Osprey Kyte 36 Backpack

Osprey Kyte 36 Backpack

The Osprey Kyte 36 Liter Backpack is a women’s
specific pack that is perfect for over-night trips, lightweight back packing, weekend trips.
It is a great travel pack and, in my opinion, it is light weight enough and there is enough
compression and features with this pack that it would be great for a day pack as well.
We are going to dig into all the features and take a look at what makes this pack so
great. The first thing to look at with any pack is
the suspension system and how it carries the load. So I am going to turn the Kyte around.
And you have a light wire aluminum frame that is hidden out of view here, but it is a nice
frame that provides a lot of stability, transfers the weight of the pack right to your hips,
right where it needs to be. And the back panel here is Osprey’s AirScape back panel. There
is some ridged foam that is behind this mesh so that gives a lot of breathability and it
prevents you from overheating. In through the shoulder straps here you have
a lot of mesh and a lot of foam so that is going to also breathe, wick away sweat. And
then on the hip belt you have foam as well. And there is cut outs in that foam so you
have breathability, but that also cuts down on weight. The hip belt here is pretty lightweight, so
it is a smaller capacity pack. You don’t need a super rigid hip belt here, so it is, you
know, perfect for the size of the pack. And I will mention on the front of those … the
front of that hip belt you have really sizable hip belt pockets, big enough for a cell phone,
a small camera, keys, granola bar, anything like that. With the Kyte you have two sizes. You have
extra small, small and small, medium. And the extra small, small is a torso length under
16 inches. And then the small, medium is anything over 16 inches. And they say 16 to 20 inch
torso for that size, but this is adjust-able. So it is really easy to use. There is Velcro
here behind this back panel. You undo the Velcro, adjust the torso up and down and then
you can get a really dialed in fit. Behind the torso adjustment there is a pocket
for your hydration system. So it doesn’t come with a hydration system, but you can
buy one separately. And you can actually access it from back here so you don’t have to empty
everything out of your pack in order to get into it. It is right here in the back, really
convenient. And on the shoulder harness here you have really nice load lifter straps for
adjustability. If you do use a hydration system you can put that hose right through here on
either side. You have a really nice sternum strap with a whistle on that strap. And while
I am back here I will mention that you have stow on the go trekking pole looks. So something
I really love about Osprey packs is when you are hiking and you don’t want to use your
trekking poles for a short period of time you can just stow them right here. You don’t
have to take your pack off and lash them to the outside. So it is a really great feature
there. But all in all, really lightweight, really smart suspension system. You have got plenty of pockets and organization
so starting with the back here you have a nice pocket in the top lid. This is a place
I like to store things I want to get my hands on quickly like a first aid kit, lightweight
items. So really nice pocket there. If I flip it around there is two stretchy
mesh pockets on the sides and these are tradition-ally water bottle pockets, but one on either side
of the pack. You have some loops up here on the top of the pack for lashing gear. On the
front you have a nice stretch mesh pocket where you can keep an extra layer or I would
use this as a map pocket and get your hands on that quickly. There is trekking pole attachment
loops right here as well as tool loops here at the bottom. This is a top loading pack, so if I peel the
lid off the top opens up to be really big. So I have this pack mostly packed out. If
I were using this as just a day pack or a quick over-night pack, I could compress this
pocket down, but you have one main pocket in the body. But you do have a zipper here
in the bottom to access a sleeping bag or something in the bottom of the pack. It is
not something I see on a lot of smaller packs of this size, so it is a really great feature
with a zipper in the bottom. So I mentioned this is kid of a do it all
pack. And the reason I say that is because there is a lot of compression straps. The
top lid here you can really compress that down so if you are just going on a short overnight
you can really compress it down. There is also compression straps on the sides so you
can come across that down and then as well here on the bottom. Now these straps here can double as possibly
a sleeping pad area where you can lash gear, but you can also really compress that down.
And if you don’t have it packed out completely you can still keep your gear really secure. There is an included rain cover with the Kyte
series. And there is a nice full pocket designated for that rain cover. So if I show it there,
got a red rain cover there. It is included with the pack. All in all with the features, the organization,
the adjustable torso length for a perfect fit and just all the smart details that went
into the Osprey Kyte, it is the perfect do it all pack for back packing, hiking and traveling. It is the Osprey Women’s Kyte 36 Liter Pack.

9 thoughts on “Osprey Kyte 36 Backpack

  1. This is a great review.  Gave me info I couldn't find on Osprey's site or in the manual.  Sure I will love this pack. Plan on using it for the Tour du Mt. Blanc

  2. Comfortable pack but I am having trouble with getting my hydration system in the external pocket- do you know if this pack was meant to hold the Osprey 3L hydration system? Thanks for the thorough review!

  3. Hi! I'm really trying to decide between Kyte 36 and Tempest 40. I like to travel to small towns in Mexico for weekends or several days. I wont carry any heavy items and maybe I would like to use as a carry-on some times (of course not fully packed). Which one do you recommend?

  4. can I add more stuff than 36lt or 36lt is the max volume? and compare to the deuter act lite 40+10, which one is more comfortable?

  5. how long is that frame? is it possible take this bag to plane with size this frame when i dont fill full that bag?( 55 centimeters high)
    Thanks for answer

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