Nike Brasilia Backpack (Little Kids/Big Kids) SKU: 8900920

Nike Brasilia Backpack (Little Kids/Big Kids) SKU: 8900920

Hey everyone! My name is Richard from And we’re checking out this awesome little backpack from Nike Now this awesome backpack here is made out of a sturdy material with that classic Nike swoosh there across the front Plenty of storage throughout this guy with those stretchy drink holders One on each end which is really cool Contoured and padded shoulder straps right here with lots of cushioning on it to keep your shoulders feeling great And of course, you got your main compartment here, opens up with the zip Tons of space in there for all your essentials Let them carry around all their gear with this super cool looking backpack It’s from Nike

6 thoughts on “Nike Brasilia Backpack (Little Kids/Big Kids) SKU: 8900920

  1. i have this but im not a kid anymore but it is nice and i can use it for my daily work to put my kitchen shoe and apron

  2. This looks great! But can it contain an 11 inch MacBook Air, is this the same size in this video as that for little kids/big kids, and is the bag’s weight 0.5kg?

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