NEW DISNEY Target Haul | May 2018 | Disney Junk Food Collection

NEW DISNEY Target Haul | May 2018 | Disney Junk Food Collection

hello everyone that my name is Coral
and I have a problem buying Disney items yes this is the first time I have gone
to Target to discover all of the New Mickey merchandise Disney merchandise
mini merchandise at Target their collection is awesome so I I bought some
stuff you guys I saw some things and I bought some stuff so I want to show you
the hall I picked up at Target one thing I will tell you when I went to Target is
a lot of this merchandise does not have the prices on them and at my store they
didn’t have the prices underneath them either kind of bothered me a little bit
I mean I over it but kind of bothered me I saw a friend of mine on YouTube her
name is Jenna Forge I will link to her YouTube channel below she picked up this
swimsuit coverup and this is a one of the the new line from Target this was
$26 it says hello sunshine here on the hood why it’s so
subtle and really the only thing that shows that it’s a Disney product is this
little Mickey here on the pocket I am going on a cruise this summer and I
cannot wait to wear this item there Oh bummer
I’m just seeing if there’s a hole in the back of it I might have to go replace
this but anyway this was $26 I just thought it looked like a perfect item
there’s Cooper yawning again every time I do a video
he’s like boring mom boring a little silly dog anyway
cute item $26 not a bad price the other okay this is not Disney but I’m totally
showing it to you anyway because you’ll know what I like
stranger things shirt it’s a Hopkins in I love stranger things and so I picked
this up because I had to yes I know I’m not a Disney merge but it was $14.99
love a good price ooh you guys I got some I’m not sure what they are they are
something from Incredibles – I guess there could be like a little mystery
figurine inside and I’ll probably do this unboxing of these one of these
later I believe these were $5 each again the price is not on the bottom but many
of you know that I am an incredible span I loved the first movie my kids grew up
with that first movie and so looking forward to the second movie Incredibles
– coming up very soon so I don’t know why I just needed to add this because it
was incredible think okay this is not much either but Harry Potter there’s
just so much stuff at Target I used to go to Target all the time and now I
don’t as often how they really should because
I’ve spent a lot more money as they would like me a lot this is a Harry
Potter it says backpack Buddies so it’s a little clip with one of the Harry
Potter characters I’m gonna have to do an unboxing sometime in another video
and I will do these Incredibles they just drop one on the floor The
Incredibles box and that Harry Potter backpack buddy box let’s see okay what
else is not disney bird so I can get that out of the way um bubble wands guys
who doesn’t like bubbles honestly I did not buy these for anyone in particular
I pretty much bought them for myself because these wands are the best these
are really awesome wands you can just run yeah you can right behind your house
and make big bubbles and that’s fun so I highly recommend you doing that spend a
dollar and have some fun all right I think we’re good now everything is March
alright this may be well this is still doesn’t work all right
I got this files nail files that are Mickey themed nail files because who
doesn’t need three nail files and win one nail buffer that’s got Mickey Mouse
on it again no price tag on this I have to look at my receipt wasn’t bad I was
watching the prices there about like most of the things really five dollars I
think this is a collection of three nail polishes again nothing fancy but they
have a Disney themes on them so we have Mickey Mouse on each one which makes it
pretty cool and then we have Mickey Mouse and Friends pencils there’s six
pencils no brace on this I really should get my receipt let me go get my receipt
I got my receipt all right sue this set was three dollars nail polish was five
dollars the pencils three dollars kind of ridiculously priced for six pencils
but whatever um oh yeah these are so cute this is Disney lip balm lip smacker
so let me see this is says bye junk food all right so these were 250 for one of
these and I got four I think these are so awesome guys I’m going to open this
one up oh my god this is so cute okay I just shoved my finger into the bottom of
it so I have a huge hunk oh my gosh chocolate you
that’s disgusting all right well whatever it’s still kind of cute Cooper
you knocked over my camera I might lose my little mind let me show you this lip
smacker thing Oh God I was not expecting it to be
chocolate and they shove my fingernail in it and you but let me show you this
lip smacker and here this little tab on the side but if you flip it you can see
where I joined it this is the lip balm and it’s chocolate flavored and that
just sits in there I mean it’s really cute this is cute kind of wishing I knew
it was chocolate before I opened it up because it took me by surprise to see
something brown and slimy just saying but that was 250 I did here’s one this
one’s cheerful vanilla okay too cheerful Vanilla’s oh I did yeah and then this is
iconic chocolate so I have two more of these red ones and one more black guys
I’m going to be doing another giveaway I keep talking about all these giveaways
I’m gonna do but now I’m gonna do a target giveaway too because I had to buy
it suffering a message I got nothing somewhere I got something button look at
these buttons so there’s five buttons and I believe they’re all different yeah
these are different ones these worth five dollars each so five pins five
dollars if you split these up you want to give some to four of your friends and
keep one for yourself it’s pretty cool pretty cool deal I’ll show you these up
close in a moment scan those for five dollars each and alright looks like okay
and then okay here’s another duplicate of one of
the pins then I got these are different yep then I got some enamel pins and
these are three pins for eight dollars per set so eight dollars for these and
eight dollars for these again I’ll show you close-ups in a moment
Oh people hold on this is charms maybe four dollars each i’m not sure nope
well these are terms I can’t really tell where the charms are on my receipt your
charms they have clips on the back I’ll show you the close-up of these um you
guys I got these sunglasses I think these were fifteen dollars I will know
soon and have fifteen dollars let’s do that and I found this merchandise this
was a name the kids like little boys section some of this I found in the
little girls section Sam I found in the little voice I believe these are adult
