New Royal Enfield Accessories | Alloy Rims, Luggage Rack & More! |

New Royal Enfield Accessories | Alloy Rims, Luggage Rack & More! |

Royal Enfield is one of the few
motorcycle manufacturers in India which offers standard accessories for quite
some time now but for 2019 there are some new additions to the catalog and we
begin with the biggest update of them all the alloy rims
now these machine finish nine spoke alloy rims cost rupees ten thousand and
roughly Royal Enfield dealerships will charge you say rupees 500 to 1000 offering to
the dealerships for installation you get in nineteen eighteen inch setup and its
seen on the classic 350 motorcycle but you can fit it also on the classic 500
the Thunderbird or for that matter the Thunderbird X well all three motorcycles
have the same wheel size and hence it wouldn’t be a big issue to fit on to any
one of them well you might say that the Thunderbird X already got alloy wheels
but the rims on the earlier Thunderbird X were blackened out whereas now you get
these machine finish ones on the XS standard so in case the old existing
Thunderbird X want to fit these new snazzier wings well they can do so and
with this now you can fit tubeless tyre on any royal enfield however you are
still cannot on the himalayan all the new 650 twins but there is some good
news for the ones who want alloy rims on the 650s royal enfield is developing
18-inch rims for both the front as well as the rear wheels well the next update
comes with the form of this luggage rack so instead of opting for a pillion seat
on the classic you can go out and opt for this luggage rack
this luggage rack comes in two colors chrome stainless steel and black the
chrome one cost rupees two thousand eight hundred and fifty well as this
black one cost rupees two thousand four hundred well it says it has a load
bearing capacity of only five kilos but we expect it to load a bit more than
that because by the looks of it it will feel sturdy it feels well built and the
weld quality is on this are quite nice so the luggage rack should hold a bit
more than five kilos and we can expect a similar version of this on the upcoming
trials bike as well moving on to these new bits in knuckle guards now this is for
the adventurous kind they cost rupees twenty two hundred for a pair and this
is a quite a basic set up and what do I mean by that there is no inner brace to
support here on to the handlebar and thus it will only protect your levers in
case of a – spill and the final bit of update comes here with this headlight
cover now this cost rupees twelve hundred and is designed to protect your
headlight when you’re going off-road it is very easy for anybody to install it
or remove it as there are basically three screws one right here and one on
each side here as well as over here to put it so it’s a basic five-minute
job and this should do work well once you’re going offroad well all of these
accessories plus a lot more like the bull bars the entry guards and
everything all of them come with a standard two-year warranty from Royal
Enfield and Royal Enfield also offers riding gear which we have reviewed
recently so why don’t you check them out on a youtube channel by clicking the
link in the description below

58 thoughts on “New Royal Enfield Accessories | Alloy Rims, Luggage Rack & More! |

  1. So a already overpriced bike.. & now 1 has to shell out 10k more for alloys.. the existing spoke wheels should be exchanged atleast.. the cost of the bike already includes the spokes right??
    Can RE do anything without fooling people??

  2. Is there any accessory that fixes the part where it's a shit slow of a bike. & Who the hell needs handle covers for a bike with 80 km/h speed?

  3. ग्राहक को लूटने में नंबर 1 हैं बुलेट। Quality the Enfield gives is zero…

  4. So with these alloy wheels, RE has basically taken over the lively aftermarket for these wheels for their bikes.

  5. 1200 for a thin grill head cover 👏👏👏 & 2200 for single support knuckle guard awesome loot #royalenfield

  6. Royal Enfield really needs to work hard on its products and accessories. Such basic and low capacity accessories won't be able to maintain the sales anymore.

  7. 1200 only for just headlight cover we will get the whole set of caps for lights for 600-700 😑

  8. Every one is complaining about Liquid Cooling! Its actually shit! The Liquid Cooled Duke 200 cant run continously for even 1 hour 💩. It stops automatically because the engine gets over heated even at normal speeds! But RE can run for 4-5 hours without stopping! This machine is meant for long ride. Dont compare this with other shitty plastics! 👍🏻

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