Nutsac RuckSac Review. A Rugged Waxed Canvas, Made in the USA Backpack

Nutsac RuckSac Review. A Rugged Waxed Canvas, Made in the USA Backpack

What are you gonna do with all that Christmas
money your grandparents gave you? Since your EDC bag the Mag Satch is seriously
lacking in the holding several machetes department, maybe it’s time to upgrade to the RuckSac,
the newest addition to the lineup- a larger backpack-sized… backpack- that you really
don’t even have to fill with machetes. I review them ok, and sometimes I have to
carry them around with, It’s not like I need to use them, just sometimes hold and
look at them… you know what it sounds weirder the more I explain it. The Rucksac takes its cue from the construction
of the other Nutsac bags… using waxed canvas, having the nutsac logo, sturdy yet supple
full grain leather accents and reinforcements, and heavy duty straps. Built to last forever, or the backpacks to
end all backpacks, unless you collect backpacks. So let’s look at some basic dimensions like
the tallness, and weight, and width. I wouldn’t refer to the rucksack as small,
but it isn’t meant for more than a day pack, so maybe stick with a 30 pack of Coors tops,
if you also need a few bottles of chaser. It isn’t listed on their website, but the
bag is calculated to have about 20 liters, which is helpful if you want to dump 20 full
liters of water or soda in it, or maybe just compare it’s relative size to other backpacks. According to one internet theory I saw- wake
up sheeple a daypack is often thought to be 20-35 liters. So’s unless you have your head in the sand
this is a more compact daypack… say more inline with a basic commuters pack just like
they want you to think. Probably don’t bring your machetes. So your lunch, a tablet or laptop, some non
switchblade every day carry items, and maybe a few small clothing pieces- like a t-shirt
and a change or two of your favorite lucky underwear. Ok let’s examine it’s pockets and construction. First the shoulder straps. That are adjustable like on all backpacks. Anyone call it a book bag or is that a midwest
thing. No sternum strap, or hip belt which aren’t
super common on smaller packs. The inside of the straps are meshed, and have
a padded section starting from these little metal loops up. Up top there’s a heavy duty canvas handle
wrapped in leather, to lift it or maybe you don’t like wearing backpacks on your back
ok? And the section that touches your delicate
back is also padded. Bottom of the back is reinforced with a large
piece of full grain leather for durability and a little extra water resistance. Externally on either side you have a snapped
bottle holder… I found it fits a 750 ml camelback bottle
if you leave it unsnapped. Snapped maybe an umbrella diameter. Externally there’s a zippered pouch at 6.75
inches deep and and a little over 9 inches wide. Now let’s open it up, you have a leather
strap and brass pin. Then inside is a cinchable top, if you have
a bunch of shit rattling around inside. No that we’re inside we have a laptop pouch
padded on the inside and whatever the side your back is on. 15 inch laptop fits snugly. That’s a laptop that’s 15 inches long,
10.5 inches wide and about an inch thick. Inside is the main area, that has zipper access
to the outside, the way it’s designed though you’ll need to open the top to get to the
padded laptop area. There’s also a leather brass snapped key
loop and under that two 6 inch deep pockets about 4 inches wide, not zipper able. Or in real world terms each looks like it
can comfortably hold a can of beer. And finally you get one more zippered internal
pouch that shares a wall with the laptop area, keeping a layer of padding between the zippered
pouch and the laptop. It’s about 7 inches deep and 8 and a half
inches wide. So what do I think? The backpack is insanely well constructed. If it holds up as well as my Mag Satch, and
it should since it’s built basically the same, I don’t see any issues with it. I have carried my mag satch to work nearly
every day for a year and a half, and not a single thing has been wrong with it. The Rucksac is a buy it for life backpack
with a lifetime guarantee that’s made in the USA and retails for $365. The comparisons between this and a Filson
bag are easy, because of the durable waxed canvas. Waxed canvas resists water, and takes on a
unique character as you carry it. And good news for the prudes who don’t like
the Nutsac name on the logo- maybe you don’t like long reflective conversations with HR,
you can get it with just the acorn logo, and avoid awkward glances. The pack comes in black or a tan waxed canvas. This is my third nutsac product… also a
wallet. If I could make one or two minor suggestions… I’d like the outer carry pouches to open
up a bit more, and maybe a few more loops or small pouches inside to attached clipped
things to, like say a knife collection. Also if you’re trying to fit stuff longer
than 20-21 inches inside the back the leather strap may not latch. That’s not really a complaint, just a reminder
to leave your latin machete at home, bring the kukri. Anyway if you like backpack reviews, youre
going to love my next review for a beer fridge on the advanced knife bro channel. So like subscribe comment. Thanks to Nutsac for donating the pack to
the channel. It’s come in handy when I’ve had to take
public transportation because my car had trouble staying fixed this past month. Donate to my Patreon if you’d like to support
the content I create. Like subscribe comment. Thanks for watching.

