Osprey Sirrus 24 Women’s Day Pack

Osprey Sirrus 24 Women’s Day Pack

The Osprey Women’s Sirrus 24 Liter Day Pack
is the perfect option for fast and light hiking. It will be a great day pack. You can store
everything you need for a full day on the trail. But it would also be a great option
for a fast overnight when you are packing lightweight. It is 24 liters, so the backpack
itself has a lot of organizational features. The back panel and the suspension system definitely
supports the weight of anything that you can put in here. So we will talk about the suspension
first. We will turn the pack around. You have got Osprey’s Air Speed back panel
here. You do have a light wire alloy frame that is behind the scenes. This comes all
the way around the pack and it is a pretty stiff frame. So although this is a pretty
small pack, it is going to support the weight of a lot of gear, so, like I said, an overnight
trip if you have got lightweight and packable gear, you can definitely use this pack for
that. And you also have a tensioned mesh back panel here. This provides a lot of air flow.
So you can see, I can put my hand back here behind this tension mesh and when you put
the pack on, the mesh moves with you and it definitely contours to your body to cut down
on hot spots. But it lets that warm air escape behind your back. So on fast pursuits when
you are hiking, climbing, that sort of thing, it is really going to allow all of that warm
air to escape to keep your back nice and cool. This does not have an adjustable harness.
So the top of the harness here is sewn into the back panel. But this does come in different
sizes. So definitely check your torso length for the size you need for this pack. If I take a look here at the shoulders straps,
you have got really breathable shoulder straps. There is a spacer mesh there and there is
also cut outs in the shoulder strap so that is also going to allow warm air to escape
and keep you nice and cool. There are load lifter straps. So while you don’t have adjustability
in that torso length, you can adjust those load lifter straps for different size torsos. This is a hydration compatible pack, so you
can definitely put a hydration bladder in there and route it out either side of this
shoulder harness. You do have an adjustable sternum strap to move up and down and there
is even a whistle on there. Right here is one half of the stow on the
go trekking pole attachments. And that is something I really love about Osprey packs.
If you are hiking along with trekking poles and you are in an area where you just need
to stow your trekking poles for a short period of time, you don’t have to take your pack
off and store them on the back. You can put them right here. And the other side is right
there. So you can just store those trekking poles on there really easily. Moving down to the hip belt, this is a women’s
specific pack, so you have a women’s specific hip belt and you do have spacer mesh in that
hip belt as well. Plenty of breathability for fast pursuits. And the hip belt is pretty
substantial for such a small pack. So it is going to transfer the weight to your hips
right where you need it. On the front of that hip belt, you have got pockets so you can
store a snack, a granola bar, a headlamp or a cell phone, something like that. And there
you have ere-go-pull hip belt straps. So when you are ready to cinch those down, it is really
easy. You just pull on the front of that and adjust it to your size. A really great suspension
system. It is lightweight, but is also very supportive. The pockets and organization are really nice
here. If I turn the pack around you have got stretchy mesh pockets on either side for water
bottles. There is a compression strap on there as well. So you can route the compression
strap over top of that pocket or underneath. So if you don’t have this pack packed out
completely, you can cinch it down with that compression strap. There is a compression
strap on top. And then there is even compression straps here on the bottom. I have got a very
lightweight sleeping pad here, just to show how you can use those straps. They are removable.
So if you are just using this as a day pack, you don’t want these straps on the front.
You can remove those completely and leave them at home. This is a panel loading pack. So the main
access into this pack is right on the top. Panel loading, really easy to get into the
contents of your pack. So I have just got an extra layer in here, a hammock down there
in the bottom to show that size. We have a… one really big pocket right there in the front.
And all of the pull tabs here are really easy to use. So they are nice big pull tabs. Small pocket here on the front. I have just
got my wallet and a cell phone in there to show that size. Behind the panel access you do have a medium
size pocket. This would be a great spot to store a pair of goggles if you are using it
as a ski pack. But I have just got a hat tucked away in there end there is a place for keys.
So there is a little key tab there. So you can keep you keys close at hand and don’t
lose them in the main body of your pack. This does come with an included rain cover.
And that rain cover is tucked away here towards the bottom of the pack. It is tucked away
when you don’t need it and has its own little pocket down here where it says rain cover.
But it is fit specifically for the pack. It has a nice toggle there so you don’t lose
it. And this rain cover just stretches over the top. It is waterproof. And it will protect
your pack from getting wet. You do have a tool loop here and you do have
a tuck away tool attachment loops right here on the top of the pack. So if I expose those,
you can see that they tuck away really nicely to keep a clean look, but if you do need to
use those it would be a great spot to store some trekking poles or tools that you might
keep on the outside of your pack. Overall the Sirrus 24 Pack is a great fast
day pack when you are going to be moving, you are going to be building up a sweat. That
back pane is going to keep you nice and cool and dry. And all the features on the front
are really great to store all of the gear that you would need. It is the Women’s Osprey Sirrus 24 Liter
Day Pack.

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  1. Can you tell me what exactly in the backpack?

    Can a summer sleeping bag fit inside? Like the Alps Mountaineering Razor.

    Also, if that sleeping bag fits, how much space left to store some gears?


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