NEW Brine Kit on Ventrac SSV for De-icing Sidewalks

NEW Brine Kit on Ventrac SSV for De-icing Sidewalks

Alright, guys! We’re out here with the SSV, and we’ve got
our newest brine system on it. This is pretty close to what you’ll see in
production. It’s not quite ready, but we’re getting toward
the end. We wanted to give you a preview of how it’s
working and how it goes on the machine. First of all, all of the mounting for the
brine system is stainless that’s why it’s unpainted. It mounts with some pretty easy brackets right
on the front, flat portion of the SSV in about 15 to 20 minutes. All of the plumbing for the lines run under
the machine and out the back. There you have all the spray nozzles underneath
the platform and to the side of the fenders. You have the option to turn the outer nozzles
on or off. You can run them with both off, both on, or one off while one is on. This is access to all of your controls for
the brine system. This is the switch to turn the pumps on, and
then this switch turns the nozzles on This is your pressure adjust. There aren’t any guides yet as far as where
we will be running that, but we will launch that when we do the brine system. This is your spray wand, so while the pumps
are running, it is active the whole time. You have access to take it to stairways or
anywhere you can’t take the SSV. Here is a quick operational video of how it
works. You can see the two different spray patterns,
down is the narrow, and back is wide. This will give you somewhere between 36 and
about 50 inches of coverage. That’s the brine system on the SSV, stay tuned
for more updates soon on when it will be available for purchase.

14 thoughts on “NEW Brine Kit on Ventrac SSV for De-icing Sidewalks

  1. I like it and I think it's cool but I think in the back facing down there should be some hard spraying action like what would come out of the wand I'm just saying but I like it man ventrac is awesome equipment lots of fun people enjoyed running these things and I would too

  2. The brine system is pretty slick. Has to be way better than hauling salt around, And it's a more uniform application rather than dropping salt.

  3. Ventrac, first off, love love LOVE your machines, really really want one, and second, is there a brine system for either the 3400 tractor or the 4500? If not are you thinking about coming out with one?

  4. Great build and concept, but salt/brine is the LAST thing I want on my sidewalks, not to mention having people track the salt into our buildings.

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