98 thoughts on “Nutsac RuckSac Review. A Rugged Waxed Canvas, Made in the USA Backpack

  1. I have a Satchel Pro and I like it quite a bit, and I love the look of the Rucksac, but it's a bit too expensive for me. I don't have enough machetes to justify it. Nice review though.

  2. One day, I'm hoping they go all-out and make a NutTaintSac bag that you can strap to your crotch like a modernized codpiece and carry 'personal items' in.

    These are actually really good backpacks, my only small complaint is given how well-constructed and designed the bag is overall, that front latch seems out of place, cheap, and ineffective, particularly over time when it begins to wear out.

    Oh….and an attachment on the side for a flamethrower would also be cool.

  3. Looks great. I have a question. How many 24 oz cans of Steel Reserve will it hold along with a Hi Point 45, 2 extra magazines, and 100 rounds of 45 acp and a bag of beef jerky?

  4. when you pull your coors and boxed wine out of a fancy sac like that you never get called an alcoholic redneck ever again right?

  5. NutSac bags are expensive. Especially if you live outside the US, but they are very well made and will last you a very long time. If you like bags, these are top of the line quality that justify their high price! So if you are on the fence buying one, don't be. Just get it, you will love it. These bags also come with a lifetime guarantee. I own both the Man-Bag Dammit and the Satchel Pro and i love them both. I carry the Satchel Pro everyday to work with me, and i use the Man-Bag Dammit for nights out with the wife when we go to hockey games or concerts. The owner of the company is also a throwback in terms of good customer service and standing by his products! I accidentally badly cut my Satchel Pro last summer on vacation with a shaving straight razor (my fault) and Greg the owner was nice enough to replace it for me. He didn't have to do that as it was something i packed in the bag accidentally that cut through the thick canvas, but he did! I was very impressed!

    So AKB… be careful packing all those knives in your NutSac! Because if accidentally one opens up in the bag!!! 😢 Awesome videos as usual! Nice to see AKB videos going mobile on the town!

  6. I got the magsatch when you reviewed it, and its really great. I use it everyday. As much as I like the rucksac, I can't justify the cost over the bagpacks I already own.

  7. I too have a backpack buying problem. It's almost as bad as my knife buying problem, but way worse than my pocket tool buying problem.

  8. While I'm pretty tired of "tactical", black knives, a pack made from Cordura Nylon with a few MOLLE-Straps and a foam-padded back seems more versitile, convenient and comfortable to me. And the usually don't cost as much, I'm running a TAD LiteSpeed as my daypack, it's also made in the U.S., and about 100 bucks cheaper. Though I figure that a NutSack might be a perticulary expensive example for a pack of this kind.

  9. How did you get that shot of yourself walking across the street without the camera getting stolen? Unless maybe everyone knew you were carrying a Kukuri with you? Gotta get that car fixed, AKB…

  10. Sorry, ugly, and without all the organizational goodies found in other, far cheaper packs. Not for me. I do have a nutsack, though. Bought it from Australia. I'm told it used to belong to a kangaroo.

  11. You've arrived at a place where you can drop $300+ bucks for a day-pack! Congrats, Mr. AdvancedKnifeBro! I am jealous.

  12. Shooting on location gives AKB a whole n’other level of production cred, exclamation point. Freaking expensive backpack, but if anyone deserves one, you do. Like the Nutsac products too, but 365 clams is too much waxed canvas for my wallet. Sticking with my “mag pro” or whatever they call it.

