Organize A Closet Space (Three Steps)

Organize A Closet Space (Three Steps)

I will show you how to
organize your closet with three steps that will not overwhelm you and the
result will be a decluttered organized space my closet was like a black hole
there was no order no purpose to this closet space but the whole process of
decluttering and organizing my closet seemed too overwhelming mentally so I
have taken a step back and I’m looking at organization in a new way I don’t
want you to think of this as an organization process I want you to think
of this as decluttering and being smart you are making space in your closet
you’re freeing the stress that is on you when you come in here every few days or
every day to get dressed and with three steps you are not going to be
overwhelmed it’s gonna be on your time schedule and it will help you be
organized and stay organized if you stick around to the end you’ll see the
one thing that you can take to the back of your wardrobe to help you stay
organized if this is your first time to my LauriePOP channel thank you so much
for popping over my name is Laurie and I want to say welcome if you’re watching
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there for me I create YouTube videos about ideas that pop into my head and
then I share them with you now let’s pop into my videos professional organizers
will tell you to take everything out of your closet but that is too overwhelming
of a task to me those clothes would stay on my bed on my floor
for over a week I know so I’m taking a step back I’m taking a minimalist
approach I am doing the bare minimum but the result is gonna be an organized
thinned out closet with space and function and purpose so in step number
one I am only turning my hangers around now
now that I’ve done this process I can tell you if you have these kind of cheap
hangers or the poofy pillow type hangers you are gonna want to turn those around
by themselves they are a pain to turn around and this whole process is only
gonna take you about seven minutes and turning around all these
I’m finding those clothes that don’t fit anymore I’m finding those clothes that I
don’t need to keep anymore I know I should get rid of stuff but I’m
not there so I am only making the task of turning around my hangers I think I
represent most of America by being a product of consumerism I buy things that
are on super sale I get my favorite big box stores like Francesca’s or Old Navy
I will I cannot not buy something that’s $10 because it was only $10 I know now
that that is fast fashion and I’m trying to work on that but I’m not there
completely yet but I also shop my closet so I have a ton of shirts you will see
in touching all these clothes I’m going to inevitably get rid of some of them
with no with that not even being my task so it’s an added bonus these hangers to
the left of my top and this blue bin is where my husband’s closet begins so I’m
not gonna touch those I turned around all of my hangers I’m not even gonna do
my pants because you know they would still look the same but let’s just
pretend that I have done that process and taken care of those now I have come
up with 22 hangers that are extra can you see these hangers 22 extra hangers
that I found just by doing my sweaters and my tops on both shelves so that was
a bonus that I didn’t realize was going to happen now step two is take a minute
and stare at your closet each day just critique your own closet do the research
on your own closet and by standing there even if it’s for a week
one minute everyday just look at your closet and critique it see what are your
problem areas what needs to go what needs help what could be put into an
area when I looked at my own closet I knew that I had clothes taking up so
much space and I had piles and stacks of scarves and sweaters intermingled with
each other that I don’t wear them a lot because we’re in Houston Texas so I just
pile them on this shelf I would also look for a travel bag or pull out my
backpack and it my backpack would fall out or some of
the bags in there what would fall out an idea that I just thought of was to dust
off this shelf just use an old t-shirt that you’re not gonna wear anymore
I’m not overwhelming myself it doesn’t have to be super clean and perfectly
dusted so I’m doing enough I do have about seven or eight purses and this is
how I store them these have been on shelves or on the floor now I got this
so I’m gonna take this chunk of space see how wide it was it’s almost from my
fingertips to my elbow of space taking up my hangar space that I had up here
behind my sweater these are gonna hang on the lower bar of my closet shelf and
beside my container of sweatshirts and sweatpants and all that stuff
I recommend only coming up with around three problem areas or else you will get
overwhelmed and stretch yourself out before you even start instead of just
allowing those scarves to be on the shelf I freed up that space and I bought
me one of these things we’ve all seen them now I have about I think there are
11 spaces on here that takes up all that space on my shelf again I’m freeing up
I’m decluttering and it was just with one problem area and one solution solved
it and because these are so long I’m gonna just hang them back here with my
pants step number three is to figure out what can go into containers can your
sweaters go into containers can your belts go into containers since having
all these travel bags here is a frustration of mine a stressor when I
walk in my closet or need something I bought a container this sticks out a
little too much with the lids so I took the lid off and then I’m just going to
put the bags in here in a stand-up way so I can fit all my little bitty travel
bags and containers I can fit those in here easily and that way they won’t
spill out every time I’m taking down one shirt or looking for one of the bags so
when I do need a bag I just lift it out grab the bag that I need or take it
completely out and then I can put it completely back in without stressing
myself out I thought about using a shoe box but a shoe box would be a little too
deep so I went ahead and bought this for myself okay for the one
thing that you can tape to the back of your wardrobe I have a list of earrings
or jewelry that I need to match certain outfit pieces like I have this owl
t-shirt and I usually wear it with a burgundy cardigan and I realize that I
don’t have any earrings to match it so I wrote on my list burgundy and orange
earrings and then I also have these cognac colored boots but my necklaces
are usually all dark brown and I don’t like that they don’t match the cognac
color I sometimes have this little cognac color that I want to incorporate in
my jewelry and I need that so I would put that on my list as well I also on
the bottom I put if I have a really cute outfit that I haven’t thought of in 15
years I would write those coordinating outfit pieces on the piece of paper so I
won’t forget about them again look at all this space I have isn’t it awesome I
mean I can almost straighten my arms out all the way with all the extra space
that I have right here where I keep my necklaces with just three steps in one
day I completed my closet reorganization happy thinning out process to you I hope
these steps have inspired you to just start to take a look and to do it pop
over again soon I really appreciate you taking the time to watch this video
leave me a comment I love comments

