The Fladis, the wristlet or the classic IKEA calyx slash expedite, RIP. I’m way too into IKEA Hey everyone, it’s me, Wendy. Feel like we’re a bit overdue for a nice chill and chit-chat video so today I’m gonna talk about something else I love which is organization Since moving to this new home, I’ve been posting a couple of photos of getting the space organized and then people have been asking me questions So I just wanted to go through my favorites I have 1, 2, 3, 4. 4 places That I love to shop for organizational supplies I’m gonna put all the links down in the description so you can check it out Hopefully, you can find some new organizational faves yourself and let’s get started. Okay First up is my sewing space. This is very Ikea *music plays in background* These lockers are here are called Hallan. I love them because they hide everything away so that it looks like a professional workspace but all of the secrets and the fabric are within and being the organizational fanatic that I am, I also fill them with more baskets This is another thing I’m gonna stop talking while I jangle it. This is another thing that is everywhere in my house: it is the Risatorp wire basket, very like you love to buy fresh produce at a farmers market type of look and sometimes I’ll put labels on it I will talk about the label maker at the end. This is the best for last. Like without the baskets, you have all these things stored one by one on every shelf and rummaging through it is just a total nightmare, and we got stuff to do, we can’t be rummaging. We got to move on the Fladis woven basket. I’m trying really hard to say all these Swedish slash Finnish words correctly again really great because it hides everything away. This one’s got some spare yarns in it for tapestry weaving. This one looks really great in my sewing space, but I also have it in the bathroom to hold towels, toilet paper, you know, like you just don’t want stuff you don’t want the whole world to see but it looks real nice in a woven basket. I got two more IKEA things to talk about but to do that we’re going to go to the kitchen. *string music plays in background* In the kitchen, I’ve got the IKEA Raskog, this guy needs no introduction. Three tiers, slides everywhere, versatile for kitchen, bathroom, studio bedroom. If there’s ever an IKEA all-stars collection, this guy’s going to be in it *music plays in background* Lastly, my love for IKEA takes us to one more item in the bathroom. I’m pretty sure this is just literally called Cylinder because sometimes IKEA just goes straight for the English wording But this comes in a triple set of three different size full slash vases, whatever you want to call them I love that they’re clear and that’s why I store all the skincare in it so you can see it all. It’s at the very end of the IKEA walkthrough Like literally moments before you enter the warehouse and that’s usually the point where you’re just like get me the cart get me the aisle, the number, the box and let’s get out of here. So, you sometimes like see the finish line and just breeze right past but grab one of these next time because I honestly use them for everything like storing greeting cards plants, cooking utensils, obviously my beauty supplies It’s pretty great. Continuing on in the bathroom, this brings me to another brand I love Muji So Muji makes these stainless steel wire baskets in a variety of sizes I was not quite sure about these handles at first until I visited the Muji store again and realized that when you turn them to the inside, they create a platform for you to make this Stackable. So unfortunately no place in my home has enough room that I’m really enjoying the benefits of stacking these wire baskets, but I have two so, in the future that day might come and the other thing I have from Muji here are these PP storage drawer boxes. These are clickable into a whole stack which we have in our bathroom But on certain shelves and made more sense to separate them. It works just like a drawer still This one for example, has some makeup and hair stuff in it Definitely good for all these knickknacks with like crazy colours that you want to hide away Also, it’s translucent Even makes this box nearly invisible, very subtle, very low profile, I like them. The last thing that I have from Muji that I really love is their acrylic drawers. I really cannot go to Muji without going to admire the acrylic drawers, even though I don’t need anymore in my life. The ones I have have fold up lid that let you access from above if you’re too lazy to open the drawer, and also two drawers and they stock. When it’s on display at Muji, they’ll like fill it with a few spare little things that make it look cute, but the real life is that you got to fill it with a lot of stuff. So then on top of that I have it hidden inside The IKEA Locker door so that to the outside is gone but when you open the door, you can still see everything you need and it’s organized. Next up, this one’s just for the Canadians It’s Indigo! In the states, Barnes & Noble is very similar. This guy, whoop, who has been hiding in the background this whole time. You don’t have to get this from Ikea, it’s really just the Umbra brand. It’s a ladder that they sell it’s fully extendable. At our old place, we used it to hold a whole bunch of towels. Here, it’s just holding a whole bunch of tapestries until I figure out where we’re gonna put them for a decor and there’s these wonderful little notches here that can hang clothes or anything on a string So lots of storage options Really like the ladder. This other ladder is just an assembly of copper pipes and you can figure that out at any home hardware store *music plays in background* In addition to the ladder, I have a few other things from Indigo. One is a wire hanger over here in my studio. Unlike a lot of other wire hangers, it has this bottom lip that folds up and down below, I added these shower rings and clamps. These hold at my pattern pieces make me look like a little atelier, feeling fancy. Oh, yes, I forgot to address these baskets. So these are also from Indigo, but like a long time ago I think they were the first time I splurged on getting baskets. Right now, these guys hold stationary as well as extra tech. Taking it back into this corner at the next place I go for my organization faves is the hardware store. I say it like that because I don’t know if it was expected, but this pegboard was a really great find at the hardware store the hardware store and they cut it down to size for me. I painted it in a video I did with Alexandra Gator and all the hooks were from the store, too but there are plenty of hooks to be found on Amazon as well if that’s where you want to shop instead. The only thing that’s not hardware store is the baskets. Those are from the dollar store. They matched the silver on the pegs I have zero complaints because now they hold stuff that pegs can’t hold. The last place I get my organization faves is from recycling slash local I’m gonna call it this section. So in the kitchen, for example, I’m using this plastic container to hold all the bottles I use for cooking. This includes the vinaigrettes, the soy sauce, the sesame oil, obviously cooking oil and what’s really great is that everything’s in there you slide it all in one go. Plus plus plus, now your oil does not have to get on your shelf. Oh my gosh! In various places, there’s always room for shoe boxes. I have a box in my bathroom that holds spare little travel-size bags. Marie Kondo has been telling you about putting boxes in her drawers to separate your socks, underwear, belts, etc. And as you’ve seen in previous videos, I use a trading app called Buns locally to find even more organization supplies. This wire basket is one of my more recent trades And yeah, I’m crazy for baskets because I got Risatorp basket, in a basket as well as a bag in a basket. The main reason I like this basket was cuz it’s wide enough to hold my laptop, which meant that whenever I need to get sewing I can just quickly dump everything in here and then the desk is cleared and I can go. And finally, my most favorite new addition is the Dymo Label maker just love it so much I requested this for Christmas, you know girls be out there asking for all sorts of nice things and I’m like, please give me a Analog, not even up to date technology label maker, but that’s probably why I like it when it’s analog. You’re physically punching in letters, which gives it a kind of like old-fashioned feeling that the new digital printers can’t do. That’s about it for my organization faves there’s probably way more in this house that I didn’t even cover but I feel like you’ve already watched me fangirl about baskets and boxes long enough so we’re just gonna leave it at that. Links are in the description. If you love any of these as much as I do fangirl with me in the comments. Also put in their comments any of your favorites that I might not be aware of and I would be very glad to be enlightened of those things. I’ve got lots of new videos coming up. We’ve been sticking to a very good Saturday upload system, so I’ll see you next Saturday. Bye I love you

