Our DORM ROOM Tour! | Back to School 2018 at College

(upbeat music) – [Both] Hey guys! It’s
Brooklyn and Bailey! – And I know we were so rude last week, guys don’t hate us, we just
had to tease this video. – Just a little. – But it’s finally, finally here. You guys get to see our
official college dorm room. In this video, like
ClassyClutter was here, helping us decorate our room. – [Brooklyn ] Thank you so
much to Beddy’s a company we are minority owners in, for letting us design new bedding and use it in our dorm
room, it looks amazing. – And there are two different
colors, white or oatmeal, we currently have them
on our bed right now. So that’s exciting, and… – Don’t forget that all the
links for everything that we show in this dorm room is
gonna be in the description box below so check that out.
– Yep. And now, let’s get on to the video. – Come on in. – [Bailey] Welcome, welcome. (upbeat music) – This is the living room
and it is so beautiful. I don’t know, I just
told Bailey, I was like, “I’m never gonna leave, forget about class “like I’m just gonna live in
my dorm room and never leave.” This furniture, actually
a lot of the furniture comes with the dorm room
and you can’t remove it or take it down or store it or anything you actually have to use it. So this one is like a nice, lovely olive-ish green, sort of… – [Bailey] Olive, yeah – I don’t really eat green olives, but I’m assuming, I mean
they look like this right? – [Bailey] Yeah. – An olive green chair and we just put like a throw blanket and
this cute little colorful pillow on it to kind of
cover up the extreme green but still like accent a
little bit so it’s super cute. And then, we have our T.V.
because Bailey and I love playing jackbox games
with all of our friends and watching Netflix. – And watching Hulu and
Netflix, ‘This is Us’, we are currently on a
‘This Is Us’ kick, so we knew we just had to
watch it on this T.V. – Yes, so we have our
T.V. and all these little baskets on the side to hold the remotes and we have a portable speaker
that’s set-up right now And this one it’s got a fuzzy blanket that literally is like sitting in a cloud inside of it in case you get cold. All the fun things. – [Bailey] Let’s move
to this side over here. – [Brooklyn] We have
all the picture frames which we’re obsessed with
and they all have plants. – [Bailey] This area is to die for. – [Brooklyn] Yes. – So, we have hung two
succulents, as you can see we’re on a huge
succulent kick right now. And then this is what they
call, what I like to call, the egg chair. And so we got this chair,
I think from World Market and a couple pillows to spice
it up because it is wicker. – [Brooklyn] It looks so
classy though, like… – It does, it feels so like, wow. – [Brooklyn] It’s just very chic. – And then we added some
colorful flowers over here just to bring in the color
pops from the pictures over here and the pillow over here. – [Brooklyn] And then show them the rug. – Yeah, so this is like a woven rug. Obviously kind of similar to the chair, it just pulls it all together. And then over here is
like our dining table. So we got white light
lamps and these are like really unique. – It took us probably like forever. I want to say an hour, maybe
more, to set that thing up. It was so difficult. – [Bailey] Sunna just like laid
on the couch for 30 minutes after she set up the lamp because it was just so traumatizing. – Just so you guys know,
like a lot of the furniture is just this kind of
like orangey-brown color and we didn’t like love the
color all over the place, so we got this marble contact paper and it’s literally just
like sticky vinyl almost. But you can peel it off the furniture and it doesn’t hurt the furniture or peel any of the paint off or anything, but it makes it look so much better. So we have these fun, fancy
little short leather chairs with the fuzzy pillows for seating. We have this wallpaper,
at first Bailey and I were kind of skeptical ‘cuz we were like, “I don’t know what it’s gonna
look like the whole wall.” and now we’re obsessed with this wall. – So, in case you guys are wondering, a lot of the time at dorms they have rules where you can’t nail things
and you can’t like ruin the paint on the walls – You can’t paint the walls. – And stuff like that, so
this stuff is just actually sticky paper, it’s literally a sticker. – It’s the same stuff we put
on the tables, contact paper. – Yeah, so it’s literally a sticker. So it just sticks on and then stays on. I can kind of maybe just
peel just a tiny corner. So literally, just a sticker like that and you just peel it up and literally that’s the entire wall here. We also have this couch, so believe it or not, this couch is actually the ugly green, olive color, it’s not ugly, but it just
didn’t really coordinate that well with our room and it actually had a couple of stains on it, so we found a couch cover from Target and it actually worked very well. – It was kind of a gamble. We were kind of afraid
it wasn’t gonna fit, but it fit perfectly so
thank the heavens for that. – Yes, yes. So we got the couch cover that
coordinated with everything, threw blankets, some pillows on it, we hung this cute, cute
tapestry on the wall. The funny story about this is was we were trying to hang the
pictures or something bigger up here and it
wouldn’t stick to the wall, it kept falling down, so
we ended up getting these ones on there and then we
just threw this tapestry on and it ended up looking super cute. So we have more succulents,
believe it or not you’re gonna see that as a
common theme around here. More succulents, more trees, ‘cuz you can’t have too many greens. – These stools… We got these stools and we thought they were super cute and then our roommate,
Emily came in and had the same stool for her room
– Exact same stool! We thought it was so funny, we were like, “Oh my gosh!”
