Osprey Aura AG 50 Backpack

Osprey Aura AG 50 Backpack

The Osprey Aura AG pack is a pack that appeals
to a wide variety of back packers from through hikers that are spending long months on the
trail to people just going out for a weekend or multi day trips. This pack is going to
do it all. From the custom fit to all the pockets and organization to a suspension system
that changes the way I have seen back pack suspension in the past. This pack is just
going to appeal to a lot of different people. We are going to take a look at all the features
and organization that makes this pack so special and innovative. The first thing to talk about with any back
pack is the way it carries the load and the suspension system. I am going to turn the
pack around and the real innovation and the real story behind the Aura AG is the antigravity
suspension system. So if I peel the shoulder harness away here you can see this really
durable stretchy mesh that starts all the way up here on the top of the back panel,
makes its way down and through the hip belt. You can see as I open up that hip belt that
stretchy mesh has a seamless construction throughout the whole back panel and where
it kind of hugs around your hips. There are no seams. There is no places for hot spots
to occur. And when I put this pack on my first impression was that the pack hugs your body.
It takes the shape of your body and really just hugs in around the hips. You also have
that seamless construction through the shoulder harness. So unlike other back packs I have
seen where the shoulder harness is either sewn into the back panel at a fixed point,
this shoulder harness really stretches and it really moves with your body. Starting up here on the top with the load
lifters, there is also another innovation that is going on there where you have a rigid,
very durable load lifter straps. So once you put that pack on, adjust it to the correct
size, these load lifter straps really pull the load in to your shoulders, into your body.
And this anti gravity system hugs around your shoulders. Super comfortable and just the
way the stitch lines are and the way they have designed the shoulder harness it is super
comfortable. Again, that seamless construction you don’t have any seams on the bottom here.
The seams come up around and on to the top. You also have that same breathable stretchy
mesh here in through the shoulder harness. If I turn the pack more to the side you can
see that that anti gravity system has a little bit of space between the back panel and your
actual back, so excellent breathability here. You do have, you know, kind of really light
weight metal frame that goes around the outside, the perimeter of the back panel, just to give
more stability so it can hold a very heavy load and feel really stable. You have got great adjustability and a custom
fit here on the Aura AG. There is adjustability both in the shoulder harness and in the hip
belt. It comes in three sizes: extra small, small and medium. That speaks to the torso
length. And it is really easy to adjust. There is just two toggles here. You basically open
them up, adjust it up and down to your perfect fit and you are ready to go. So super great,
super easy adjustability there. And you have Osprey’s fit on the fly hip belt, which
is very easy to adjust. You can adjust it while you are hiking and you get great adjustability
to make the hip belt longer or shorter. There are plenty of features and organization,
lots of pockets in this pack, but there is not too many. They are really smart and for
someone who is looking to go pretty light weight, this is a great option, but also people
who are looking for a lot of features, who are looking for that organization, you have
it as well. Starting here just on the back panel it is
hydration compatible, so you have got a port right here. You can run the hydration tube
on either side. There is a little whistle on the sternum strap and it is an adjustable
sternum strap. Going down to the hip belt pockets, you have a pocket on either side
and in this one I just have my cell phone in there. You definitely big enough for a
cell phone, keys, granola bar, something you want to get your hands on quickly. And something
I love about Osprey packs is the stow on the go trekking pole attachment right here on
the back of the pack. So as you are wearing the pack and you are hiking, if you don’t
want to use your trekking poles, it is really easy to just put them there in the stow on
the go loops and continue on your way. You don’t have to stop, take your pack off and
attach your trekking poles. Turn this pack to the front. The first thing
to talk about is the top lid. This is an adjustable floating lid, so I have this cinched down
pretty far. I don’t have the pack completely packed out, but as you can see you can bring
that up and down and cinch it down. There is a top lid with two pockets. So right now
I have just got a low profile first aid kit in there on the top. That would be a great
place for keys, a map pocket, that sort of thing. And then the larger pocket that is
in the lid I have a light weight sleeping mattress to show the size. As I am opening and closing the zippers here,
the toggles on the zippers are really easy to use. They are nice and, you know, they
fit the cross really easily with their little plastic pieces that are on there. If you don’t want the lid, you don’t want
this extra pocket, you can actually remove it and keep it at home. This is a true top
loading pack. So on this 50 liter size here you have main access into the main body here
through the top. There is also a sleeping bag compartment in the bottom, but this is
the main access into the pack. And if you do choose to leave the lid at home, there
is this really handy flap that goes over the top of the pack. You have got little attachments
here that you turn inside out and you clip on to… to where you would normally clip
that lid. So this gives a little bit of weather protection.
It kinds of cinches everything in. So you have got compression straps all over this
pack. If you are using it just as a day pack to go out, you know, take gear with you, a
short overnight or a weekend trip, you can really cinch this pack down and make it smaller
than it looks. In the same way you have got enough space to take this on multi day trips
or through hiking. If sometimes you have a bigger load, sometimes you have a smaller
load, this is a really great feature. When you are not using that flap you can just
tuck it away inside the pack. You have a little bit of compression on the inside of the pack
as well here. I have got a tent and some other pieces of gear that I can secure down really
well. And just the attention to detail and all the features of this pack are just so
smart you can tell it was designed with back packers in mind. On the front you have got a nice stretchy
mesh pocket. You can put an extra layer in there. You have got tool attachment loops
on the sides here. There is a water bottle pocket on either side and this is nice stretchy
mesh. What I love about this pocket is if you do want to put your water bottle in there,
they have two access points into that pocket, one from the side. So if you are wearing the
pack and you want to just reach for the water bottle, it is right there. You don’t have
to take your pack off to get the bottle. But if you are storing something like trekking
poles or tent poles or something like that that you want to store here on the side of
your pack, you can store them up and down. There is also compression straps on the side
and just really easy access to that pocket, multi functional pocket there. I mentioned the sleeping bag compartment and
there is a divider between the main body of the pack and the sleeping bag compartment.
So it makes it really easy to compartmentalize, but if you want to store something bigger
in there or you don’t need that divider, it is really easy to tuck away. Another thing that struck me about this pack
is just the different materials that are used in different places. There is light weight
materials where there needs to be to save weight, but there is also really durable materials
like here on the bottom where the pack might come into contact with the ground. Those really,
really durable materials are going to hold up well here on the bottom, you know, great
material. It is going to stand the test of time. With all the smart features, pockets, organization
and the game changing anti gravity suspension system, this pack is going to be great, again,
for anyone from a through hiker to someone going on weekend trips. There is lots of different
ways to use this pack and you can see why are so excited about the women’s Osprey
Aura 50 AG pack.

