OUR SCARIEST PLANE STORIES (ft. Ash Hardell) | Collabmas Day 10

what happens Damon it’s Joan it’s a man jokes are now apps travels a lot as do we and we figured today it would be the perfect opportunity to give you the weird bizarre strange offer plain stories that we’ve never actually shared on our channel I’ve been on over a thousand flights for sure I would say probably closer to 2,000 flights as a mom I had my share of strange plane shenanigans [Music] and then in order to spice this game up we’re going to try to tell our most riveting story in two minutes I’m just happy that we do have a two minute time limit because any time you’re around Joe her story’s going you tell like every little beat and I have a crowd waiting for the next turn of events if you like let’s get this game started two minutes on the clock I think I’m giving you guys my better story so I just want you to appreciate it also don’t forget to go and click on the description box below we’ve also made a video telling the other stories we have on access channel so we’ve got a lot three-two-one okay so one day I was the chaperone on a traveling speech trip so it’s me and a bunch of kids I cook speech we were going to a tournament do is it Boston and so I was like in charge of everything and so it’s a lot of work to get all these kids on the plane but I get all of them on the plane right and then we’re just and I know that few of them are nervous because they’re they’re like you whine makes them scared and things like this all of the sudden this is like so we’ve taken off and this is like just watching the clock we’ve taken off and we’re probably like an hour into the flight and the flight attendant comes up to me with a bag it looks like a biohazard bag like it has scary symbols on it and she’s like you need to hold this so could use the party no no and then I found out it was because the flight attendant was new and one of my kids got sick and they vomited the flight attendant in there air sickness bag and the flight attendant took the air sickness bag and they put it in the biohazard bag and they took it and then I think it was a mistake because they’re actually not supposed to take it but she was new so she didn’t know so you’re sitting there with him okay you tell me I’m sorry it’s your story so the flight attendant took it from my kid but she didn’t know she wasn’t supposed to take it so she tried to give it back to my kid when her boss told her to do and the kid was like gross I’m not gonna hold my mom leave didn’t know what to do so they ended up going to me because I was a chaperone for the trip and they were like you need to hold your students vomit because we don’t have anywhere to put it in the protocol like what I have to hold the whole flight enjoyed it did you know what I would throw up if I had to hold her off well no it was all packaged so I mean it was like it was warm though but oh yeah I feel ready to just sit back and enjoy them now the pressure is one wait two minutes we were going to Reykjavik to Paris Joe and I we were on this flight you know you you sit in your seat and then all of a sudden the flight attendants come on the intercom and they’re like actually before that three people have been escorted off of the plane so everyone’s sitting by police by police come on they escort three people very sketchy three sketchy people off the plane but then that comes on everyone has to get up in the overhead cab or overhead whatever it’s called in compartment compartment and claim their baggage then they’re like okay we’re good what’s my time oh good freakin Rin Sullivan no sir up in the flight and it starts getting very very turbulent and you know that moment when you’re going through the clouds that clouds should only take like a minute or two like you’re passing through from one plate with one stratosphere to the notes cumulonimbus cloud but okay anyways we’re in the clouds like 20 minutes and Joe and I throughout this turbulence we’re like this is getting sketchy no clouds are this big unless you’re in the cumulonimbus exactly and we did think we were we’re getting nervous like come on that we need to start seeing the Eiffel Tower everybody stops talking in the play the man behind us has to borrow my throw-up that starts vomiting behind us we’re like what’s happening as we’re descending towards the tarmac Pawnee shall to go to airport okay people get an escort office playing they have to get our hand luggage we’re like in the clouds too long we think we’re being directed towards the Eiffel Tower and then to wrap it all up there freaking pilot goes back up in the air we’re like into the clouds and that all Damon does is puts on his little like neck Fang neck Oh puts all his sweaters on his lap and he looks at me is like goodbye in fact what it’s called it’s called an aborted landing over and one time it at like we did it like six times not as fun how can people like flying yes no David took the better story but I’m gonna tell you about this time that we were coming from Thailand and we were connecting I think in Sweden it was a 13-hour flight so it was really long and it was one of those planes that had like no in-flight entertainment like slim pickings on the choices of what to do for 13 hours like 13 hours in a very long time I want to fly um the IOC I love sitting the aisle because I always get up because I hate flying so that’s my excuse to like still fill my legs if I’m in control all of a sudden this man taps my shoulder and he looks like a flight attendant he’s like man I’m like I’m Joe what’s yours and he’s like whatever Eric and I’m like cool nice to meet you and I’m like freaking I look like David I’m like Stephen like that guy I think he might be a flight attendant and then I keep looking at the same man and he’s circling circling demands but this is a 13-hour place oh no imagine you’ve seen him on our – circling you like try to fall asleep but you’re kind of scared because now this man is just circling and I thought he was a flight attendant but he’s not he’s getting even we were shot in the jump seat like I said it’s there and then all of a sudden I look and he’s talking to other people on the plane and I’m like Damon I swear who this man is not a flight attendant he’s no Joe what are you talking about he totally is and I’m like no he’s not and then David started freaking out we were both like boy you better sit Joe is very super sketchy like he would be like doing laughs he I think he was literally kicked out of the flight attendant seat and was forced to sit back down but all I know is that the entire flight I could not relax for 13 hours because I’m like you go into the pilots cabin look you better not right I feel like he’s casing that she was chasing it no it was horrible and he went name and I’m like oh my god and that’s my cert ended up landing he wasn’t flight attendant read Joe Deonte know what you see suspicious people and you’re just like something about this isn’t right this whole video goes to show you that yes your flight experiences may not be as pretty as some other ones but we’re all still here you know what in the next video I’m gonna tell the most beautiful flight story I have on your channel I’m gonna talk about a good one so don’t forget to watch the video we’re filming on a news channel 101 okay going there and we’ll see you next time but I know but this one Wow [Laughter] [Music]

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