– It was hilarious. So anyway, that was very funny. – Common theme around here. – Yes. And then we have our globe,
and I have to tell you shout out to Sunna,
she’s the one who picked out these tiny little face succulents so you’ll see them all
over the dorm for me. She told me I’m supposed
to think about her when I see them, so, there you go. – Again, more green, just succulents, a globe, you know it’s really
cute, brings it all together. And that’s basically the living room area that all four of us girls are sharing. So over here, you can see
we have a flower mirror. Mirrors, btw, in any room,
make everything feel bigger. So if you have a smaller
room, get a mirror and it will make it feel a lot bigger. So that’s up there. We have this adorable bench and part of the strategy in this
room was to make as much seating as we could,
so here’s just an extra seating bench. – [Brooklyn] Um, Bailey
picked that Triangle pillow out… – I found this at Target – [Brooklyn] At Target. – And I was obsessed with
it, and I was obsessed with it and wouldn’t put it down. It’s like the perfect huggable pillow. – [Brooklyn] It is super huggable. – So, I had to get that. – This is my favorite
piece in the whole room. – [Bailey] Why? – I think it’s just so beautiful. – [Bailey] But what is it? – It’s a mural. This is the same thing as
the paper in the living room where it’s like sticky
and it just peels off, but it looks like a
painted mural on the wall. – [Bailey] It just looks
pretty, it adds something. – And we were originally
going to have this in our bedroom, but it
ended up being smaller than what we first thought, and so we put it on this wall
and I just, I don’t know why, but I’m just obsessed with like looking, it just makes you feel
peaceful when you look at it. – [Bailey] And then she’s
walking on this lovely blue carpet just to
kind of hide the carpet a little bit. – And it leads to our bathroom. Which we have our little
robes with our names – [Bailey] We got these
for our birthday from Kelly Dear, Kam, Kenny
– they gave them to us. – [Bailey] Corey. – They have our names embroidered in Baylor green and yellow. – [Bailey] This probably,
I honestly have to say is one of my favorite rooms. The hardest part about
our bathroom and probably everyone’s bathroom, is
you have so much stuff you don’t know where to put it and you don’t really want it to be seen. We were like, really concerned about where we were going to put everything. – [Bailey] We were concerned. – But we finally found
these really cute little cabinets and it’s like
good wood that doesn’t warp when it gets humid
and all that stuff. – [Bailey] Yeah, all of our stuff is these cabinets down here. Let’s check it out,
that’s all of our stuff. So that’s basically just vinyl. So there’s just vinyl stickers and we got a bunch of them, measured them,
and slapped them on the wall and it completely, again,
transformed this wall from being just a normal dorm wall to being uber, uber cute. Then you of course have
our shower curtain. This is a huge statement in the bathroom. So whatever you choose to
do with your shower curtain will determine like what
the bathroom looks like, splashes of color coordination. So this is super fun
‘cuz of course you guys know we’re obsessed with eye lashes. So we found this eye mirror and we knew we had to have it. – And then you can like
do your mascara in it, it’s like up close. – Yeah, it’s like very, very cute. So that’s there. Then of course this is where we store our extra toilet paper, our make-up, and our hot tools all on just this
cute shelving right here. (upbeat music) – And that my friends… – [Brooklyn] Our bathroom cupboard again, – yes, more storage – [Brooklyn] Exciting stuff. – Is our bathroom. Okay, so come down the hall
back where we came from. So, this side is our dorm room and this side is our
apartment mates, roomies? Dorm room. I don’t know which one
to call them, but okay. So come this way and
welcome to our dorm room. Tada! (upbeat music) – We have a mini fridge, a freezer. Right now we don’t have anything to freeze because we just moved it, but… – [Bailey] We have a bunch of waters, just a bunch of waters. – I’m gonna put like some frozen foods and like fruit and stuff in there. And then the fridge,
