Osprey Atmos AG 50 Backpack Review – The Most Comfortable Backpack We’ve Ever Tested

Osprey Atmos AG 50 Backpack Review – The Most Comfortable Backpack We’ve Ever Tested

hey guys Alisha from terradrift coming at
you with another gear review this time of the Osprey Atmos 50 the 50 stands for 50 litres
in case you’re new to backpacks and that’s just the capacity that this guy has here so
I just want to talk a little bit about the pack itself and some of the features it has
and why I like it so much it’s not a women’s specific pack the women’s specific version
of this is the aura and there are just a few subtle differences in the two packs mostly
in the shoulder strap design and how they’re cut and that sort of thing otherwise I find
the Atmos which is a unisex pack to be perfectly comfortable um I did try it on before I bought
it which is really important I found a comfortable it fit me fine and I found a really good deal
on it so I got one you may notice that this is a slightly older model they just released
a brand new model of this bag they’re gray now they have some nice colored accents on
though the webbing and stuff the new version is very similar in terms of features speaking
of which let’s talk about them some of my favorite things about this pack this mesh
back it’s really comfortable and it’s bushy and it’s stretchy and there’s even room inside
of it if you want to shove some things in there that you might need to access while
you’re hiking and it’s a lot of times I’ll put a travel towel in there or a map or something
like that that I can just shove back there it doesn’t matter if maybe it gets a little
bit sweaty but the idea behind it though is also to keep your back from getting too sweaty
so that’s really nice especially if you do like us in your backpacking in Texas occasionally
or any other desert to regions in the summer where it gets really hot it keeps the air
flow moving over your back which is really nice but it’s also just very very comfortable
I’ve had other packs where they’re just big ridges of padding designed to do the same
thing and you know keep the air moving but it’s just not as comfortable I just find this
the most comfortable thing ever and it also has this anti gravity suspension sort of strapping
system that slides up and down so if you see here this whole thing kind of slides up and
down so you can figure out kind of your best custom fit here they do come sized in specific
sizes though you will get it in small medium large type deal this is the small medium and
I find that it fits me very well – I’m 5’ 3” – it’s right at the edge of its webbing
limits especially around the waist strap but I am very small so that’s a thing so you have
a little wiggle room when it comes to fitting the pack which is great and very important
because not all backpackers are the same size the only thing I’m not crazy about when it
comes to the back of this pack is the hip belt and that’s only because it’s very tight
it as you can see it just wants to go in which makes putting a heavy pack on a little bit
tricky sometimes because you know you’re pushing your pack out behind you just to get the hip
belt around your waist so it’s kind of a pain but it’s so comfortable than I’m I’m not gonna
make that big of a fuss about it the hip belt is also really adjustable I haven’t pushed
in all the way because I’m a tiny person but as you can see they are easily adjustable
on the fly and in fact Osprey even calls them fit on the fly it’s just velcro and you can
pull those right out so that if you’re a little wider around the hips than I am which would
be most people over 12 you can extend the reach of the hip belt there around your waist
a little more which is very convenient the hip pockets themselves are nice and big I
like that plenty of room in there for single serve pack of vegan jerky that’s my that’s
my go-to and you’re good to go for snack on the trail as for the rest of the pack it has
two separate but connected interior compartments one is accessible from the bottom here which
you would open and I like to keep clothes and maybe my sleeping bag stuff down here
it also is connected to the whole center part another thing I find very strange about this
bag is the top section as you can see as I unclip this here it has two covers it has
the main sort of removable top pocket bit which I love all of the pockets it has two
pockets in this removable part but then it has also this very streamlined simple no pocket
top so if you want to cut a little weight off or you don’t need the extra pockets your
packing a little lighter for maybe just an overnight thing or whatever you don’t need
all the extra space you can take this whole top part right off unfortunately you can’t
use it as a hit pack or something like that or a little day pack unless I guess you got
really creative with the the webbing somehow I don’t know I’m sure somebody could figure
it out but it’s not really usable on its own you’ve got this but this doesn’t come off
so this this top part here is on all the time and if the little clips just flip in and out
and on the inside nice big opening as you can see it’s quite tall there’s plenty of
space in this 50 litre and you may or may not need all of that space to extend from
top to bottom so right about here inside there is a divider that you can either clip or unclip
so that things stay in the top three-quarters of the bag or the bottom quarter of the bag
which is kind of nice so take it out leave it in however you like to keep your stuff
separated inside there’s a dedicated water reservoir pocket so you can put your platypus
your camel back or whatever right in there keep it separated from all your other stuff
and clip the bottom in so that it doesn’t jostle around when you’re on the trail
as for other features of the pack we’ve got this nice spacious stretchy exterior pocket
where you can stash all manner of things maps I put in here a lot like a hat so I can take
it off my head shove it in a pocket of course there are also trekking pole attachments so
that you can put those on another feature I really like about this pack that I want
to talk about is the water bottle pockets I think these are really cool not only can
you stick a water bottle into the top here and it does fit the large size Nalgene so
you it’s very stretchy you can fit any size water bottle on there you also can slide a
water bottle in sort of sideways which makes it so much easier to reach back and grab when
you’re hiking so I love that about these pockets so easy to hydrate if you have already drained
your hydration pack so I guess the basic wrap up about the Osprey Atmos 50 is that it’s
super comfortable it’s fairly light it holds a lot of stuff inside and out great for lashing
stuff like that on the outside as well does not come with a rain cover so that is sold
separately on a lot of Osprey packs but there are quite a few adjustable features on this
so that if you’re kind of in between sizes you can find a good fit that’s comfortable
and you can carry for miles and miles and miles so that’s the Osprey Atmos if you found
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best of our ability so gear up and wander on

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  1. Good review. I'm thinking of getting one. I'm a photographer and I back country camp, so I take my photography gear with me. That consist of a camera body and 3 lenses. I haven't checked at my local REI store, but I'm wondering if the upper removable compartment could be used to house and protect my gear, or if there is room for a small camera pouch to be inserted somewhere. Any thoughts? Thanks again. BTW I do a lot of hiking and camping in the Great Smoky Mountains.

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