66 thoughts on “My New Favourite Hockey Bag – Pacific Rink Bag Review

  1. Wow, this looks like everything I want in a hockey bag. Like Jeremy, I want a bag with some sort of organization inside, but not cheaply made. I'd never heard of this company – thanks for sharing Jeremy!

  2. Is there a way to email you? I've got some questions and have asked on Facebook but you haven't seen it I don't think, thanks man

  3. nice bag but i picked this one up which is similar for about half the price


  4. Been watching your videos for a while. You don't know how much you've helped me man. I've never played hockey before this year but always wanted to. So I went and bought some good skates and a couple of sticks. Everyday id watch your video and go to ice rink early in the morning to get some practice on the ice. I'm getting better but nothing like you guys. Much love man 🙂

  5. Got the bigger player bag just a bit over a month ago for my birthday and this bag is legit. Seriously it is so, so nice. I'd recommend swapping the skate pockets around so the water bottle & pocket is toward the end corners instead of in the middle of the bag as shown here – that way you can get it at super quick (to refill or dump) no matter which side you send the zippers to after you've closed it all up.

    Seriously though: I can't recommend this bag enough.

  6. Jeremy…Thank you. I am a complete newbee to hockey and so far have been carrying my gear in two bags because I couldn't find a bag that I liked…plus I burned all my cash on pads…I have watched so many videos and blogs on bags and couldn't find one that satisfied me. This one was perfect and then when you revealed the backpack straps I nearly wet my self with excitement. I have to travel between 2-3 hours by foot, bus and train to the rink so this is AMAzING! Thank you for the review. I really enjoy watching your videos!!

  7. I know you are all waiting for an update, i got my red player bag yesterday boys! It really does help me suit up faster.

  8. Jeremy , What are your thoughts about the use for the Pond hockey bag as a Inline Roller hockey bag? too small?

  9. i saw somebody walk into the rink with the camo one. i just have the black one, but the camo one was sooo nice

  10. I have the Grit Airbox and I love it. Maybe when it's time to switch I'd give this a shot looks pretty awesome with all the features

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