NOMATIC Travel Bag Review | 40L Carry-On Backpack (Indiegogo & Kickstarter Crowdfunded)

NOMATIC Travel Bag Review | 40L Carry-On Backpack (Indiegogo & Kickstarter Crowdfunded)

– In this video, we’re
going to be taking a look at the Nomatic Travel Bag, not to be confused with their Travel Pack. I’m Tom, the founder of Pack Hacker, and we do reviews like this all the time. So if you’re new here, consider
subscribing to the channel. Let’s jump right into the
Nomatic Travel Bag review. [upbeat music playing] The Nomatic Travel Bag looks
like a giant box on your back ’cause that’s basically what it is. And the benefit that you
get with a shape like this is that it’s maximized for carrying a lot of things on with you while
still being carry-on compliant with most airlines. Now, in contrast to something like say, the Minaal up there on the wall, there’s a bit of a curved shape to it and that adds a little
bit of a look to it. I personally think that looks slick. You’re not going to find that with the Nomatic Travel Bag. What you are going to gain is,
instead of having a curve here, you’re going to have that extra space here, so it’s just basically like a box. Nomatic boasts that the bag is made of strong, waterproof tarpaulin material that will last forever. Now, that quote falls a little bit flat when it comes to the
entire design of the bag. So, we do have the
tarpaulin material here, on the straps, on this side. However, on the back, there
is a ballistic weaved, either polyester or nylon material, and there’s a little bit of
padding here and all that. And if you’re using this in duffel mode and the ground is wet at all, this will just soak right through. So, the top definitely has a better water-resistance potential. The zippers are weather-resistant as well. The only place where that
claim really falls flat is this material on the back here. Definitely not waterproof, although it’s highly water-resistant on every place on this
bag, except for here. There’s a Nomatic logo on
the bottom right-hand corner of the back of the bag so people can definitely see what
type of pack you have. And there’s this triangular pattern on some of the tarpaulin going on here. So some folks will be a
fan of that, others won’t. We kind of wish it was a
little more minimalistic, that doesn’t really feel necessary, but it does add a nice
branding element to Nomatic. Wrapping it up, there is some durable Duraflex plastic hardware used throughout the pack. The Travel Bag features
a very thick handle at the top here, just to kind of grab it and hang it on stuff and bring it around. Then, you have a thinner
handle on the bottom. I kind of wish they would’ve just taken this padding on each side and sort of just evened it out. So, the bottom one had a
little bit more padding, but the top one maybe had a little less so it wasn’t so bulky. But, we’ll live with it. Also, there’s a pass-through section here so you can put it right onto a roller bag. This bag is intended to be a mix of a duffel bag and a backpack, so let’s get into the harness system and talk about the features and the thinking behind that. So here, you can basically
pull these straps up and that will put it into duffel mode, so you can carry it by the
handles here like that, and then that excess slack is sort of taken up by the straps when you put it into backpack mode. So that’s a decently slick system, but better in thought than in practice for a couple of reasons. First of all, this bag is really wide and when using it in duffel mode, you kind of have to hold it
far away from your body. You can even go take a look at the marketing photos on Nomatic’s website. You can actually see that people seem to be holding it far
away from their bodies. Also, there is a button
system on the duffel strap. So every time I had these buttoned up and I pulled this strap up, these buttons came unbuttoned. So there’s definitely a lot of stuff in here that I had that I
was carrying around with me, as anybody would with a pack of this size, and that’s just something
that shouldn’t happen with this system. So I think that could’ve been thought through a little bit more. And lastly, the extra slack here makes it a little odd to put this
thing on as a backpack. So a lot of the times I
found myself slipping my hand and then getting it caught on here, versus just slipping it right
through the strap itself. Something you can probably get used to, but also something worth
noting with this system. And we’ll move on to the hip belt, which is kind of more like a stomach belt for me and my height. But, it’s definitely nice that they have a detachable version. I love when travel bag companies do this. They offer a hip belt,
but they also allow it to be detachable. Not everyone may want a lot of those hip belts flapping
around all the time, so it’s nice that Nomatic
gives you the option. Also the pockets here are slanted. So that kind of enables you to get a nice, top-down look at what’s inside of these pocketed hip belt compartments when you’re wearing the bag. The only issue with the design of it is that it’s not 3D. The pocket is not 3D and
there’s no flex in it. So if you’re planning
to put something long and rigid like your phone into it, it’s not really going to work out that well when you have the hip belt in use because you won’t be able to curve it around your body. So if you’re planning on putting a couple flatter items in here, that’s totally fine. The phone totally interrupts the function of that hip belt. And all of the other features
live inside of the pack. So Nomatic has kept the
outside pretty minimal – again, just making that large rectangle that’s going to fit most carry-on sizes for most airlines. All the other functionality is inside. [upbeat music playing] Alright, so starting with
the bottom of the pack, there is a nice shoe compartment here to hold your shoes. Really love when bag companies do that; I think it works out really well. And then one nice thing
that Nomatic includes that’s unique to this pack is this right here – which is basically a little laundry basket that you can take out, untwist, boom, just hang on a doorway. And if you’re not planning
on washing your clothing at all on a trip and
you just kind of want to, like, fill up your dirty clothes in here and stuff it right back into your bag when you’re done and
you want to travel home, that’s totally awesome. It can even be good for people on the road that are washing their clothes to kind of just have a
place in the hotel room, the Airbnb, the hostel, to hold your dirty
clothes in between washes. Nice elastic band, just kind of keeps itself nicely in place, and then there’s also an elastic band in that shoe compartment where you can just place
that right into as well. There’s a similar pocket
on the top-hand side, so that’s just going to unzip, open right up. It’s a little bit smaller in height than it is on the bottom
with the shoe compartment, but you have a lot of space here. And then also, there’s
another pocket on the top, which is a weather-resistant