sunglasses let’s see so I’ve got my Pluto ears on and my Mickey Mouse
sunglasses nothing fancy but I’m kind of feeling pretty fancy I’ll show you these
these were actually got more of these kind of kicking myself these are glow-in-the-dark ears these
were a dollar each I mean what a fun gift for me to give my clients with
little tips going to Walt Disney World whether it’s over the fourth of July
these are kind of patriotic colors but any nighttime event at Walt Disney World
you will see Hello in the dark necklaces and bracelets and wands and spinny toys
and kids who can wear something unique like this are going to love this Target
good on you a dollar each they last a night glowing
and you keep your kids really happy so I picked up four kind of kicking myself
but I didn’t pick up what I didn’t oh my god you guys um I do not collect these
tsumtsum things but this was a Woody’s round up soon
zoom set and it shows on the back how they kind of stack up on each other and
there’s even a mystery character inside this little silver pouch but with Toy
Story coming up opening in Hollywood studios isn’t this perfect this is
perfect this might be in a giveaway so you want to be you know notified make
sure you’re subscribed and you hit that Bell notification button because we’re
gonna have some serious giveaways coming up soon serious giveaways this is
something I picked up for myself my puppy Cooper who whom I speak of
quite often because he’s honestly almost always by my feet which he is right now
but he’s not yawning thank goodness he ate my address book now this is not an
address book but it’s tiny and it can serve as an address book so I got this
which is a Mickey Mouse and Friends journal it has 80 sheets I’m going to
make this now into an address book so I can keep my YouTube friends addresses
it’s pretty much just for friends cuz I have another one for family but you know
friends addresses close to me and it won’t take up much space on my desk I
love that it has this little elastic strap on it so isn’t it pretty
and there’s Mickey Mouse like pushing up one of the stripes so funny this was
either four or five dollars because there were a lot of items by junk food
and it just says buy junk food so this is a lotion and hand cream set I just
might have gotten for a giveaway item just light up but this is not the
giveaway let me just be very clear two people think like oh I’m talking
about giveaway items this is the giveaway no it’s not it’s not but I’m
talking about it because don’t have a filter you don’t when I do have a
giveaway it will be like giveaway plastered in the title this title should
say target Hall Disney target hall or something to that fact let’s see what I
do and this is my last item that I picked up yep this is another journal
it’s just a little bit larger and this one has 96 sheets has Mickey Mouse kind
of hipstery sort of kind of cool retro cactus pineapple yeah watermelons limes
and banana so they’re just kind of hanging out and chilling in the summer
why not for the little Mickey Mouse on the
bottom and this is these are all lined papers yay
so those mister what this one was this was eight dollars this was eight dollars
and the little one was five those were these items I picked up today in Target
like I said this is my first time going to see all of the new Disney merch that
target just I think they they opened up this partnership maybe a week or two ago
like I am kind of behind the game go directly to Target when they announced
it but I was happy to see that they did still have some pins and buttons that
was really looking forward to seeing for these pins and buttons let me show you
these items up close so here’s one of the set of three Disney enamel pens
these guys are actually authentic pens these can be traded in the theme parks
again there are three and these were eight dollars so these have the
butterfly clasps on the back just actually are more secure than the ones
you would get in Walt Disney World which have the Mickey heads these will stay on
much better I put these on my backpack and they wouldn’t fall off here’s the
other set of three Disney enamel pens all of our classic
guy Mickey Mouse himself and here are two of the charms kind of hard to see
because they have them strapped on but they do have these clasps in the back
you can clip these onto a backpack and kind of look
Disney fashionable I love Minnie’s polka-dotted dress
fun and Sun sign me up and now here we have the collection of buttons I love
the looks of these this Mickey Mouse and the inner tube taking a little nap that
looks just perfect and again these are just buttons and they were five dollars
for a set of five not bad and here’s another set of buttons
they’re a little different but very similar in style there’s some of that
nail polish collection so it comes with three colors white red and silver
glitter probably clear but it’s got these silver Mickey heads I bet that
would look really cool on here’s trying to get the effect see if that can pick
that up or not but those those silver things that you’re seeing those are all
Mickey heads a perfect complement to the nail polish are these files and files
are always better when they’re Disney themed I don’t know what these lotions
smell like actually know what says cherub cherry-blossom know that I’m
reading it I do like the Larson’s they provide down in Walt Disney World in the
resorts that’d be cool if it was that kind of smell but it’s a cute set and an
up-close of that Journal pretty cute even has a bookmark and look at Woody’s roundup with these
zooms classic toy story there’s Jesse up top stinky feet
woody of course with his badge bullseye and there this is what it will make when
you put them all together but there is a mystery person in this little silver box
we’ll have to see what we do with this set maybe this will be a giveaway too
and here is that Harry Potter backpack but there are eight characters you could
collect Harry Ron Hermione Draco Dobby Hagrid Hedwig or Luna
here’s that Incredibles 2 figurine set with the options of mr. incredible
Elastigirl Edna – and then on this side violet one of the miners Jack Jack
another elastic girl in Frozone and we can’t forget these my sunglasses so
under how they look you I should have told me these look really ridiculous on
well I’m still gonna try to rock them out on my outro guys thank you so much
for watching my target haul if you liked this video please give it a thumbs up I
will be sure to do more hauls like these and be sure to subscribe to my channel
if you have not yet done so already because giveaways will be coming up soon
soon and have a great week I will see you in my next Disney video coral joy
travel a touch of magic sharing joy