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  1. another idea for your sewing room-: used clean cardboard or plastic barrels to store fabric rolls… when mum had her small business, bespoke clothing/ dressmaking, she had about a dozen of them around her cutting table, depending on how much is on the roll, she could get heaps in, plus it was easy to see what you were looking for and sort into fabric type – cotton, polyester etc. She also had a thread board made from a piece of scrap masonite with large nails hammered in to it at an angle, to store all of the sewing thread – my brothers and I would spend hours rearranging the thread into different patterns, or in number order or colour shade order… it's fun when you're a 5, 9 and 11 yr old… 😏

  2. I have baskets full of empty boxes that I may need for storage someday. They are good sturdy useful boxes that could be the perfect size for something someday. Can I join the support group?

  3. I don't know if you have miniso store in Canada, but they are my favourite! They have this amazing socks organizer boxes they have 15 compartments each. Not only grate for socks but I organize my makeup in there. Bought one for my mom and she uses it to store her sawing supplies. + miniso is super inexpensive. I would call them a muji little sister. 😀

  4. Daiso have a nice collection of the muji pvc little boxes in nicer prices 👍🏻💕 and they are my favorites 😂

  5. you’re so cute!!! love organizing love baskets love your sweet little dance transitions
    i love your organization style and i could probably watch a livestream of you marie-kondo-ing your entire house without getting tired. your casual chat vids are a big fave as well 🙂

  6. Oh my gosh, the "stackable!" sound effect and stacking text for the stainless steel wire baskets was so satisfying!! 😛

  7. I love the Raskog, but I got a cheaper one from KMart (Australia) that is just the same but $29AUD. I love the stackable boxes from IKEA – the white plastic ones. Also Daiso has tons of beautiful boxes and baskets for cheap. Also – Big fan of re-using cardboard boxes and covering them with contact paper to make them last longer. Boxes and Baskets for ever!!