  13. You know, just like to come home from work and watch videos about some hippy jamming machetes into his nutsack. What’s wrong with that?

  14. Meh. Three bills for old-world weight and lack of features seems kinda outrageous, especially because it definitely lacks in old-world charm. My Kelty Redwing 50 Reserve weighs eight ounces more, can carry crap for a couple days of warm-weather camping (colder weather will require external carry of a better sleeping bag), and looks amazing, for only one-oh-nine Simoleons. I guess that if one wants to avoid getting robbed by looking like a hobo, then the Nutsac bag is the way to go — will Nutsac be coming out with a bindle soon? Because that'd really knock that don't-rob-me-because-you'll-only-get-tuberculosis look right out of the park.
    It looks good on you, though.
    De gustibus non est disputandum, as the economists say. But they'd also say that your beer preference vector is convex. So there's that.
    Thumbs up on the review, even if I don't like the bag, because it was a thumbs-up type of review.
    (Edit because I have the attention span of a gnat.)

  15. I'm launching a new brand of wallets called the ButtCrack. Just jam it in your booty cleavage for safe keeping. Only $600- made from re-purposed Hello Kitty kites that I happened to buy a shitload of once on a drunken eBay sesh.

  16. It's sticky so it'll get covered with cat hair and filth immediately, and it's pretty dang small… but at least it's really expensive, so its got that going!

  17. The typical Pacific Northwest hipster that is buying this backpack isn't going to carry something as silly as an umbrella in the side pouch. You should have used a more practical and relevant object, like a small throwing axe.

  18. I tried to have the " its called a book bag too" discussion with my kids… but they didnt understand. The way of the book bag has died. Also really digging the shots you got in on the last 10 sec of the video. Hotel room?

  19. A $300 20L backpack is not even worth reviewing. I felt like I had been stolen 4 minutes of my life when you announced the price

  20. Maybe for a few days you need to be advancedcarbro and fix your bucket.
    I run a 5.11 rush 12. That is a sweet pack for going to college. I'm using my GI BILL. And, have to man up as the tactical as fuck veteran who is now a full time student.
    That pack would peg me as a tight jean wearing, frost hair dye, EMO music listening to,  Quieter if a bee stung my soft skin hands.
     It seems nice in theory. But, the outcome is short on high fives or fist bumps.
    BTW my 5.11 has moly, molly, mole, molle (nailed it) straps so I can just attach a Machete to the side. Kinda like that one guy in the movie Romancing the Stone. Or was that a shotgun? Have to re-watch that disaster.
    I rate the nutsack at 10 stars for millenials and 0 stars on the combat vet level. Buy an old Army Ruck sack. The small ones and large ones worked well.
    Its sucky kit but, your gift of being able to make really good videos makes up for it.
    Next time fix the car not buy a pack.

  21. I just found out the nut sack I was born with impregnated my wife. Looks like I could use another nut sack to carry more shit, most likely diapers and not knives. Surely there is room for both?

  22. Please review the new ESEE tactical bushcraft gloves

  23. Need help choosing. Should I get a satchel pro, satchel, or a ruck? I'd probably mostly use it for travelling or camping. Satchel (not pro) I would use as a man purse.

  24. Very nice very good design for a student or someone working in an office. My EDC is a Coach wildebeest leather. It is small but works. I like oiled canvas bags like Filson products. I own Filson chaps they work well for trail riding, hiking in wet brush etc. The leather trim on the bag is also nice and adds durability to high contact use. I like it very much. It’s also american made, happy to say but…. MSRP is $365!!!. I could get a half dozen 5.11 sling bags for that. That is really pricey. Wow I’d have to think hard about that purchase.

  25. "Wake up sheeple! a daypack is often thought to be 20-35 liters." Instantly subscribed. The elitism in the edc / prepping comments is always a good time. I like that it says nutsac, so that no man will mistake it for a purse while i'm carrying it in public and make me have a masculinity crisis. I don't like that it doesn't have M-LOK rail mounts for my ar-15 battle-axe attatchment though.

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