7 thoughts on “NJ Country Club Sues Waiter Over Spilled Wine

  1. making a waiter into a slave? like they will ever recover the money from him, the judge will order him to work for them until it's paid back. The "woman" is a showoff, now look at her.

  2. Don't they have purses at the dollar store?? 30,000 dollars for a purse??????????????? and people are living in the streets. Smh.

  3. Sorry but people buy luxury items that are within their means. This means, you should be able to go out and buy another one. If you are truly rich, that is. This lady is a wanna be. So sad for the waiter unless it was not an accident.

  4. This is sickening….I understand that it's an expensive purse but to attempt to ruin a business and in turn waiters life over an accident is a terrible, inhuman thing to do. If you can afford one $30,000 purse you can afford a 2nd one. A classless c-word is what comes to mind in this situation. Someone should start a gofundme for the waiter

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