My New EDC

My New EDC

welcome to corporals corner today we’re
going to talk about my everyday carry so stick around about a year ago I posted two videos one
on a bug-out bag and one on the get home bag now since then I’ve been bombarded
with the same question over and over and over again and it starts off with
bug-out bags are cool get hom bags are awesome but what do you carry every
single day what is your everyday carry or EDC well
today you’re in luck I’m gonna try and answer that question
now for me and EDC means just that it’s something I’m carrying every single day
so what I’ve done here is I’ve compiled a list of 10 items or tendencies of
survivability and to me those will be the core of
every single kit that I create let’s say I’m going to go to the Pathfinder school
and teach for three to five days or or night camping trip or a weekend camping
trip or make a bug-out bag or a get home bag these items will be the core of
every single kit and they can function as a minimum kit so that minimum kit
becomes my EDC so let’s go ahead and talk about what I carry and why I carry
it alright let’s go ahead and dive right in and talk about cutting tools now
normally I’m not camping I’m in the woods doing a day hike or overnighter or
simply teaching at the Pathfinder school I want a full 10 knife that’s carbon
steel has a sharp 90 grease pie on the back with an overall blade length of
minimum 4 inches you that’s just my personal preference but
what I’ve noticed is certain states that I work in mostly on the west coast or
left coast people seem to get intimidated if they see a knife on your
hip or on your side or carrying one in general so what I’ve done is I scaled
that down I thought about it what can I do to still carry a cutting tool and my
mindset is if they don’t see it then it can’t intimidate or be harmful and so
what I’ve been caring for the past four years is this Viktor knocks Swiss Army
knife one had a trekker now it’s designed to be opened with your
right-handed or left-handed we have our saw and the common tools screwdrivers
bottle openers can openers we have our tweezers on one side with the standard
toothpick now what I’ve done on taking a toothpick out I’ll grade it to a mini
firesteel novelty maybe but doesn’t work yes and best of all I could mentioned
before I could place it in my pocket and no one knows they have it now in addition to my Victor Knox one
had a trekker or redundancy I’m gonna carry a saw and this one happens to be a
mini silky or a silky pocket boy just like the larger versions has medium
sized teeth and is designed to cut on the pole rather than a push and a saw
this size you can still process two inch diameter saplings you’ll be good to go let’s go ahead and talk about combustion
devices now for me the primary go to combustion device first time every time
it’s gonna be a bit lighter and I’m gonna carry three of these one in my
pocket and two of my pack or one of my pocket one of my packet one in a day bag
or haversack now for me the big lighter is a go-to source because it operates
when it’s cold wet dry even when it’s out of fluid just look at spark now
there’s a lot of controversy about these all you got to do to warm them up put it
on earth your armpit or in your pocket once it’s warm pull it out you’re good
to go if it gets wet there’s a small middle strap your the top it’s
spring-loaded remove that with a pocketknife or a Leatherman blow into it
several times dry it out and you should be good to go now the next combustion device I want to
talk about is a half-inch diameter by six inch in length pharisee abroad now
unlike a Bic lighter that guarantees you flame the pharisee arad will guarantee
you spark and it works while it’s wet ticking the end of it throughout a one
inch roll a gorilla brand duct tape tape the end
give me a finger and thumb hold I can take this using a 9 degree spine on my
full tang knife or my saw on my Victor Knox one hand trekker I can plant my
ferrocene rod firmly on my foot or my knee take the 90 degree spine or that
saw stick it against there and scrape it back giving me spark over and over again
guarantee you in your lifetime you’re probably never gonna make enough fires
to use this up here we have our silky saw there’s a sharp spine here on the
back I’m a Pharisee a rod in the last redundancy of a combustion
device that I want to talk about is a magnifying lens or Sun lens this one
happens to be an inch in diameter with a magnification power of six times now the
Sun is a renewable resource which means until the end of the world occurs and
the machines take over and we have to darken the skies so they can’t recharge
their batteries the sun’s always gonna be there so why not take advantage of it
instead of using the few open my dick lighter or scraping my Ferro rod until
it breaks talking about containers for me I’m
looking for a stainless steel bottle with a wide mouth at a minimum of 32
ounces this happens to be 38 ounces and some Nalgene bottle it’s four years old
have some minor dents here at the bottom as you can see has been placed in the
fire several times I can cook in this or even disinfect water now the best part
is I can combine this 38 ounce bottle with my 25 ounce nesting cup now 32
ounces to a court that was 38 i’ve extra six ounces combined with my 25 ounces
gives me 31 ounces so in reality i have almost two quarts of water available to
