(music from Harry Potter plays) (awosome music by the way uwu) – Let me tell you about my favourite game, of all time. (call of duty :v) The game I always look back to with… fond memories, like meeting my first girlfriend. (marzia) That’s not a lie, by the way. *chukles* The game I wasted my teenage years on, where I should’ve been out (like everyone here) Tibia 7.6 baby! (cool music playz) The 7.6 is important, because Tibia today is now fucking garbage, dont watch this video, and be like “Oh Tibia, I better check that game out! – It sounded pretty cool the way he explained it!” NO! no. Its just like World of Warcraft, if you say you loved World of Warcraft, you’re not talking about it today, you’re talkin about vanilla fuckin’ WOW! Now chances are, (stuttering) You’ve heard of Tibia before, which basically means you’re either polish, Brazilian, or Swedish, Cause were the only people playing the game for some reason, “But pewds, I am Romanian and I heard about the game!” SHUT UP. “But pewds this game looks just like a Runescape copy..” SHUT- SHUTUP “but pewds this game is not as good as World of Warcraft” *loud boombox sound* Hey listen here you piece of shit, Tibia took balls of steel to play. Tibia made me a man, the man, the great man.. I am today! (laughter) WOW is for fuckin’, PUSSIES **I played WOW too and i really enjoyed it by the way.** But still lemme tell you why! If you die in the game, Any game, What happens? You respawn? Aw, thats cute! ~ You respawn? It takes you a second? Oho, that’s – that’s cute. If you die in Tibia, it’s like dying in real life! *loud pewds voice* IT’S LIKE MATRIX!!! Why am I so excited? Now if you die in Tibia, you lose DAYS of fucking work, But you’re like, okay, I’m gonna spend all weekend trying to level up my character. Means “Felix Toothbrush,” Great fucking name, I know. *its okay pewds* I spend all weekend, Leveling up. — I literally spent 24 hours, probably in total.. And then all the SUDDEN… All that FUCKING WORK.. IS JUST GONE! BECAUSE SOME ASSHOLE… CAME IN OUT OF NO WHERE… WHILE I WAS FARMING MY FUCKING ROOT WORMS! (Angry sigh) (Silence) Anyone could kill you in this game, at any point. No matter what level you are, there’s no limit, To Tibia. There’s no max level limit, There’s no skill level limit, There’s no item limit, AND LET ME TELL YOU, THERE’S NO ASSHOLE LIMIT! And uh, … — You know when you’re a kid and you’re just a fucking asshole? That was me in this game. But at least I had a safe space to practice.. My immoral deeds, you know? ~ So please don’t judge me, for what I’m about to tell you. Cause you might, .. *Huff* Change your view on me. I was so hated while playing Tibia, My many other characters, I was always hated, my — it was a thing! My friends were always so shocked, like why.. Are you always so hated by everyone, like, even my friends were like : We can’t be associated with you, because you’re a fuckin’ moron, and everyone hates you.. *Chuckle* So whenever I started doing youtube I was literally shocked, That anyone liked what I was doing. That was such a new thing to me. Imagine me as a teenager, I’m annoying enough as 27! Remember the Brazilians.. Bless your soul, I’m sorry for what I’m about to say but you’re not very good at English. Some of you. *Stutter,* Hey hey — I’m sorry okay, it’s — that was the case.. That is not my fuckin’ fault.. In the game it’s not like fuckin’ WOW where you have to, “Oh I have to trade an item? Oh I’ll just send it over…” “Bleh bleh bleh,” DONE. Okay, no. You’d have to meet up in person, in the game. And it was a huge level, map, OKAY? You’d have to go from one city to another, you’d be like : “Okay, .. “Alright, which city you in?” “Oh, I’m in Thais!” “Ah SHIT! Well, I can’t..” “I can’t come right now, okay FINE, I’ll meet you there alright,” So.. So you figured it out and once you’re next to each other.. You’d have to have the amount of money on you, and the other person would have the item. So I would tell this, — Poor Brazilians.. *Laughter* “Hey! Meet me by the king!” — Pewds “In Thais..” “Alright? It’ll be — that’s a great spot!” “Not a lot of people is there, — it’s a good way to trade.” “But,” “But I want to trade in the deposit store like normal!” “Oh no no no no! You want to go to the king it’s waaaaaay better.” “It’s way better to trade next to the king, c’mon,” “Come on, it’s nice and COOOOOL!” “No one is there,” ~ “It’s a great spot to make a trade..” *Chuckle* And what a lot of people didn’t know about, Was that if you swear in front of the king.. You would lose all your health. Its so stupid right? But that’s the thing about Tibia. It’s fuckin’ DUMB! They would initiate the trade, right? But I would cancel and be like, “No no no no no.” “I, ..” “I’m a very formal man!” (Laugh) “Write down this : accept trade.” —— And they would be like.. “I don’t understand.” “Just write it out!” “Not privately, publicly!” “Accept Trade.” “It’s just the way I do business.” And they’d be like, “Accept Trade” ~ *Stutter,* “You’re doing great buddy!” “You’re doing.. excellent. You’re almost there!” “Now just say..” “Fuck.” *Laughs* “Fuck?” The king in the game gets pissed off.. Sends its guard, He gets — he gets to one health, I come in, come in with my little dagger.. POKE THAT BITCH! BOOP! ~ He’s dead. Easy job. Didn’t even have to waste anything! And best fucking part is that he brought all the gold, for the trade.. Because you don’t just lose a level. Oh no no. You lose your fucking loot! And I haven’t told you about the best part. The Brazilian incoherent rage babble. *Omg* WHY DID YOU DO THIS AGSDURBFNISENWS!!! OOOOH! Why do I sound like such an asshole, but it was so funny — it was so funny