hello everyone and welcome back to my
channel today is the big announcement I’m so excited to share this with you–No, it’s not baby number two, so click off if that was the only thing you were
looking for…but this is a baby to me and something that I’ve been working on for
a very long time this is something that I’m really passionate about you guys
know I love photography, I’m surrounded by cameras in this entire filming room
and I have adored photography since I first picked up a regular analog camera
and took a photojournalism class in high school so it’s a 20-year passion of mine
I love photography and today I am announcing the launch of my preset shop
[children cheering] very excited about it if you don’t know a preset is basically a filter that you
can purchase and you use it in something called Adobe Lightroom which for mobile
is completely a hundred percent free the presets I’m selling are going to be
available for Adobe Lightroom which is available on both Android and iOS so if
you have a phone it will work on it I have a complete walkthrough video on how
to install your first preset if you’ve never installed one before the mobile
ones make it super easy to do right from your phone just read the instructions or
if you prefer following a video tutorial I have attached a video tutorial within
the readme file which I know nobody opens but in this case you’re gonna want
to do it now I have created custom presets and I’m going to be launching
new ones periodically and they’re all gonna be different and they’re all gonna
be interesting and with unique applications but the bottom line is I
want them to be virtually OneTouch so what this means is you could take a
picture from your phone and you can take it straight out of the camera and open
up Lightroom take that photo and import it in or if you are like me I have all
of my photos auto import to Adobe Lightroom and that photo shows up on my
Lightroom app I hit my preset button find my preset–boom–and that’s it and I
can upload to Instagram no fiddling with all sorts of special different
concoctions it’s one touch recipe for your photos to make
look cohesive and seamless and have a beautiful Instagram feed I have a lot of
fun playing with them and I personally don’t like to use just one preset for my
entire Instagram feed I like to shake it up but if you’re that type of person
this preset is for you my first preset launched is called Honey🍯 and I chose
that because it really just works with everything it’s kind of like this
beautiful filter for your photos it brightens it decreases for some reason
seems to decrease the appearance of under-eye circles and wrinkles and I’m
not claiming it to be an anti aging filter but it just has that benefit in a
lot of applications it lightens up the shadows and it really kind of makes the
image pop but also has that very cool kind of Instagram aesthetic feel to it
so if you’re interested in those types of photos and getting that kind of look
all you have to do is purchase my preset the link is in the description box and
stay tuned for more preset launches I mean you can stay tuned to this channel
announced new ones here and there and you can definitely stay tuned via my
Instagram account that’s where I’m gonna announce all of my preset launches first
so anyway that is the big announcement presets are available the first one the
inaugural one is called honey and has a little honey emoji and there’s different
sliders that you can play around with to see the before and after effect and
there’s going to be a hashtag which I’ll put on the screen #KBPresetsHoney so
if you use it–if you buy it and use it– on your photos I would love to
like, repost your photos if you tagged me and use the hashtag #KBPresetsHoney because that will help other people determine if you know
that’s the look they want to go for so definitely use that hashtag if you buy
it and are loving it like I do I made this preset myself and it’s
custom tweet and it’s one of my favorites I absolutely love this one
it’s the one reason why I chose this one to be the first one because it really is
a preset for all photos United me so yeah that is my exciting announcement I
hope that you enjoy the presets and if are interested in it and if you want to
see more than definitely stay tuned all of my social media channels Instagram
and YouTube primarily I’m very excited for this and put a lot of time and work
into this behind the scenes oh my goodness so yeah everything had to be
perfect I beta tested this set I actually beta tested the walkthrough and
the instructions and the purchase with all of my family members I made them all
do it various ages age ranges various levels of Technology proficient versus
deficient and they were all able to install the preset they were all able to
use it and loved it so I know you’re gonna love it too so the link to
everything is going to be down in the description box also if you have any
questions about the presets and installing it DM me on instagram or you
can shoot me a message on [email protected] and we’ll get back
to you as soon as I possibly can so that is my announcement I hope you guys enjoy
it have at it I love you and I will see you
in my next video bye does anyone love that I’ve matched my Apple watch face to
my sweater which is from Walmart so yeah fill in the rainbow love

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