me at any time no nesting cup I can make char cloth
achar material inside this or even cook inside of it but the feature i like the
most is that here at the top there’s two holes all I gotta do is grab a piece of
paracord or Bank line or even a piece of barbed wire from a fence and improvise a
bail I can hang it from a tripod over fire and now I have a mini Bush pot
combine this with this and let’s say a stainless steel spork and now I have a
miniature cook set that can go anywhere moving on to an important part of the
kit the cordage now I carry two types of cordage the first time I want to talk
about is gonna be Bank line I get to question a lot what is bank line think
of trot line for catfishing except for it’s been tarred the Tarim makes it
water resistant and rot proof it will last a long time it’s not going to
stretch like paracord does so any type of camp crafting or structures I need to
make or build I’m going to this first time every time
now this is a one-pound roll it’s about 350 feet and I glue the brake strength
is around 340 pounds each one of these strands on here there’s actually three
strands that make this individual piece each strand is number twelve Bank line
has a break strength of a hundred pounds now again I mentioned this is a
one-pound roll there’s a smaller one that’s offered it’s a hunter foot roll
it’s about half the length and half the diameter so the option is yours the next
one we talk about is paracord or 550 paracord inside the paracord there’s
seven inner strands now ideally the paracord would break at 550 pounds but
I’ve noticed around 250 to 300 who wants to stretch so for me a shelter Ridgeline
is perfect with this type of setup what you have right here is my pre-made
ridgeline I have two prusik loops in a bowline and it’s hanged up for easy
storage I can toss this into a pack and it’s tangle free and it’s there when I
need it what I’ll do is I’ll go ahead and post a link or a card right up here
somewhere those who don’t know how to make this setup click on that card
they’ll take you to my video and you can get her done now I’m talking about cover for me this
is one of the most important pieces of your kit it’s going to help regulate
your body’s core temperature from conduction convection and radiation now
the military poncho for me anyways it doesn’t get much better than that
this thing is so versatile that it makes your head spin I can take this place it
over my body put the hood on keeps me out of the wind out of the rain with it
on my body I can sit in from a fire I can lift it up
get that convective heat working around all the way around my body keeping me
warm take that same poncho combine it with a military poncho liner and make an
improvised Sleep System I’ve taken this poncho and actually made three different
types of emergency shelters lean-to a frame and plow point exact same poncho I
turn it into twos different types of improvised raised beds and even a
hammock continuing to move forward let’s talk
about our compass for me I carry a base plate style compass this is a zoom toe
mc2 now on this compass we have a signal mirror as well as an additional
magnifying lens or Sun lens now the sole purpose of a compass is that allow you
to walk in a straight line walking that straight line will keep you from
experiencing something called lateral drift
now the lateral drift occurs when you veer off in your dominant leg or for
some people their non-dominant leg and over a period of time where you think
you are you lean up somewhere else or walk in a circle and you become lost
now combining a compass with Ranger beads or pacing beads you can walk in
that straight line and keep track of the distance as you walk now I currently
have three land navigation videos from beginner all the way up through map
reading go ahead and search those out I also have a video on how to make your
own Ranger beads or pacing beads so in case you don’t how to make these why
spend the money make your own we’re going to talk about our candling
device or our headlamp I chose a headlamp cuz I wanna be hands-free say
it’s darkness falls and I have to go out there and do something or fix my shell 3
after the rainstorm I want my hands to be free now this one
happens to be a Princeton tech it’s a hundred and twenty lumen at the high
beam eight illuminate low beam it’s got a red light on here for night vision as
well as a strobe cost around thirty five dollars I want to carry something like
this which is 100% waterproof as well as extra batteries let’s go ahead and talk
about cargo tape or cloth tape for this I’ve chosen a one inch roll of guerrilla
brand duct tape now we all know as millions of uses of this this is talked
about a couple of them the obvious ones will get out of the way gear repair
clothing repair got a hole in my tarp or my tent patch it up I’m good to go
hold my pants like and stick it on there done deal now there’s several other uses
for this and some of them are actually medical you can take your knife and
trace out an hourglass shape but use it for an improvised butterfly bandage you
can actually go ahead and make improvised sutures with your bank line you can use it to help keep a limb and
mobilize see a broken arm I can take the same tape roll it into a ball light on
fire with my thick lighter and it was actually gonna burn it for 30 seconds or
more I’ve even pull strips off here if I want
