Osprey Exos 48 Backpack

Osprey Exos 48 Backpack

This is the Osprey Exos 48 backpack. Despite
weight just two and a half pounds, it is capable of comfortably carrying up to 40 pounds in
weight. It certainly makes it an excellent option for through hikers or any back packer
looking to balance weight with performance. Osprey has equipped the Exos 48 with a super
light air speed suspension system. Again, weight being focuses or keeping weight down
being a primary focus here. You can see that there is a suspended mesh back panel. So this
contacts your back, but there is still separation between that panel and the rest of the back
pack. It allows air to flow cross ventilation there. Again, keeping weight to a minimum. You have got a perimeter metal framing on
the side of the pack so it gives it some structure. Then it is only two and a half pounds, but
you have got that capability to really carry some weight. Contoured shoulder straps as
well as the hip belt. You have got the two wings here. Really nice padding, kind of beefy
padding, really, for a pack in this weight class. So often in an ultra lightweight back
pack you have got it stripped down so far that you are sacrificing a lot in terms of
comfort and/or carrying capability. It is just not the case here in the Exos 48. You
do have sliding adjustable sternum strap, safety whistle built right into that buckle,
load lifter straps and certainly adjustability on the hip belt itself including a really
nice ergo closure single pull on either side. So turn that back around. Take a look at how
we actually get into the Exos 48. So it is a lidded pack. Again, sometimes on ultra light
weight packs you sacrificed the lid entirely. Not here. It is a floating lid so you can
raise it or lower it to make room for whatever you need. An extendable… slightly expendable
spin drift collar here at the top of the pack so you can kind of cinch it down hard when
you don’t have a complete or full load inside the pack back. Or you can extend it when you
are maybe dumping extra layers that you have been wearing earlier in the day. Another interesting feature here on this pack.
You can remove the lid entirely and there is a flap that will come over in its place.
So if you don’t want the lid and the storage capacity that is there, you can cut weight
even further in having more stream line design. Bringing that lid back for just a second,
there is a zippered storage pocket beneath the lid and also around back. So you do have
some nice capacity there. As I mentioned, it is a top loading pack,
so here is how you would get into the pack bag. Also on the face here it is very large
stretch pocket. I have got a jacket in here. Keeps that close at hand, but all kinds of
stretch storage here in the front, kind of blow out the capacity on the pack. Also stretch
side mesh pockets, kind of ideal for water bottle, but you could run tent poles, trekking
poles other gear on the outside of the pack as well. Some other nice features to call out here
on the Exos. There is a streamlined—that is kind of a key word here on the Exos—but
you have got kind of narrow compression straps here. They really do allow you to cinch down
on this pack. So if you don’t have a full load or if you are lashing gear to the outside,
those compression straps really lock everything in place. So you have got that here on either
side of the pack. Also have similar strapping here at the bottom of the pack. There is some
real versatility there. You can remove these entirely if you don’t need them, again,
that idea of shed weight further if you don’t need it. But you can lash sleeping pad on
here or other gear if you need to. And despite that kind of narrow design there, it really
is capable of locking things down. You have got some gear attachment loops on
there, trekking pole loops as well. As far as some additional pocketing is concerned,
on each of the shoulder straps you have got kind of gel pockets or GPS pockets, however
you want to look at that. Sizable zippered pockets on the hip pocket. Got a headlamp
tucked in here. I have got some keys and some other small items on the other side, so some
nice pocketing there. On the inside of the pack you do have a lined
hydration sleeve with two ports called out with the H20 symbol here on either side of
the pack. So whichever way you would want to string the hose, whether you like it over
the right shoulder or left shoulder, you have got that versatility here on the pack. It should be noted that the pack does come
in three different torso lengths, a small, medium and large. So you want to check your
torso length and make sure you are getting in the right size of the pack. Cubic inch
capacity on those varies slightly from one to the next, but basically 2700 cubic inches
to 3100 cubic inches. Small pack compared to some heavy haulers
out there, but with that capacity, with that weight, two and a half pounds, the Exos 48
is ideal for ounce counting through hikers, but also has a feature set and capability
for any back packer looking to balance weight with load carrying performance.

37 thoughts on “Osprey Exos 48 Backpack

  1. He missed out on some of my favorite features. The trekking pole storage is more handy than I realized; I use it all the time, and never knew I needed it! Also, it drives me absolutely bonkers when compression straps run on the outside of the side pockets. It just makes it so inconvenient to actually use them. Osprey allows the side compression straps to run under the pocket rather than on top. 

  2. Will be needing a new daypack for this summer so I'll definitely give this another look when the time comes. I need to figure out what my weight I want to get down to though.

  3. my base weight is 13lbs do you think i could get away with this size pack for a week or more? I use a gregory z40 at the moment and can get maybe 4 days worth of food in it

  4. Do you know how much it weights without the top lid? I am thinking of going with this pack in place of the zpack arc blast.

  5. I saw the video again and i noticed that the shoulder straps have no padding near the chest area, only at shoulders.

  6. Really good reviews on all the backpacks!! I'm gonna travel for 12 days (backpacking) and I need to carry clothes, some valuables (cameras, phone, passport, money…), tripod and shoes. I have been checking many backpacks and watching the reviews you make on them and I would like to know which one would you choose between Gregory Z55, Gregory contour 50, Osprey expos 48-58, or any other similar you might think is best. Thanks a lot!!

  7. looks like a great pack! I've been wondering though, should I get the mariposa 60l, gorilla 40l, or the existing 48? I plan on backpacking with a nice hammock and was thinking on what pack I would like to get for a nice 5 day or so trips.

  8. Спасибо, очень интересно! Hello from Russia!
    Please tell me what backpack is better for what
    I can't choose :(? – Osprey Exos 48 vs Osprey Kestrel 48 ?

  9. I'm looking to travel and I'm 6'3 inches tall, whats a good back pack traveling bag for me, I'm a beginner traveler and we won't be camping etc, just looking for something that is easy to get around but still has the components for bringing lot's of gear.

  10. I just traded my Osprey Exodus 24 in for this pack as I am going to be doing some camping. It is pretty phenomenal how large this bag opens up when you start expanding the tie downs. The stretch pocket up front is like a black hole as it can hold multiple jackets.

  11. Does anyone know how big is the hip belt pocket on the Exos 48? I need
    to put a Samsung Note 5 there as my GPS/camera. It has about the same
    dimensions (153.2 x 76.1 x 7.6 mm / 6.03 x 3.00 x 0.30 in) as an iPhone 6 Plus or LG G4/5. Cheers.

  12. I'm a heavy sweater (sorry about the TMI), so I've been looking for over a year for a "suspended mesh back panel" backpack to replace my aging one. 00:39 I had about given up on finding these back styles that allow awesome (and much needed) air flow between the back and your back, especially in a light weight pack. Can anyone recommend any other mesh suspended backings that separate the pack contact from your back? (I've tried many fancy and modernized contact backs that promise air flow for coolness, but NONE work like a mesh suspension that keeps the pack off your back!) Thanks to anyone who responds!

  13. Crazy to come across Leon in my search for gear . Unfortunately , I recently purchased this bag else where . Good to see you Leon, beard on.

  14. Do you loose support when the bag is away from the back? I would have thought having the bag tight against the back would give best support.

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