Our Crazy Experience Building & Sleeping in an Igloo! – Winter Camping Snow Fort

>>MAT: Alright, in this video we’re going
to show you how we built this igloo and we’re going to sleep in it for a night
to see how it feels. [MUSIC PLAYING]>>DANIELLE: It took us three days to build
this igloo not three full days but we built the blocks the snow blocks one day then yesterday we built the whole thing and today we just put the finishing touches
on it. And we’re pretty wrecked. It was way more work than we thought it was. We also picked some pretty bad timing to build
it. It turned out that it was above zero, above
freezing so we were really racing against the clock
to get this thing built before the snow started getting too soft.>>MAT: Once we started building it, we want
to get to the point where we put the last blocks because if the last blocks aren’t in, the structure can collapse. [MUSIC PLAYING]>>DANIELLE: I thought we were going to be
able to build this in just a few hours but with everything we do it always takes
at least double [the time]. We’re going to spend the whole day just making
these snow bricks and then I think tomorrow we’ll actually build
the igloo, I guess. [MUSIC PLAYING]>>MAT: So we’re using this plastic box here and we just tap it [the snow] down as compact
as we can and the tricky part is taking it out of the
mold so you’ve just gotta hope it doesn’t crack and that one looks good! and that’s it. That’s how we’re making our building blocks.>>DANIELLE: It’s day two. We made all of our blocks yesterday. And today we woke up the sun is shining…a little bit and we’re going to start building this igloo. We’re a bit nervous. I have no idea what we’re doing.>>MAT: No idea!>>DANIELLE: So we’ll see if this works! [MUSIC PLAYING]>>DANIELLE: That was awesome! Not only are we running against the clock
but also we ran out of blocks a little while ago so I’m making them and
trying to make them as fast as Mat can put them up and we’re just running like maniacs. The sun’s going to go down in maybe two hours and it’s 4 degrees Celsius out here so wish
us luck. I don’t know if we’ll be able to sleep in
this without it caving in on our heads. This may be a failed igloo attempt.>>MAT: Alright, clock is ticking. It’s not getting much colder and this stuff is getting really brittle. Every brick that Danielle makes, we break
like half of them.>>DANIELLE: awwwwwwwww! That’s so annoying!!!>>MAT: ahhhh noooooo! argggggg!!! Uh…I don’t know how the roof is going to…is
going to hold itself. I don’t know how I’ll be able to put those
last few pieces. They’re really like on a crazy incline right
now. So we’re going to try to close this off soon and hopefully it won’t collapse. [MUSIC PLAYING]>>DANIELLE: you look like you’re being born
ha ha ha.>>MAT: no, just kind of yeah…sort of limited
in my movements. So maybe two, three more blocks and then I
think it’ll be done?>>DANIELLE: ok, I’ll go make another one. [MUSIC PLAYING] That’s pretty good! I cannot believe we finished this.>>MAT: oh man. So much more work than I thought it was going
to be. [MUSIC PLAYING]>>DANIELLE: We’re just setting up the inside
of the igloo with our sleeping bags. So we’ve got a tarp as the base layer to keep
the water out. And then we put two camping mattresses, like
one of those foam ones, and then kind of a semi-inflatable, and then a fleece blanket and we’ve got sleeping
bags and more blankets. [MUSIC PLAYING]>>MAT: Alright! We’re all set up in here. It’s actually quite cozy. It finally got below freezing outside so it’s pretty cold outside and in here it’s above
zero. It’s actually really comfortable I think we’re…we might actually have a good
night’s sleep! [MUSIC PLAYING]>>DANIELLE: We slept in the igloo!>>MAT: We survived the night. Yeah, it was pretty comfortable. A bit chilly at times but pretty comfy.>>DANIELLE: Yeah. I guess chilly-ness is to be expected, sleeping in a ball of snow. It was really cozy when we came in here last
night and set up and it’s really cozy right now but in the
middle of the night I started feeling really claustrophobic and I felt really closed in and I wanted to
bust out of here at three in the morning but I calmed myself down and stayed around
so that Mat didn’t have to get up in the middle of the night.>>MAT: But yeah, surprisingly hot in here
considering it’s at least 7 degrees hotter in here than it is outside
because it’s freezing outside right now. So it [the snow] insulates pretty well but
we’re still…yeah still cold. We’re in a snow ball. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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