material compartment. So you can see there’s like, a shiny-type tarpy material for this, and the intention of that is to fit your water bottle inside of it. So since Nomatic didn’t include any external water bottle compartments ’cause they wanted to
keep that boxy shape, you still have that
option on this bag on top. Weather-proof material here that’s going to keep your stuff dry. Definitely you can’t fill
this up with water, right? But if you have a water bottle in there and it drips around or
it leaks a little bit, it’s totally going to be fine. It might also be good for toiletries, if you want to put those in there and just take them out quickly at security, since that zippered compartment is at the top of the pack. The reason why this pocket at the top is a little bit more narrow is because they leave some space here for a felt-lined quick-grab pocket – perfect for just stuffing in items into as you’re going through airport security. Just generally putting stuff in there that you want quick access to. Moving on to the side here, you’ve got a two-thirds
pocket that goes here, and then a one-thirds
pocket that goes there. One of the things about these pockets, again, is that it’s going to cut into that space inside of the bag, and it’s not 3D, it
won’t stick out at all, which is good. However, when you’re really packing the inside of that bag up, it can really eat into the sides and the space that you have available in these compartments, so just note that. If the bag inside is stuffed, the pockets on the
outside will seem smaller. Now moving around to the other side, this pocket fully opens up and reveals a bunch of additional
organizational features, which is pretty great. So you have two stretchy mesh pockets down here at the bottom, you’ve got two kind of
slider divider pockets here, you’ve got that felt material
on this side as well. And then at the top here, this unzips with a pretty
large compartment going on. On the other side, we have a pocket of similar size. However it’s lined with
this RFID-safe material – so that’s going to be good
for things like passports, credit cards, your phone, anything that you want to
block from external signals. Whether you want a feature like this is totally up to you, but it’s there should you utilize it. And also it’s just generally
a great pocket to have, even if you’re not really concerned about that RFID electronic security. On this side the best pockets are going to be the zippered ones. Because
once you start putting things into these nylon, stretchy pockets, and these slider pockets over here, you put the bag up, it starts
getting jostled around. A lot of that stuff is
just going to get unorganized and disorganized in your bag, start falling out. Granted it’s still inside
of the zippered pockets, so you’re not going to lose anything. Obviously, make sure that’s
zipped up completely. But you know, definitely,
the zippered compartments and pockets work a little bit better than these ones that are more open, just for holding and organizing your stuff as you’re using the bag. Now getting on to the main event – we’re going to take a look at this main clamshell compartment. When you open this up it’s
basically a giant bucket inside. So there’s a lot of room in here; very roomy compartment. Just keep in mind that, you know, the pockets on the bottom and these sides are going to kind of eat into
that main compartment. But if you’re mindful of
how you pack this thing, you have a ton of room. You could fit two rows of packing cubes within this thing, which is really great. The main compartment’s
really maximized for space. On this top tab here,
this is where your laptop and tablet go. So you have a little
tablet pocket right here, and then you have a pocket
up here for your laptop. Had no problem fitting
in a 15-inch Macbook Pro. Now [laughs] the one
part where this system gets a little bit weird is – one, if this bag is really full and you’re closing it, you’re kind of like, slamming your laptop down to try to close it correctly. And then since your laptop goes in here, it makes this really rigid. So if you want to get anything outside of this main compartment
and your laptop is inside, it’s really hard just to kind of open this up a little bit, take a peek in, and grab whatever you need. Partially because of this security-type of feature that they have here, where the zipper is a little bit hidden, which is a great feature, like, as an anti-theft deterrent. It makes it weird to peek inside of there. And in combination with this thing being super stiff, you kind of have to open it up completely, like that, to just get inside of this bag and get anything you want. It’s harder to just like, quick, grab your hand in
there and grab something. At the time of this review, we’ve been testing the Nomatic Travel Bag in cities like Joshua Tree, Los Angeles, Detroit, Minneapolis, and New York City. Overall, the durability
and quality of the pack has held up. There’s
really no aesthetic dings on the material at all, and it looks pretty good
and it’s held up really well in that amount of testing. And with all of this testing we were able to look at all those smart and conceptual features, and overall found that a couple of them didn’t really
work as well in practice than they did from a logical perspective. So to wrap this thing up with the pros and cons – for a pro this thing is definitely
maximum legal-sized carry-on. That rectangular shape allows you to have a lot of room inside of the pack for all of your stuff. The water-resistant water bottle pocket and the shoe compartment, as well as the laundry basket, are great features that
are smart in thought and really good in practice. The straps are nicely padded and there’s a good sternum strap on this as well. On to some of the cons – the laptop positioning isn’t ideal for access or carry. The duffel and shoulder strap system is a little bit clunky in practice. And the pack is seemingly trying to do too much. We wish they simplified it a little bit and just focused on a couple of things, versus trying to throw everything and the kitchen sink into the design. Overall, the Nomatic Travel Bag uses some high-quality materials and has some very smart
thinking behind it. However, with all the features going on, it’s seems greater in concept than it is in practice, and overall creates a clunky experience in some areas. Thanks for taking a look at our review on the Nomatic Travel Bag. Be sure to head over to, sign up for our newsletter, and never miss an update. We’ll see you in the next video. The water-resistant water bottle pocket… …water-resistant water bottle pocket… …that is a…that’s a tongue-twister. Yeah, that’s a good feature, I like that. Good feature.

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  2. Thanks Pack Hacker; honestly said; Nomatic has a lot of customer complains for months right now about broken zippers and material, water resistance and customer problems for delivery/exchange; I would keep everybody open your eyes and look what's going on at Instagram and Facebook…the best time of Nomatic is over for now but could be better!!…like it was in there first three years!

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