this is our little like key holder right here. We only have one set of keys really, so… – [Bailey] We lose our keys a lot. – We do, so this is probably
a really smart plan. And it keeps things
organized, you know just throwing it around. – [Bailey] Hopefully this
will help us not frantically not know where our keys are. – We have a fun little
picture of the siblings because we love them,
so they’re in our room. – [Bailey] Because we love them. – And then this thing is amazing, we got this at World
Market and I was obsessed with it and so we hung it on the wall and I really like it. So, it’s probably one of my favorite things we have in the room. This is our closet. In case you’re wondering,
we got rid of clothes three times in order to condense it to fit in this closet. – [Bailey] But I like that
we added curtains to it because then you can
– Yeah. close them and it doesn’t feel so like cluttered in here. – [ Brooklyn] Exactly. So this, these are all of
our short sleeve dresses, skirts – they’re all hung up. – [Bailey] We tried to color code them. – Yeah, we tried. And then again, we have
these little vinyls up here that tell us what’s in each
of these baskets up here. So we have are gone,
tights and hats, laundry, all of that exciting stuff. This is our box of party stuff if we ever wanted to have a party. – [Bailey] This is like,
literally, glow sticks. – Yeah, this is like glow
sticks and lights and stuff. – [Bailey] Like if we
want to have a dorm party or something, or like, yeah, game night. – And then back in this corner is like our filming slash work corner. It’s just all of our filming stuff, so we have like a tripod,
our safe with all of our camera equipment in it, our suitcase for traveling. We also have a bag of tools
which we just pulled out ‘cuz we were using earlier. So it’s not currently in here. And then like a stool so that we can reach all of the things. – [Bailey] Yes, anyone
who is short understands why we need a stool because I can’t get to
those without a stool. – We are only five two so we are short – [Bailey] Barely, barely five two. – And we need that stool. This is our laundry basket
and you separate them at least in this one, lights – [Bailey] I’m kind of obsessed with that. – Lights and darks so you can like make it easier to wash because
I’ll do a whites load, and then I’ll do a darks load. – So now, come this way,
you can see our desk here. So we have actually used
the marble contact paper again for just the desks
just to make it look you know more modern,
like it matches the room a little bit more. And then we have this giant mirror. So, I don’t know if you guys remember, but in our last room we
had this big old mirror that we used for our make-up – [Brooklyn ] Like a black mirror. – Yeah, so we actually
did that again this time ‘cuz we’re so used to
doing our make-up in a big mirror that this is really helpful. Plus you can see your outfit in it, so it’s like, it works for both. – [Brooklyn] And it,
mirrors open up the room so it makes it feel a little bit bigger. – And then we used another line of these geometric shapes just to, you know, pull it in and make it feel a little bit, you know, younger and fun and free – [ Brooklyn] Styled. – And styled. – And in case you’re wondering, I did this contact paper myself. – [Bailey] Brooklyn did,
she did, she learned how. – I did, I labored over
that ’till like three a.m. – [Bailey] It’s really difficult in case you were wondering, but it was done. – It’s not super difficult,
it’s only difficult on like because it’s like a flat
surface and it can’t come out it was harder to get it to wrap evenly. Anyway, story for another time. – [Bailey] Now time for the beds. – Okay, like the bedding
that we have on the bed Bailey and designed with Beddy’s and we’re obsessed with it. It’s just like a white textured bed and it’s just super easy to build off of – [Bailey] Can you guys see the texture? – And like put colors on and yeah, – [Bailey] Here’s the texture. – if you needed to see
like an up close of the texture of the bed. And then at the bottom of the bed we just added a little bit of a duvet a white duvet to kind of fluff it up. – [Bailey] And then we helped design… – And then we designed
this quilt right here with the colors and
it’s super boho with all the tassles and makes it super fun with the pops of color. – [Bailey] And it matches the pillows – The pillows right here. Again, we worked and
