like what mechanical pencils now have colored leds I can’t even! some glitterful school scissors because we’ve gotta cut some stuff up. Don’t cut people in class. You know what I’m sayin’ It’s like a cute little washi Tape that has emojis and says text me super cute And then just is like a new form of white out there decorative white out They come in cute little different figures So you can literally decorate your entire notebook, and they also come in white out one, so these are awesome my personal favorite And the very last giveaway set that could be yours. I like to call it the school Essentialist all the essentials you basically need for back-to-school This Beautiful Peachy backpack a nice handy backpack, and then we have this awesome, hybrid notebook You can’t forget your essential notebook paper, an awesome folder. White out for those mistakes These are twistable ones, so these are like the new cool ones You know what I’m saying… I fell in love with this cute, Little pouch you Just put cash in here, or just like coins or little mini pencils. Can you imagine? Okay, I’m in love. your essential post-its. three little pouches to put all of your cute essentials back in for school I mean, it’s holographic, baby. You know what I mean whooo your essential highlighters super pretty colors and they are smear proof then I got these wall pops put them right above your desk and Just remind yourself of all the fun this year has to bring to you poster markers. These are so awesome They’re already thick marker So no need to like outline twice or three times to make letters look bold your awesome Mechanical pencils these are by far my favorite and they always make me write that much more beautiful at least that’s what I think then I Got these beautiful colorful roller ball pens and its really neat you get to open this up It works like a little stand you get to put it like that on your desk ooh Balance a cute little binder if you like this to be your diy agenda definitely a cute little school essential of course an eraser some glue sticks and Just some glue in case you prefer liquid glue and an awesome notebook that says I rather be a mermaid. me, too And these awesome colorful twistable and erasable color pencils I can’t I just can’t and now on how to enter this giveaway is open Internationally to anyone. It doesn’t matter where you live in if you are here Or if you are there this giveaway is for all my beautiful subscribers So if you’re not yet subscribed make sure you subscribe and turn notifications on to be a part of this Weird family also follow me on my instagram @nataliesoutlet and make sure that you comment on this specific Picture right here and let me know what your dream job is and what grade you’re going to be going into I’m going to be Going through the comments I’m going to be picking three different winners at random also let me know which of these three you prefer In exactly two weeks. I’m gonna be picking three lucky winners from those comments, so make sure you comment on just that picture It’s that simple you can comment as many times as you like just make sure that it is this picture right here And if you would like me to follow you on Twitter make sure you repost this picture and tag me and with the hashtag This [hashtag on screen] cuz I don’t know what it is right now- @Nataliesschoolgiveaway So this thank you so much for watching I cannot wait to give you these awesome prizes here So you guys are going to love it. I hope you kill it this school

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