My Full Kit for 5 Months in Africa / Yamaha Ténéré 700 Bad News / First Impressions

My Full Kit for 5 Months in Africa / Yamaha Ténéré 700 Bad News / First Impressions

it is really good to be back in
California where I’m warm here in Long Beach at the motorcycle
show and it’s a huge show this is the first of five cities that I’ll be doing
with the show I’m doing a packing seminar on adventure packing specific
for weekend warriors and world travelers different tips and tricks that I’ve
learned over the years as an adventure rider but most importantly I’m
just really excited to connect with fans down here I’m always just a little bit
nervous for the first show but this is going to be fun what’s not in this kit that I brought
through Africa are th e parts that I could not acquire in Africa that I knew
I would wear out on the motorcycle. I had an XT 600 I bought in Spain
I sold the bike in Mozambique what I couldn’t find were sprockets, quality
chains, brake pads and I knew I would use all of those I wouldn’t be able to find
chain lube. those are the things that that extra space is used for I just finished
up a packing presentation here at the International Motorcycle Show and what I
have here is all of this stuff I brought with me through a five-month trip in
Africa I’ll just show you the things that I have and how I compartmentalize
that obviously I carry an emergency tent with me this is a two-person tent enough
space for all of my gear if I need it when I sleep I have a small compact bag
and I carry a 20 degree liner the bag is good for camping but the liner I use
sometimes at hotels and also at hostels as kind of a hostel sheet the other
thing I carry for camping is just an inverted bag with a fleece lining that
turns into a pillow and that it also has my sleeping hat so I stay warm and it
has a lantern to keep light inside in this bag I’m also going to keep my first
aid kit on top that’s why it’s the last thing I put in because it hopefully will
be… NEVER be the first thing I grab out and then I grab a stove this is a metal
cup for hard boiling eggs making coffee my stove is just an alcohol stove made
out of aluminum cans and of course because I’m comfortable or I want to be
comfortable I have an inflatable… this is a 3 inch inflatable mat that’s also
insulated so that’s all of my camp gear the other things in this bag is I’ve got
a REI Flash – a really lightweight backpack if I have to hike out someplace go grocery
shopping it takes very little space it’s in the bottom and then my tool kit which
I’ve already done a video on this goes on the very bottom it keeps the weight
low and chances are I’m not going to need to
grab it really quick so I bury that down nice and deep my rain gear is always
going to be on the outside because I don’t want to have to dig into it needs
to be convenient so I don’t hesitate putting it on
I’ve got rain pants a rain jacket and then also my warm gloves are always
going to be on the backpack or the back pouch here where it’s very very quick
very easy to get to the other back pouch on this one are the shoes that I’m
wearing what’s left over is my computer I always carry a computer with me all of
the charge cords memory portable mouse all that goes down at the bottom now
when I put the computer in what I do is I make sure that I’m always putting it
back against the hard edge that way if I do fall down it’s not going to flex or
get damaged and then I’m going to take my bag of clothes this is all of my
clothes and I’m going to use that on the outside of the computer to hold it into
place that way if I do fall it’s not gonna damage the the
computer this is a boot dryer I bring with me my boots get wet that’s never a
good thing all that’s left at this point is one bag
with insulation this is my liner for going underneath the jacket that goes
in here there’s nothing else in there I have a spare shield which would go on
the top and then I have my camera with an extra lens and that usually goes on
top of the bike that’s it guys that’s everything I bring with me I have enough
stuff here to go to a nice dinner and look good I have enough stuff to be
clean I can be comfortable on-site what I’m when I’m camping I can fix the
bike if I have a problem I could take care of medical emergencies if I’m there
if the bike breaks down I have everything in there to fix the bike
these are the essentials here’s a protip take all of your electrical items and
rewire them to have the same plug I use an SAE plug so my power converter my
boot dryers my GPS everything uses the same plug set also cooking gear often
you’re going to pick up food along the way you can live on boiled food and
dehydrate if that’s how you like but when I camp I want real food we are adventure riders
guys we do not have to dehydrated food I go through a town
every day I eat steak if I’m cooking in camp that is proper I have bacon and
eggs for breakfast that is proper I am an adventure rider not a backpacker I
