Nemo Tango Solo 30

Nemo Tango Solo 30

The light weight, roomy and ultra comfortable
Nemo Tango Solo 30 degree sleeping bag is the perfect balance between light weight and
sprawling comfort. This will be perfect for travelers, campers or backpackers who are
looking for a very comfortable sleep system that is extremely innovative. The stand out feature, I think, of this sleeping
bag is the way it integrates with a sleeping pad. So unlike a traditional sleeping bag
that just sits on top of a pad, this actually has an uninsulated bottom. It is more of a
blanket that has side walls. So underneath you have a stretchy pocket that fits over
the bottom or your sleeping pad and then this top portion fits over the top of your sleeping
pad. So if I peel this back you can see I have got a sleeping pad there. And this acts
as a really comfortable blanket. You can use it in a couple of different ways and we will
take a look at all the features. The insulation used for this bag is high quality
700 fill DownTek. And the important thing to know about DownTek is you have that ultra
compressible, light weight feature of down, but all of the down plumes are treated with
a water resistant coating so any mois-ture, rain or just moisture from the air, this bag
is going to repel that. So if it should be-come wet, it is going to dry out a lot faster than
traditional down, but it is also going to repel that moisture longer and ultimately
keep you a lot warmer. The other thing that is going to keep you
nice and dry and warm with this bag is the ma-terials used. So here on the body of the
bag you have a durable, water repellent coating. So this isn’t a waterproof material. It
is very breathable, but it is going to repel a little bit of moisture s well. And then
in the foot box of this sleeping bag you actually do have a waterproof material that is going
to hold up really well against the side walls of your tent so if you can imagine your foot
or something rubbing up against the wall of the tent in rainy conditions, this bag is
not going to take on that moisture. So it is definitely going to keep you nice and toasty
warm. Another innovation I really love about this
bag is you have stretchy box baffles. So with the seams that go across this bag they have
a little bit of stretch to them. These individual box baffles keep the down right where you
want it, so you don’t have unwanted shifting of down. You don’t have any cold spots.
And then the stretchy nature of the seams give you sprawling comfort, so when you move
around at night you are not going to feel really confined in that space. You are going
to have a little bit of stretch. This is a rectangular shape so unlike a traditional
mummy bag you have a lot of room here at the head. You have a lot of room there at the
feet. But because the bottom of the bag is uninsulated, because it kind of goes over
the edges of your sleeping mat, you save a lot of weight that way. So you actually have two pieces here. You
have the blanket portion or what I would call the blanket portion of this bag and then you
have the hood. There is a snap on either side, so a snap right here and I have that side
snapped as well. And this allows you to open it so if you need to vent at night it feels
a lot more like a blanket at home than a traditional sleeping bag, so a lot of comfort there. You
have got this nice little collar. So if you want to, if you need to kind of batten everything
down and put it up around your neck, you can move that up. You can also fold it down kind
of like a blanket at home. If I peel this back, you can see the uninsulated
bottom. So these baffles on the sleeping bag come down around the side of your sleeping
mat, but you can see there is no insula-tion down there. You have a stretchy sleeve at
the bottom and you have also got a sleeve at the top. So this really keeps everything
together. I don’t have a sheet on this sleeping pad, so you can see, you know, this just comes
as the sleeping bag itself. You can buy one separately to kind of go with it. The Nemo Tango Solo will take a sleeping pad
20 to 25 inches wide so you have options. You can use other types of sleeping pads with
it, but it works really well with the Nemo sleeping pads. All in all you have got a really great system
here. It is going to allow you sprawling com-fort. You have the good quality materials in the
bag, the down tech, compressible down insulation. And Nemo provides a stuff sack for the sleeping
bag, so when you are travel-ing with it you can stuff it down into this stuff sack here.
But it also comes with a cotton storage sack so you can store it in an uncompressed state
at home when you are not using it. The light weight, roomy and very comfortable
Nemo Tango Solo 30 Degree Sleeping Bag.

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