Osprey Ozone Convertible 28 Wheeled Travel Pack

From the airport to the truck, to the road
less travelled, the Osprey Ozone Convertible 28 Inch Pack is a great travel companion.
Light, durable and functional, this pack is sure to appeal to those who are traveling
overseas, domestically or anywhere where they are go-ing to need versatile performance.
Let’s take a look at all of its features. The first thing I want to point out about
this pack is that we have actually got two differ-ent pieces in play. We have got our
main luggage pack, but we have also got a detachable daypack on the front. So I do want
to take that off and then we will talk about the dif-ferent features in both packs. All right. So I have taken the daypack off
of the pack so we can get a better look at the luggage portion of the pack itself. We
have got really nice, durable, but lightweight nylon materials in play on the backpack. And
on the bottom you can see it stands up by itself. It has actually got a chassis and
some wheels, so really nice features down on the bottom of the pack. We have got a lightweight,
aluminum frame there and a nice injection molded plastic chassis. It really gives it
good structure and support and allows you to wheel it around, roll it around or set
it where you want to when you are at the airport or if you are in a place where you don’t
need to be holding the bag. We do have some nice, large wheels that have
sealed bearings so you get a smooth, con-fident roll very comfortably through the airport,
so, like I said, through those smooth sur-faces you have got excellent rolling capability
there and that chassis is a really nice, rigid material that is going to hold up over a long
time. Another cool feature about this backpack is
that it does have a tuck away suspension sys-tem. So if you get on the road less travelled,
if you get out of the airport and you need to hike the bag a little bit, you can certainly
do so with this bag. So here we have got just kind of a zippered compartment and it is very
simple to open that up and kind of expose that suspension system. It is very easy to
access that. It is kind of tucked away right now with some Velcro. But all you have really
got to do is reach up, break that Velcro and the suspension system pulls right out. So we have got contoured shoulder straps.
They are dye cut so you have got nice foam there that is very breathable, very comfortable
and padded. You have got kind of a sus-pended mesh back panel here so it gives you good
breathability and padding as well as, you know, ventilation and good comfort. Down low
we have got a pretty low profile hip belt, but it is, again, that dye cut foam. So you
have got really good ventilation and breathability. So if you do tend to get a little hot, it
is going to wick moisture and it is go-ing to dry very quickly. You have got a nice padded
lumbar section as well, a very com-fortable lumbar section. So it will give you good comfort.
Like I said, you need to go hik-ing or you need to walk a little ways with the bag, you
have got a really comfortable sus-pension system that will allow you to do so. One thing I should point out about this suspension
system, in order to keep it from flop-ping around or moving around on you, there are
two clips on the very bottom of the pack to kind of hold it in place and keep it nice
and secure. So if you look at the very bottom of the bag where this suspension system tucks
away, you simply clip to these buckles down here and it allows the suspension system to
stay in place. The lumbar portion stays in place and it keeps a nice comfortable hold
so it is not moving or shifting around on you. So you can make sure you are hiking comfortably
throughout your trip. I am going to tuck the suspension back away
so we can take a look at the storage features for the bag. So if we take a look at it, it
is pretty stream lined and pretty simple. We don’t have many pockets going on on the
outside of the bag. But it is a full luggage piece. So you have got easy access by these
compressions straps on the sides. If we de-tach those compression straps it will allow us
to get to the main contents of the pack. Laying it down and opening it up we can take
a look at all of the storage on the inside. So it is a 28 inch or a 75 liter capacity.
So you have got ample storage on the inside of the bag. You have some internal compression
straps that will really allow you to hold down your items. That way you can get the
best pack possible. So you can really easily cinch down your items, keep them in place
so things aren’t shifting unwontedly while you are traveling. On the main face we do have a large mesh pocket.
So that is good for anything you may want to keep separated from the main contents,
whether that be some additional layers, some clothing, maybe shoes, if you choose to go
that route, but a large mesh pocket in addition to the main pack body. We do have a top pocket and that is good for
small items like toiletries or liquids, any-thing you may want to get to off and on very quickly.
So you have got this pretty sizable top pocket where you can get to all of those items. Consider
it a liquids pocket if you will or something along these lines. That is pretty much it for capacity on the
main portion of the bag. Some other things I do want to mention. We do have locking zippers
on the pack. So the two main pack body zippers have lock capabilities. So you could put a
TSA approved lock there if you are traveling and want to make sure your items stay secured.
We do have really comfortable low profile carry handles on the bag. You have got one
on the side, one on the top. Very comfortable carry handles there. And we also do have a T handle. It is an ergonomic
T handle for when you are walking through the airport or walking down the street and
you want to roll the bag. You have got a really nice T handle there, a very comfortable grip,
easy to hold on to and it provides a nice, easy roll for the bag. So now we are going to set this aside and
take a look at the daypack that comes attached to the front of it. We have got a really nice,
lightweight and small daypack. Same type of material, that lightweight nylon. We don’t
really have a frame, but we do have a nice padded back panel. So taking a look at that.
The suspension kind of tucks away, again, so it can stay nice and streamlined on the
pack. But you do have a really nice, again, low profile, contoured shoulder straps with
that dye cut foam. It provides a really good breathability. You have got a sternum strap
with an emergency whistle. No hip belt on the pack, because it is, pretty much, a lightweight
daypack. It is not meant to carry a lot of weight, but it is comfortable with those shoulder
straps. Taking a look at some of the storage features.
We do have a few pockets in play on the bag. So main front pocket we have got some organizational
compartments. So you have got a spot for pens, pencils, a cell phone if you choose to do
that or any other small items you may want to keep closer at hand. Again, organization
is the thought behind this small front pocket. So you have got plenty of different areas
to store small items. The next pocket up here is just kind of a
small top pocket. It is good for sunglasses, elec-tronics. It has kind of got a molded
design so that you are not going to get anything scratched. So the idea behind this pocket
is for those items that are like iPods, cell phones, sunglasses, et cetera, things that
you don’t want to get damaged while hiking, traveling, et cetera. The main pocket is a pretty sizable main pocket.
I have just got a stuff sack full of gear in there right now, but we have got nice,
sizeable main pocket. You do have two compart-ments here. one is a tablet compartment and there
is another padded blacktop compart-ment. So you could fit up to a 15 inch laptop in here,
but it is pretty tight so that would be a snug fit, but good organizational features,
good padding there for your electronics or that gear that you want to keep closer at
hand. A few more things I want to mention about
the outside of the daypack. We do have some side stretch mesh pockets, great for small
water bottles or anything you may want to keep on the outside of the pack. You have
got one of those on either side. So nice additional bonus to the daypack. And, again, with that
security in mind, the daypack does have lockable main zippers. So the main compartment of this
bag can be locked with a TSA approved travel lock. So it has got good security all around
with the Ozone Convertible Pack. I should mention that this pack is 28 inches
by 14 inches by 13 inches, which exceeds the domestic and international carry on standards.
So it will have to be checked if you choose to travel with it. But it is a great travel
option from the airport to the road less travelled. It is the Osprey Ozone Convertible 28 Inch

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