don’t have to carry it. I’m Bret Tkacs. I’m at the International Motorcycle Show
I am *almost* 50 that’s as close as you get to my age, and my very first
experience was my brother putting me on a 185 Yamaha in a foggy field full of
orchard trees and apple trees sent me out and said don’t hit any trees I was
successful and I’ve been riding ever since what’s the problem with face we
use it exactly but there we need to fill it finally I get to see the 10 or a 700
but I’m told no us-spec bikes here I begged them to ride it and nobody gets
to ride it not even the employees however I do want to take a look at some
of the specs here and a sport touring an adventure touring 10 or a 700 and see
what they’re willing to tell us about the the American bike they did tell me
that we have three different colors but that’s not really what we’re interested
in specs that’s what I’m interested in take a look and see what they offer it’s
the important things now we know it’s fuel injected we know it’s going to be
chain drive here’s what matters we have a 21 of proper 21 on the front we have
an 18 on the back our suspension is basically adventure spec we’re 8.3 on
the front they’re claiming 7 9 on the back and ground clearance is nine and a
half very respectable number nine and a half inches and our seat height is
thirty four point six there’s no horsepower specs here there’s no fuel
economy there’s no weight but it is 4.2 gallons and if it’s getting 50 miles to
the gallon which is very realistic that’s theoretically a 200 mile range so
let’s hope that’s what we’re going to get and
they’ll take a look at the bike well here it is it’s the bike we’ve all been
waiting to see I always wondered why the 660 10 rate never came to the States
turns out it was the cost of the emissions to get it here but now we have
the 700 and you know first impression this bike it’s narrow it looks like it’s
really going to make a difference and we’re not gonna get to riding they don’t
have any US spec bikes here if this is a euro spec it’s a simple bike there’s
it’s not a lot of electronics to worry about the key is just a standard key
it’s not a computer coded key it has ABS it’s on or off no traction control it’s
it’s the market that is its kind of open right now that KLR isn’t being made
anymore the dr650 is is ancient and this one
really fills that and under ten thousand four lists this is why I really can’t
wait to get my hands on this and try it out and see how it performs you know
looking at it this has credible specs it’s an 18 inch rim on the back it’s a
150 7018 gonna be really easy to find good aggressive off-road rubber of
course the front is a 21 it’s running pretty standard basically an adventurous
back ground clearance it’s nine and a half inches respectable the back is
supposed to be seven point nine inches traveled the front is eight point three
certainly respectable for adventure it’s not a hardcore dirt bike and you don’t
comparing this against the 790 not being able to ride it I think they really are
looking at different markets when you look at the horsepower on this is down
in horsepower but it’s also less expensive less technology it’s a simpler
bike there’s a very specific type of rider who’s going to want this that’s
gonna be different from the 790 really stands out to me the bike is narrow
there’s nothing hanging outside of this engine it it feels when I’m sitting on
it standing next to it like it’s gonna be great in the trails also I’m always
looking at the things that are going to be a problem if the bike falls down what
are the things that I have to worry about being damaged the radiator is
tucked in really tight and the way the body work comes on this I can’t imagine
this bike how many significant problems with damage
also it’s a steel frame everything’s inside the frame but as an adventure
rider if I’m traveling some of these specs really stand out if I have a
damage to the frame I can weld it I’m not worried about a computer key or
having a failure with antennas I’m not worried about electronics getting in
trouble it really does have some great redeeming qualities and potential we do
have inverted Forks of course it adjustable this is and for a dollar
under ten thousand I think they’re really priced at the right point I can’t
wait to get my hands on this and really put it to put it to use I it when I’m
looking at this and I’m thinking about where the market is think Yamahas really
got the right time to launch it at the price point it is the KLR is done the
dr650 is ancient it’s the right price and there’s a very specific market that
isn’t there right now everything is high-tech this comes in low-tech but it
still has fuel injection it still has you know the the modern counter
balancers it has abs those are the most critical aspects on a bike that the
controls are clean I think the market is right and I think it’s the the proper
target and price point you

