Which was your guys’s favorite uniform piece Hi everyone, welcome back to another episode of vlogmas if you’re new here. I’m julia i’m A dallas-based flight attendant today is a really fun day because I just got my new at flight attendant uniforms in the mail And I’m really excited to try it on and show it to all of you It came in this giant box and I am super excited to try everything on now Even though I got my uniforms today We are not officially wearing them as a company until March 1st of next year Everyone from my company ordered their new uniforms online and so the reason why we are waiting until March 1st of 2020 to start wearing them is So that everyone has enough time to do resizing returned get them tailored Let’s go It looks like Luna wants to try the uniform on too there are a lot of items in this box So I think I’m going to start with the dresses and the skirts first and then move on to The pants and the Blazers and you guys will have to let me know what you think in the comments below about each of the uniform pieces So I decided to just spread everything out so over here I have two skirts this is These are pair pants and the belt right here the All-weather are the all season coats that’s like a really big thick short sleeve shirts here mostly shirt here Quad long and short sleeve shirts. I am ready to scarves There are two serving garments which basically is an apron I have my dress right here, which I thought I ordered two dresses But I guess maybe I ordered one that we’re missing one. I have two Cragen’s right here Excuse me, two jackets are there and I was one cardigan right here So I am excited to try everything on. So right now I’m wearing the a-line skirt of the shirt It is just a white blouse, but I do think I’m going to need to get it tailored because it is really big here But it does fit me in the arms. But every time I like lift my arms up and then bring them back down it’s got a bunch of a lot right here and This is just our new start. Now. I’m wearing the same shirt that I was before but with the white long sleeve shirt And I definitely think I’m going to return this one because it is really big on me the arms are really thick and the stomach area is really big and I feel like a pirate, but I decided to change Into the plot shirts and I really like this uniform except I’m running into the same issue that I had before Which was the arm, it fits me but this part is way too big on the stomach area So I think I’m just going to have to get this one tailored as well This is the same plaid shirt as earlier But this is a long sleeve and it’s the same problem as the other one sleeve shirt It’s just really really big on these specially if I lift my arms up. It gets really bunched up here Okay, so this is probably the least flattering worst uniform I have ever tried on the pants our high waters on me I cannot figure out pair of shoes that will even look remotely good with this This shirt is way too big It makes me look bigger than I actually am and I also think I kind of look like a pilot Viper’s try on the Blazer and I do really like it I’ve never had a blazer before But I do think that it needs to be tailored in the back because it is still pretty loose on me This is the long-sleeve dress option. I swear it ordered a short sleeve dress, but I couldn’t find it So I’m going to make sure that I actually did order that but we have two different options We could order the synthetic or the wool and I ended up getting the synthetic dress. So I don’t know. I like it It’s pretty comfortable and it has pockets This is the short sleeve please our option which you can wear with either the skirt or the pants and Finally, I have the all weather winter coat and it does fit pretty big But I guess that’s how it’s supposed to fit And what’s really awesome about this coat is it does have extra insulation on the side of it? Alright everyone. So that is going to conclude this little Tryon of my new flight attendant uniforms again like I said We are not going to start wearing these until March of next year that way it gives everyone who is wearing the new uniform plenty Of time to do exchanges and alterations which as you can tell I’m going to need a lot of different alterations Thank you everyone so so so much for watching this video if you liked it Go ahead and give me a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel So you never miss any of lockness or any of my travel tips and adventures. I will see you guys next time Bye


  1. Short sleeve blazer 👍 I have the same issue with my uniform button down shirts… makes me look like I have a pot belly at times 😆

  2. I can’t wait to officially starting wearing my new flight attendant uniform to work! Comment below which one was your favorite! 👩🏼‍✈️✈️❤️💙

  3. Love the blazer on you. Like the plaid shirts. I agree with you about the pants. Don't really care for the dress because I think it looks too matronly.

  4. 3 6 7 8. Tough problem. You look great in all of them. Shorts sleeves is a great look for you. Maybe grey pants and tank top??

  5. You should make a video about when you when you wear your different types of uniforms. Can you choose whenever? Or do different uniforms mean different things?

  6. 1:01 no he's not interested in the uniform. I think he thought it was going to be something a dog like him would find a lot more exciting. Watch how he walks away on realising what it is, haha.
    What's up with the new uniforms? Is it me or they're just not trendy enough?

  7. Good to see your feeling so much better! Luna needs a matching flight attendant uniform so the both of you can have a photo shoot together!

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