Ostriches Killed for Hermès, Prada Bags

Ostriches Killed for Hermès, Prada Bags

Ostriches don’t really bury their heads in the sand. But fashion houses such as Hermès need to get their heads out of the sand and see what PETA uncovered. In September 2015, PETA undercover investigators traveled to South Africa to expose the horror behind the ostrich-leather industry. The Western Cape of South Africa is the ostrich-killing capital of the world. Seventy-five percent of the world’s ostrich leather, feathers, and meat comes from slaughterhouses in this region. The most lucrative part of the ostrich’s body is the skin on the back. This slaughterhouse supplies skins to Prada. The skin of these 3-day-old chicks will eventually be turned into designer wallets, boots, belts, or Birkin bags. In the wild, they would stay with their mothers and fathers for up to three years. On production farms, they will never even get to meet their parents. Instead, they are kept in barren dirt feedlots … … and tagged as if they were nothing more than walking merchandise. They will even have feathers plucked out while they’re still alive. Their body feathers will be used for feather dusters, while their wing plumes will be used in costumes for the Moulin Rouge or Brazil’s Carnival. In the wild, these birds can live for more than 40 years. But in the ostrich industry, they will be killed just after their first birthday. In less than two months, these curious, playful juveniles will be slaughtered and skinned. But ostriches shouldn’t be treated like “fabric.” They are fascinating and unique animals—the largest birds in the world. Although flightless, they are the fastest land animals on two legs. Both males and females are loyal parents who share all chick-rearing responsibilities, including sitting on the eggs. The dark-feathered males take the night shift, while the camouflaged females take the day shift. A manager at a major ostrich supply farm described the birds as smart and sensitive and able to navigate a complex social system. But this respect and admiration for them doesn’t stop him from loading them onto trucks headed for the slaughterhouse. Here, a worker strikes an ostrich on the way to a slaughterhouse that supplies skins for Prada. You are about to watch never-before-seen footage of ostrich slaughter inside the two largest ostrich-processing companies in the world. In just a few minutes, these juveniles in the waiting pens will be herded up the chutes to the kill floor. A word of warning: Many of the images are graphic. Workers force them into a box to be electrically stunned. Many of the panicked birds slip and fall on the floor while being violently shoved into the machine. Other ostriches next in line can see them being slaughtered through the doorway. Workers clamp their legs and bodies to immobilize them and stick their heads into the stunner. Another worker cuts their throats. This slaughterhouse is the exclusive supplier of ostrich skins to Hermès. The distinctive bumps on ostrich leather are the follicles where the feathers were ripped out. Go to PETA.org to pressure Hermès, Prada, and other fashion houses to drop ostrich leather and other exotic skins from their collections. And remember to purchase only vegan fabrics —choosing kind fashion has never been easier.

100 thoughts on “Ostriches Killed for Hermès, Prada Bags

  1. Remember the Pinta Tortoise? It is a sad reminder that tells us how ecosystems can be fragile and easily destroyed by us, humans.

  2. This is just cruel I do love ostriches because back then in the dinosaur years they had a bigger ostrich but that one went extinct now this one's going to go extinct no that's not happening on my watch on my watch my watch says save the ostriches now they are exotic birds and they don't even get to see their mother or father what kind of animal lives a life like that it's cruel

  3. In this day and age when we have almost limitless knowledge at our fingertips, it saddens me that people all over the world contribute (directly or indirectly) to horrors such as this. Fuck hermes and fuck all the "high end" brands that profit off the torture and suffering of countless vulnerable beings…I can only hope that the desire for a kinder and more ethical way of life (in all aspects) increases a lot in future and that industries like these will eventually die out.

  4. the way exotic animals are killed for luxury is awful. if you just use cow leather that was not Tortured i will still be okay because they can be used for food but killing exotic animals are just unnecessary

  5. Let me tell u something abusers that just want MONEY. ANIMALS ARE JUST LIKE HUMANS. WOULD U LIKE TO BE SLAUGHTERED. BET U DONT!! IF LIKE TO WATCH Y'ALL GET ABUSED. YES I WOULD CRY. NUT I'D SAY THAT'S WHAT U GET. GET A BETTEE JOB!! ANIMALS DONT DESERVE THIS! They think like humans, they react like humans. They're scared like humans. They have FEELINGS!! So stop this cruelty NOWWW!!😭😭😡🖒

  6. Less man – handling and a killing blow, perhaps with a bolt gun rather than a stunning one with electricity and a more natural environment and I don't really have any issues with this.

  7. Oh my God i couldn't even watch the whole video i'm just in tears😭 These animals have done nothing wrong and they deserve to live just like us humans. What if it was the other way around. I'm sure we will fight back. So if animals harm humans then it should be alright because we don't respect them.

  8. we eat fish just think how they are suffocated in there millions , cows ,pigs etc we put animals in the zoo birds in cages for our enjoyment , i see little or no difference here lets be real

  9. What you sow, so shall you reap. The luxury fashion industry is loaded with ungodly things everywhere. Starting from drugs, cigars, sex, materialism to killing of animals just for the sake of their skins which is appalling in the modern world. The corrupt European government doesn't care to ban these illegal activities because they get 'money' from them. Westerners keep finding faults with India. But look at YOUR OWN country! Shame on France, Italy, Spain. We are living in the 21st century and no one has a right to kill an animal just for fashion. How come it is still legal in these European countries, it is a SHAME! Stop blaming India and Asia for all the wrong reasons, clean your back before you clean other people's back. Don't worry about us, we just need to grab your jobs and we are prospering in the fields which require high level of Mathematics and Science in which the majority of the westerners cannot. They have forgotten about God because of their 'indulgences' in sex, drugs, rock n roll which has destroyed their soul. Europe is already on the decline because they are getting their karma. These fools really deserve it!

  10. Ini adalah bidadari bidadari bidadari yang akan dibunuh. Mengapa bidadari ini enggan terbang karena bidadari bidadari ini senang dipenjara dan tak tahu kalo bidadari bidadari ini akan dibunuh

  11. I thought this would be in Australia. It is pretty horrifying what happens. My parents have bought luxury goods but we don't really know if there's problem with it. It is sad watching these animals die but these are what companies produce.

  12. Did anyone see that guy hit that ostrich that was at the door of the slaughter house? Why would anyone even want an ostrich (or any other) skin bag? Grotesque.

  13. Fuck u all! Go to hell! And all the buyer of luxury things made from animals.. God has a plan to all the people like this!

  14. Guys I don't think that Peta is wrong but I think that if they use everything from the ostrich I OK becouse it's not like crocodiles or snakes that people just take the skin only and throw the meat

  15. Gross… Growing up I used to idolise designer brands and think "one day when I can afford it I will buy a beautiful leather purse…" Now I can I don't want to buy them… I know better…I know the cruelty that come from them. I am not a vegan. I make mistakes but I am trying to cut my animal products as much as possible. I couldn't watch all of this. I will only buy "fake leather" from now on.

  16. Electric stunning is painful. But yes leather is human need. These birds provide leather meat(lowest cholesterol meat) and livelihoods for million of farmers

  17. No No No You People are Wrong, It does not matter who they supply skins for, They are a Ostriches that’s are raised to be farmed at a certain age. Ostrich raising and farming is there business, the general public and PETA need to mind there own business.

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