designed these pillows as well, just super boho. – [Bailey] So yeah, this bedding… – Same color theme… – [Bailey] This bedding
is on sale right now, so if you wanted to
check that out the link will be in the description box below. Or the information
button up over here too. So don’t forget we’ll be putting links to pretty much everything. – Yeah, we’ll put the links to everything that you’re seeing so you guys can get it if you want it, check
it out if you want to, so be sure to check that down below in the description box
because there will be links for all of these things. – [Bailey] Yes. – No worries, guys. – So the headboards, just
a story behind these. These things were like way
smaller than we thought they were gonna be,
which was actually good because the wall ended
up being like curved slightly, so we kind of
just sat them in front of the bed frame and – [Brooklyn] And zip tied… – [Bailey] And then zip
tied them to the bed frame. So yeah, we just made it happen. – Tips and tricks for
your future dorm room, or current dorm room, or current house. – [Bailey] Yes. – Any of that. – [Bailey] Yes, so we
both have matching beds. Obviously the bedding matches. – This one is mine and
this one is Bailey’s because Bailey desperately wanted the wall so she got the wall and then… – [Bailey] I always slept with a wall. So this is our night stand which we saw, all of us saw – us, ClassyClutter,
and Mom and all of us were like, ooh – We need that. – [Bailey] Ooh, that’s cute. So that is adorable
night stand and then… – [Both] More succulents! – [Bailey] Oh, wow. – Plants just make everything
feel more like home so the more plants you have, honestly, it’s just like perfect. – [Bailey] And we have this cute lamp that we found at Target and a picture of Brooklyn and I because
we’re best friends forever. – And this is our room. – [Bailey] So we had to
have at least one picture. – And then we have these super cute little stools at the end of the bed just for another like seating area. – [Bailey] Which, you guys
saw us in like some of the last clips from our old, other videos, us trying to get this
out from underneath from under the shelves was
literally impossible. – It was very impossible. – [Bailey] But we did it. We got two of them, it was successful. – All of us, me, Sav, Mallory, we were all like underneath the shelves
– [Bailey] We made it happen. trying to wiggle it out. – So here we have, you
guys may recognize this from all of our past rooms. Our jewelry holder here,
we saran wrapped this thing like crazy to keep the
jewelry on while we moved it, and it worked so, tip and tricks, saran wrap your stuff if you want it to stay while you move. And then over here we dug this bad boy out of the attic. It’s just a cute little
sign that says hello. And then over here we
have kind of a two in one. So we knew we wanted
the dressers right here to go somewhere, so we put
them back in this corner and then on top we have
these big fluffy pillows so it’s kind of like a reading nook. So we can sit up here and
read, look out the window dramatically, anything
that you really want to use this space for, you can. – [Bailey] And then we also
did the marble again on those. – Yes, and then we did the contact paper. – [Bailey] And that’s where
all basically our jeans and stuff are right now. – Most of our clothing
is in those six drawers. – [Bailey] And then, last but not least. – We have just a fun picture hanging wall, we have our camera that
we take pictures on. Not legitimate camera,
this is a Polarid camera. And then just all of our
fun pictures of friends, family, look there’s
ClassyClutter decorating our dorm room. – [Bailey] Well hello there guys. That is our room! This is our bathroom. This is an overview, dadada And then in here is the living room. And you can see Mom and Dad and
Sunna just chillin’ in here. Hey guys. Hopefully you guys love,
love, loved our dorm, We love it. – Be sure to comment down
below on what your favorite part is, whether that’s
a piece of furniture, or room in general. And don’t forget that all
the links for all of this – Yes – Amazing stuff is in the
description box below. So go check it out if you
want, or want to see it or want to buy any of these things. – And if you want to
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