to and make an improvised duct tape bird’s nest that’ll actually be ignited
about my Ferro rod so this right here is black gold and I highly recommend you
carry it next on the list we have cotton material right here I have two two by
two hundred percent cotton bandanas now I suggest getting three by threes or
even one large Samak now the benefit of having cotton material is that I can
take a piece of this and tear it off use it with my nesting cup I talked about
earlier or even my stainless steel container cover the top place it inside
some coals and create char cloth for my next fire also I can take these bandanas
and use it for medicinal purposes I can make slings or improvised splints or
something as simple as placing into a cool stream put around my neck to cool
me down the only limit something like this is
your imagination the last item I want to talk about
before we go into optional items is a cargo needle or sail needle I always
suggest carry number 10 or number 14 you want to need a large enough for Giri
pair but small enough for clothing repair all you got to do is go ahead and
combine this with your paracord ridgeline cut off a good two-foot inside
there you have seven inner strands two times seven is what fourteen so you now
have 14 feet of thread free needle I’m going to briefly talk about some
additional items they’re not required or necessary what don’t make your life a
lot easier first one’s gonna be plastic ABS tent stakes I’m gonna carry for
these now here’s my methodology the amount of stakes I’m gonna need he’s
determined by the type of shelter I’m going to put up type of shelter I’m
gonna put up he’s determined by what’s going on I need two sticks for a lean-to
I need three for a plough point and I need four for an a-frame now I gotta
tell students all the time with the Pathfinder school do you want to stand
in a rain storm or a thunderstorm and carve tent stakes or do you already want
to have them made now let’s say for example you’re that good you can locate
that material process that material carve that material and you can do it
all in under one minute now it’s times four it’s proven that in
two minutes or less you’ll be soaking wet or your family or
your kids etc are going to be wet smart person is going to carry some stakes and
that’s what I do now next up my list is gonna be a 2×2
signal panel I want to carry this with obvious reasons my opinion should be a
3×3 I can go to open field I can wave it like a single for rescue now the other
reason why I carry this because I can make an improvised Waypoint now Waypoint
is simply a stopping point let’s say I’m walking a known trail and I want to
deviate from that trail to go you my number 2 or drop adduced in the field
let’s say I’m on that azimuth or bearing and I look over and I see this potential
water source down that way do I want to deviate off my azmuth and no longer walk
that straight line or do I want the ability to drop my gear take out my
orange cloth my signal panel hang it from a tree and use it as a waypoint
so now that gives me freedom to roam the countryside in any direction as far as I
want to as long as I can turn around and see that cloth I can come back to my
gear put it on continue down that trail or pick up where I left off with my eyes
with a bearing and walk that straight line now last optional item I want to talk
about is a good notebook this happens to be a 5 by 7 right in the rain I want to
combine this with 2 right in the rain mechanical pencils
now why carry notebook there’s several reasons and we’ll leave that up to you
but for me one of the main reasons is so that I can document what I do where I’m
going how far I’m going if i find materials or resources in a certain
location i want make it noted that and approximately what the distance was from
my base camp let’s say I went out 500 meters and I found a place that’s
surrounded by cottonwoods oh well I can make bow drill for days right there oh
I’m making know that five hundred meters from my base camp for planning the route
I’m gonna go out I’m explore for the day make a gigantic box all the asthma has
been bearing to here azimuth and bearing to here azimuth and bearing to here and
then that way I can get my hazardous and burying to here so I’d become lost
somewhere all I gotta do is look out and go oh my beaver Smith is $100 at my
compass head back to my previous point or back to my camp all this goes along
with something called self mapping or Paul which is positive azimuth uniform
layout now I’ll get to that in the future look back to a notebook get a
notebook that works for you and for me the first time every time it’s right in
the rain welcome back that was good to go now you
know what I carry and why I carry it let’s talk about a couple of things like
I mentioned at the very beginning these ten items can function as a minimum kit
however they can be the core of any kit all you have to do is scale that up or
down to your liking now everything we talked about can be found in bushcraft
101 and all the gear displayed in this video can be found on my Amazon
influencer page all you do is go there click on it and check it out now do me a favor hit that subscribe and
like button bring that notification bell and as
always thank if your comments abuse and support thanks for watching got in the
field have some fun I’m gonna catch you next time

