Osprey Shuttle 36 Wheeled Luggage

When you are traveling either cross country
or overseas and you need a piece of luggage that is going to be lightweight, durable and
load hauling, something that is going to be able to hold everything you need to bring,
the Osprey Shuttle 36 Wheeled Luggage is the perfect companion. This is a really great mixture of high durability
and lightweight. So you have a really great frame on this, but you also have these lightweight
fabrics that are soft, yet very, very du-rable. So it is going to last a long time. The frame
here and the wheels and everything are very durable and they are set up off the ground
a little bit higher so that you can travel with it to anyplace. And the features are
really simple. So the pocketing here is simple, but it allows you to organize your gear in
exactly the way you want. So the first thing I want to talk about is
the frame and how it carries the load. Now this is a piece of wheeled luggage. So you
have got four and a quarter inch wheels. The wheels on the bottom here are extremely durable.
They are going to be great over different types of terrain. So unlike very small wheels
on some luggage that you see in airports, these are going to be able to handle a lot
of use and abuse. So you have got the wheels down here at the bottom. You have got Osprey’s
high road chassis, which is an injected molded frame here on the bottom. It is durable, but
it is also very lightweight. It has got really good contours and it is going to protect the
bottom of this piece of luggage. So the areas that come into contact with the ground, the
areas that need the most durability have those. And then you have an aluminum frame. It is
kind of behind the scenes here, but it runs up here, all the way around and down the other
side. So this gives the pack stability. It gives this piece of luggage a lot of durability.
But, again, that whole theme of it also being lightweight. You has got bumper guards here
as well, so those areas that do come into contact with some other luggage or when you
have checked this bag, you know, it is going to be put to some use and abuse. So you do
have those bumper guards. And every-thing about this pack is pretty streamlined as well.
So you do have your handle right here. This is an adjustable handle. But when it is down
and packed away, it is out of the way. It is really streamlined. So it is not going
to get caught on things. It is definitely not carry on compatible. You can’t carry
this on an airplane. So you would need to check this. So, you know, very clean lines. There is not
a whole lot on this pack that can get snagged or that will tear. So that is something I
really appreciate about it. It tucks away really nice-ly, but then it is really easy
to use. So you have got it on that setting there. You can roll it behind you and it is
just a really great feature there. Now this is 36 inches, as the name suggests,
and the liter capacity is about 130 liters or just under 8000 cubic inches. So it is
a big pack as you can see. It is a big piece of lug-gage. While we are looking at the back
here there is little compartments here. There is a little either map pocket or magazine
pocket here in the back, smaller, lighter items there. And then you do have access into
kind of a small pocket back here where you can also see some of the frame. So you have
got a little bit of organization in the back. I am going to turn the pack around and show
all the rest of the features, but something I really appreciate about this is you have
got really durable, big carry handles. With a piece of luggage this big, you definitely
need these to be beefy and durable and they are also very streamlined, like I said before.
So you have got them in a couple of places here, so really easy to maneuver this as well. If we go to the front, you can see we have
got some compression straps on the front. And I have got this packed out pretty well.
If you don’t have it packed out completely you can use these straps to really cinch in
the load. So, you know, if you are going on a shorter trip, but you still need to use
this luggage, you can compress everything down. You have even got buckles on this side
so that when you are storing it away at home you can com-press everything down and it actually
packs down to be a pretty small pack size. So you can take one of these straps and put
it over to the other side. So that is a great feature as well. Now the organization here you have got a pocket
down on the bottom. This is what I would call a sleeping bag compartment. And if I just
open that a little bit, you can see I have got a sleeping bag tucked away in there. So
this is a pretty big pocket, would ac-commodate a lot of different size sleeping bags. This
is separated from the rest of the luggage, so you can use this, maybe, as a dirty laundry
compartment or if you put boots or shoes in there, definitely big enough for that. Your main body in there that we will talk
about and then a small pocket on top. I have got some maps tucked away in there just to
show that size. But this is another way you can kind of compartmentalize if you have got
some wet laundry or something like that to put in there. And I small id pocket on the
top. So we will take a look at the cavernous big
pocket that is in here. If I open up these compression straps you
can see how big that opens, nice burly zippers. And that opens up into your main pack bag.
Now you have got one big pocket here. There is two small mesh pockets on the sides. So
a little bit of organization, but the thing I love about this pack is it is not overbuilt.
It doesn’t have too many pockets. Sometimes pockets can be cumbersome. You are not sure
what to put in which pocket, but here I have just got some different gear organized. You
have got compression straps on the in-side so you can really secure that gear down. You
know, if you are worried about gear rattling around in there, you can cinch everything
down. So I have just got a pair of boots, you know, some different items in here. So
really big pocket, easy to use, easy to organize and then you do have a pocket under the lid
here, so I have just got an extra lay-er tucked in there. So overall this pack very durable.
It is going to carry everything you need when you are going on those long trips and you
need a load hauling piece of lug-gage that is both durable and lightweight. It is the Osprey Shuttle 36 Wheeled Luggage.

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