100 thoughts on “My Full Kit for 5 Months in Africa / Yamaha Ténéré 700 Bad News / First Impressions

  1. I feel like its not enough bike for the $10k asking price. Its essentially a FZ07 on offroad suspension, but not sure that justifies the $2.5k additional cost.

  2. I went to the show last Saturday and saw your seminar for packing as well as your second seminar. So much great information. At 6:34 in the video is me taking the picture of my friend Ken with Brett.

  3. I can’t wait to hear your real world impression of the T7! I agree with your thoughts on where it’s pointed in the market!

  4. All the bells are whistles are shinny, and shiny tends to get our attention, but what's not there can't break and cause grief. The HP wars, reminds me of the megapixel wars when digital cameras were first a thing. It's an easy marketing point but not as important as they make it out to be. The T7 could really be were the DR650 is today in 20 years. The solid reliable bulletproof bike that won't kill your wallet.

  5. Ouch, I've never seen inflatable mat which could be 3" and packed so tightly. Typical Thermarest (and copies) is much bigger and/or thinner 🙁
    What modes is it?

  6. Why is taking you guys so long to ride a T700? Most EU jornos have ridden them about 5 months ago, there are used examples for sale already…

  7. Royal Enfield has a tough well made cheap dual purpose bike. The more expensive over designed bikes have more that can go wrong. Why kill a fly with a hammer. When a newspaper will do the job.

  8. I ride a Super Tenere and I really wanted to love the 700 but I just can't see spending 8-10 hours a day on that narrow seat and the lack of traction control, cruise, etc is really a killjoy.

  9. I like to carry dehydrated food with me and have a lunch with spectacular view somewhere at top of the pass. Street rider though.

  10. Hy, I own a royal Enfield Himalayan. Can you please explain about its braking abd ABS and how its differs from drum and disks without abs.

  11. Hey Brett, could you do a really specific video on the clothes one should take for adv rides, may be for a month long tour !? I mean the quick dry tshirts, liners, semi formal/casual clothes for formal scenarios, the shoes or slippers !? Also, the riding gear and what do you wear underneath !? The A to Z of complete clothes and riding gear, how do you plan to wear them and wash them, going from less than 10 degrees to upwards of 35 degress (celsius) in one trip !

  12. Will be at Chicago IMS working with the BDR group. I think you are going to be there too. Look forward to meeting you.

  13. Hi Brett I rode the T700 in the summer. You will love it. Rode the 2020 AT last week. That's a great bike too. Different markets though.

  14. Bret, I attended your 230PM talk on Saturday. We were both wearing the same shirt! haha
    I was dazzled that you had your GS in the Adventure Out! booth. It's the real star of the show! 😉
    I carry dehydrated food with me whenever I'm camping. Its bulky but not heavy and its great to have a hot meal in camp.
    Mountain House Breakfast Skillet + instant coffee = bush heaven!

  15. That Tenere 700 i wouldnt say it was an adventure bike, maybe a days ride up in the hills for abit of off roading, but long haul i dont think i would want to, id prefer the new Vstrom for that

  16. DR650 may be ancient but at half the price of the Tenere it is twice the value. The DR650 outshines the Tenere on most of it's "redeeming qualities".
    1. Simple electronics on the Tenere – The DR has even fewer
    2. Steal frame to be welded – The DR also has a steal frame that is more accessible
    3. Lack of damage prone areas on the Tenere – DR has even fewer damage prone areas
    4. 9.5 inches of ground clearance on the Tenere – DR has 10.5
    5. Inverted Forks on the Tenere – Unless I am on a race bike on the track, i'd rather forks that don't need immediate attention once i get a leaky seal. Inverted forks will leak oil all over your rotors and tire.

    DR is also lighter.

    i will admit an 18" rear on the tenere outshines the DR's 17"

    Ultimately, the Tenere is going to be a better handling and more powerful bike. Is that worth twice the price though?

  17. Those indicators look odd. I'm pretty sure those are not the European ones + there are some additional reflectors which the German one does not have. I guess it's a French produced bike with some adjustments made for the Show.

  18. Hello Bret. Love following you (and Ryan (F9)). Your channel are the best made and informative ones. You are a very good pair of entertainers. I wish I could go to this event and meet you in person. You did mention t the beginning that you are doing 5 shows like this but have you ever thought of participating in Montreal's Bike Show (Salon de la moto) ? My friends Sylvain Gallea and Court Rand of Ecuador Freedom Bike Rental did last year and saw their business from our part of the world increase a bit. Say hello to them for me please, their booth must not be far from yours. Thanks again and keep on riding, teaching, entertaining !!!

  19. Nice display review of the T7 with good spots on adv upsides. Look fwd to follow Your Africa adventure, let is know how your packing will do it for You.

