Osprey Exos 58 Internal Frame Backpack

Osprey Exos 58 Internal Frame Backpack

Ultra light, but fully featured, the Osprey
Exos 58 is a great option for those super light backpackers or through hikers who need
lightweight, but really want a fully featured pack. Weighing between two pounds eight ounces
and two pounds 12 ounces—depending on the size—this is a great option for those ounce
counters. Let’s take a look at all of its features. I am going to turn the pack around and take
a look at its suspension system. On the Exos we are using Osprey’s Airspeed Suspension
System. So it is a super breathable and really lightweight suspension system. You have actually
got a tensioned mesh back panel that is suspended off of the actual back portion of the backpack.
So you have got nice spacing between the mesh and the actual backpack portion which is going
to provide great venti-lation, great airflow and breathability. Around the frame or the peripheral edge, we
have got a nice, lightweight, super light-weight aluminum frame. So that is going to provide
some stability and support without weighing the pack down too heavily. So you have got
really good structure and that ten-sioned mesh provide a really nice back panel on the
Exos. We have got Osprey’s Exoform shoulder straps and hip belt. So they are a really
nice, lightweight, flexible foam that is going to contour to the body, hug the body nicely
without providing any hot spots or kind of abrasion points. So it is a really nice system
here, very breathable. You have got broad mesh here that is going to provide really
good breathability, moisture wicking and just overall comfort. You have got a nice Ergopull
hip belt down on the hip belt with a few features down there and, you know, load lifter straps
as a general backpack would have. So you have got a really nice back panel in play on the
Osprey Exos 58. I am going to turn the pack back around and
talk about the access point or points with this pack. So this is a top loading pack.
You have got one traditional point of access which is the top. So you have got a floating
lid here and it has got a nice pocket in there as well. But this lid can actually be removed
and there is a nice, flat jacket closure. So if you want to shave even more weight,
you can do so by removing the hood and using the integrated flap jacket. But toss the hood
back there we have got one large opening. It is a nice spindrift collar. So it has got
really wide opening, really ample space there to access your gear. Now because this is a
lightweight and a, you know, relatively super light pack, we don’t have many more access
points. So there is no sleeping bag compartment on the bottom of this pack. There are no traditional
front pockets on the pack, no zippered pock-ets, so really minimizing the zippers to minimize
that weight and keep everything nice, streamlined and simple. So as far as access goes you have
got one, large top portion to access all the contents of the backpack. We do have some other pockets in play. As
I mentioned, there is a hood and the hood has a top back pocket. So on the backside
of the hood there is a nice little pocket there. You can throw some items there. I have
got a first aid kit, a light layer. So little items there. You can stow maps there as well.
And on the bottom of the hood we have got a nice mesh pocket as well. So you can stick
some more items that you may want to keep closer at hand. Now, again, that hood is removable and if
you choose to remove that hood, you have got a really nice flat jacket closure here, so
that provides a little bit of extra protection if you choose not to use the hood of the pack.
So you have got a nice extra benefit there. We do have an internal pocket that is a hydration
compatible pocket. And there are ports on the side here to route that hydration hose.
So you have got a nice system in play where you can route a hydration system through the
Exos backpack. We also have one stretchy mesh front pocket,
so it is a nice really large stretchy mesh pocket. I have just got a rain jacket in there
right now, but you could stow any items, wet clothes, gear, things that you want to keep
on the outside of the pack that you might want to have even faster access to. On the sides we have got two stretchy water
bottle pockets or gear pockets, so I have just got a water bottle in this pocket here,
a nice stretchy pocket. You have actually got two ways to access it. So you can put
the bottle in at the top, kind of traditionally, or you can stuff it in from the side and you
have got kind of a, you know, angled water bottle pock-et to make it a little bit easier
to access that while you are on the go. So nice feature with the pocket there. And, again,
on this other side, I have just got some trekking poles and I am using the lash straps or the
compression straps that are included with the bag to kind of keep everything nice and
simple. So you have got inside out compression on either side. And the nice thing about this
pack is that if you don’t plan on using the compression straps, you can remove them
completely and shave even more weight, so weight savings is definitely the idea with
the Exos. A few other additional features to talk about
with the Exos. We have got a tool loop on the bottom. It is just one tool loop so you
can definitely lash an item there. You have got some more compression down along the bottom
of the pack here. You have got nice little lash points throughout the pack. You have
got a few on the front. You have got some more up on the hood of the backpack. So you
can definitely lash gear if you choose to do that. So there is definitely points of
attachment all over the pack here. So nice benefits there. You do have two hip belt pockets. There are
two simple, hip belt pockets down on the hip belt. So keep granola bars or some small snacks
there, maybe a cell phone if you need it, easy access pockets. And you have got a really
kind of stretchy, simple pocket on the shoulder strap. Each shoulder strap has one of these
pockets. You could store something simple like a multi tool, a pocket knife, maybe another
little snack if you need to or a whistle. So there you have it. It is the Osprey, Exos
58 Backpack. It is a great option for those su-per light backpackers or those through
hikers who want an ultra light pack that is fully featured.

14 thoughts on “Osprey Exos 58 Internal Frame Backpack

  1. Got me the exos 58 today. Just love the thing, the part that sold it is the comfortability – you can argue weight as much as you want, if the thing is not comfortable, you will suffer for it over multi day hikes. Thanks for this review, it made my mind up.

  2. Purchased one about a year ago and couldn't be happier.
    There's definitely lighter options out there, but the price, features, lifetime warranty,weight at 2 lbs (+/-) and comfort, make this pack a phenomenal choice.

  3. I've owned both this model and the one before it. I personally like the model before this one much better. Same overall space but more accessibility. I loved having the 2 outer pockets for quick access to items; plus the pack was 2oz lighter than the new one. I will say I think the shoulder and hip belt straps are better on the new model. I wish they kept the old backpack features and just put the new straps on it haha.

  4. Just got this pack to use for my walk across America. Super light and holds a lot of gear. It's also the most comfortable pack I've ever put on. That anti gravityesque thing that your back touches is incredible in the way it distributes weight evenly across your back so that the weight isn't just on your shoulders and hips. Simple design nothing too fancy when it comes to compartments and zippers and stuff and seems super durable. It's also the perfect size for being a semi minimalist backpacker. Excited to start my trek with this pack!

  5. Спасибо, очень интересно! Hello from Russia!
    Please tell me what backpack is better for what
    I can't choose :(? – Osprey Exos 48 vs Osprey Kestrel 48 ?
    Please give me the link how to choose the right size backpack Osprey!

  6. What would your opinion be on using the Exos 58 for hunting use? I am especially thinking about the shoulder straps and how these would or would not interfere with the fast mounting of a shotgun/rifle stock? Do you think the shoulder straps would be too bulky, or are they compressable enough that it could work in a fast hunting situation?

    Best regards from Norway

  7. The one thing u forgot to mention was the loops made for easy trekking pole access. There are 15 second YouTube clips showing the use. Glad to know so much junk is removable. Thanks!!

  8. I am looking at getting this bag but I was wondering if it was something I could fit in my checked suitcase for flying. I don't want to check the bag itself because the clips and strings may get caught and get ripped off. So, I was wondering how small it could compress while empty. It is advertised as 31 inches and that would not fit in my carry on but I imagine the length can get as small as the support frame. Could you let me know please?

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