  8. I recently just bought a Dymo label maker and literally everyone in the office who sees it wants to give it a try 😂

  9. ahh your studio is so beautiful, i just got back into mine thinking "gosh how am i going to organize this chaos" looks like i need some baskets–thank you for the tidy-spiration wendy! xx

  10. You’re very lovely! I find this kind of organizational shop talk very satisfying! I personally love the stackable translucent organizers from MUJI — very durable and pleasant to look at. I use mine for makeup storage (like for lip crayons and makeup products) and also for desk supplies. The whole shopping experience there is so relaxing.

  11. Indigo! ♥ they have a store in Short Hills Now! (which is in the states) I'm pretty sure Indigo still has those baskets! but they are really nice

  12. If you’re in Canada, Dollarama has great acrylic storage bins with handles for $3-4 depending on the size. No need to spend $20 on one from InterDesign! Dollarama also has clear drawer organizers. So handy for kitchen organizing.

    I have the Ikea SKADIS peg board for my bathroom with the matching shelves. It keeps all of the stuff off my bathroom counter. It’s so pretty to look at also.

  13. YAS IKEA!! I have a lot a lot of things from ikea, mainly boxes and drawer organisers in the bedroom and the kitchen. I bought copper wire baskets from primark back when copper was still hot, for my make up and hair products. They are on open shelves, so first I had closed sea grass baskets but those started to grow mold because it was too damp 🙁 so metal it is. I just put the pretty perfume bottles and pallettes in the front and hide all the rest behind those.

  14. This is the first time I've ever heard anyone say that IKEA products' names are Swedish/Finnish…

    They're just Swedish.

  15. did you just say swedish/finnish words??? as a swede I'm a little offended but it's okay because this video was so good so I'll let it slide (for this time) 💙

  16. Sooooo helpful! Thank you very much for this video! I'm moving in 2 weeks into my first very own flat (previously lived with flatmates) and now I have the possibility to store everything the way I want to 😍 I was definitely in need for some advise with the organization possibilities. You gave me such nice ideas!

  17. Omg i love organisation and i love this video 😍 nobody i know loves organisation so i love this lol😂🥰

  18. Great video Wendy! I love the label maker, looking forward to have one to label my supplies and spices. =)

  19. i looooove baskets!! i use the same basket for yarn as well!!! in denmark we also have stores like tiger and søstrene grene, that usually have seasonal storage boxes and stationary, which means there's always a surprise waiting for you. it's very hard to go into there and not come out w. tea, notebooks, cute boxes and all kinds of weird knick-knacks! it's like an adventure every time.

  20. Hi Wendy,
    I live in south west Florida and we have an IKEA about 45 mins away. I am big fan of IKEA. I live in a tiny house and I found these tips are great. We think/do a like. I also took my shelving and put them on rollers.

  21. Loving your videos! The silly dancing from room to room got me laughing. Thanks for being you, Wendy! When I watch your chitchat videos, it's like I'm sitting casually with a friend.

  22. Yes, brought up in such a way. I don't like messy and dirty environment. I even choose a well organised and displayed grocery shop to do a list of my household shopping. Unless, i am in a rush and only have 1 or 2 things to grab, i drop by to any nearby stalls.

  23. Damn I never should've watched this video. Now I want more boxes!
    And I loooove the acrylic stuff from Muji. Everytime I go there I'm like "well I don't actually NEED one, but maybe its time will come and then I'm glad I already bought one."

  24. Honestly disappointed more of these weren't recycled things. So many of them could have been DIY'ed and saved on plastic/non-recyclable elements. I know you're incrediby creative and resourceful, let's see a video where you recreate these storage options out of household "waste"!

  25. What can I say I do not even have the money to buy something I really wish for for 100$ how should I buy 2 steel baskets for 100 fucking $ O___o
    I would love to organize as well but have to consider whether I can buy only 1 or 2 baskets that cost 4$…… what is this, I mean 10$ for the ikea wooden boxes is already expensive, but come on 50$ for one damn small metal basket?! That is just too much for real…

  26. I love Longaberger baskets. You can't get them new anymore, but they are a gold mine to find at thrift stores or garage sales and they are great for organizing.

  27. I know it sounds crazy but I use empty toilet paper holders to wrap cords of appliances in! Hair dryers, irons, curling irons, mixer,… works great🙌

  28. I find many of these places like a much more expensive dollarstore. I just go to the dollarstore if I need these types of things. 😛

  29. Oooh thanks girl I’m going to buy that Fladis basket! I don’t want to spend money on a side table when I just have a few things I want to put besides my bed and that basket is cute!

  30. Gotta comment to show my appreciation for the little transition clips with the dancing and cute music and funky title font. <3

  31. Hi, you have that metal arch on your desk with giant clips. Do you have a video about that? I looks so awesome.

  32. Hi Wendy! Do you happen to have a video on your top? I'd love to recreate it but I'm not sure if its a DIY of yours. Would I be able to get away with three gathered rectangles (two small ones and a big one), elastic and straps?

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