41 thoughts on “Osprey Aura AG 50 Backpack

  1. I love the color of this bag but I don't see anything remotely like that on your site or others. Is it the women's bag? What color is it?

  2. Thanks for the review! How does the pack's material (for the entire body) deal with rain? Does light rain trickle off? At what point should one use a separate rain cover? Thanks!

  3. Do the shoulder straps slide at all when you are walking because of the sliding adjustability feature?

  4. hye becky! rily like ur review about this pack. just wanted to ask ur opinion between osprey aura and osprey xena. they looked rily similar. i believe the suspension system is different. Hope u dont mind sharing ur opinion about these two packs.especially their suspension system review. Looking forward to hearing from you. thanks in advance 😊

  5. I wonder if you can take this backpack as handluggage on a flight, maybe without the top lid? If so how does the top lid look when you've taken it out..can you maybe take it with you as a little hand purse?

  6. I just got one but I really don't like how the lid pushes the back of my head forward. Is it supposed to fit like that?

  7. having the same issue as Wordsmyth8 below–pushing the back of my head forward.
    I can not seem to figure out how to adjust the sliding area in the back to raise /lower the straps

  8. Thank you so much! I own this bag but I mainly use it for travelling. Will be doing my first hike tomorrow and I saw you video while looking for tips on how to maximise it.

    P.S. I am able to have it as carry on but not fully packed though.

  9. Hi I loved this video, my main concern is that it only has top access to the main compartment. Which other backpack would you recommend that are comfortable and has top and front/side access to the main compartment? I have been comparting the Osprey Ariel and Gregory Deva. I think that different access to the main compartment is important for long trips, and that is the one feature I would like to find on the Aura backpack

  10. I can't choose between the 50l version and the 65l version. Can you compress the 65l backpack enough even if you have a smaller load? I will be going to festivals for like 5 days with this pack

  11. all that attention to detail, and you take away the strap for a tent…. all I want is the option to attach my tent to the outside of my pack.

  12. pity that the rain cover is on top because if for some reason the top can not use then we make the top loose, then the rain cover also goes away then we stay without it.

  13. I have this bag and it hurts my shoulders. Please please help me i had back surgery in the past and i am on a rtw trip. Dunno who to contact. I am 1.64 and 63 kilos and took the small one. I dont know how to make the hipbelt shorter you show it and it looks easy but when i push it inside it just doesnt go in. Also, i dont know if ive made the right torso adjustments or… Please help me i cannot use it anymore as my shoulders hurt.

  14. I want to buy this one but I can't decide if I should buy the 50 or 65 L. I want to use it to backpack through Italy and South-East Asia for one month a time. Any tips how to decide which one to buy? Say, if I buy the 65 L, can I compress it if it's not fully loaded? I am 1.60 and thought of buying the small size.

  15. I am 14 and just starting to go on overnight and weekend trips. I’m 5’7, what size should I get or are there other packs that would work better for my height?

  16. I am confused between Osprey Aura AG 50 and Gregory Jade 53. I watched both the videos but unable to decide. It will be both for backpacking and urban traveling. Any suggestions?

  17. Please, where can I find this color online? I keep checking your site and It’s out of stock for a long time. Thank you.

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