19 thoughts on “Organize A Closet Space (Three Steps)

  1. I must be freaky. I have 5 pairs of pants and about 10 shirts. I have more purses than shoes. And still, my closet looks like hell!

  2. I wish I had a closet that big. I have a small closet in my bedroom. So now I have clothes in the two other bedrooms in my house. I should try this trick with all the closets.

  3. Love your "real" way to do this, Laurie! I keep a donation bag in my closet and add to it regularly. Like you I have always been bad about buying things because they are cute and on sale…even though they might not be perfect for me. I am forcing myself in the past few months not to do that. Also, just thinking about what actually makes me feel pretty vs. what's in style…I just don't like to wear the long flowy tops and have made myself stop buying them. A "needs" list is a great idea! I used to do this and need to get back to it. It helps to keep that little list in my purse.

  4. Hey..have you seen those huggable hangers? I changed my closet over to them and made sooo much space…it was well worth the cost. As a bonus, I bought them in hot pink and my hub no longer steals my hangers! They are life changing.

  5. Love how you decluttered without taking everything out of the closet. That has been my biggest reason for procrastinating on cleaning out my closets.

  6. Sorry but the "anal organizer" part of my brain wants to know why you wouldn't just move that small purse bin from under your hanging tops and into that open space below your beautifully hung necklaces? It would give your shirts more hanging length instead of bunching up on top of the purse bin and you would not have to hunt for the next small bag you might need to pull out of there…just asking 😉

  7. Laurie, you are so real and so practical. My closet is in the hallway because our MB closet is one of those custom closets and my stuff won't fit, so my husband uses it. I found that stacking T-shirts takes up less space than hanging them. Ditto for my leggings.

  8. I'm late to watch this and comment, but oh my gosh, that made it seem so much less overwhelming! You have to do more videos about ways to do things that aren't super overwhelming! Love it. Your before and after was amazing. I'm organizing my place a little at a time, and doesn't it just feel wonderful walking into a nice, neat space? Yessss.

  9. I have a tip I didn’t see, take belts and put the buckle through the top of a hanger then hang the hanger back up, you’ll save space and can fit at least 10 belts per hanger instead of draping them over the closet rod.

  10. What about where you put your shoes? I like that you didn't take everything out of the closet like others say to do. You're right–way too overwhelming. Thanks for the tips.

  11. This way I can really start ‘decluttering’ . I’ve been trying to do this for sometime now and I end in the same place. I already put the hangers facing the same way. I’m changing all the hangers to the same style. Now tomorrow I will look at my closet. I also took out some things I’m not wearing ( when I changed de hangers). I’ll comment again as I progress. Thank you very much! I will never throw all my clothes on the floor!

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