47 thoughts on “NEW DISNEY Target Haul | May 2018 | Disney Junk Food Collection

  1. I have a problem buying Disney merchandise…the first step is admitting it! I was mighty impressed with the NEW DISNEY merchandise at Target! I especially love the pin and button collections! Let me know if YOU have stopped and SHOPPED at Target to find the new Disney merchandise. What did you pick up?! Thanks for being a part of my channel! YOU make this channel more MAGICAL and I thank you for that! xo Coral

  2. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ the accent part! Thanks for the early morning giggle ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜˜

    I haven't gone to Target and checked out any of the new merch because I KNOW I will spend way too much lol! I want to though!

  3. Hey coral I was just letting you know that the glitter nail polish that the glitters are Mickey heads! That make it so much better!

  4. I bought so much stuff that when I got home I hid the bag in a closet! Everyday I pull out something new and my teens just shake their head. Mickey hand sanitizer anyone??

  5. Um, Can we please get a video of you running with the bubble wands? Girl, you went NUTS at Target! Good job!

  6. Great haul! Target is one of the many stores on my list when we are in Florida next month, hope they have the pins still ๐Ÿ€

  7. Cโค๏ธRAL! You are sooo cute in those ears!!

    I saw so many cute Target/Disney hauls on IG so rushed to Target and … NOTHING!CRICKETS!!
    I had to drive 1 hr away to indulge my Target/Mickey fix. " Brown, slimy lipgloss…" haha! And " bu'ins!!" I freaking love "bu'ins"!
    And please Coral…please film a video of you with bubbles!
    This haul!! So amazing!!

  8. This made me laugh so much! Those bubble wands look way too fun! I think you look very fancy rocking the Mickey sunglasses! And I think you should go to the Toy Story opening!

  9. Omg I need to get to a target but I am afraid of the damage I'll make lol. Thanks for sharing your haul

  10. I was so good for a while. I only got a mug, but I eventually caved and got the mickey tote and some lips smackers because it had a pear flavor. Having the target app is helpful because you can scan for the prices.

  11. I was so good for a while. I only got a mug, but I eventually caved and got the mickey tote and some lips smackers because it had a pear flavor. Having the target app is helpful because you can scan for the prices.

  12. I'm geeking out! She said my name! She said my name! And what in the world with the hole?! I am really hoping that you get a replacement. And yes, I saw some things and I bought some things. Story of my life. Well done, You!! And thanks for the shout-out!!!!!!๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜

  13. Awesome stuff! I may have to get a few of those light up pieces for my trip in July. Those HP buddy bag clip is awesome too.

  14. Your ears are everything Coral! Love your haul. I live in Canada so this is killing me lol! ๐Ÿ˜ข

  15. Those sunglasses are cool as on you! A Disney range in a discount store, now that is dangerous lol! Love watching your videos so much, you always make me laugh, so sweet and innocent. Oh I love that Mickey notebook with his wee face. xx

  16. You are a bad influence, Coral! After watching your video, I had to go to Target myself and get that little journal with the stripes. I told my husband we're going to write all our Disney vacation fantasies in it. And I happened to pick up the pins too. They were too cute.

  17. I wish we had Target here but sadly we dont โ˜น Lots of great things and always nice seeing a disney haul ๐Ÿ˜ Great blog .
    Caroline Aberdeen Scotland x

  18. Hi Coral! I loved your Target haul!! Are you going on a Disney Cruise this summer? I hope you are having a great Memorial Day weekend ๐Ÿ˜Š

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  20. Your target is so much cooler than mine!! Mine was so picked over/:
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  22. We donโ€™t have a Target close by (crazy I know!) which saves me $$ but is also a bummer.

    I love that coverup! I hope youโ€™re able to find a replacement if need be.

    We got some of those Incredible boxes, too.

    My kids LOVE those bubble wands!

    I love my Tsum Tsum & Emoji Blitz Lip Smackers

  23. I went to our Target and the prices was not on all the stuff either. I just saw prices on the water bottles and pins I believe. Also the lip smakers, I adore how cute they look but I dont exactly trust whats in them so I scrap out all the lip smaker, wash it, and display the container lol. Great haul!

  24. Iโ€™m talking about it, because I donโ€™t have a filter ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™‹๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ

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