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  2. I just can't fathom why 89 people would give this a thumbs down..probably the same 89 people in an emergency situation that will try to kill/rob you and take your stuff so they can still die a miserable death because they are to uneducated to use any of it.. oh well at least good to see 3.8k people have dignity an sense, hopefully can find a few of them to group up with in times of need to help each other along the way, an if nothing else pass the time with some good jokes.. p.s. maybe because I'm a 2nd amendment ccp/chl gun loving nut job as some would say I feel it goes without saying you left out the most important #1 thing that needs to be edc'd.. yeah you guessed it… A GUN.. I sleep, eat, shower, and anything else you can think about doing with my pistol right by my side even now it's/they are literally less than a foot away as I sit here typing this.. Please people if you don't have already go get a gun, go get a permit, for all our sake's please get training, go to the range or woods an practice weekly it doesn't take that much time/money/effort, an its fun as all get out..holy cow in the creek this was way longer than intended I'm done now..

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    Thanks for the great, comprehensive video!

  5. Carry 3 mini Altoid tins. One for fire. One for fishing. One for medical.
    Military compass, signal mirror, water proof pen and paper, 2 " magnifying glass.
    100 feet paracord, Stainless steel water bottle, sawyer water purification straw
    Almost forgot my spork, broken down MRE, just the essentials
    SOG 3.75 folding knife, Esse 6"Tactical knife with Kydex sheath
    Springfield Armory 45 XDM 13 plus one in the chamber, Alien Gear inside waist band Holster
    When I leave the house my wife makes me put it all back in the basement.

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  10. As an alternative to a glass magnifying lens, there are flat plastic fresnel lens, credit card-sized and up, available at low-cost stores, that can be substituted for fire-starting. They are light, non-breakable, and can be a backup for reading glasses–because no one is getting younger, and the fine-print keeps getting smaller. As always, test it first before depending on it.

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    Thank you for all your great info!
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  18. I never could understand the fascination with BIC lighters. If the button accidentally gets pushed down in your pack, poof, your butane fluid inside vanishes. The SCRIPTO piezo lighters will not do this. You can also soak the SCRIPTO lighter underwater, take it out, blow it out (no need to remove any spring or metal clip like the BIC), and the thing will light.

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  32. Which company did you get the mini ferro rod from? I've lost every toothpick for every Swiss army knife I've owned and that would be a much more practical replacement.

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