  20. I just don’t understand why it’s taken Yamaha so long to release this bike. Another excellent video. Thanks for sharing.👍

  21. Currently on a 990 and the Tenere is appealing to me for the reasons you mentioned. 790 makes me nervous with all the tech on board when traveling long distance far from a ktm dealer. I doubt I'll ever get rid of the 990 but when it is time to retire it from full-adventure riding duties I will be looking for something more along the lines of the Tenere. Hopefully by that time, some other companies will also be entering that category.

  22. I definitely like the specs on the T7… would like to see the low slung raid tank as an option but thats not a deal breaker (can always carry extra fuel). Price is also very appealing… even fully dressed with rugged bags and all the farkles it should be 12-13k

  23. LOL i'm 5'7'' i couldn't climb on this machine . Sure every days i go in Africa , next day in Siberia , other in Perou ! LOL i live in France and every time i take my bike i need to put one foot or 2 feet on the ground . I'm not alone in men and i think women will have the same problem !

    We speak about a trail ! a trail in Europe is use at 80% road and 20% dirt . For Africa or desert take an ENDURO ! 150 kgs maxi ! TENERE 700 . THE BIKE FOR TALL MEN !

  24. So tempting. I gotta be patient though. Wait and see what the future holds. Love my KLR but is this what I'm looking forward to?

  25. It is the engine of the MT-07 a little modified, but it has 75hp, 68Nm max, 204 kg with full fuel tank. What you have to be aware is that despite it is written "tubeless" on the Pirelli it comes with chambers…I have tried it on road, it is fun to ride despite the small engine (I have a 2015 GSA) but couldn't try it off road. But I can't wait to see if the new Husqvarna concept bike is coming on production: Norden 901 it has the engine of the Duke 890, it could be a revival of the 990 adventure….

  26. The only drawback of the (lovely) T700? Try to rise it up after has fall down… seems like a GS… The reason? Well.. the engine is located up, close to the sky 'cause they cannot do differently.
    From a big player like Yamaha I was expecting far more in terms of agility. For me is a no-go.
    We have to wait the profis of offroad and engines both: italian Aprilia have decided to resuscitate the mythical Tuareg, this time with the two cylinders 660 engine. Wow!

  27. Hello everyone, I am French and I have the 700 Tenèré since July 31 several off road outings and presentations of accessories in video. Come on, look. See you soon.

  28. Fly over to Europe. You can ride it and buy it here :p
    For months actually. First sat on it and a group went for an offroad trip in August

  29. That new Ténéré looks great, but the incandescent turn signals look out of place. LEDs would allow a little extra power for things like heated grips. I hope this is the start of a new trend for lighter weight ADV bikes.

  30. Couldn't agree more about the dehydrated food!
    I've survived on burning sausages over fire, than watch dried up grains soak water back.
    Bret Almost 50 ! with energy of 30s. We need your food chart. 🙂

  31. Brett always good videos tips. I wish i had visit this show – unfortunately Brazil is far far way… let see videos! Congrats

  32. I had the 3 Tenere's before this model and can't wait to get this one. It is reliable, if something goes wrong it is easy to fix, for an adventure bike it is light, engine power is more then enough, it is off road capable – what's there not to like ? 🙂

  33. Serious question: Do you know why every manufacturer except BMW and Triumph refuses to make a low suspension model? They have to know by now that the markets are full of short people that just want to spice up their ride with the occasional off-pavement segment and don’t need a bike capable of doing the Dakar Rally.

  34. I’m driving the S10ES, and for me, the height is the issue along with the top end weight. The 700 looks interesting, but want to see if I can find the ground with my feet. Unbelievable the amount of gear you take, looking to down the amount I take.

  35. i love the path of "keep it simple" chosen by yamaha. I would have added only a tc for less experienced users or for beginners, but very simple, 3 settings: on, hard conditions (wet, snow, city, etc. all in a more marked setting), off. but overall the best value for money on the market today (here in EU, i hope the price stay under 10K also there)

  36. Can you show us how you pack food? Steak, eggs, bacon…. How do you pack it? I expect that I can't eat a dozen eggs or a pound of bacon in one day. Do you care about 'scent' in bear country?

  37. Where's the toothbrush, toothpaste, bar soap, deodorant, water? I dunno about you but it's really refreshing to brush your teeth in the morning and atleast put on some deodorant.

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