to just see all the messages.. Private messages pop up like.. “You’re fucking DEAD!” “I’m gonna fucking KILL YOU!” “You fucking hear me!?” And you’re already outta there. You’re far away. That was the best of times. My character, Felix Toothbrush.. I know great fucking name. It was pretty high level, and I’ll tell you why. We cheated the fuck out of the game. We were botting 24 hours a day, and I know I’ve been an asshole before. Botting is like cheating.. Cheating is bad.. .. and you shouldn’t do it. ๐Ÿ˜‰ But we did it! (Laugh) Out of all things that I said before, Botting was the best.. thing.. fucking.. ever. I want it back in my life. For those of you who don’t know what botting is, you were running a cheat, That would move your character, Kinda like in a circle, And killing the same monsters over and over, and over, and over. And loot all the shit. So basically, once you’ve woken up, You see your backpacks are basically fucking filled with gold, and it can’t even fit anymore.. and that was the best… fucking thing, ever. Waking up in the morning was like Christmas, Every FUCKING DAY! It was like fucking cocaine and I need that shit again, but of course.. There was some, uh.. ~ There was, *Stutter* There were some, Things that happened. Some people didn’t like that you botted, because they would like.. Approach you and be like.. “HEY!” And if you didn’t respond, They would know that you were botting.. Because typically if they see that you were moving around for a long fucking time, it was pretty obvious. Well don’t you worry about it because I had a SCRIPT! That would reply.. If they wrote “hi,” I would be like, “Hi!!” “Sorry!” “Very busy..” “Looting a lot — killing a lot of root worms over here!” But — “Thank you for saying hi!” If they ask “Hey whats 2 + 2 ?” I’d be like: 4! BYE. But of course, sometimes they would figure it out anyway. Alright, It wasn’t flawless.. But it worked. But I had an alarm. Ok. So if someone would attack me.. And try and kill me, I HAD AN ALARM! *WATCH OUT* ALRIGHT.. And let me tell you.. The PTSD.. That I have from that alarm.. 0_0 *Alarm Sound* So I obviously I couldn’t just have the alarm on full volume during at night, Because I would wake up my parents.. :/ So I would sleep.. With my headphones.. — (Laughter) Which surprisingly wasn’t that bad like I slept very nice. Knowing that my bot was doing all the work for me. ๐Ÿ˜‰ But one night, the alarm went off. *oh no* And I would literally throw my self out of bed. There was no hesitation it was like.. AGJHHHHHHHHHH!!! “TIMMY IM DYING!!!!!” RUNNING TO THE FUCKING COMPUTER.. And then you see that the alarm, Has been going on, For a long fucking time because all my health packs are gone. I used up all of them, my bot would take care of that as well. And I saw. The last, Heath bar, Go away… ~ And I would die. ๐Ÿ™ There was no way. I would sleep that night. sing — teared– Never has anything, You know what in real life as well, nothing has ever made me, So upset. :I As when I died by that bot. I’ll never forget you. :'( Lordelderquest. you fuckin’ bitch. So I would have a couple different characters and whenever I got to a high level I would get so fucking cocky, and cunty. That people would — just start Start killing me. ๐Ÿ™ Literally people, From other servers would come over, Just to kill me… *Chuckle.* They wouldn’t just kill me. They — They would take my corpse.. 0_0 and they would drag it.. To the centre of the town where everyone could see. :'( *Tears* The humiliation. :i I’m not faking it I’m legit.. Sad – it was horrible. My friends saw it and they were like.. aw.. Dude.. We can’t be friends anymore. I have so many great fucking stories from, that game. So many great memories. Tibia was great. Because there was no restrictions. There’s really no games like it out today. And even in World of Warcraft. Any MMO or any game in general, They have no concequences. They — it doesn’t really matter. The flaws of Tibia was it’s strongest bits because it was so exploitable. Which made it so much fun and I don’t think I’ll ever have an experience, In a game like I had with Tibia 7.6, And I think everyone has a game from their childhood, or their teenage years that they really — attached themselves to and Tibia was definitely that game for me. And I’m sure you had a game like that as well, if you did let me know in the comments, and why. Thank you for letting me talk about Tibia, it means a lot to me. The dear top to ma heart. Leave a like if you enjoyed listening, and I’ll see you bros.. in the next video. 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I knew there was something in you ken now for the final test there is one more thing i need u to suck on ๐Ÿ˜‰ that musiz tho

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  1. Pewds there is a game just like that, just like the old school tibia called zezenia online, the community is so small but if you played it would grow rapidly, please consider it, we need more players and more war ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. There is another similar game to old school tibia.

    and ye, we got swes, brs, polacks and some americans out there.
    If you gonna try because of my comment, please like it and choose world Pharos.

  3. August 2019 and still want more Tibia stories, Felix! Can we get some one close to Felix to get more stories!?! His Minecraft series too frickin wholesome!!!

  4. 1:02 … How?

    in romania it was ''4 story'' or '' Menit 2''
    those were the games of our childhood
    and gta San Andreas is still the most played game in romania ๐Ÿ™‚
    And that's a Fact

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